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Deep learning for better healthcare

James Cook University scientists have been part of an international team examining how to make advanced computing systems in health care run better as a bottleneck in processing power looms. JCU’s Dr Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi said that the healthcare industry is projected to be worth over 10 trillion dollars by 2022, and the associated ... 30-Nov-2020 more

Tough rules don’t help poverty

James Cook University researchers are calling for child protection workers to give more attention to the effects of poverty on dangerous family situations and ensure staff are not making things worse for families. Ros Thorpe is an adjunct Professor at JCU and member of the Family Inclusion Network (FIN) in Townsville - a self-funded support ... 27-Nov-2020 more

Shellfish reef project wins Eureka Prize

University of Adelaide marine ecologists are among a team of scientists awarded a Eureka Prize for their research towards rebuilding Australia’s lost shellfish reefs.  Dr Dominic McAfee, from the Environment Institute and the School of Biological Sciences, and Dr Heidi Alleway, from the Division of Research and Innovation, ... 27-Nov-2020 more

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

It’s hoped a new research breakthrough will lead to an early diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease, using the same technique often used to study the origins of the Moon. James Cook University researcher Dr Brandon Mahan worked with a team of French researchers at the Université de Paris, Institut de Physique du Globe de ... 17-Nov-2020 more

JCU professor receives international honour

James Cook University academic Professor Peter Leggat was last night formally recognised as a Distinguished International Fellow of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH).  This special membership in ASTMH is conferred in recognition of outstanding accomplishment by an “individual not an American citizen who ... 17-Nov-2020 more

Earthquake testing aims to protect Adelaide’s heritage

Researchers are simulating the effects of an earthquake on historic buildings in a bid to protect Adelaide’s heritage.  University of Adelaide civil engineers are testing the effects of earthquakes on a specially constructed wall. Data from the tests will be used to decide how to best protect structures from potential ... 17-Nov-2020 more

Shining a light on the issue of wine fraud

University of Adelaide wine researchers are developing a fast and simple method of authenticating wine – a potential solution against the estimated billions of dollars’ worth of wine fraud globally, but also offering a possible means of building regional branding.  The team of scientists were able to identify the ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Greater glider species triple

Australian scientists have discovered one of Australia’s best-loved animals is actually three different species.   A team of researchers from James Cook University (JCU), The Australian National University (ANU), the University of Canberra and CSIRO analysed the genetic make-up of the greater glider – a possum-sized ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Are our soils healthy enough to grow our own food?

University of Adelaide researchers at the Waite campus have surveyed soil health across the Adelaide region to uncover the potential for food crops to be grown in an urban environment.  The global COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to mitigate against climate change have seen many people looking for ways to source local produce or grow ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Turning the tide against poaching

A James Cook University researcher has proposed a different approach to combat poaching on coral reefs, that focuses less on fines and more on social influence. Dr Brock Bergseth will be diving into human behaviour to examine how people’s innate desire to fit in can be used to reduce poaching on coral reefs in Australia, Papua New ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Flinders Veterans’ program tackles transition into civilian life & social health

A Veterans research program at Flinders University will focus on the social health and wellbeing of current ADF personnel and veterans to develop mental health approaches and clinical interventions which inform government policies and help service providers deliver ground-breaking programs. On 11 November 2020, Remembrance Day, the Open-Door ... 10-Nov-2020 more

New approach to address asbestos disease

With more than 650 Australians diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma last year, Flinders University is leading new research to discover alternatives to chemotherapy and even prevent deaths by early detection in future.     One novel approach, using natural therapeutic benefits of curcumin, a key component of the spice ... 06-Nov-2020 more