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CabaluProfessor Helen Cabalu
CaccettaProfessor Louis Caccetta
Cadet-JamesProfessor Yvonne Cadet-James
CaelliProfessor Bill Caelli
CaenegemWilliam Van Caenegem
CafferyDr Jo Caffery
CahillProfessor Desmond Cahill
CahillProfessor Reginald Cahill
CainesMr Chris Caines
CainesMs Valerie Caines
CairnsMrs Andi Cairns
CairnsProfessor George Cairns
CalderAssoc Prof Paul Calder
CaldwellDr Glenda Caldwell
CallanMr James Callan
CameronDr Scott Cameron
CameronDr Kate Cameron
CamilleriDr Adrian Camilleri
CampDr Emma Camp
CampbellDr Marilyn Campbell
CampbellDr Iain Campbell
CampbellProfessor Duncan Campbell
CampbellMs Elena Campbell
CamusMr. Thomas Camus
CandyMs Linda Candy
CaoProfessor Longbing Cao
CaonDr Martin Caon
CaratiProf Colin Carati
CardenMr Jim Carden
Carlopio James Carlopio
CarmichaelDr Marc Carmichael
CarnemollaDr Phillippa Carnemolla
CarneyGerard Carney
CarneyProfessor Leo Carney
CarpenterDr Belinda Carpenter
CarrDr Jo Carr
CarrillatDr. François Carrillat
CarrollProfessor Mark Carroll
CarsonDr Kristin Carson
CarstairsMr Andrew Carstairs
CarterMr Hugh Carter
CarterMr James Carter
CarterDr Brett Carter
Carter Peter Carter
CartwrightDr William Cartwright
CarusoMr David Caruso
CarverMs Tracey Carver
CaseProfessor Peter Case
CashmanDr Richard Cashman
CassDr Alan Cass
Castro de JongDr Daniela Castro de Jong
CatchesideProfessor David Catcheside
CaulfieldMr Robert Caulfield
CavanaghPat Cavanagh
CavanaghProfessor Rob Cavanagh
CEngDr Amoakoh Gyasi-Agyei, PhD, CEng
CernusakDr. Lucas Cernusak
ChackoDr Priya Chacko
ChaczkoMr Zenon Chaczko
ChaiechiDr Taha Chaiechi
ChalmersProfessor John Chalmers
ChalmersDr Jim Chalmers
ChamberlainProfessor Chris Chamberlain
Chamorro-KocDr Marianella Chamorro-Koc
ChampionProfessor Erik Champion
ChanAssociate Professor Felix Chan
ChanProf Tommy Chan
ChanMr Alex Chan
ChandranDr. Vinod Chandran
ChandranDr Daniel Chandran
ChangDr Artemis Chang
ChapmanDr Greg Chapman
ChapmanDr David Chapman
ChatterjeeEmeritus Professor Samir Ranjan Chatterjee
ChayMr Allan Chay
CheahMr Shaun Cheah
CheahDr Isaac Cheah
CheaterDr Christine Cheater
CheaterDr Christine Cheater
Cheema Moeen Cheema
CheesmanDr Alexander Cheesman
ChelliahDr John Chelliah
ChenMs Guosheng Chen
ChenDr Hui Chen
ChenDr Ley Chen
Chenevix-TrenchDr Georgia Chenevix-Trench
ChettyDr. Girija Chetty
ChewProfessor Eng Chew
ChikolwaDr Bwembya Chikolwa
ChikritzhsProfessor Tanya Chikritzhs
ChildsDr Iraphne Childs
ChiltonProfessor Glen Chilton
ChilverMs Monique Chilver
ChiouDr Andrew Chiou
Chittleborough Assocociate Professor Dav Chittleborough
ChoProfessor George Cho
ChoiMs Jaz Choi
ChongAssociate Professor Joanne Chong
ChouDr Joshua Chou
Chowdhury Ashfaque Ahmed Chowdhury
ChristensenProfessor Sharon Christensen
ChristensenDr Pernille Christensen
ChristensenMr Peter Christensen
ChristieDavid Christie
ChuaMiss Bee Bee Chua
ChuahDr. Swee Hoon Chuah
ChungProfessor Edward Chung
CiccarelliAssociate Professor Marina Ciccarelli
ClaessensDr Sten Claessens
ClarkMr Damien Clark
ClarkMr Ross Clark
ClarkDr Sheila Clark
ClarkProfessor Richard Clark
ClarkProfessor David Clark
ClarkeDr Anthony (Tony) R. Clarke
ClarkeProfessor Thomas Clarke
ClarkeDr Ken Clarke
ClarkeDr Jacqueline Clarke
ClarkeProfessor Doug Clarke
ClarkeDr Angela Clarke
ClayProfessor Roger Clay
ClearyMrs Valerie Cleary
ClearyDr Edward Cleary
ClearyMrs Sonja Cleary
CleggProfessor Stewart Clegg
ClementsProfessor Judith Clements
CleverlyMr James Cleverly
CleverlyDr James Cleverly
CliffordMrs Kerry Clifford
CliftonMs Delma Clifton
Clifton-CunninghamMs Alana Clifton-Cunningham
CochraneProfessor Tom Cochrane
CocklinProfessor Chris Cocklin
CoelhoMr. J Flavio Coelho
CoffeyDr Jane Coffey
CohenProfessor Marc Cohen
Cohen Rachel Cohen
ColeProf. Colin Cole
CollessProfessor Matthew Colless
CollierDr Kate Collier
CollinsProfessor Michael Collins
CollinsProfessor Jock Collins
CollinsA/Prof Alan Collins
CollinsDr Marjorie Collins
CollinsProfessor George Collins
CollinsDr Anita Collins
Collinsn Elena Collinsn
Collins-PrainoDr Lyndsey Collins-Praino
ColoeProfessor Peter Coloe
ColvinProfessor Eric Colvin
ComberProfessor Barbara Comber
CondonProfessor John Condon
ConnellProfessor Julia Connell
Connolly Sean Connolly
ConnorMrs Tracie Connor
ConranDr John Conran
ConroyMs Denise Conroy
CookDr Alex Cook
CookDr Ian Cook
CookeDr Bernard Cooke
CooperMs Donna Cooper
CooperProfessor Tom Cooper
CooperDr Gabrielle Cooper
Coote Matthew Coote
CopeProfessor Malcolm Cope
CopelandMs Anna Copeland
CopemanDr Peter Copeman
Corcoran-NantesAssociate Professor Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes
CordellDr Dana Cordell
CorkeDr Peter Corke
CorkeryJim Corkery
CormackMr John Cormack
CoronesProfessor Stephen Corones
CortieProfessor Michael Cortie
CosicProfessor Irena Cosic
CostaProfessor Marcello Costa
CostelloMs Jade Costello
CostiganMs Lyn Costigan
CoudreyMr Bruce Coudrey
CouperAssocociate Professor Jenny Couper
CouperDr Richard Couper
CouperthwaiteDr Sara Couperthwaite
CouplandDr Mary Coupland
CouttsProfessor Aaron Coutts
CouvalisDr George Couvalis
CoveneyAssoc Prof John Coveney
CoventryProfessor David Coventry
CoventryAssoc. Professor Brendon Coventry
CoventryProfessor Petrina Coventry
CoverDr Rob Cover
CovickAssoc Prof Owen Covick
CowlingAssociate Professor Ian Cowling
CoxMr Michael Cox
CoxAssociate Professor Malcolm Cox
CoxMs Eva Cox
CoxDr Damian Cox
CoyleDr Andrew Coyle
CraddockDr Mark Craddock
CraneDr Phil Crane
CrawfordDr Jane Crawford
CrawfordProfessor Ross Crawford
CrawfordDr Mary Crawford
CrawfordProfessor Robert Crawford
CraynProfessor Darren Crayn
CreaghProfessor Dudley Creagh
CreightonMr Ian Creighton
CrewsProfessor of Structural Engineering Keith Crews
CrewtherDr Rod Crewther
CrippsDr Raymond Cripps
CrispDr Geoffrey Crisp
CritchleyMr Matthew Critchley
CrockerEmeritus Professor Ann Crocker
CroftMs Waveney Croft
CroftDr Pamela Croft
CroftsDr Penny Crofts
CronjeDr Tom Cronje
CroomDr Scott Croom
CrosbyDr Alexandra Crosby
CrossinDr. Enda Crossin
CrouchDr Roberta Crouch
Crowden Laura Crowden
CrowderAssociate Professor George Crowder
CullenAnne Cullen
CullinanMr Michael Cullinan
CunninghamProfessor Stuart Cunningham
CurbyMs Pauline Curby
CurranDr Liz Curran
CurryProfessor George Curry
CurtisProfessor Carey Curtis
Curtis Cherie Curtis
CvetkovicDr Dean Cvetkovic
CvoroDoctor Uros Cvoro