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Dr Bligh Grant

University of Technology Sydney Expertise:
Australian politics, local government, local government reforms, comparative loca...
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Rocky scientist says major problem with Jack the Ripper DNA tests is lack of provenance

03-Aug-2015 The major problem with Jack the Ripper DNA tests is a lack of provenance. That’s according to Professor Ian Findlay – a renowned tester of DNA linked to Jack the Ripper - who was commenting on breaking news from the UK that Jack the Ripper&r ... more...

New study: How happy are Aussies to eat insects?

03-Aug-2015 Would you fancy a crunchy cricket salad? Or perhaps a mealworm omelette? What about a cockroach sandwich? Investigating consumer perceptions and attitudes to eating insects is the subject of a new University of Adelaide research project starting at the ... more...

High-altitude climate change to kill cloud forest plants

03-Aug-2015 Australian scientists have discovered many tropical, mountaintop plants won’t survive global warming, even under the best-case climate scenario. James Cook University and Australian Tropical Herbarium researchers say their climate change modelling ... more...

Seeking balance between road safety and driving independence of people with Alzheimer's

31-Jul-2015 It is possible for some people in the early phases of Alzheimer's disease to continue to drive safely. That's according to CQUniversity Professor of Occupational Therapy Carolyn Unsworth who is conducting research on behalf of Alzheimer's Au ... more...

Expert weighs in on war dancing in sport

31-Jul-2015 RMIT University Aboriginal health expert Aunty Kerrie Doyle has called for Indigenous war dances to be incorporated into every football match and sporting event involving Australians competing onshore and overseas.  “Indigenous people around ... more...