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Business ethics, business and society, corporate scandals, business and democracy...
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$23 million funding will help tackle preterm birth, major diseases

08-Dec-2017 The University of Adelaide has been awarded $23.2 million for new research tackling some of the world's most significant health problems, including one of the biggest killers of children: preterm birth. The funding, from the National Health and Medi ... more...

Developing advanced graphene materials for industry

08-Dec-2017 Research and development around new applications and industries based on the advanced material graphene – hailed as the “miracle material of the 21st century” – is the focus of a new Graphene Research Hub being launched at the Univer ... more...

Aipsyurus laevis by Rick Stuart Smith

Disappearing sea snakes surprise researchers with hidden genetic diversity

08-Dec-2017 New research suggests an urgent need to find out why sea snakes are disappearing from known habitats, after it was discovered some seemingly identical sea snake populations are actually genetically distinct from each other and can’t simply repopulate ... more...

Adelaide to host international anthropology conference

07-Dec-2017 Native Title's impact on Indigenous Australia, President Trump and populist protests, sexuality and intimacy, religion versus state, nationalism, multiculturalism and racism in Australia are among the many topics to be covered at an international anthro ... more...

Southern Ocean’s health affected by River Murray

07-Dec-2017 Reductions in the flow of water out of the River Murray could be harmful to marine life in the Southern Ocean, according to research findings. Up until now there has been almost no research into the effect of the river’s flow on the ocean beyond i ... more...