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FNQ search for the Tasmanian Tiger

James Cook University scientists are preparing to launch a scientific search for the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) on the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland.   The field survey will be led by Dr Sandra Abell, using more than 50 high-tech ‘camera traps’ to survey prospective sites on the Cape. ... 26-Mar-2017 more

JCU experts on cyclones and aftermath

24 March, 2017: As there is some possibility of a cyclone in the Northern Queensland region over the next few days, the following James Cook University experts are now available for comment. Dr David Henderson - Director, Cyclone Testing Station. Can speak on resilience of structures, what damage to expect. Preparing houses for the ... 24-Mar-2017 more

Dark tourism has grown around myth of prison tree

New research involving the University of Adelaide is helping to expose a myth about a significant Australian "prison tree", which researchers say has become a popular tourism attraction for the wrong reasons. The so-called prison tree is a huge, 1500-year-old boab near the town of Derby in remote Western Australia, more than 2600 ... 23-Mar-2017 more

International leader appointed to head engineering

The University of Adelaide has today announced the appointment of an international leader in engineering, Professor Anton Middelberg, as its new Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. In a career that started at the University of Adelaide and has taken him around the world, Professor Middelberg has ... 22-Mar-2017 more

New Uni building a major investment in SA health precinct

The University of Adelaide has opened a $246 million state-of-the-art health and medical sciences building in the SA Health and Biomedical Precinct. Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington, said the 14-storey Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building is the largest capital works project in the University’s ... 20-Mar-2017 more

Australians may be missing out on new diabetes treatments

A free public lecture being held at the University of Adelaide will present the latest research findings into new treatments for type 2 diabetes, which have major implications for effective management. A leading international researcher is concerned that Australians may not be reaping the benefits of these potentially life-altering ... 20-Mar-2017 more

Fellowship honours Canberra mum, continues cancer research

Two early career researchers at the University of Canberra have been awarded fellowships to support their ground-breaking work in cancer research. Robert McCuaig and Tara Boulding were last night awarded the inaugural Melanie Swan Cancer Research Fellowship. The fellowship was created to honour Ms Swan, who lost her battle with breast cancer ... 17-Mar-2017 more

Scientists mobilise as bleaching resumes on Great Barrier Reef

Coral researchers are remobilising to conduct aerial and underwater surveys along the Great Barrier Reef and elsewhere in Australia as coral bleaching reappears for the second year in a row. The decision coincides with the release today of a study in the prestigious journal Nature, which warns that the Reef’s resilience is rapidly ... 16-Mar-2017 more

New guide helping international students eat healthy

A new resource is helping international students at the University of Canberra find and cook healthy and culturally appropriate foods. The booklet Nutritious meal planning, preparation and cooking advice for international students includes nutrition advice, how to eat healthy on a budget, where to find specialist food outlets, ingredient ... 16-Mar-2017 more

UC research: Can sports tape ease hip pain in women?

It can be an unwanted side effect of physical activity, but researchers at the University of Canberra hope to make hip pain in women less of a hindrance. Bachelor of Physiotherapy student Nicky Robinson is investigating whether applying flexible sports tape to problem areas alleviates hip pain in females. “Hip pain causes ... 15-Mar-2017 more

Microbes measure ecological restoration success

The success of ecological restoration projects around the world could be boosted using a potential new tool that monitors soil microbes. Published in the journal Molecular Ecology, University of Adelaide researchers have shown how the community of bacteria present in the soil of land that had been cleared and grazed for 100 years was ... 15-Mar-2017 more

Thirsty mangroves caused unprecedented dieback

A James Cook University scientist has discovered why there was an unprecedented dieback of mangroves in the Gulf of Carpentaria in early 2016 – the plants died of thirst.   Dr Norman Duke, leader of JCU’s Mangrove Research hub, headed an investigation into the massive mangrove dieback. The findings were published in the ... 14-Mar-2017 more