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Professor Kay Schaffer

University of Adelaide Expertise:
Contemporary life writing; race; racism; reconciliation; Australia; Australian cu...
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Plant research infrastructure to receive $2.6 million

16-May-2018 Plant research at the University of Adelaide will benefit from a $2.6 million research infrastructure investment announced today. The grant was announced under the Federal Government’s new $1.9 billion Research Infrastructure Investment Plan Facil ... more...

JCU Researcher warns China’s trillion-dollar infrastructure program “riskiest environmental project

16-May-2018 A global expert on infrastructure says that China’s plan to crisscross half of the Earth with massive transportation and energy projects is environmentally the riskiest venture ever undertaken. “China has enormous ambitions,” said Dist ... more...

New home for Dassault Systèmes at University of Adelaide

16-May-2018 Dassault Systèmes and the University of Adelaide have further strengthened their strategic partnership, with the announcement that Dassault Systèmes will establish its South Australian regional centre on campus at the University. Dassault ... more...

Brain research finds new link between weight gain and meal times

16-May-2018 New research suggests that restricting food intake to certain times of the day could help tackle obesity. The study, published today in neuroscience journal, JNeurosci, restricted the food intake of mice to half of the day and found they gained less wei ... more...

Global trade spreads deadly frog disease from Asia

11-May-2018 New research has revealed a deadly disease that threatens the survival of the world’s frogs originated from East Asia, and global trade was almost certainly responsible for the disease’s spread. The frog chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dend ... more...