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Dr Suniti Bandaranaike

James Cook University Expertise:
Demographic Interpretations; Australian population trends; Baby Boomer, X and Y G...
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Warning on winter flooding New housing estates, rural development on the rise

18-Mar-2021 As winter approaches, international hydrologists have issued a timely reminder about building on intermittent or seasonal non-perennial rivers and streams. Dry for most of the year, these waterways are prone to occasional flooding but manmade structures ... more...

Water market price rise myth-busting

18-Mar-2021 Researchers at the University of Adelaide have tested claims of water hoarding and speculative behaviour in Murray-Darling Basin water markets and found no evidence of hoarding, or a clear source of speculative behaviour, driving water price rises. &nb ... more...

Weed invaders are getting faster

18-Mar-2021 A new study from James Cook University shows invasive plants are adapting to new habitats and new climates at an increasing pace – and especially so in tropical environments. Dr Daniel Montesinos is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Tropi ... more...

Who vanishes?

18-Mar-2021 A James Cook University student is analysing the characteristics of long-term missing persons in an effort to help find them or prevent them going missing in the first place. JCU Masters student Belle, who goes by one name, says more than 38,000 Aus ... more...

Green space or light at night – how do we improve health?

18-Mar-2021 There is a growing body of evidence that exposure to green space is good for our health but a new study from the University of Adelaide has found that this may equally be due to how much light we are exposed to at night.  Spending time in green spa ... more...