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The NBN - Myths Busted by MATE

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Source: The Atticism

Mark and David Fazio started MATE in their Aunt’s backyard in Western Sydney with a dream to have a Telco in Australian that cares and treats customers as their mates.

There’s been a lot of negative press about the NBN in Australian.

However, EVERYONE is going to have to make the switch - just like we did with Digital TV. So, Australians have the right to know how to do this as smoothly as possible.

 Three NBN Myths Busted by MATE

  1. NBN speeds are slow.

For some NBN technologies and in some areas slow speeds may be an issue, but the majority of Australians can get decent NBN speeds.

The problem with consumer speeds generally comes down to what they are using to connect to the internet (their modems).

The cheaper the modem, the slower the speed will be over Wi-Fi. For example, if I had a $70 modem as opposed to a $250 modem, the speed difference of Wi-Fi can be drastically different.

  1. Getting connected NBN in some ways portrays that it’s very easy to get connected – there is no hassle and it can basically happen in the flick of a switch.

In some cases, this is true, but in a lot of cases it’s more than that.

Most connections require a technician appointment and generally only offer appointment slots within a four-hour period, and the consumer needs to be home during this timeframe.

All NBN technologies are connected differently – some via a phone socket, others by NBN equipment installation.

It's really important to understand what type of NBN you're getting and what is required, if anything, from the consumers' side, as not having this will delay installations.

  1. Connection responsibilities will fall to the NBN only. 

Understanding what is the consumer’s responsibility and what is NBN’s responsibility can be a standout issue when it comes to installing the new service.

Generally, everything external to the consumers home (boundary point of the land) is NBN’s responsibility and everything internal is the consumer's responsibility.

For example, with a Fibre to the node NBN connection, it’s the responsibility of the consumer to make sure the phone socket is installed in their house, as NBN will not install this.

Once again, it’s really important to understand the ins and outs of the NBN type connection you are getting.

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