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Professor Lorana Bartels

Name: Professor Lorana Bartels
Position: Professor of Criminology
Organisation: ANU College of Law
Department/Division: ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Law, Crime & Justice (Criminology)
Expertise: Access To justice; correctional theory; offender treatment and rehabilitation; courts and sentencing; criminal law And procedure; law and society; legal institutions (incl. courts and justice systems); courts and sentencing (incl. therapeutic jurisprudence); prisons; community corrections and correctional policy; and treatment of women and Indigenous peoples in the criminal justice system.
Notes: Lorana Bartels is Professor and Program Leader of Criminology at the ANU. She was previously Head of the School of Law and Justice at the University of Canberra and has also worked at the Australian Institute of Criminology, Family Court of Australia, NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, NSW Public Defenders Office and NSW Attorney-General's Department.