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United States politics and history Asian integration Global power and security ...
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Lap band surgery benefits very obese adolescents

19-Jan-2017 Lap band surgery has significant benefits for severely obese teenagers and, despite its controversial nature, should still be considered as a first option to manage obesity during adolescence, a new study has found. Led by University of Adelaide researc ... more...

Link between sweetener and liver cancer probed

18-Jan-2017 A James Cook University researcher will use a grant from the Cancer Council to investigate the relationship between fructose - a common sweetener in soft drinks - and liver cancer, an increasingly prevalent and deadly cancer. Dr Lionel Hebbard has been ... more...

Fossils found reveal unseen ‘footprint’ maker

18-Jan-2017 Fossils found in Morocco from the long-extinct group of sea creatures called trilobites, including rarely seen soft-body parts, may be previously unseen animals that left distinctive fossil ‘footprints’ around the ancient supercontinent Gondwana ... more...

Turtle secrets uncovered

13-Jan-2017 James Cook University scientists think sea turtles may use the sunrise to show them the way home, after analysing satellite tracking data of the animals. Dr Takahiro Shimada, from JCU’s College of Science and Engineering, said scientists caught an ... more...

Nothing fishy about better nutrition for mums and babies

10-Jan-2017 Researchers from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the University of Adelaide have found a way to provide mothers and young children in Cambodia with better nutrition through an unlikely source – fish sauce. P ... more...