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Dr Yusuf Pisan

University of Technology Sydney Expertise:
computer games, interactive entertainment, artificial intelligence, graphics, ani...
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Consumers treat superfoods as "extra insurance"

21-Jul-2016 Australian consumers are skeptical about new superfoods as they enter the market but still consume them for a bit of "extra insurance" for their health, according to new research at the University of Adelaide. For her PhD studies, Jessica Loy ... more...

Light-bulb moment for stock market behaviour

21-Jul-2016 University of Adelaide physicists have discovered that the timing of electronic orders on the stock market can be mathematically described in the same way as the lifetime of a light bulb. The surprising finding is a “crucial first step” towa ... more...

Actors highly vulnerable to mental health problems

19-Jul-2016 New research from the University of Adelaide is raising the curtain on the not-so-glamorous aspects of being a professional actor, with psychology experts finding that Australian actors experience a wide range of threats to their mental wellbeing. Rese ... more...

Can we protect against computers being fingerprinted?

18-Jul-2016 Imagine that every time a person goes out in public, they leave behind a track for all to see, so that their behaviour can be easily analysed, revealing their identity.   This is the case with people's online browser "fingerprints", w ... more...

Study looks at program for Defence Force kids

13-Jul-2016 A James Cook University researcher has been studying the help given to children with a parent deployed on active duty with the military. JCU’s Gail Macdonald interviewed teachers, parents and Defence School Transition Aides (DSTA) who are employed ... more...