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Howzat? Mental routines define top batsmen

A James Cook University study has revealed the mental approach that gives great cricketers their edge – and it may well apply to other areas of expertise too. Dr Jonathan Connor and a team of researchers interviewed eight elite batsmen who went on to become top coaches. The researchers asked the group for their insights into the ... 08-Jul-2020 more

Mystery deepens around historic Investigator Tree

James Cook University and Queensland Museum researchers have found evidence that a fabled historic tree may be more than it seems. The research has re-opened the debate about outsiders visiting Australia before British explorers.  JCU PhD student Sarah Collins and Professor Sean Ulm worked with Queensland Museum’s Dr Geraldine ... 07-Jul-2020 more

New guidelines for children and adolescents with T2D

A team of paediatric specialists, including an expert from the University of Adelaide, has produced new guidelines regarding assessment and management of type 2 diabetes (T2D) in Australian and New Zealand children and adolescents. With the incidence of T2D on the rise among children and adolescents, especially in Indigenous communities, ... 06-Jul-2020 more

Scientists connect the land to the sea again

James Cook University and CSIRO scientists have found that removing artificial barriers between wetlands and the coast can have a big impact on the environment – but the process is not straightforward.    Dr Nathan Waltham, Principal Research Officer at JCU’s Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research ... 03-Jul-2020 more

Global rankings underpin Lot Fourteen’s digital ecosystem

Adelaide is recognised as a powerhouse in the new digital era with the release of the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) confirming that the University of Adelaide has cemented its position as a global leader in a number of key discipline areas. The news augurs well for the development of a world-class digital ecosystem at ... 02-Jul-2020 more

Aboriginal artefacts reveal first ancient underwater archaeological sites in Australia

The first underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites have been discovered off northwest Australia, dating to thousands of years ago when the current seabed was dry land. A James Cook University researcher was part of an international team working with Aboriginal Traditional Owners that discovered the submerged sites. JCU archaeologist ... 02-Jul-2020 more

‘Harmless’ bacteria turning deadly

James Cook University researchers are warning microorganisms previously thought to be benign are becoming more dangerous worldwide – and especially in the tropics. Professor John Miles from JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine said diseases caused by non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) have been steadily ... 01-Jul-2020 more

Australia’s COVIDSafe app among safest in the world

Australia’s COVIDSafe tracing app is one of the best and safest apps of its kind in the world, according to University of Adelaide cybersecurity experts who have been exploring the vulnerabilities of people-tracing apps. A team from the University of Adelaide’s School of Computer Science has made the claim after assessing 34 of ... 30-Jun-2020 more

Bleaching affects aquarium corals, too

A new study illustrates the potential impact of recurrent heatwaves on coral species collected by the Australian aquarium coral industry. The study’s lead author, Professor Morgan Pratchett from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University (Coral CoE at JCU), says there are active and expanding ... 30-Jun-2020 more

Global recovery must include the Tropics

Six years after the release of the landmark State of the Tropics Report, the Tropics are more important than ever, especially in a post-COVID-19 world. The second State of the Tropics report has been released today to mark the International Day of the Tropics. It highlights the rapid changes that have been made across the Tropics. Cities ... 29-Jun-2020 more

Mining critical metals is vital to our future

The surging global embrace of high-tech applications and clean energy is accelerating demand for the critical metals that enable these applications. On Monday 29 June the University of Adelaide’s Dr Carl Spandler, Associate Professor of Critical Minerals, will review the current status of rare earth element supply and demand, and then ... 26-Jun-2020 more

Managing COVID-19 infection risk during operations

Anaesthetists are at higher risk of catching COVID-19 during operations and other interventions than other healthcare workers as anaesthetising a person frequently involves placing breathing tubes or masks into their airway to assist their breathing. Experts from the University of Adelaide have studied best practice currently being used ... 26-Jun-2020 more