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Featured expert Dr Gabrielle O'Kane

Dr Gabrielle O'Kane

University of Canberra Expertise:
Nutrition; Food sociology; food system sustainability, community and public healt...
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Reef set to benefit from new craft beer company

01-Dec-2015 A crowd-fund campaign kicks off today to raise money for a new craft beer company that will brew beers in support of uniquely Australian causes. And, if the venture takes off like similar projects in the US and the UK, Aussie pub-goers could be drinking ... more...

Young, impulsive, IT savvy = greater cybersecurity risk

17-Nov-2015 Researchers from the University of Adelaide say Australian businesses should start to think outside the square when it comes to preventing cybersecurity threats in the workplace – such as profiling their staff’s computer behaviour. The sugg ... more...

University of Canberra researchers hope a new app may help during pregnancy

17-Nov-2015 Media release: Managing weight gain during pregnancy is important for expectant mums and University of Canberra researchers hope a new app may help them. Clinical chair and professor of midwifery Deborah Davis is leading a team of researchers developing ... more...

Better support needed for mums with gestational diabetes

17-Nov-2015 Better support needed for mums with gestational diabetes Improvements are needed in gestational diabetes education and healthcare services to help prevent women with the condition from developing type 2 diabetes later in life, according to a new Unive ... more...

Small steps can beat childhood obesity: UC research

17-Nov-2015 Australia’s rates of childhood overweight and obesity could be turned around with changes equivalent to cutting one small chocolate bar and getting in 15 minutes of exercise according to research from the University of Canberra’s Health Research ... more...