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Featured expert Associate Professor Joanne Cys

Associate Professor Joanne Cys

University of South Australia Expertise:
Interior Architecture; Built Environment Design; Creativity; Collaborative Design
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Cyborgs closer to reality in future stages of human evolution

27-May-2016 Our excitement with and rapid uptake of technology – and the growing opportunities for artificial brain enhancement – are putting humans more firmly on the path to becoming cyborgs, according to evolution experts from the University of Adelaide. ... more...

What happens when your drinking mate stops drinking?

26-May-2016 As the song goes, you might love to have a beer with Duncan – but what happens when Duncan, Carol, Kevin or Pam decide to give up drinking? Researchers at the University of Adelaide are looking to speak with people whose loved ones or close frien ... more...

Restoring Australia’s lost shellfish reefs

26-May-2016 Australia once had extensive shellfish reefs across its coastlines, but they are now largely destroyed and James Cook University researchers have identified what needs to be done to repair and conserve them. Shellfish reefs - formed by dense aggreg ... more...

One in four Aussie kids under 10 has untreated tooth decay

19-May-2016 Results of a national oral health survey led by the University of Adelaide show that a quarter of all Australian children aged 10 and under has untreated tooth decay. The National Child Oral Health Survey 2012-2014 is the first population-based study o ... more...

Why inequalities in reproductive health make a difference

18-May-2016 A University of Adelaide researcher whose work aims to highlight and resolve inequalities in reproductive health for Aboriginal women has today been awarded the inaugural Healthy Development Adelaide Women's Excellence in Research Award. Dr Alice R ... more...