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Dr Suneeta Sathye

University of Canberra Expertise:
Foreign Direct Investments; Mergers and Acquisitions; Microfinance and Women
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Retracing our ancient routes

18-Jun-2019 James Cook University scientists are part of a group of experts who have revealed new insights into how people first arrived in Australia. The group used sophisticated modelling to determine the likely routes travelled by Aboriginal people tens of thous ... more...

Squid could thrive under climate change

18-Jun-2019 Squid will survive and may even flourish under even the worst-case ocean acidification scenarios, according to James Cook University scientists. JCU’s Dr Blake Spady led the study. He said squid live on the edge of their environmental oxygen limit ... more...

Redlichia rex hand held - James Holmes

New ‘king’ of fossils discovered on Kangaroo Island

18-Jun-2019 Fossils of a giant new species from the long-extinct group of sea creatures called trilobites have been found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The finding is adding important insights to our knowledge of the Cambrian ‘explosion’, the gre ... more...

Braces won

Braces won’t always bring happiness

13-Jun-2019 Research undertaken at the University of Adelaide overturns the belief that turning your crooked teeth into a beautiful smile will automatically boost your self-confidence. The study, carried out by Dr Esma Dogramaci and Professor David Brennan from the ... more...

Asteroid mining not a million miles away. Credit: iStock

Asteroid mining not a million miles away

13-Jun-2019 Work by a team of University of Adelaide scientists to perfect metal and mineral extraction processes is bringing the possibility of mining the wealth contained within asteroids closer to reality. But science fiction won’t become fact until asteroid m ... more...