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Tips for your profile

The following tips will help you create an expert profile that gives you the best chance of being found by visitors to Expert Guide.

  1. Use your keywords effectively. When 90% of visitors search Expert Guide, they type one or more keywords and try to find an expert to match. Therefore, you are more likely to be found if your profile contains numerous, useful keywords. We give you 250 characters of space for your keywords, so, make sure you:
    • enter variations of key phrases (eg. New Year, New Year’s eve, New Years celebrations)
    • enter synonyms for key words (eg. electricity, energy, power)
    • enter specific and general terms (eg. weather, climate, storms, rain, drought, El Nino)
    • enter common terms and jargon (eg. “space science” as well as “astronomic magnetometry”)

  2. Enter multiple contacts so you’re easy to find. If you receive a call from a journalist, chances are that they’re on a deadline. If they can’t find you easily, they will need to quickly move on to the next person. So, make sure you enter another number as well as your office one – preferably a mobile telephone.
  3. Enter as much detail as possible. The information you provide in fields such as “Notes” and “Publications” can give visitors additional information to help decide if you’re the expert they’re looking for. So make sure you add in as much extra, useful information as will fit into your profile. This includes ticking options for activities you would like to participate in, such as “Research collaboration” or “Consulting work”. Also upload a headshot photograph of yourself if you have one – it adds colour and makes your profile look more appealing.
  4. Search for yourself. When you’re finished your profile, perform a few searches using different keywords at www.expertguide.com.au and see whether your profile ranks highly. Also make sure you take this opportunity to proofread your profile and make sure all the information is correct and easy for a layperson to read.
  5. Let us know if you can comment on a hot topic. Expert Guide sends news tips to our network of subscribers, because they always want to know if someone is available to comment on the news of the day. If something is in the news and you have something to say, please Contact Us and let us know.