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Notice of service shutdown - Expert Guide

Expert Guide will be closing on 1 October 2021.

Since 2004, Expert Guide’s online database has served as a valuable resource for media outlets and journalists seeking credible spokespeople, and a cost-effective option for universities and businesses to showcase their employees’ expertise. The decision was made to close the guide as we believe that Australia’s journalists are well-served by alternative research tools and social media platforms. Download my expert data

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Ecowarriors required to make award-winning videos

03-Sep-2021   High school students have the opportunity to be named the University of Adelaide Young Scientist of the Year and win themselves cash prizes by making a short video about an environmental problem or solution.  Entrants have to create a tw ... more...

AI weather forecasting for smart farms

02-Sep-2021 Researchers working on smart irrigation systems have developed a way to choose the most accurate weather forecast out of those offered in the week leading up to a given day.  Dr Eric Wang, an Internet of Things researcher at James Cook University ( ... more...

Turtles and dugongs boost Reef health

31-Aug-2021 New research reveals green sea turtles and dugongs play a crucial role in protecting the health of the Great Barrier Reef, by helping vital seagrass meadows flourish.   The two animals, known as marine mega-herbivores, eat mostly seagrass, and ... more...

Chilled vibes ease work stress

27-Aug-2021 A James Cook University researcher has found many people use music to help deal with work and social stress – but less often to cope with life’s other unpleasantries.   JCU psychology lecturer Dr Amanda Krause, along with colleagues ... more...

Dark tourism can lead to dark places

26-Aug-2021 A James Cook University researcher has been studying ‘dark tourism’ – the phenomenon in which tourists visit sites of death and disaster – and is warning of its psychological dangers.   Travel medicine specialist Dr Irmg ... more...