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You can search expertguide.com.au in the following ways:

Keyword Searching

Keyword searching is the easiest way to find an expert quickly. You can type either an expertise term or name (either a surname, a first name or both) and click “SEARCH”. Please note that most experts have included their expertise keywords only, and not words like “consultant” and “expert witness”. So search for “business management” rather than “business management consultant”.

Browse Searching

If you are not certain about the name of a specific expertise area, you can use the portion of the search feature titled “AND refine your search OR simply browse for experts via:”, starting with the "Area of expertise..." pull-down menu to see all experts in a generic area of expertise. For example, choosing the Animals & Veterinary Science category and hitting “GO!” will reveal every expert who selected that category as one of their primary areas. You may find experts in animal welfare, wildlife preservation, animal diseases, animal behaviour and a range of other areas related to this field. This allows you to browse down the list until you see someone whose expertise may match your needs.

Combined Searching

You can refine your search by combining a category from the drop-down list with a keyword. This will also give you different results depending on the keyword you choose. For example, if you type “Space” and search the Science and Technology category, you are likely to find scientists who specialise in astronomy and related areas. However, if you type “Space” and search the Design, Architecture and Planning category, you are more likely to find an interior design or architecture expert.