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Professor Jean Burgess

Queensland University of Technology Expertise:
social media; youtube; twitter; facebook; memes; tumblr; instagram; web culture; ...
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38-year-old code writing tool released for general use

14-Mar-2018 One of the world’s early computer software editors, developed by the University of Adelaide and still in use today, is being released by the University for free use by developers around the world. Under open source licence, beneficial features of ... more...

Expert comment on Australia’s growing rate of homelessness

14-Mar-2018 RMIT University’s Professor Guy Johnson is available to comment on new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today showing a worrying increase in homelessness across the nation. Johnson is Australia’s first Professor of Urb ... more...

Diamond coated titanium --  3D printed titanium disc showing the breakthrough diamond coating.

RMIT researchers bring the bling to improve implants

14-Mar-2018 In a world first, Australian researchers have harnessed the power of diamonds in a breakthrough that could lead to radical improvements in the way human bodies accept biomedical implants. Researchers from RMIT University have for the first time successf ... more...

Win-win for graziers and greens

14-Mar-2018 James Cook University scientists have found there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between profits and the environment, with a ground-breaking experimental study showing environmentally-friendly cattle farms also make more money. JCU’s Profess ... more...

To build their prototype synthetic vaccine, the team used D-amino acids – mirror images of the L-amino acids that are the building blocks of all proteins. Photo: Romy Bullerjahn.

Taking the jab (and the chill) out of vaccination

13-Mar-2018 Taking the jab (and the chill) out of vaccination Scientists in Australia and Wales have taken an important first step towards solving two problems that hinder access to vaccines: they need to be kept cool, and no one likes needles.  In the Apr ... more...