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Ecowarriors required to make award-winning videos

  High school students have the opportunity to be named the University of Adelaide Young Scientist of the Year and win themselves cash prizes by making a short video about an environmental problem or solution.  Entrants have to create a two- to five-minute video addressing one of Australia’s big environmental challenges. ... 03-Sep-2021 more

AI weather forecasting for smart farms

Researchers working on smart irrigation systems have developed a way to choose the most accurate weather forecast out of those offered in the week leading up to a given day.  Dr Eric Wang, an Internet of Things researcher at James Cook University (JCU) in Cairns, works on technology that allows farmers to make data-driven ... 02-Sep-2021 more

Turtles and dugongs boost Reef health

New research reveals green sea turtles and dugongs play a crucial role in protecting the health of the Great Barrier Reef, by helping vital seagrass meadows flourish.   The two animals, known as marine mega-herbivores, eat mostly seagrass, and regularly ingest seagrass fruits and seeds.    A recent paper ... 31-Aug-2021 more

Chilled vibes ease work stress

A James Cook University researcher has found many people use music to help deal with work and social stress – but less often to cope with life’s other unpleasantries.   JCU psychology lecturer Dr Amanda Krause, along with colleagues from JCU, Curtin University and Edith Cowan University, surveyed more than 550 people in ... 27-Aug-2021 more

Dark tourism can lead to dark places

A James Cook University researcher has been studying ‘dark tourism’ – the phenomenon in which tourists visit sites of death and disaster – and is warning of its psychological dangers.   Travel medicine specialist Dr Irmgard Bauer is from JCU’s College of Healthcare Sciences. She said the term dark ... 26-Aug-2021 more

Earth observation technologies focus for partnership

Lot Fourteen based SITAEL Australia has today announced a new partnership with the University of Adelaide’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) to cooperate in innovative research into space-based infrared instruments.  SITAEL Australia and IPAS will cooperate on utilising multi-aperture infrared sensors with ... 25-Aug-2021 more

Sea snake attacks may be misdirected courtship

Attacks by venomous Olive sea snakes on scuba divers may be misdirected courtship behaviours, according to a new study.   James Cook University Professor Emeritus Ross Alford is one of the authors of a new paper published in the journal Scientific Reports. He said scuba divers frequently report unprovoked attacks by sea ... 20-Aug-2021 more

Rock art: What is “hidden” and what is public information?

The complexity of ancient Indigenous rock art can mean that physical location alone does not determine whether meaning for a rock art image is “hidden” or not.    Images located in plain view can contain secret information – and concealed images that seem shielded from plain view may communicate general public ... 17-Aug-2021 more

Australia must improve trade strategy in face of China coercion

  A new report from the University of Adelaide’s Institute for International Trade says China is guilty of economic coercion and discriminatory purchasing amidst souring relations with Australia.  The report, Economic Coercion by China: the impact on Australia’s merchandise exports, commissioned by the ... 13-Aug-2021 more

New Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) to pursue partnerships and revenue

The University of Adelaide today announced it has appointed Dr Jessica Gallagher to the new role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement).    Dr Gallagher is currently Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship) at the University of Queensland. She will commence in her role at the University of Adelaide ... 07-Aug-2021 more

Headspace room to improve

Pressure to lower youth mental health rates, suicide  Headspace and Better Access have been challenged by Australian psychiatry researchers to integrate more seamlessly with public health systems and state and local databases to make wholescale inroads into cutting mental health problems in young people.     The ... 02-Aug-2021 more

$3.5bn cybercrime bill to rise

COVID-19 opportunities to expand economic losses A new study of almost 12,000 Australians has found one-third of the adult population has experienced pure cybercrime during their lifetime, with 14% reporting this disruption to network systems in the past 12 months.   With all forms of cybercrime already costing trillions every ... 20-Jul-2021 more