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Dr Laurie Berg

University of Technology Sydney Expertise:
Australian immigration and citizenship law, temporary migrant workers and labour ...
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Citizen scientists to help map the reef

14-Feb-2019 James Cook University is calling for volunteers to help map the seafloor around the Great Barrier Reef to better protect the natural icon. JCU marine geologist Dr Robin Beaman said the Royal Australian Navy does great work mapping the main shipping chan ... more...

Organic waste could power one in five apartments at Sydney’s One Central Park

14-Feb-2019 Capturing and treating food waste, sewage and trade waste on-site at Sydney’s iconic One Central Park could provide apartments with renewable energy to supply as much as 20 percent of their electricity needs or 50 percent of hot water, according to ne ... more...

Climate change may destroy tiger’s home

12-Feb-2019 A James Cook University scientist says the last coastal stronghold of an iconic predator, the endangered Bengal tiger, could be destroyed by climate change and rising sea levels over the next 50 years. “Fewer than 4,000 Bengal tigers are aliv ... more...

An artist’s impression of Eudyptes warhami in the foreground, with Megadyptes antipodes richdalei in the background. Painting by Sean Murtha

DNA shows penguin evolution linked to island formation

12-Feb-2019 New research has improved understanding of penguin evolution, revealing that the origin of many species is linked to island formation. An international team of researchers from Australia – including the University of Adelaide – New Zealand, ... more...

Dr David Bottomley

Australia’s oldest PhD graduate becomes a doctor at 94

12-Feb-2019 For Australia’s oldest PhD graduate Dr David Bottomley, learning is a life-long journey. At 94 years of age, Dr Bottomley graduated from Curtin University last night with a Doctor of Philosophy after completing his thesis, which examined the teach ... more...