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Rural decline not driven by water recovery

New research from the University of Adelaide has shown that climate and economic factors are the main drivers of farmers leaving their properties in the Murray-Darling Basin, not reduced water for irrigation as commonly claimed. Led by Professor Sarah Wheeler, Professor of Water Economics of the University’s Centre for Global Food and ... 05-Dec-2019 more

Call for co-operation as blue boats rob Pacific reefs

A flotilla of Vietnamese fishing boats with crews suffering in harsh conditions is stripping Pacific coral reefs of seafood as the poaching escalates to become an international human rights and security issue. James Cook University Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Andrew Song has produced the first analysis of international attempts to manage ... 05-Dec-2019 more

Unlabelled allergens rife in imported food

Scientists who tested a shopping trolley-sized collection of food imported from Asia have found that nearly half of the samples were contaminated with potentially deadly, undeclared allergens. Professor Andreas Lopata, head of James Cook University’s Molecular Allergy Research Laboratory led the study and said the findings were ... 04-Dec-2019 more

Change in aquaculture vital if billions more to be fed

A research team from James Cook University has been investigating how aquaculture can be made sustainable, to help feed a world with more than nine and a half billion people and deteriorating natural sources of food. JCU’s Associate Professor Jan Strugnell was part of the study. She said current projections have the global population ... 02-Dec-2019 more

Shark Tank kids rise to the eSchool challenge

Five teams from the State’s secondary schools have been awarded prizes in the Shark Tank eSchool competition for their innovative entrepreneurial ideas. 1.      Santos (STEM) prize Aquacy (team name) eliminates the problem of toxic algae blooms in waterways with an ecofriendly, easy to use water ... 25-Nov-2019 more

First detection of supernova extreme afterglow

A multinational team of researchers including scientists from the University of Adelaide has shown for the first time that certain kinds of supernova explosions can emit gamma rays bursts of extreme energies that can be detected from the Earth’s surface. University of Adelaide’s Associate ... 25-Nov-2019 more

JCU stars shine in world of academia

Five James Cook University scientists have been named in an elite group of ‘highly cited’ researchers as part of a worldwide survey of the impact of academic work. The ratings are provided by the Web of Science Group and represent scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple highly cited ... 25-Nov-2019 more

Uncovering the pathway to wine's acidity

University of Adelaide wine researchers say their latest discovery may one day lead to winemakers being able to manipulate the acidity of wines without the costly addition of tartaric acid. The team of researchers has uncovered a key step in the synthesis of natural tartaric acid in wine grapes – identifying and determining the ... 25-Nov-2019 more

ARC funds five University of Adelaide early career researchers

Five University of Adelaide researchers have collectively been awarded more than $2 million from the Federal Government to advance their work in diverse areas including cognitive impairment, solar ammonia production, and cybersecurity. The University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Anton Middelberg, said: “This new ... 25-Nov-2019 more

New research to reduce high suicide rates in pregnant women and new mums

A $100,000 research project will help build understanding of the factors contributing to suicide attempts in pregnant women and new mums. The research aims to develop effective ways to assess and manage suicidal risk in this vulnerable group.  Suicide is the leading cause of maternal death in Australia during pregnancy and the 12 ... 18-Nov-2019 more

Predicting the future of coral reefs

A James Cook University scientist is set to examine whether coral reefs will be able to adapt to the pace of climate change as conditions for their survival deteriorate.  Dr Gergely Torda has won an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), funded by the Federal Government.  He will receive ... 18-Nov-2019 more

Scientists close in on malaria vaccine

Scientists have taken another big step forward towards developing a vaccine that’s effective against the most severe forms of malaria. Professor Denise Doolan from James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) was part of an international team that narrowed down the malaria proteins and ... 18-Nov-2019 more