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UC’s health experts shine light on their research

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Source: University of Canberra

University of Canberra health experts will share their work this week at the Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting (CHARM).

The ACT Health event delves into the current challenges, opportunities and discoveries in health and medical research, and showcases upcoming studies and collaboration projects in the ACT region.

University of Canberra presenters include:

Professor of Epidemiology Mark Daniel will share his research on geographic information systems (GIS), which can help identify environmental factors that shape population risks, morbidity and mortality. Professor Daniel will speak about using GIS in prevention science and policy decisions, using an example from the public health system in Canada.

Centenary Professor Dr Deborah Lupton will discuss key findings from the Australian Women and Digital Health Project – which examined how women use digital health technologies.

Assistant Professor of Nursing Dr Kasia Bail will talk about a project which compared costs of hospital-acquired complications and dementia. Dr Bail’s research found that urinary tract infections, pressure areas, pneumonia and delirium come at a high cost. However, the complications are potentially preventable with different models of care, nurse skill-mix and healthy work environments.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy Dr Bernie Bissett will discuss students’ perceptions of MASK-ED™, a classroom-based technique where clinicians wear a silicone mask to play the role of ‘patient’. Dr Bissett will talk about how MASK-ED enriches the learning experience and how it can be a valuable tool in physiotherapy courses.

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