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Victorian Public Advocate Colleen Pearce honoured for passionate support of most marginalised

The Victorian Public Advocate Colleen Pearce has been presented with the Doctor of Social Science Honoris Causa by RMIT University, recognising her tireless advocacy for the most marginalised in society. Pearce heads up the Office of the Public Advocate, a statutory authority committed to campaigning for and protecting the human rights and ... 24-May-2018 more

Murdoch at forefront of solar energy future for remote WA homes

The future of renewable energy looks bright for homes in remote WA in light of Murdoch University’s partnership with electricity provider Horizon Power. The Federal Government-funded research will collect and analyse data from trials performed on electricity systems in homes and businesses in Carnarvon. The research aims to improve ... 23-May-2018 more

Fungus to fight banana pests

Researchers are working on ways to produce better looking bananas – and fungus could be the key. James Cook University scientists Dr Tobin Northfield and honours student Amy McGuire will use a fungus found in soil to combat rust thrips. “Rust thrips are tiny insects that feed on leaves and developing bananas. This produces a ... 23-May-2018 more

Executives set to learn from one of the best business minds

An expert in business development and strategy is the new Director of the University of Adelaide Business School’s Executive Education unit. Mr Jeremy Glaros, who has returned from Sydney to Adelaide to take up his new position, will use his knowledge and experience in leadership, strategy and business transformation to deliver ... 22-May-2018 more

Having babies doesn’t make you fat: UC research

Pregnancy is not a trigger for significant weight gain in Australian women, a new study by University of Canberra researchers has found. Although longitudinal studies show that women gain weight in young adulthood, and previous research has concluded that there is a link between having children and long-term weight gain, a University of ... 21-May-2018 more

Aboriginal settlement in Australia was no accident

James Cook University researchers working to solve the mystery of how Aboriginal people first reached Australia say the earliest people didn’t get here by accident, but made deliberate voyages to reach the new land.  Scientists have combined sophisticated deep sea mapping, voyage simulation techniques, and genetic information to ... 21-May-2018 more

World-class battery storage system helps to power country town

A new energy storage system developed by University of Adelaide researchers and industry partners is now successfully supporting the electricity network for the country town of Cape Jervis, South Australia. The new, world-class system is part of a $3.65 million trial led by the University of Adelaide in collaboration with SA Power Networks ... 21-May-2018 more

Are video games the future of sustainable tourism education?

Murdoch University research on digital game-based learning has won the award for Best Paper at the 2018 ASEAN Tourism Research Association Conference. Play-based learning is increasingly forming a large part of educating today’s learners who have grown up in the digital age. Games like World of Warcraft, SimCity, Minecraft and ... 21-May-2018 more

Another partnership adds to French Renaissance on campus

The University of Adelaide has celebrated French Day on Campus (Thursday 17 May) by signing another partnership with a French institution. It's the third partnership between the University and France this month. The new agreement – with a leading French engineering educational institution, IMT Atlantique – has been signed at ... 21-May-2018 more

Explaining the history of Australia’s vegetation

University of Adelaide-led research has uncovered the history of when and why the native vegetation that today dominates much of Australia first expanded across the continent. The new understanding will help researchers better predict the likely impact of climate change and rising CO2 levels on these critically important plants. Called ... 21-May-2018 more

Limiting warming to 1.5oC would save majority of global species

New research reveals that limiting global warming to 1.5oC would save the vast majority of the world’s plant and animal species from climate change    It’s the first study to explore how limiting warming to 1.5oC would benefit species globally, and has been published today in the prestigious journal ... 21-May-2018 more

Plant research infrastructure to receive $2.6 million

Plant research at the University of Adelaide will benefit from a $2.6 million research infrastructure investment announced today. The grant was announced under the Federal Government’s new $1.9 billion Research Infrastructure Investment Plan Facilities for the Future: Underpinning Australia’s Research and Innovation. The $2.6 ... 16-May-2018 more