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Dr Suniti Bandaranaike

James Cook University Expertise:
Demographic Interpretations; Australian population trends; Baby Boomer, X and Y G...
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A brighter, greener future for industry

09-Feb-2021 Join one of Australia’s leading authorities on clean energy technology who will explain how heavy industry can reduce its pollutants so that global emissions targets can be met.  Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the University of Adelaide&rs ... more...

Natural insemination IVF is better for older women struggling with infertility

08-Feb-2021 Natural insemination (IVF), the process where thousands of sperm are added to an egg in a culture dish to achieve fertilisation, is more likely to lead to a successful pregnancy for older women with infertility than Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) a ... more...

Ancient owl vomit helps Curtin researchers unpack prehistoric bone secrets

08-Feb-2021 Curtin University researchers studying one of the oldest collections of ancient animal bones in the world have used DNA still present in the bones to identify 17 animal species, including two rodents previously not known to be in the collection. Lead re ... more...

Overcoming the email avalanche

08-Feb-2021 Overwhelmed with emails? A JCU researcher wants to make it easier to automatically categorise emails based on their contents. Dr Sisi Liu’s PhD looked at ways to prioritise which emails are more important, using an algorithm to analyse the sentime ... more...

Refugee stress and molecular mental health

05-Feb-2021 Researchers have been examining psychiatric disorders in refugees – and believe more work in this field will lead to a better understanding of how people cope with stress at a molecular level. Professor Zoltan Sarnyai is a neuroscientist at James ... more...