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Professor Barbara Santich

University of Adelaide Expertise:
Food history and culinary history in general and in particular, relating to Austr...
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Professor Volker Hessel with pills of the type being sent into space

Testing time for pills in space

23-Sep-2020 Pills are being sent into space to test how they cope with the rigours of one of the harshest environments known.  The University of Adelaide is studying how exposure to microgravity and space radiation affects the stability of pharmaceutical table ... more...

Australian renters suffering due to energy hardship

23-Sep-2020 A new report from the University of Adelaide has found the rental housing sector must set minimum standards for energy performance to protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians.  The research - Warm, cool and energy-affordable ... more...

New cars will need new skills

23-Sep-2020 Self-driving cars available in the near future won’t allow drivers to sleep on the job and may even require special training and licenses to operate, according to a new study. Associate Professor Gunther Paul from James Cook University’s Aus ... more...

Non-invasive IVF research nets Young Tall Poppy award

22-Sep-2020 Dr Kylie Dunning has won the 2020 SA Young Tall Poppy Science Award for her research into improving IVF techniques using non-invasive methods. “We would like to congratulate Dr Dunning for success in her innovative research,” says the Univer ... more...

Call for price rises as cut-price smokes used more

22-Sep-2020 James Cook University researchers are calling for cigarette price increases after they found plain packaging has moved smokers to buy cheaper cigarettes – and to consume more of them. Associate Professor Riccardo Welters, Head of Economics and Mar ... more...