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Dr Suniti Bandaranaike

James Cook University Expertise:
Demographic Interpretations; Australian population trends; Baby Boomer, X and Y G...
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The common triplefin

Fish sex organs boosted under high-CO2

20-Jan-2021 Research from the University of Adelaide has found that some species of fish will have higher reproductive capacity because of larger sex organs, under the more acidic oceans of the future.  Published in PLOS Biology, the researchers say that ... more...

Warning after aid worker vanishes

20-Jan-2021 A James Cook University researcher is warning of the increasing and unpredictable dangers for development workers in authoritarian countries after completing his investigation into the 2012 disappearance of a community worker in Laos. Dr Kearrin Sims is ... more...

Clamping down on abuse of Powers of Attorney

19-Jan-2021 The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) based at the University of Adelaide is recommending changes to South Australian law and practice regarding Powers of Attorney.  SALRI’s report, handed to the Attorney General today ... more...

EstrogenAndrogen: Androgen counterbalances estrogen-driven breast cancer, University of Adelaide

New discovery in breast cancer treatment

19-Jan-2021 Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found new evidence about the positive role of androgens in breast cancer treatment with immediate implications for women with estrogen receptor-driven metastatic disease.  Published today in Natur ... more...

Uni of Adelaide makes record number of offers to local students

15-Jan-2021 Amid very strong demand, the University of Adelaide will make a record number of offers to local students for university places in 2021.  By today, the University of Adelaide will have made a total of 6573 undergraduate and postgraduate offers ... more...