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Featured expert Dr Reena Ghildyal

Dr Reena Ghildyal

University of Canberra Expertise:
asthma; respiratory virus; common cold; bronchiolitis; respiratory syncytial viru...
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RMIT textile graduate has designs on Maxwell & Williams

31-Jul-2014 RMIT textile design graduate Lisa Petidis accelerates her global design career next month with the release of her Oriental Blossom collection for Maxwell & Williams. Ms Petidis (nee Doutsas), of Doncaster East,  won the RMIT and Maxwell & W ... more...

Soccer's key role in helping migrants to adjust

31-Jul-2014 New research from the University of Adelaide has for the first time detailed the important role the sport of soccer has played in helping migrants to adjust to their new lives in Australia. The research has uncovered a range of benefits ... more...