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UC to host global experts in genomics and cytogenetics

Monday, 9 July 2018

Source: The University of Canberra

International leaders in genomics and cytogenetics will descend on the University of Canberra next week to exchange their ideas on the emerging discipline of chromosomics, which represents the intersection of the two fields.

The University is the host venue of Genetics Society AustralAsia (1-4 July) and the 6th Asia-Pacific Chromosome Colloquium (4-5 July).

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More than 200 people from 14 countries are expected to attend the conferences.

University of Canberra Professor of Genetics Tariq Ezaz said the events were bringing experts together at a time when collaboration between the two disciplines is essential.

“The rapidly advancing field of genomics and the recognition of the importance of genome architecture requires the union of genomics and cytogenetics,” Dr Ezaz said.

“Not only to better understand species evolution but to deliver practical solutions to many biological issues faced today, from species conservation to human health and diseases.”

Dr Ezaz, who works at the University’s Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE), said earning the right to host the conferences was further proof the University’s IAE is a nationally and internationally leading research centre in this area.

“Hosting these conferences confirms our position as a key player in this field, while providing the University with an opportunity to showcase its credentials for genetics and genomics research and teaching to an international audience,” he said.

Keynote speakers include:

• Distinguished Professor Harris Lewin (former Vice Chancellor of Research, UC Davis, USA),

• Professor Andrew Pask (University of Melbourne)

• Professor Marnie Blewitt (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research)

• Professor Neil Gemmell (Otago University, New Zealand)

• Professor Cassandra Extavour (Harvard University)

• Professor Rudi Appels (Murdoch University)

• Professor Asato Kuroiwa (University of Hokkaido)

• Professor Darren Griffin (University of Kent)

• Professor Sudha Rao (University of Canberra)

• Professor Jenny Graves (University of Canberra)

• Professor Karen Dyer Montgomery (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Delegates will share their research findings in the fields of genetics and genomics, including agriculture, bioinformatics, development, ecology, epigenetics, evolution, forensics, human genetics and teaching.

View the program for both events here.

WHAT: Genetics Society AustralAsia (1-4 July) and 6th Asia-Pacific Chromosome Colloquium (4-5 July)

WHERE: University of Canberra, Building 2

Contact the University of Canberra media team:

Antony Perry: 0434 795 919