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Professor Cathrine Fowler

University of Technology Sydney Expertise:
Child and family health 0-5 years, parent education, perinatal mental health incl...
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One theory is that sex evolved because it allows the recombination of DNA between mating pairs.

Evolving ‘lovesick’ organisms found survival in sex

29-Mar-2017 Being ‘lovesick’ takes on a whole new meaning in a new theory which answers the unsolved fundamental question: why do we have sex? University of Adelaide researchers have developed a computer simulation model which supports the theory that s ... more...

A native blue-banded bee pollinating lucerne. Photo by K. Hogendoorn.

Planting native vegetation for productive crops

28-Mar-2017 The University of Adelaide, working with South Australian industry groups, is helping farmers and growers design and implement native plantings to support bee and other insect populations needed to pollinate their crops and orchards. This is the first s ... more...

The Tasmanian Tiger may have been spotted in North Queensland.

FNQ search for the Tasmanian Tiger

26-Mar-2017 James Cook University scientists are preparing to launch a scientific search for the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) on the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland.   The field survey will be led by Dr Sandra Abell, using more than 50 high-tech &ls ... more...

JCU experts on cyclones and aftermath

24-Mar-2017 24 March, 2017: As there is some possibility of a cyclone in the Northern Queensland region over the next few days, the following James Cook University experts are now available for comment. Dr David Henderson - Director, Cyclone Testing Station. C ... more...

The Derby Boab Tree.

Dark tourism has grown around myth of prison tree

23-Mar-2017 New research involving the University of Adelaide is helping to expose a myth about a significant Australian "prison tree", which researchers say has become a popular tourism attraction for the wrong reasons. The so-called prison tree is a hug ... more...