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Mr. Ross Brown

Name: Mr. Ross Brown
Position: Hydraulic Engineer
Organisation: Abel and Brown Pty Ltd
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Engineering (Civil)
Building & Construction (Building- Residential & Multi-Storey)
Expertise: Specialist Hydraulic services engineer, plumbing contractor and specialist civil/hydraulic services estimator with over 25 year's industry experience. Ross has significant unique and specialist experience and ongoing interest in the legal field as it applies to plumbing and hydraulic services and has successfully assisted many private clients, solicitors and barristers with cogent, timely advice
Notes: Fire Hydrants, Hosereel , Sprinkler & Essential Services Forensic Analysis & Investigation, Expert Witness & Litigation Support Services Investigative, Rectification and Remedial Engineering Project Management of Rectification and Remedial Works Fire & Essential Services Audit & Testing Specialist Civil & Hydraulic Estimating Solar Air Conditioning And Hot Water Plumbing Systems Design