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Dr Alexey Muraviev

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Defence; Policy; Russia; Warfare; Strategic Studies; Foreign Policy; Naval; Warfa...
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Reduced energy flow means that the amount of food available for predators – such as fishes – at the top of food webs is reduced, with potential consequences for fisheries species. Image Credit: Lance Anderson, Unsplash.

Climate change drives collapse in marine food webs

16-Jan-2018 A new study has found that levels of commercial fish stocks could be harmed as rising sea temperatures affect their source of food. University of Adelaide scientists have demonstrated how climate change can drive the collapse of marine “food webs& ... more...

JCU researcher condemns plans to cut the Amazon rainforest in half

12-Jan-2018 A leading James Cook University scientist and internationally recognised environmentalist says the Amazon jungle is about to be cut in half by a new paved highway. Distinguished Research Professor Bill Laurance is the founder and director of the Allianc ... more...

Common virus the key to early detection of a cancer

12-Jan-2018 Individuals at risk of developing a cancer closely associated with a very common virus could be identified much earlier, which would dramatically improve survival, thanks to research just published in Clinical Cancer Research. Nasopharyngeal carcin ... more...

Coetzee Centre Writer in Residence inspired by Australia… and illness

11-Jan-2018 Poet and novelist Dr Heather Taylor Johnson is the third and final Writer in Residence at the University of Adelaide’s J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice thanks to a generous six-month fellowship made possible by the Copyright Agency Limited Cu ... more...

Global warning: agricultural production threatens life on Earth

11-Jan-2018 New research has found the global scale of agricultural production has already breached two crucial ‘boundaries’ that could endanger human existence. James Cook University’s Professor Jeff Sayer is part of an international team that&rs ... more...