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Metabolic syndrome increases risk of pregnancy complications

Research led by the University of Adelaide shows that metabolic syndrome in pregnant women increases their risk for pregnancy complications including preeclampsia and gestational diabetes by 2-4 times. Published in the journal PLOS Medicine the research assessed maternal metabolic health at 15 weeks’ gestation in 5530 women in the ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Cyclone risk assessment program to start in April

James Cook University has revealed details of a new engineering inspection program that could push down the cost of insurance for apartments, units and other strata buildings in northern Queensland. The North Queensland Strata Title Inspection Program will allow body corporates to engage independent inspectors to assess their property and ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Attention deficits examined

A James Cook University scientist is investigating how people are distracted from vital tasks and how that might be prevented. JCU psychology lecturer Dr Nicole Thomas said her research is relevant to many skills – from driving a car, to reading a book, to piloting an aircraft.  “We possess a remarkable capacity to focus ... 20-Dec-2018 more

A glimmer of hope for the world’s coral reefs

The future of the world’s coral reefs is uncertain, as the impact of global heating continues to escalate. However, according to a study published today in Nature Climate Change, the response of the Great Barrier Reef to extreme temperatures in 2017 was markedly different to one year earlier, following two back-to-back bouts of coral ... 20-Dec-2018 more

New tool delivers swifter picture of cognitive deficit

A new tool, developed by researchers from the University of Adelaide, will assist clinicians to assess people suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD). The THINC-integrated tool (THINC-it) digital software tool, developed by researchers from the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Psychiatry, evaluates the cognitive functions ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Obesity intervention needed before pregnancy

New research from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute supports the need for dietary and lifestyle interventions before overweight and obese women become pregnant. The researchers have reported the results of a large study of birth outcomes in more than 500 overweight or obese women from three public maternity units ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Mystery of colour patterns of reef fish solved

Scientists have solved the mystery of why some closely-related species of an iconic reef fish have vastly different colour patterns while others look very similar.  Innovative research led by scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies based at James Cook University, examined the differences in appearance of 42 ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Microplastics found in all sea turtle species

Tests on more than 100 sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea have revealed microplastic in the gut of every single turtle – including off the coast of Queensland. More than 800 synthetic particles were found in the 102 turtles studied, with up to 20 pieces of microplastics (synthetic particles less than ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Experts: New highways will drive environmental and social calamities in New Guinea

An Indonesian plan to crisscross the western half of New Guinea with new highways has “red flags all over it,” according to a research team from James Cook University in Australia that has evaluated the costs and benefits of the project. The authors studied the “Trans-Papuan Highway”, a network of paved roads that, if ... 20-Dec-2018 more

Wild yeasts may hold key to better wines from warmer climates

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found yeasts that naturally occur on wine grapes may improve wines produced in warmer climates. Up until now the use of these ‘natural’ or ‘wild’ yeasts during the production process has mostly been discouraged by wine makers. The study, published in the Nature journal ... 20-Dec-2018 more

JCU partners with the Philippines’s Government

James Cook University is teaming up with the government of the Philippines to enhance science, technology and innovation in the tropics. JCU’s Chancellor and former Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Tweddell was in Manila earlier this week for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Science and Technology ... 20-Dec-2018 more

New book explores crisis in Australian wage growth

A new collection of research from leading Australian experts and commentators casts further light on the unprecedented slowdown in wage growth that has puzzled and concerned policy-makers. The new book, The Wages Crisis in Australia: What it is and what to do about it, presents an agenda for immediate policy reforms to re-ignite wage growth. ... 20-Dec-2018 more