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Professor Sarah Larkins

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health services; primary health care; quality improvement; rural health; health p...
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We need to reduce barriers and help empty buildings to become useful again.

Why can't we reuse Adelaide's empty buildings?

28-Apr-2017 A new study at the University of Adelaide hopes to find ways to reduce the barriers currently preventing the city of Adelaide's empty buildings from being transformed into modern, usable spaces. PhD student Gillian Armstrong, from the University' ... more...

Plankton that were fed plasticiser had markedly reduced breeding success.

Plastic could poison oceans for generations

27-Apr-2017 James Cook University researchers have discovered that plastic waste in the oceans limits the ability of plankton to breed, which could contribute to global fish population declines. Dr Lynne van Herwerden led a team that fed plastics to plankton. She s ... more...

The ACT’s frogs are the first group to be monitored using IoT technology.

Eavesdroping on frogs before they croak

26-Apr-2017 A world-first project underway at the University of Canberra is helping volunteer conservationists better track the local frog population using modern communication technology. Assistant professor in network and software engineering Kumudu Munasinghe, r ... more...

Smart meter risks are not being fully communicated to consumers.

Smart meter study uncovers privacy leaks

26-Apr-2017 The use of smart meters to record water, electricity or gas usage could place consumers’ privacy and security at risk, a University of Canberra cybercrime expert has warned. Director of the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra ... more...

The TSP solver could become a world leader in solving difficult logistics.

"Kookaburra" cracks classic enigma

24-Apr-2017 Santa’s legendary parcel-delivery service, based on the shortest journey between cities, has just been enlightened by a breakthrough in one of the most intensively studied problems in mathematics. Flinders University researchers believe they have ... more...