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Space alumni discuss Australia’s future place in space

Four of the University of Adelaide’s most distinguished alumni involved in the global space industry, including former NASA astronaut Dr Andy Thomas, AO, will this week help the University celebrate its past and present involvement in the space industry. Fifty years ago, University of Adelaide physics researchers worked with ... 25-Sep-2017 more

Uni partners with EOC to enhance human rights and equal opportunity

The University of Adelaide and the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission have launched a unique PhD program to help tackle key workplace and cultural equity issues facing South Australia. The PhD program will include a stipend scholarship for up to four years, as well as an internship in the Equal Opportunity Commission, with ... 21-Sep-2017 more

Smart growth: Marine snails know how to budget their housing costs

For nearly 50 years, researchers have been stumped as to why sea shells from warm tropical waters are comparatively larger than their cold-water relatives.  New research, led by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) at James Cook University, suggests that it all comes down to ‘housing ... 21-Sep-2017 more

Unlocking South Australia’s copper resources

The University of Adelaide will lead a $14.6 million research consortium to develop advanced technologies to boost South Australia’s copper production and develop a globally competitive mining technology services sector in the state. The Research Consortium – Unlocking Complex Resources through Lean Processing – has been ... 18-Sep-2017 more

Immune system linked to alcohol drinking behaviour

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have found a new link between the brain's immune system and the desire to drink alcohol in the evening. In laboratory studies using mice, researchers have been able to switch off the impulse to drink alcohol by giving mice a drug that blocks a specific response from the immune system in the ... 15-Sep-2017 more

SIDS research confirms changes in babies' brain chemistry

University of Adelaide researchers have confirmed that abnormalities in a common brain chemical are linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In the first study of its kind looking at babies outside the United States, researchers from the University of Adelaide’s Adelaide Medical School investigated 41 cases of SIDS deaths and ... 14-Sep-2017 more

$38 million drop in poker machine gambling for SA

South Australians are spending tens of millions of dollars less on poker machines each year, with a big drop in poker machine gambling by more than $38 million in the past financial year. That's according to the University of Adelaide's South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (SACES), which maintains a gambling ... 14-Sep-2017 more

New research shows employees thrive on being empowered

Employees who are empowered by their bosses by being given independence and the responsibility to self-manage are more likely to thrive at work, new research involving a Curtin University researcher has found. The paper, published in the Journal of Organisational Behaviour, concluded that empowering leadership enhanced work performance, ... 14-Sep-2017 more

University studies how to help soldiers perform at their best

University of Canberra researchers will advise the Australian Army on how to best prepare soldiers for frontline combat as part of a project aimed at enhancing the performance of Australia’s military personnel. The University is one of seven Australian tertiary institutions selected to be part of the newly-formed Human Performance ... 14-Sep-2017 more

Ancient wetlands offer window into climate change

Environmental researchers have uncovered a wealth of information about a unique part of Australia that offers never-before-seen insights into climate change since the last ice age. The work – led by the University of Adelaide, and involving scientists from the Queensland Government, and members of the local community – has ... 13-Sep-2017 more

University checks on dugong pastures

James Cook University scientists have been using helicopters and remote camera systems to check on dugong feeding areas. JCU Principal Research Scientist, Dr Michael Rasheed lead the seagrass surveys, working with the Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership. “The area south of Mackay from Carmila Creek to Clairview is ... 12-Sep-2017 more

‘Green learning’ provides inspiration for nature poetry

Children are more creative when they learn in natural surrounds according to new research from Curtin University.  Primary school students in Australia and England were put to the test to see whether writing poetry in a natural outdoor setting produced more creative outcomes than writing in a classroom, and the answer was ... 07-Sep-2017 more