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Dr Bree Hadley

Queensland University of Technology Expertise:
Drama; theatre; contemporary performance; representations of gender, race, disabi...
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Tiny fish live fast, die young

24-May-2019 New research has revealed that the short lives and violent deaths of some of coral reefs’ smallest tenants may be vital to the health of reef systems, including the iconic Great Barrier Reef. James Cook University’s Professor David Bellwood ... more...

Holidays disrupt drug routines of children with diabetes. iStock Image.

Holidays disrupt drug routines of children with diabetes

24-May-2019 Children with type 1 diabetes find it difficult to adhere to their drug routines during school holidays and weekends. Holiday distractions cause a 20% reduction in adherence to taking medications that assist managing their condition and other associated con ... more...

Probe detects the mechanism for spreading of metastatic cancer cells

22-May-2019 A new fluorescent sensor developed by researchers from the University of Adelaide can detect migrating cancer cells and could be used to target medication to stop metastasis in aggressive cancers. Metastasis – the uncontrolled migration of cancer ... more...

Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Being surrounded by natural biodiversity is not only enjoyable, it may reduce your exposure to opportunistic environmental pathogens.

Natural environments favour ‘good’ bacteria

22-May-2019 A new study has shown that restoring environments to include a wider range of species can promote ‘good’ bacteria over ‘bad’ – with potential benefits for human health. University of Adelaide researchers report, in the jour ... more...

Plant discovery opens frontiers

22-May-2019 University of Adelaide researchers have discovered a biochemical mechanism fundamental to plant life that could have far-reaching implications for the multibillion dollar biomedical, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries. There are up to ... more...