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Breaking news: Australian trauma experts to aid rescue workers

Many first-time volunteers assisting in the tsunami recovery effort will become trauma victims themselves, according to trauma and counselling expert Philip Armstrong. Mr Armstrong, president of the Australian Counselling Association, said the association was developing a national register of counsellors who would offer free counselling services ... 05-Jan-2005 more

Expert alert: Relationship experts

Need a relationship expert to comment on the Aniston-Pitt split, or any other relationship story? Expertguide.com.au has the following relationship experts listed: Philip Armstrong National Manager Australian Counselling Association Expertise: Relationships, counselling Phone: 1300 784 333 After hours contact: 0402 206 906 Mr ... 09-Jan-2005 more

Expert alert: Philanthropy expert

Journalists needing an expert to comment on charitable giving and Australians' donations to the tsunami disaster appeal may wish to contact the following local expert: Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes Director Queensland University of Technology, Centre of Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies Expertise: Philanthropy and charity in Australia; ... 11-Jan-2005 more

Expert alert: Bushfire experts

Journalists needing an expert to comment on bushfires may wish to contact the following experts: Professor David Bowman Expertise: bushfires, backburning Director, Key Centre for Tropical/Wildlife Management Charles Darwin University (NT) Phone: 08 8946 7762 Mobile: 0428 894 500 Public Relations Contact: Peter Hurt on (08) 8946 6019 or ... 12-Jan-2005 more

Titanic probe to set new space milestone -- expert

Humanity's eternal quest to unravel the mysteries of the solar system will take a giant leap on Friday (January 14) when a space probe begins its exploration of Titan, a moon of the giant planet Saturn, 1.2 billion kilometres from Earth. Charles Darwin University Astronomy Tutor Geoff Carr said the event would set a new milestone for space ... 12-Jan-2005 more

Galaxy patterns reveal missing link to Big Bang

An Australia-UK team today announced that they have found the 'missing link' that directly relates modern galaxies like our own Milky Way to the Hot Big Bang that created our Universe 14 thousand million years ago. This is the result of a 10-year effort to map the 3D distribution in space of 220,000 galaxies using the 3.9-m Anglo-Australian ... 12-Jan-2005 more

Tattoos moving from margins to mainstream -- research

Traditional associations between tattoos and rough, marginalised, untidy men are being challenged by research from Central Queensland University. Research conducted by Honours student Cathy Millan, Phd candidate Leeana Kent and Dr Lynne ForsterLee has found that tattoos are now part of mainstream society, used as a form of ... 13-Jan-2005 more

New view of secret space blobs

Most objects in space have been catalogued, numbered and named, but one type of mysterious object has yet to be classified — and they are known simply as ‘blobs’. Blobs are enormous clouds of intensely glowing gas, floating deep in space. Until now, astronomers thought that these gas clouds were empty — with nothing solid inside them. They were ... 13-Jan-2005 more

Depression undiagnosed in 40 per cent of older sufferers

Doctors fail to recognise depressive symptoms in more than 40 per cent of older patients who have the illness, according to ANU research. Dr Jeff Looi, a Senior Lecturer at the ANU Medical School, said that while 15 per cent of Australians over 65 have depression, many are not diagnosed by their GP. Dr Looi and research psychologist Ms ... 14-Jan-2005 more

NT sport program tackles childhood obesity

Charles Darwin University Sport this month will launch Activation, Fun, Family Fitness - a specialised program offering a positive solution to childhood obesity. It is a first for the Northern Territory. University Sport General Manager James Nightingale said the program would be for children aged between 5 and 12. Classes will be held on ... 18-Jan-2005 more

Expert Alert: Mark Latham resignation

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the story of Mark Latham's resignation may wish to contact the following commentator who is an expert on politicians and privacy, and the media and politics: Dr Richard Phillipps Associate Professor Bond University Expertise: Politicians & privacy, ethics & morals; media & politics; public ... 19-Jan-2005 more

Young NT drinkers wanted for research

If you're between 18 and 24 and have ever been drunk, researchers at Charles Darwin University want to hear from you. PhD student Ester Mancini, 22, is seeking volunteers to talk about their drinking experiences as part of her research on drinking among young adults. "I'm interested in getting a youth perspective on drinking since it seems ... 28-Jan-2005 more

Qld researchers make schizophrenia breakthrough

A research team from the Queensland University of Technology and The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital has identified a major gene associated with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a common and severe psychiatric illness that affects one in every 100 people and about a quarter of a million Australians. But despite its prevalence and inherited ... 28-Jan-2005 more

Research offers in-flight revolution for pilots

A new, sophisticated safety measure - intelligent electronic flight bags for pilots - is to be trialled for use in Australian skies, thanks to the ingenuity of a Charles Darwin University IT expert. Bob Pascoe, who regularly flies his six-seater PA32 aircraft from Darwin to Melbourne and Sydney, has been trialling tablet computers and new ... 02-Feb-2005 more

Bond students to make history in the investment hot seat

Bond University will make history this year as its business students experience the heart-racing highs and lows of investing in the stock market with real money, thanks to a partnership with listed finance, tourism and funds management company, MFS Limited. For the first time in Australia, students will swap simulation for practical application ... 03-Feb-2005 more

Study probes link between reproductive problems and driving

A Queensland researcher is studying the possible adverse effects of professional driving on reproductive health. CQU lecturer Darren Joubert believes the "whole body vibration" caused by professional driving could be linked to both female and male reproductive problems, including erectile dysfunction. Mr Joubert said occupational health ... 05-Feb-2005 more

Pioneering technology to help predict difficult births

Pioneering technology that predicts if a woman is going to have a difficult childbirth could be rolled out across Australia, and potentially the world, thanks to Queensland research. The research is being undertaken by James Cook University Professor Ajay Rane and Dr Christopher Barry. "It's unique technology for Australia and could possibly ... 05-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Missing Persons & Mental Health Policy experts

Journalists needing an expert to comment on the case involving detained Australian Cornelia Rau may wish to contact the following expert commentators: Alex Webley Private Investigator Find-A-Person Expertise: Investigations, missing persons, background investigations Phone (business and a/hours): 0421 27 28 29 Professor Scott ... 08-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Education Policy

Journalists needing an expert to comment on the debate about a national education standard may wish to contact the following expert: Professor Richard Smith Central Queensland University Expertise: education policy (school and university); teacher education; futures Phone: 07 4930 9620 Public Relations Contact: Marc Barnbaum (07 4923 ... 08-Feb-2005 more

Tassie devils will fight to the death

Two Charles Darwin University researchers say Tasmanian devils have twice fought back from diseases that have threatened their survival in the past 200 years. The devils are highly susceptible to disease, such as the cancerous Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) which has wiped out half their numbers in the past five years, but it is additional ... 08-Feb-2005 more

'Superbowl' molecule to help drug delivery

A new molecule shaped like a miniature football stadium that promises many applications, including precision drug delivery, has been developed by chemists at The Australian National University. The molecule is capable of capturing and releasing drugs and chemicals, and has the potential for removing environmental toxins, catalysing chemical ... 08-Feb-2005 more

New study asks 'why are children lazy?'

Children who experience motivational problems from an early age are the focus of a new study being piloted at QUT. The project is an initiative of QUT's Learning and Development Clinic which is looking for "lazy" school children to understand why some are more motivated than others. Senior Lecturer in educational psychology Dr Linda Gilmore ... 10-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Local Government grants issue

Journalists needing an expert to comment on the alleged Federal Government local grant rort may wish to contact the following expert commentators: Mr Gary Chittick Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology Expertise: Government - Queensland Local Government Grants Commission; Government Phone: 07 3864 1256 Mobile: 0437 315574 PR ... 10-Feb-2005 more

New experts: Cerebral Palsy League of Qld joins expertguide.com.au

Experts in disability, education, fundraising, and a host of other new areas can now be found online, with the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland joining expertguide.com.au. Journalists are encouraged to contact communication co-ordinator Novella Martin on 07 3358 8084 to access CPLQ spokespeople including: Michael Delacy Manager, Cerebral ... 11-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Valentine's Day

Journalists needing a spokesperson to talk about Valentine's Day issues may wish to contact the following experts: VALENTINE'S DAY Allison Rushby Author, "Hating Valentine's Day" Expertise: Relationships; Valentine's Day; Men; Women; Love; Break ups PR Contact: Harlequin Australia on 0419 643 243 RELATIONSHIPS Philip Armstrong ... 13-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Charles, Camilla and the Constitution

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the constitutional effect of the impending marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles may wish to contact the following commentator: Professor Gerard Carney Bond University, Faculty of Law Expertise: constitutional law; Parliament Phone: 07 5595 2003 After hours: 07 5575 8387 ... 14-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Kyoto Protocol to start tomorrow

With the Kyoto Protocol due to come into effect tomorrow (16/2/2005), journalists needing commentators on environmental policy, climate change and carbon accounting issues may wish to contact the following experts: ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Dr Stephen Dovers Senior Fellow, Australian National University Centre for Resource and Environmental ... 15-Feb-2005 more

We're older than we thought

The oldest human fossils are 195,000 years old, about 40,000 years older than the existing oldest known remains of modern humans, according to an ANU earth scientist who has done the dating. The fossilised skulls, recovered from sediments of the Kibish Formation, adjacent to the Omo River in southern Ethiopia — found in 1967 but not precisely ... 17-Feb-2005 more

New experts: Raine & Horne joins expertguide.com.au

Leading experts on real estate and a range of property issues can now be found online, with Raine & Horne Queensland joining expertguide.com.au. Journalists are encouraged to contact communication manager Trudie Abel on 07 3031 0333 or 0402 462 965 to access Raine & Horne spokespeople including: Tony Atkinson Chairman, Raine & Horne ... 20-Feb-2005 more

New experts: WSAA joins expertguide.com.au

Leading experts on water conservation, management and related issues can now be found online, with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) joining expertguide.com.au. WSAA is the peak body of the Australian urban water industry. Its 28 members and 24 associate members provide water and wastewater services to about 15 million ... 22-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Iraq troop decision

Journalists looking for an expert to comment on the decision to send 450 more Australian troops to Iraq may wish to contact the following expert on Australian defence policy: Professor David Horner Australian National University Strategic and Defence Studies Centre Expertise: Australian military history and defence policy Phone: 02 6125 ... 23-Feb-2005 more

US Fulbright Scholar studies an Australian music icon

It's a long way from San Diego, California to Yirrkala in Arnhem Land, but that's the journey Randin Graves has made in his study of an Australian icon: the didgeridoo. Randin Graves, a keen musician, is in Arnhem Land on a year-long Fulbright scholarship to gain a Master's degree by studying the globalisation and commercialisation of the ... 23-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Crime experts and Childcare experts

Journalists needing an expert to comment on emerging stories including crime in Brisbane, and childcare shortages may wish to contact the following experts: CHILDCARE Leah Turner Childcare Queensland Can refer journalists to one of Childcare Queensland's experts on childcare, childcare marketing and childcare research. Phone: 07 3257 3920 ... 24-Feb-2005 more

‘Celebrity Overhaul’ copycats could cop-out

‘Celebrity Overhaul’ may be bad for the health of TV viewers, according an expert who has helped introduce the 10,000 Steps program to Australia. Dr Kerry Mummery, a Professor of Physical Activity and Health Promotion from Central Queensland University, said he was concerned that the TV program was advocating a severe approach to dietary ... 24-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Oscars/film experts

Expertguide.com.au has more than 20 listed experts in film and related areas for journalists needing an expert to comment on Monday's Academy Awards. The following are a few of the listed experts. Type keyword "film" to see a full list: Dr Jeanette Delamoir Lecturer, Central Queensland University Expertise: film - Australian film, star ... 27-Feb-2005 more

Expert Alert: Earthquake experts

Journalists requiring earthquake experts to comment on the overnight earthquake that was felt in Darwin may wish to contact the following earthquake/seismology experts: Dr Gary Huftile Queensland University of Technology Expertise: Earthquakes Phone: 07 3864 4470 After hours: 07 3202 9337 Associate Professor Manicka Dhanasekar ... 03-Mar-2005 more

Discovery of small mineral in coral has big impact

QUT researchers have discovered the bizarre presence of an exotic mineral in coral reefs in Australia and the United States which may have caused errors in the way scientists interpret climate data. The discovery of the soluble mineral brucite in coral skeletons in both the Great Barrier Reef and Florida Keys is expected to have widespread ... 03-Mar-2005 more

New experts: Herron Todd White joins expertguide.com.au

Leading experts on property valuation and advice are now online, with Herron Todd White joining expertguide.com.au. Herron Todd White is the largest independent property valuation and advisory group in Australia. Journalists are encouraged to contact CEO Ken Hodges on 0407 544 274 for comment on issues including: * Real estate values * ... 06-Mar-2005 more

Researchers search for excessive worriers

People who worry excessively are being asked to volunteer for a new QUT study designed to help ease their troubles. Dr Esben Strodl of QUT's School of Psychology and Counselling said the common but rarely-talked about Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) stopped people from living normal lives. "Everybody worries a little bit and that isn't ... 07-Mar-2005 more

Valuation practices may put home buyers at risk - experts

Banks may be putting home buyers at risk by not conducting thorough evaluations of properties before approving loans, a leading real estate expert said today. Raine & Horne director Angus Raine has called for a comprehensive overhaul of current property valuation practices by big banks. A recent Australian Prudential Regulation Authority ... 07-Mar-2005 more

Pioneering police study shows value of writing down feelings

Police officers who write about their feelings in a daily “emotions diary” significantly reduce their levels of job-related stress, a University of New England study has shown. The findings come as a number of high-profile court cases have highlighted the extreme psychological pressures police face in the line of duty. Police officers who ... 07-Mar-2005 more

Interest rate rise will only have psychological effect - real estate experts

Queensland's housing market will be largely unaffected by last week's interest rate rise according to real estate agents Raine & Horne. Raine & Horne Queensland Chairman Tony Atkinson said it was "the psychological impact of this rate rise more so than the monetary impact that may result in slowing up the market for a couple of months". "In ... 08-Mar-2005 more

Expert alert: Trade skills shortage

The debate about Australia's skills shortage has re-emerged after Prime Minister John Howard suggested some young people could benefit by quitting school before finishing to pursue a trade. Mr Howard’s comments come as a new government report released today, entitled ‘Skills at Work’, shows that most of the growth in apprenticeships is in areas ... 08-Mar-2005 more

Study finds one in ten ACT teens gambles weekly

A study of 900 secondary school students in the ACT found that more than 70 per cent gambled annually, with one in ten gambling weekly. The study, conducted by Professor Peter Grabosky and Dr Julie Lahn from ANU's Centre for Gambling Research with Dr Paul Delfabbro from the University of Adelaide, also found boys were more likely to gamble ... 13-Mar-2005 more

Have your say on weighty issues

A USQ researcher is exploring community attitudes and beliefs about weight and people who are overweight or obese. Postgraduate student from the Department of Psychology, Michelle Parry said Australians are getting heavier and while much debate is concentrating on how to help people lose weight, she believes it is also important to understand ... 13-Mar-2005 more

High-tech body scanners create clothes with a perfect fit

RMIT University students will be the first in Australia to trial a cutting-edge body scanner to produce perfectly-fitted, high-quality apparel faster and more efficiently. Using the state-of-the-art Lectra 3D Body Scanner, the students from RMIT’s school of fashion and textiles will take high-resolution 3D scans of a person. They will then ... 13-Mar-2005 more

Concerns raised over Parkinson's drivers' safety

Half of Parkinson's disease patients' tested in a study would fail a state based driving test, researchers from QUT and PA Hospital in Brisbane have found. Results of the small-scale study, which are published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, reveal that standard clinical tests aren't reliable indicators of a patient's ... 14-Mar-2005 more

Rural health crisis to worsen: expert

Maintaining the state of rural healthcare is likely to get harder because of the complicated workforce issues facing rural and remote Australia, a leading health policy expert said. A decline in workforce supply and a rise in the burden of chronic disease meant a drastic re-think was required in order to continue effective delivery of healthcare ... 17-Mar-2005 more

Avoiding sun damage is no easy task

Harmful Ultraviolet A light is penetrating car windshields, office windows and even shopping centres leaving people at risk of premature ageing, wrinkling and eye damage during so-called low risk UV exposure activities. Exactly how much Ultraviolet A (UVA) light people are exposed to is still unknown, but QUT researcher Dr Michael Kimlin has ... 17-Mar-2005 more

Expert Alert: Horror year of Aussie shark attacks

The shark attack death of a man in Western Australia yesterday was the fourth in what has been a horror year of shark-related fatalities. Journalists needing a shark attack expert to talk about the latest attack, or to discuss the possible reasons for this string of fatalities may wish to contact: Mr Jeff Johnson Manager Ichthyology, ... 20-Mar-2005 more

Expert Alert: Pschological effect of Abbott paternity story

Journalists following up the Tony Abbott paternity story may wish to contact an expert to discuss the emotional effect the latest revelation may have on those involved. A selection of experts on various related topics is provided below: RELATIONSHIPS, COUNSELLING AND TRAUMA Philip Armstrong National Manager, Australian Counselling ... 22-Mar-2005 more

Expert Alert: Easter Holiday road safety

With thousands of holiday-makers set to hit the roads on the upcoming Easter long week-end, journalists may wish to seek some tips from road safety experts. The following are some of the road safety experts who appear on expertguide.com.au: Mr Russell White General Manager Holden Performance Driving Centre Notes: Mr White is Vice ... 23-Mar-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide.com.au welcomes RMIT University

Hundreds of new academic experts can now be found online at www.expertguide.com.au, with RMIT University the first Victorian university to join the expanding project. RMIT University is one of Australia's largest universities, and has built a worldwide reputation for excellence in vocational and technical education and research. RMIT offers ... 23-Mar-2005 more

VSU threatens university services - VC

Legislation to ensure Voluntary Student Unionism and individual choice threatens the availability of services to the student community. That is according to CQU Vice-Chancellor Professor John Rickard, who is concerned for the future of student services at campuses including Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone and Bundaberg and Emerald. Professor ... 28-Mar-2005 more

GST? How about EST, a tax paid in water?

The debate about the provision of water for the environment should be about goods and services – the valuable goods and services healthy ecosystems provide to the Australian public. Environmental scientist Professor Derek Eamus from the University of Technology, Sydney argues that economic claims on water resources should include some tally of ... 28-Mar-2005 more

Expert alert: Earthquake experts

Journalists requiring earthquake experts to comment on the overnight earthquake in Indonesia may wish to contact the following earthquake/seismology experts: Dr Gary Huftile Queensland University of Technology Expertise: Earthquakes Phone: 07 3864 4470 After hours: 07 3202 9337 Associate Professor Manicka Dhanasekar Central ... 29-Mar-2005 more

Expert Alert: Fashion sizing

How would the fashion industry deal with the introduction of a standard national clothing size system? Would the system benefit consumers and business? Journalists may wish to contact the following fashion experts for comment following the Victorian Government’s call for uniformity in Australia's fashion sizing. Ms Sue Thomas Lecturer, RMIT ... 29-Mar-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide welcomes UTS

Hundreds of new academic experts can now be found online at www.expertguide.com.au, with University of Technology, Sydney joining the growing project. UTS offers more than 100 undergraduate and 250 postgraduate courses and has academic experts in diverse areas including: * business * design * architecture and building * education * ... 30-Mar-2005 more

Volunteers needed for study on Parkinson's and depression

The physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are well known, but other symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, often go untreated — despite affecting up to 40 per cent of patients. A new ANU study aims to develop improved understanding, identification and treatment of depression in Parkinson’s patients. Researchers today called for volunteers ... 31-Mar-2005 more

New stats about older Australians

Older people, rather than young families, are embracing the “Sea Change” and bringing to coastal towns financial clout and job opportunities, according to research from the University of New England. Professor Victor Minichiello, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Health and Professional Studies, will tomorrow launch a co-edited book looking at ... 31-Mar-2005 more

Super-volcanoes are the biggest threat on earth - expert

The world's super-volcanoes are well overdue for an eruption that could have catastrophic effects for life on earth, according to Monash University researcher Professor Ray Cas. Professor Cas, from the School of Geosciences, today said the 2000 year eruption cycle of many of these volcanoes had passed, leaving volcanologists around the globe ... 31-Mar-2005 more

Expert Alert: Legalities of right-to-die

Queenslanders who do not want to be resuscitated or receive other life-sustaining medical treatment have no way of guaranteeing that their wishes will be adhered to under current state legislation. That's the assessment of QUT law lecturer Dr Ben White, who said Queensland's complex legislation gave doctors the right to veto a patient's written ... 01-Apr-2005 more

Air travel -- not enough to make you sick

People who travel on planes are no more likely to become sick than those on the ground, a study by Monash University researchers has found. Dr Karin Leder and Dr David Newman from the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine found infectious diseases were no more likely to be transmitted in a plane cabin than they were in day-to-day ... 02-Apr-2005 more

Experts highlight the crisis in health insurance

The growth of private health insurance in Australia has been a huge cost to the taxpayer and the current situation is not sustainable, Australian researchers say. Professor Jane Hall and Associate Professor Elizabeth Savage from the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) at the University of Technology, Sydney, have ... 04-Apr-2005 more

Employee share schemes don't fix poor performance - research

Employee share ownership schemes -- often relied upon to boost corporate performance -- are not the answer to sagging staff morale and profits, a Monash University study has found. Postgraduate researcher Hadi Hayek found such schemes, offered by almost two-thirds of Australia's publicly-listed companies, only worked as part of effective ... 04-Apr-2005 more

Public school students perform well at university

A study by Monash University researchers Ian Dobson and Eric Skuja has found students from public schools outperform those from private schools when they reach university. Mr Dobson said a survey of 12,500 first year Monash University students revealed public school students who left Year 12 with lower marks than their private school rivals ... 07-Apr-2005 more

Modern-day Godfather image challenged

The first study to investigate why the test of time has transformed the image of the Medici dynasty's founder from Father of the Renaissance to a mafia-style Godfather is underway at QUT. The Medici family ruled Florence for more than three hundred years from the early 14th century and is credited with transforming the city-state into the ... 08-Apr-2005 more

Herbal medicine trial seeks cold sore cure

A clinical trial being conducted at RMIT University hopes to determine if shea butter extract can treat and even prevent cold sores produced by the herpes simplex virus. The trial will involve researchers from RMIT and three other universities, and is looking for volunteers from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Lismore to participate. RMIT’s ... 11-Apr-2005 more

Band-aid approach to corporate reform won't prevent another Enron

Clearer guidelines are needed for companies on the brink of collapse if we're to prevent another Enron, HIH or Ansett, according to a study underway at QUT. Following a string of high-profile corporate collapses, practising lawyer and PhD researcher, Richard Copp says a radical approach to reforming corporate law is needed. The current hope ... 12-Apr-2005 more

Report reveals regional school drop out risk

School children from the Upper Ross region of Thuringowa are more likely to disengage or drop out of school than other students from across the State, according to a new JCU report. The research was undertaken by JCU with support from partners Total Construction Services, Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE, Education Queensland, Townsville Catholic ... 12-Apr-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide.com.au welcomes Monash University

Hundreds of new academic experts can now be found online at www.expertguide.com.au, with Monash University the latest institution to add its expert contacts to the project. Monash University is one of Australia's largest research universities, with 75 research centres and involvement in 17 Cooperative Research Centres. Monash is home to the ... 12-Apr-2005 more

New tool detects the fingerprints of cybercrime

Researchers from QUT believe it will be possible to piece together computer evidence of criminal activity that's previously evaded detection. By devising a novel way of searching through the mass of information a PC's hard drives can store, they hope to provide a new tool in the arsenal of computer forensic investigators. Normally, law ... 13-Apr-2005 more

Limiting uni research will bankrupt innovation - Chancellor

Former Australian Research Council Chair Professor Vicki Sara has used the occasion of her installation as the University of Technology, Sydney’s third Chancellor to champion research being conducted at universities throughout Australia. Professor Sara said the preservation of core values of universities had to be maintained within current ... 14-Apr-2005 more

New expert: National business migration expert joins expertguide.com.au

Australian businesses are increasingly needing to look overseas for candidates to fill vacancies created by the national skills shortage, according to migration expert Rechelle Grimson. Ms Grimson, a former Immigration Portfolio executive, is now the Australian director of Migration Matters - a company that helps skilled migrants apply for ... 15-Apr-2005 more

New expert: Expert debunks the super nanny fantasy

The latest expert addition to expertguide.com.au is the owner of Milestonz Nannies, a successful nannying agency that is now franchising across Australia. But, whatever you do, don’t mention the words “super nanny” around Milestonz principal Lyn Bos. In fact, Ms Bos objects to what she says is a false impression of professional nannies being ... 18-Apr-2005 more

New expert: Food safety in cafes and small business

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on food safety and quality issues in small operations such as cafes, supermarkets, convenience stores and community group functions now have a new contact on expertguide.com.au. Rachelle Williams, a former Quality System Co-ordinator for Arnotts, founded AnYi Pty Ltd two years ago when she saw an ... 19-Apr-2005 more

Project to bring supercomputing to the public

Researchers from QUT are making it easier to combine the power of idle computers to create cheap but powerful virtual supercomputers. The technique is called cycle stealing, which taps into the number crunching capacity of a computer when it's not in use. Worldwide, people are already contributing their computers to projects to search for ... 19-Apr-2005 more

Language keeps diggers' legacy alive

In the lead up to the 90th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in 1915, millions of ‘Aussies’ are keeping the legacy of its war service men and women alive, often without even realising it. Many of the slang words that make Australian English unique — including Aussie — come from war, according to Dr Bruce Moore, the Director of the ... 20-Apr-2005 more

Expert Alert: Sir Joh's political legacy

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the political legacy of Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen may wish to contact the following Queensland based experts: POLITICAL HISTORY EXPERT Dr Libby Connors Senior Lecturer (History) University of Southern Queensland 07 4631 1048 or 0412 097 326 Dr Connors lectures in USQ's course on Australian ... 21-Apr-2005 more

Dugong testing to help population

Research is about to get underway that will lead to a considerable improvement in understanding the population biology of dugongs. The increased understanding is expected to help with the conservation management of dugongs, which are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the World Conservation Union. The project is being led by James Cook ... 23-Apr-2005 more

Expert Alert: ANZAC Day

Anzac Day 2005 marks the 90th anniversary of Australian and New Zealand troops’ fateful landing at Gallipoli Peninsula. Commemoration of one of the most unsuccessful war campaigns in modern history at a time of international political unrest prompts significant questions. • What has Australia learned from the Gallipoli experience – a bloody ... 23-Apr-2005 more

Researchers find fish that live fast and die young

Researchers at James Cook University have discovered that the record for the shortest life span of a vertebrate animal is held by a tiny reef fish. Living a maximum of 59 days, the coral reef pygmy goby Eviota sigillata, has helped two JCU researchers broaden the understanding of the evolutionary limits of animal biology. Postgraduate ... 26-Apr-2005 more

Green ants a mango marvel

Green ants - those much-maligned little critters we all love to hate - may soon be responsible for increased profits in the mango industry. Scientists at Charles Darwin University have developed techniques for using green ants (also known as weaver ants) as biological control agents in tree crops, such as mango and cashew. Preliminary results ... 26-Apr-2005 more

Activists out in force at UTS conference

In three months' time the Federal Coalition gains control of both Houses of Parliament. A new political order is widely anticipated – one of new conformity in national politics. As the new conservatism gathers strength many are looking to the future for a world beyond conformity. A conference this week at the University of Technology, Sydney ... 27-Apr-2005 more

Expert Alert: Tougher dole for 'bludgers'

Journalists needing an expert to comment on the Federal Government's proposal to impose tougher dole conditions in the next budget, may wish to contact the following unemployment experts: Professor Bruce Chapman Australian National University Centre for Economic Policy Research Expertise: Unemployment, poverty traps, labour market programs ... 29-Apr-2005 more

Book digs into Darwin's history

Chinese and European settlement of the Darwin region dates back only 150 years, but earth mounds on the Adelaide River coastal plains reveal aspects of the lives of the Aboriginal inhabitants who were here 4000 years ago. Archaeological research of the Top End, much of it in Arnhem Land, has been conducted since the late 1920s, but Darwin and ... 29-Apr-2005 more

Expert hits at high cost of childbirth

Childbirth costs have soared unnecessarily over the past 50 years, a Charles Darwin University expert said today. Professor Lesley Barclay, foundation Professor of Health Services Development in the Institute of Advanced Studies at Charles Darwin University, said "over the past 50 years or so childbirth worldwide has moved from a social to a ... 29-Apr-2005 more

Inventor learns from 'Mr Jinx' and teaches cats to use the toilet

Jo Lapidge was watching the Robert DeNiro comedy 'Meet the Fockers', which features the toilet-trained cat Mr Jinx. "It was such a funny scene," she said. "But then I thought ‘what a great idea’. What if I really could train my cat? How would I do it?" Ms Lapidge decided to create a device to make it easy for anyone to train their own Mr ... 02-May-2005 more

UTS student reinvents the umbrella

A reinvention of the humble umbrella by a UTS postgraduate design student has won the student category of the Australian Design Awards. The judges called Andy Wana's answer to most annoying faults of the traditional umbrella "an inspiration to all designers to continually question current systems and make things work better". The Lotus 23, ... 03-May-2005 more

Solution to traffic snarls could be telecommuting - expert

Teleworking (or telecommuting) is a multi-million dollar untapped resource that Australian governments and corporations can no longer ignore, an expert will tell the Federal Government today. Dr Neville Meyers and other QUT researchers will meet today (Wednesday May 4), with a newly-established federal government taskforce to brainstorm ideas on ... 04-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Water issues and drought

With the drought situation in Australia worsening in many regions and more governments proposing or implementing water restrictions, what can we do? What are the issues? The following experts may be able to comment on those questions: URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT AND WATER CONSERVATION Mr Ross Young Water Services Association of ... 05-May-2005 more

Symposium debates the politics and culture of water

Water – the kind that gives the land life, the kind that marks out borders and the kind that washes it all away - is the subject of a research symposium being held next week at the University of Technology, Sydney. "Fresh and Salt: Water and Border debates in Australia and Asia" is bringing together policy specialists, resource management ... 05-May-2005 more

New study shows 'hell not as bad as we thought'

The very earliest years of Earth have long been presumed hot, violent and terrible – so much so that the era from 4.5 billion years to 4 billion years ago is known as the Hadean Eon, or Hellish time. However, a four-year study of the oldest known minerals on Earth, published in this week’s Science magazine, has found that Hadean ... 06-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Mothers' Day

Mother’s Day remains one of the most sacred anniversaries on the calendar, despite the growing public backlash against commercialisation of other annual celebrations. RMIT marketing expert Mr Con Stavros attributes the continuing significance of Mother’s Day to “the maternal nature of society”. Why does ... 06-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Federal Budget experts from Monash University

Monash University experts are available to speak to the media on various aspects of the Federal Budget. For general comment, contact Dr Nick Economou on 03 9905 5096 or Dr Paul Strangio on 03 9905 2980. Health: Dr Leonie Segal, deputy director, Centre for Health Economics, on 03 9905 0734 or Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Dean Professor ... 10-May-2005 more

Creative thinking? Try lying down

Keep that pen and paper by the bed: new research by an ANU PhD graduate suggests it may be that our most creative thoughts come when we’re lying down. Dr Darren Lipnicki, from the School of Psychology in the Faculty of Science at ANU, found that people solved anagrams more quickly when they were lying down compared to standing up. “Solving an ... 11-May-2005 more

Seed the blue sky for a downpour of R&D - expert

The head of Australia's peak public research funding body predicts a "strengthening convergence of interests" between business and universities, with his preferred model being improved technology transfer from universities to industry. Chairman of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Tim Besley is exploring the future of public research in the ... 11-May-2005 more

Study to probe link between liver flukes and cancer

Scientists at The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) have started an international study to identify how a liver fluke causes cancer of the bile ducts (also known as cholangiocarcinoma – CCA). Dr Alex Loukas from the Helminth Biology Laboratory at QIMR said throughout East Asia there was a high prevalence of CCA in regions where the ... 11-May-2005 more

Nano-scale technology promises huge IT breakthrough

The possibility of Star Trek style wrist size computers with the number crunching capacity of your average PC hinges on nano-scale miniaturisation and use of light-based technology instead of conventional electronic computer chips. But in developing such miniscule technology researchers have hit a snag - light can't be focused and manipulated at ... 11-May-2005 more

Children's night fears explained

A Monash study of 500 Victorian children has found one in three attribute their night-time fears to frightening images in popular entertainment. The results have prompted Monash researcher Dr Jocelynne Gordon to encourage parents to be more discerning about their children's television and movie exposure. Dr Gordon, from the Faculty of ... 13-May-2005 more

Researchers to develop animal-friendly herbicide

Monash University researchers are developing an environmentally-friendly alternative to herbicides that targets weeds but doesn't affect animals. Their research could also lead to new treatments for tuberculosis. The researchers, from Monash's School of Chemistry, are focussing on an enzyme pathway -- called the pantothenate pathway - that ... 13-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Early childhood/childcare experts

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the first findings of the longitudinal study of Australian children may wish to contact the following experts: CHILD CARE QUALITY Ms Di Nailon Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology School of Early Childhood Expertise: Early childhood education; Child care - quality issues Phone: 07 ... 17-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Road safety/4WDs

Journalists looking for experts to comment on the proposal that 4WD drivers should have special training/licences may wish to contact the following experts: 4WD LICENCES Associate Professor Raphael Grzebieta* Associate Professor, Monash University Civil Engineering Expertise: Crash reconstruction; forensic engineering; crash testing; ... 17-May-2005 more

Opinion editorial: Cashflow in small and medium wineries

Opinion editorial by Des Caulfield Director, MGI Caulfield, Chartered Accountants The Top 10 cashflow tips for small and medium wineries The most common reason for the failure of small businesses is poor management of cash flow and inappropriate funding structures, and the small to medium-sized winery is no different. Careful management ... 18-May-2005 more

UTS creates an incubator for new writing

The University of Technology, Sydney's commitment to developing Australian writing talent is being cemented with the launch of the UTS Centre for New Writing during the upcoming Sydney Writers' Festival. In an environment that includes postgraduate students of the calibre of Anna Funder ("Stasiland") and James Bradley ("Wrack"), the centre has ... 21-May-2005 more

Ethanol could fuel regional diversification - expert

There are significant environmental, economic and social reasons why ethanol should be evaluated as a credible diversification opportunity for regional Australia, a CQU academic has said. Professor Bob Miles, of CQU's Institute for Sustainable Regional Development (ISRD), said with the right policy framework there was potential to ... 21-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Is it because she's pretty? The Schapelle Corby case

The Schapelle Corby case has roused the attention of Australia’s media, prompting one shock jock to declare that the attention is because Corby is female and attractive. RMIT University can offer Australia/Indonesia communication expert Dr Jeff Lewis to comment on the attention the case is receiving and answer the following questions: * Why ... 21-May-2005 more

Expert Alert: Skills shortage creates more professions in demand

The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) has been updated this month and will continue to be reviewed every six months by DIMIA to reflect the needs of the job market. The new occupations listed include Civil Engineers, Dermatologists, Dentists and Speech Pathologists as well as more traditional trade occupations such as Hairdressing, ... 23-May-2005 more

Water resources: to divert or not divert

Drought is gripping much of southern Australia and eyes are turning enviously to the plentiful water resources of the Top End and tropical north. Southerners argue that unused water in the north is being wasted and could be moved south to support water-scarce areas. Leading Charles Darwin University research scientist Professor Bob Wasson ... 24-May-2005 more

New experts: University of Adelaide joins expertguide.com.au

The University of Adelaide, one of Australia's prestigious Group of Eight institutions, has added its expert contacts to expertguide.com.au. The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 and is ranked in the top 1 per cent in the world in 11 research fields. It has particular strengths in: * food, wine and viticulture * health, ... 24-May-2005 more

Mental Health serives must be accessible through medicare - expert

Mental health services in Australia are not accessible to a large part of the population because they are not covered by Medicare, Australian Counselling Association manager Philip Armstrong said today. Mr Armstrong said while many experts suggested increasing services to meet demand, he believed that opening up Medicare access to counselling ... 25-May-2005 more

Cancer risk reduced by having twins

Having twins reduces the risk of many types of women’s cancer and starting a family later in life increases risk of breast cancer and melanoma, a new study has found. The study by researchers from The Queensland Institute of Medical Research also found that having children later reduced the risk of ovarian, cervix and uterine cancer. The ... 26-May-2005 more

New gene discovery may unlock secrets of autoimmune disease

A new gene suspected to contribute to autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes and lupus — a condition in which the body’s own immune system attacks organs such as the kidneys and skin — has been discovered by ANU immunologists. The researchers found that a mutation in the gene, which they have named Roquin, causes the body’s infection ... 26-May-2005 more

Koalas' guide to the treetop buffet

The way that koalas in the wild distinguish between thousands of types of potentially nauseating tree leaves when eating has been revealed by Australian researchers. In the same way that humans learn to avoid foods that make us ill, koalas also learn from experience what to eat and what to avoid, according to research published by Dr Ben Moore ... 26-May-2005 more

Losing weight for a better night's sleep

Significant weight loss can improve the sleep patterns of severely obese people, leading to less daytime sleepiness and better quality of life, a study by the Monash University Centre of Obesity Research and Education has found. Associate Professor John Dixon, Professor Paul O'Brien and Dr Linda Schachter found that following laparoscopic ... 26-May-2005 more

Expert alert: Schapelle Corby trial

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the outcome of today's verdict in the Schapelle Corby trial from a range of perspectives may wish to speak to the following experts: CRIMINAL SENTENCING Mr Michael Benes Lecturer Criminal Justice, RMIT University International & Community Studies Expertise: Crime; Human rights; Crime ... 27-May-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide.com.au welcomes University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong has added its list of experts to Australia's largest online directory of expertise -- www.expertguide.com.au. The university has more than 200 academic experts able to offer commentary and research expertise in areas including: * Nutrition and smart foods * Earth and environmental sciences * Mechanical, material ... 29-May-2005 more

JCU takes lead on boys' education

An academic team from James Cook university will spearhead the latest national initiative to improve learning outcomes for boys across Australia. Led by Professor Nola Alloway, the JCU team from the Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences will work with Curriculum Corporation to implement Stage One of the Federal Government’s $19.4 ... 31-May-2005 more

Law and order, leadship top election issues for NT - expert

Law and order and leadership will be among the main issues in the Northern Territory election campaign, Charles Darwin University politics and history lecturer Dr Bill Wilson today predicted. Other issues would include development and the economy, and the Northern Territory lifestyle. Dr Wilson said antisocial behaviour, such as that of ... 31-May-2005 more

84% student support for compulsory fees

A major study conducted by independent market research company Market Equity has found overwhelming student support for a compulsory Student Services Fee. A major finding of the study was that 84% of University of Adelaide students supported a compulsory Student Services Fee to fund services and amenities, as opposed to a user-pays ... 31-May-2005 more

Climate wiped out giant marsupials - new discovery

A research team from QUT and Queensland Museum has found that climate change, rather than humans, was responsible for wiping out giant Australian marsupials or megafauna 40,000 years ago. Previously, it had been thought that the arrival of humans destroyed the habitats by over hunting and burning the landscape. The team's excavations reveal ... 31-May-2005 more

Researchers find malaria use for HIV drugs

Researchers at The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) have found that drugs used to treat HIV Aids may also be effective against the biggest killer in the world – malaria. Malaria is a parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes and affecting 300-500 million people annually, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. The most lethal type of ... 01-Jun-2005 more

Stats expert makes AFL finals prediction

AFL team West Coast looks set to stay on top of the ladder this season but will drop a few more games, while Hawthorn fans are likely to see their team finish higher, says RMIT University statistics expert Anthony Bedford. Based on the season so far, Dr Bedford’s statistics show West Coast is predicted to lose four games for the season but ... 01-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Indonesian Embassy attack

Journalists wishing to interview a scientist about the efforts taking place to identify the bacterial material sent to Canberra's Indonesian embassy may wish to speak to the following expert: Dr Philip Giffard Position: Senior lecturer Queensland University of Technology School of Life Sciences Expertise: Gene-based diagnostics (including ... 02-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Terrorism experts (re: Indonesia)

David Wright-Neville from Monash University and Dr Michael McKinley from ANU are available to make comment on yesterday's Indonesian Embassy attack and related issues. Dr Michael McKinley School of Social Sciences Australian National University Phone: 02 6125 2641 Mobile: 0413605292 PR Contact: Tim Winkler Phone: 02 6125 5001 Mobile: ... 02-Jun-2005 more

Rural road-safety subject of world-first research

Only 25 per cent of people involved in rural road accidents survive, according to a study of regional and remote road safety being conducted in North Queensland. The research program by QUTs Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q) and James Cook University (JCU) also found that 42 per cent of regional Queensland ... 05-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Northern Territory election experts

Media are advised that Charles Darwin University has three expert political commentators able to provide analysis on the Northern Territory election. They are: * David Carment, AM, Professor of History, (08) 8946 6744, mob 0418 857 182 * Dr Bill Wilson, lecturer in history and politics, (08) 8946 6288 * Ken Parish, lecturer in law and ... 07-Jun-2005 more

Research to revolutionise medical imaging

A team of RMIT University researchers has developed cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionise medical imaging internationally. Compression techniques developed by Professor Henry Wu and his colleagues at RMIT’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering will enable radiologists to download, and transmit, medical images ... 07-Jun-2005 more

Electroconvulsive therapy not damaging to memory -- early results

Severely depressed elderly people are benefiting from electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) -- and, contrary to popular belief, the treatment is not damaging their memories, a Monash study has found. The head of the university's Aged Mental Health Research Unit, Professor Daniel O'Connor, said early results of the study show ECT produces dramatic ... 07-Jun-2005 more

Tsunami aid efforts 'uncoordinated': expert

International emergency relief to survivors of the Banda Aceh tsunami and Nias earthquake was uncoordinated and often inappropriate, according to a Monash University wound care expert who was at the scene. Ms Jane Rice, the manager of Education and Clinical Services with the Wound Foundation of Australia at Monash University's Victorian College ... 09-Jun-2005 more

As a salesman, Yoda makes a great Jedi

As the wise Jedi master he has few peers, but as a spruiker for Pepsi Cola, Yoda lacks credibility, according to a QUT survey. Dr Stephen Dann from QUT's School of Marketing surveyed more than 150 Star Wars fanatics as they queued for the opening session of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at Hoyts Regent in Brisbane. When asked if an ... 10-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Apprenticeship boost to relieve skills shortage

Prime Minister John Howard has announced plans to speed up apprenticeships from four years to three, to ensure trade qualifications are recognised nationally and to target funds to skill areas in shortest supply. The reforms, which will be investigated by a joint federal-state taskforce by December, prompt significant questions: • How will ... 10-Jun-2005 more

Shrinking brains but healthy memory - does brain matter matter?

Brain shrinkage, a common symptom of ageing when people hit their 60’s, appears to have no impact on an individual’s capacity to think or learn, according to ANU research. The research is part of a 20-year study by the ANU Centre for Mental Health Research called PATH Through Life and suggests a revision of long-standing views on the impact of ... 13-Jun-2005 more

Technology to cut fatality risk of 4WDs

A study to examine why four-wheel-drives (4WDs) are two and a half times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents has just been launched by QUT. Working with the state government's provider of lease vehicles, QFleet, and the French National Institute of Road Safety, researchers from QUT's Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety - ... 14-Jun-2005 more

Bond combines IT and business to create super-Faculty

Bond University has combined its Information Technology and Business Faculties to create a new super-faculty. The move is in line with Bond’s cutting edge approach to IT education where students are groomed for executive-level IT careers in the upper echelons of corporate management. “Bond’s Faculty of Information Technology has led the way by ... 14-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Snow season fitness and fashion

With just days to go until the opening of the 2005 ski season, it remains to be seen whether ski resorts will be blessed with a late snowfall, or whether the ‘big dry’ will expand to the alps. RMIT University experts are available for media comment on a variety of topics relating to the 2005 ski season including the climate’s impact on ski ... 14-Jun-2005 more

New insights into sports fatigue and injury

Fatigue could reduce skills and cause injuries and muscle weakness during sport because the brain does not consider the extra effort required for movement, Monash University researchers have found. Professor Uwe Proske, from Monash's Department of Physiology, found when muscles were weakened from overuse or fatigue, limb control was ... 14-Jun-2005 more

Major new funding for coral reef centre

The Australian Research Council today announced major new funding for coral reef science, and the establishment of a national Centre of Excellence headquartered at JCU, in Townsville. “Collectively, the JCU-led Centre will create the world’s largest concentration of coral reef scientists and JCU’s Professor Terry Hughes will be the inaugural ... 15-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Douglas Wood release

Journalists looking for a psychologist to comment on the psychological effects on Douglas Wood of his 47-day hostage ordeal may wish to speak to the following experts: Name: Dr Kerry L Gruber Lecturer/Clinical Psychologist University of Southern Queensland Expertise: clinical and counselling psychology; cross-cultural psychology and ... 16-Jun-2005 more

Experts predict a swing to Labor in NT

Three Charles Darwin University political commentators all predict the Martin Labor Government will be returned to power with an increased majority at the Northern Territory election tomorrow (Saturday). All three experts forecast a swing to Labor of about 5 per cent, giving them 14 seats in the 25-seat Legislative Assembly. The Labor Party ... 17-Jun-2005 more

Australian anti-slavery project hailed the world's best

An international competition recognising the efforts of organisations combating human trafficking has awarded first place to the University of Technology, Sydney's Anti Slavery Project (ASP). The Anti Slavery Project which attracted the most votes across the world, out of a total of 69 competition entries was started this year by the UTS ... 17-Jun-2005 more

Jail system failing female prisoners

Prison systems around the world are failing female offenders and new ideas are needed to help reintegrate women into society and stem the number returning to jail, a Monash University academic says. Dr Rosemary Sheehan, a senior lecturer in the Department of Social Work at Monash, says the number of women serving prison sentences has increased ... 18-Jun-2005 more

Study examines the psychology of mobile phones

Are introverts more likely to send text messages than call from their mobile phones? Do conscientious people reserve mobile phone use for business or practical use only? Do extroverts receive and make more calls than the rest of the population? These are some of the questions a new study by Monash University researchers is looking to ... 19-Jun-2005 more

Beyond the Frankenstein factor: when art, ethics and biotechnology converge

What happens when scientific research becomes manipulation of life? When does laboratory work become an artistic practice? These are some of the questions that will be raised during "SymbioticA Biotech Art Workshop", a week-long event hosted by the University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Creative Arts and School of Biological Sciences from ... 19-Jun-2005 more

Product placement costs to rise: research

The price for companies to integrate their products into TV shows like Big Brother and Australian Idol will only increase, according to a new study conducted at the University of Adelaide. School of Commerce PhD student Claire Sherman surveyed 12 key industry players in the field of product integration (also known as product placement), ... 19-Jun-2005 more

Yoga may help depression: research

Yoga combined with counselling could be an effective way of treating the symptoms of major depression, a Charles Darwin University researcher and student counsellor has found. Stephanie Johnson will present her findings at a public seminar on social work research in mental health at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory on ... 19-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Whaling and marine ecology

The following marine scientist is available to comment on the whaling debate and the outcome of the current session of the International Whaling Commission: Dr Corey Bradshaw Senior Research Fellow Charles Darwin University Key Centre for Tropical Wildlife Management Expertise: marine biology, ecology, conservation, population modelling, ... 20-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Terrorism experts

Journalists requiring experts to comment on alleged terrorist plans to attack domestic infrastructure may wish to speak to the following people: Dr Mark Craig Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology School of Justice Studies Expertise: Police; Security; Organised crime (particularly in Asia); Terrorism Phone: 07 3864 3597 Public ... 23-Jun-2005 more

Making every drop count

With water becoming an even more precious commodity, a collaborative study into the feasibility of residential grey water use is being conducted by USQ, the Toowoomba City Council and a local Engineering firm. The study coincides with proposed changes to the Queensland Government’s legislation to allow Queenslander homeowners to use water from ... 23-Jun-2005 more

Expert alert: Bird flu threat

Virology expert Greg Tannock says precautions must be taken to guard against current strains of the influenza virus. He also warns that the deadly bird flu virus could replace existing flu strains. Professor Tannock, from RMIT University in Melbourne, said as many as 2000 Australians die from the flu each year. But he said the number would be ... 23-Jun-2005 more

News alert: Conference debates what workers want

What workers want from their workplaces will be discussed by Australian and international experts at a conference today hosted by Monash University's Australian Centre for Research in Employment and Work. The two-day conference, 'Shifting the boundaries of employment and work', will also include research papers, presentations and discussions on ... 24-Jun-2005 more

New expert: Mission Australia joins expertguide.com.au

A leading charitable organisation with commentators in a range of social issues including youth, chroming, welfare reform and poverty has joined expertguide.com.au. Mission Australia has more than 280 services around the country that provide assistance for those in need. These services include: employment assistance and training, family ... 24-Jun-2005 more

New experts: University of Newcastle joins expertguide.com.au

Hundreds of new experts are now available in Australia's largest expertise guide, with the University of Newcastle joining expertguide.com.au. The University of Newcastle is a research-intensive university with a reputation for excellence and a strong and vibrant research culture. The university is consistently ranked in the top 10 of all ... 25-Jun-2005 more

Sober up to alcohol packaging, says expert

A University of Wollongong academic is urging Australia to sober up to the fact that alcohol is killing teenagers, and suggests that a dangerous cocktail of packaging and promotion is one of the main contributing problems. Associate Professor Sandra Jones and her team from the Centre for Health Behaviour and Communication Research at the ... 27-Jun-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide.com.au welcomes Deakin University

One of Australia's largest universities has joined expertguide.com.au, taking to more than 4,300 the number of experts available in the guide. Deakin University, which has campuses in metropolitan and regional Victoria, can offer expertise in areas including: * advanced materials and performance * biotechnology * management of natural ... 28-Jun-2005 more

Expert Alert: Floods and weather extremes

Journalists needing an expert to comment on extreme weather conditions, flooding, flood insurance claims and related issues may wish to contact the following experts: INSURANCE CLAIMS ARISING FROM FLOODS Mr Jim Irish Senior Lecturer University of Technology Sydney Expertise: Risk and uncertainty, environmental risk assessment, insurance ... 01-Jul-2005 more

Conference explores links between animal and human abuse

A conference exploring the links between abuse of animals and abuse of humans will be held on December 1-2 in Yeppoon. CQU's Dr Nik Taylor is calling for conference papers and roundtable proposals for the event, titled 'Circles of Compassion: Human-Animal Relationships, Welfare & Wellbeing'. "This conference aims to bring together ... 01-Jul-2005 more

CQU team funded for Shoalwater Bay research

Central Queensland University's Dr Errol Vieth and Kate Ames, from Informatics and Communication, have gained Army History Research Grants Scheme funding to examine the growth of the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area. They will do so through the eyes of its first commander, Maj. J. H. Crigan, from his appointment in August 1966 until his ... 01-Jul-2005 more

Expert Alert: Comets

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on this afternoon's Deep Impact probe event may wish to talk to the following experts from ANU: Professor Dayal Wickramasinghe Australian National University Department of Mathematics Expertise: Astronomy and Astrophysics, organic molecules in space, astronomical origins of life, black holes, ... 04-Jul-2005 more

New experts: CRC for Greenhouse Accounting joins expertguide

World-class environmental experts on topics such as global dimming, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change can now be found at expertguide.com.au, with the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting joining the site. The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting brings together more than one hundred of Australia's leading greenhouse ... 04-Jul-2005 more

Cancer researchers discover pineapple power

Scientists at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) have discovered two molecules from pineapple stems that show anti-tumour activity in laboratory studies. One molecule called CCS blocks a protein called Ras, which is defective in approximately 30% of all cancers. The other molecule, CCZ, stimulates the body’s own immune ... 06-Jul-2005 more

Global dimming will give Canberra a Cairns climate - experts

Australia has on average become less arid in the past 30 years because of global climate change, two leading scientists say. Dr Michael Roderick and Professor Graham Farquhar from ANU and the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting have confirmed that Australia is part of a global trend towards lower evaporative demands of the atmosphere over recent ... 06-Jul-2005 more

Expert Alert: Terrorism

Journalists needing an expert to provide expert comment on terrorism issues may wish to speak to: Dr Michael McKinley Australian National University Dept of Political Science & Intl Relations Expertise: Global politics, International Relation, diplomacy, globalisation, terrorism, war, strategy, and Australia-US Relations Phone: 02 6125 ... 07-Jul-2005 more

Expert Alert: Britain and British politics

Journalists needing an expert to comment on British politics and policy may wish to speak to: Dr Clement (Clem) Macintyre Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide Department: Politics Expertise: British politics; Britain Phone: (08) 8303 5601 After hours: (08) 8362 2985 Alt phone (office): (08) 8303 5610 PR Contact: Howard ... 07-Jul-2005 more

Expert Alert: Tourism crisis and disaster management

Journalists looking for an expert to comment on the impact of the London bombings on the city's tourism and recent Olympic win may wish to contact: Dr Brent Ritchie Head, Tourism Research University of Canberra Expertise: tourism crisis and disaster management, tourism impacts, educational tourism, sport and events tourism Phone: 02 6201 ... 07-Jul-2005 more

Expert Alert: Death in the mass media

Following the bombing tragedy in London, journalists looking for an expert to talk about portrayal of death in the media, grief education, and multicultural approaches to death and dying may wish to contact the following spokesperson: Dr David Ritchie Lecturer School of Communication and Creative Arts Phone: 03 9251 7655 Mobile: 0418 576 ... 08-Jul-2005 more

New agreement to investigate natural product chemistries

A significant new Agreement the University of Wollongong has entered with Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Limited (JJR) to investigate new natural product chemistries was marked with the opening today of a pharmaceutical research laboratory. Under the Agreement, the University has appointed innovative chemists to the project under the direction ... 15-Jul-2005 more

JCU in global marine alliance

James Cook University, Australia's leading tropical research university, is the foundation Australian member of a new global alliance of marine focused institutions. Seven universities from around the world agreed yesterday to establish the International Association of Marine-Related Institutions (IAMRI) at a meeting in Brest in France. JCU ... 15-Jul-2005 more

Getting fat -- is it in the mind?

A Monash University expert is questioning if getting fat is really all in our head. Physiology professor Iain Clarke says obesity results from an imbalance between the "in box" and the "out box". "When food intake is excessive and/or energy expenditure is reduced, unused foods are stored as fat," he says. "While there are various means of ... 16-Jul-2005 more

Green buildings should be worth more - expert

Sustainable or "green" construction makes commercial sense, but the property market doesn't yet attach the premium value that resource-efficient developments deserve according to Sydney property expert Associate Professor Angelo Karantonis. "Highly rated sustainable buildings should be worth more money," said Professor Karantonis, the Head of ... 18-Jul-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide.com.au welcomes Dairy CRC

New experts in all aspects of the dairy industry and dairy and milk products are now available online, with the CRC for Innovative Dairy Products joining expertguide.com.au. The Dairy CRC applies cutting-edge genetic research to provide dairy farmers, processors and manufacturers with access to advanced technologies and products. The CRC ... 20-Jul-2005 more

Study reveals most bras don't measure up

Almost 70 per cent of Australian women may be wearing the wrong-size bra. And using a professional in-store fitter isn’t any guarantee of getting a well-fitting one either. An undercover operation by consumer group CHOICE has found that a large majority of bras chosen by professional fitters were a poor fit, with 43 per cent too small. ... 23-Jul-2005 more

New experts: Expertguide.com.au welcomes Curtin University

Curtin University has become the first university from Western Australia to join expertguide.com.au, bringing a wealth of new expertise to the service. Curtin University is part of the Australian Technology Network of universities, and can offer specialised expertise in dozens of fields including: * Australian studies and Aboriginal ... 24-Jul-2005 more

Experts to unite on engineering a better Internet

Web engineering is set to emerge as a professional entity in its own right at the fifth International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2005) being held this week at the University of Technology, Sydney. The conference is bringing together leading academic and industry figures from around the world including the lead engineer of Google Maps ... 24-Jul-2005 more

CDU plays key role in Timor

Charles Darwin University is playing a key role in the rehabilitation of the Agriculture Faculty of the National University of East Timor. The project, under the auspices of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), is being managed by Tania Paul, lecturer in agriculture at Charles Darwin University, led by Professor ... 27-Jul-2005 more

Zimbabwean justice fighter to speak in Qld

Shadow Justice Minister of Zimbabwe, The Hon David Coltart MP, will be a special guest of Bond University at the fifth annual Gerard Brennan Lecture series this Saturday night (July 30). David Coltart, an internationally recognised human rights activist and critic of the collapsing Zimbabwean democracy under Robert Mugabe’s regime, is in ... 29-Jul-2005 more

The dawning of a new lighting industry

Revolutionary Australian natural lighting technology with the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will move one step closer to commercial reality, thanks to more than $1.2 million funding announced today by the Federal Government. The Fluorosolar technology, the culmination of 16 years of research by applied physicists and daylighting ... 29-Jul-2005 more

Research to investigate treatments for artery rupture

A team of James Cook University researchers have received more than $1 million in funding to investigate the problem of artery ruptures. They will investigate mechanisms leading to artery weakening, a condition named aortic aneurysm. While this is the tenth most common cause of death for men, it is relatively under investigated, according to JCU ... 01-Aug-2005 more

Expert alert: Physics -- was Einstein right?

The world of physics could be on the verge of a revolution in understanding similar to that which Einstein created with his papers 100 years ago, according to a physics expert who will present a public seminar tomorrow at James Cook University. Associate Professor Luiten from the University of Western Australia will present the seminar at JCU on ... 02-Aug-2005 more

New software helps treat cancer, design planes

A powerful software tool designed by academics at Monash University is being used in the UK to help develop cancer treatments and improve aircraft engine design. Nimrod/G, developed by Professor David Abramson in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering and the CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems, enables users to harness many ... 02-Aug-2005 more

Expert Alert: Air crashes and investigations

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on air crashes and investigations in light of today’s crash of the Airbus A340 in Toronto may wish to speak to the following expert. Dr Walker can comment on the engineering and safety record of the Airbus and flying in difficult conditions. Dr Rodney Walker Director QUT, Australian Research ... 03-Aug-2005 more

Students to abseil against VSU

Saving vital funds and essential services provided by the University of Technology, Sydney's Union is driving two UTS student club members to take a plunge of more than 100m from the University's tower. Sending a clear message to Federal Minister for Education Brendan Nelson, a massive banner displaying "No VSU: Save Uni Life" will be suspended ... 03-Aug-2005 more

Researchers closer to finding migraine gene

Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) researchers today reported that they have found significant evidence towards the existence of a gene that makes people susceptible to migraines. Although familial typical migraine, a debilitating and painful disorder that normally affects people during their most productive years, affects an ... 06-Aug-2005 more

New expert: Tailored Childcare Management

TCM is a family owned business that provides management services to childcare centres. The company specialises in helping managers with quality oversight, accountability, administration, training and other operational issues. CEO Vicki Ward is able to provide expert comment on the following issues: • Childcare centres (management, licensing, ... 06-Aug-2005 more

New experts: CAST CRC joins expertguide.com.au

Australia’s leading centre for research into light metals processing and manufacturing has joined expertguide.com.au. The Cooperative Research Centre for Cast Metals Manufacturing (CAST) brings together universities, research organisations and companies from around the country in a joint venture with global impacts. Australia’s aluminium ... 07-Aug-2005 more

New experts: Australian Telecommunications CRC joins expertguide.com.au

The Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre was established to develop and commercialise the technologies that will drive a new generation of telecommunications. The CRC’s key spokesperson, CEO Dr Leith Campbell, is able to provide comment on the following subject areas: • Next generation Internet (3G and 4G) and ... 07-Aug-2005 more

Immune system discovery offers hope for cancer, AIDS patients

Monash University scientists have rejuvenated the immune systems of mice and humans using a common hormone. The scientists, led by Associate Professor Richard Boyd and Dr Jayne Sutherland from the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories, have revitalised the thymus - which produces the T cells required to fight infection but which shuts ... 10-Aug-2005 more

Learning from the tsunami

Coastal populations and ecosystems are more likely to bounce back from extreme coastal disasters by protecting local environments and building on local knowledge, according to a report published in the international journal "Science" today. A team of five international scientists that included James Cook University's Professor Terry Hughes ... 12-Aug-2005 more

Expert Alert: Cyberterrorism and cyberfraud

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the issue of cyberterrorism following tonight's Four Corners story may wish to contact: Professor Matt Warren Head of School School of Information Systems Expertise: Internet/Computer security, Cyberterrorism and information security. Phone: 03 5227 2843 Mobile: 0408 301 540 Public relations ... 15-Aug-2005 more

Don't wait for a terrorist attack here: expert

Australia's police need to re-focus on preventing terrorist attacks on home soil rather than just dealing with the aftermath, according to a national security expert from the Queensland University of Technology. Dr Mark Craig from QUT's School of Justice Studies said state police forces should be the "frontline" in detecting and preventing ... 16-Aug-2005 more

Childhood bone cancer linked with congenital hernias and farm living

Scientists at QIMR’s Clive Berghofer Cancer Research Centre have determined a link between a childhood cancer (Ewing’s sarcoma) and children born with hernias and whose parents are farmers. The Ewing’s sarcoma family of tumours continues to be the most severe malignant bone diseases in children and accounts for more than one third of bone ... 17-Aug-2005 more

Sex, drugs and evil souls: Is preventive detention justifiable?

A culture of fear can lead to more restrictions on personal liberty than are necessary or appropriate, a Monash University expert will tell a lecture tomorrow. Monash University Law School's Associate Dean (Research) and Louis Waller Chair of Law, Professor Bernadette McSherry will discuss the controversial policies underlying preventive ... 17-Aug-2005 more

Expert Alert: World Bank expert

Professor Michael Woolcock, a senior social scientist with the World Bank and lecturer at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, is presenting a series of forums in Darwin today and tomorrow. Two of the forums, on social capital, public policy and research, are being held at Charles Darwin University, where Professor Woolcock is an ... 18-Aug-2005 more

Serious health problems found in young obese people

A Monash study of severely obese adolescents has revealed disturbing levels of associated health problems in people as young as 14 -- including high blood pressure, abnormal liver tests and a greater tendency towards diabetes. The study, by researchers in the Monash University Centre for Obesity Research and Education, is trying treatments for ... 22-Aug-2005 more

Expert Alert: Dr Tom Frame talks about the Iraqi invasion

Prominent Australian historian, theologian and author Dr Tom Frame will give a talk on the invasion and occupation of Iraq at Charles Darwin University on Thursday (25/8/05). Dr Frame, Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Force for the past four years, will speak on 'Making Moral Sense of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq: An Australian ... 23-Aug-2005 more

Rural drivers dying on the roads -- research

Preliminary research into rural road crashes showed country drivers were less compliant with safety measures than their urban counterparts, according to a new Queensland study. A PhD study by Queensland University of Technology researcher Gayle Sticher is looking at ways to alter driving behaviours and attitudes of rural drivers that contribute ... 23-Aug-2005 more

Aussies invent new alloy

A new Australian magnesium alloy featuring mirror finish, strength and lightness is exciting huge interest among manufacturers and designers around the world. AM-lite is a magnesium high-pressure die casting alloy developed by an international research team led by Australian firm Advanced Magnesium Technologies (AMT) and the CAST Cooperative ... 24-Aug-2005 more

Genetic link found in endometriosis

A team of international scientists headed by The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) has made a major genetic discovery in unlocking some of the mysteries of endometriosis. Endometriosis, which causes up to 50% of female infertility, is a gynaecological condition where endometrium-tissue (normally found lining the uterus) actually ... 24-Aug-2005 more

Stone tool reveals mental limitations of early humans

The recently-discovered human species Homo floresiensis, who lived beside modern humans on the island of Flores until 12,000 years ago, had cognitive abilities no more advanced than those of our earliest ancestors living in Africa 2 million years ago. This is the conclusion of a researcher at The University of New England who has developed a ... 26-Aug-2005 more

ANU team stops light in quantum leap

ANU researchers have used a groundbreaking approach to set a world record for stopping light — a crucial step in the development of the next generation of computers. Researchers from the Laser Physics Centre in the Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering used a modified crystal to ‘stop’ light for over a second, more than 1000 times ... 29-Aug-2005 more

Expert Alert: Fathers

In the lead-up to Fathers' Day, journalists may wish to talk to the following experts on fathers and parenting: FATHER INVOLVEMENT IN FAMILIES BOYS & MEN Mr Richard Fletcher University of Newcastle Family Action Centre Director, Mens and Boys Program Expertise: Social work and welfare, fathers involvement in families, men and boys ... 30-Aug-2005 more

Research tackles drink spiking

The emerging social problem of drink spiking is the focus of a new RMIT University study. RMIT researcher Bridget McPherson is looking for volunteers aged from 18 to 35 to participate in a study into the prevalence, motivations and attitudes surrounding social activities including sexual activity and alcohol and substance abuse. Ms ... 04-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: Islam and democracy

Muslim politics and the democratisation of Indonesia will be examined in a public lecture today at the Iwaki Auditorium at the ABC Southbank Centre in Melbourne. Speakers at the lecture, "Muslim politics and democratisation in Indonesia", will discuss the relationship between Islam, politics and democracy in an attempt to answer the question: ... 05-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: Water's hidden health hazards

A public lecture at Central Queensland University will this week tackle some of the most puzzling questions regarding water contamination and toxins. Dr Larelle Fabbro and Dr Leonie Andersen, of CQU, will present a seminar entitled ‘Toxins and contaminants causing environmental harm? – bioaccumulation and identification of biological ... 05-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: Stem cells, sex & reproduction, and Einstein's legacy

Has Australia lost the plot on stem cells? A national review of stem cell rules is happening now but where’s the debate? In 2020 Australians may have to fly to South Korea for life-saving stem cell treatments. Elizabeth Finkel has written two pieces on stem cells and is keen to speak to the media. The pieces are available at ... 06-Sep-2005 more

New report reveals the minds of Australians

Drawing on the responses of more than 4,000 Australians, a new report of social attitudes reveals that our idea of the family is increasingly inclusive, most of us think we work too many hours, we think crime is much more prevalent than it actually is, and we don’t want a fully privatised Telstra. Australian Social Attitudes: The First Report, ... 06-Sep-2005 more

Aussie academics help the world get better customer service

It’s estimated 80% of Australians are employed in some form of service industry, yet only 3 out of 10 people are ‘off the street naturally capable’ for customer service roles. That is according to test results from a new Australian-developed Customer Service Predictor (CSP) tool being rolled out throughout the world. The CSP has found that ... 07-Sep-2005 more

Sleepiness is hidden killer

Thousands of Australians are dangerously sleepy while driving and at work, say Monash researchers. The two cognitive neuroscientists, who are studying the problem of excessive daytime sleepiness, believe that up to 770,000 people in Australia may experience drowsiness during crucial, everyday tasks. "Many of these people are at double ... 07-Sep-2005 more

Aussie youth more conservative than pundits think

The conventional wisdom that young people are more likely to vote left might need to be rethought following the last federal election, according to a Queensland University of Technology researcher. Political scientist Professor Clive Bean said research into the 30-and-unders' political attitudes and voting behaviour had shown that substantially ... 09-Sep-2005 more

Register to send your name to Pluto

Australians can register their names on NASA's New Horizon spacecraft website by September 15 2005 to have their name sent to Pluto. If all goes well, the New Horizons spacecraft will lift off in January 2006 and fly past Pluto and its moon Charon in 2015. Strictly speaking, your name won't actually make it to Pluto. New Horizons will be ... 09-Sep-2005 more

Teens can be taught to avoid depression

Children and teenagers who can 'regulate' their emotions are more likely to avoid depression and anxiety, a Monash researcher has found. Associate Professor Eleonora Gullone of the Department of Psychology believes young people can be taught regulation to help them achieve emotional balance. "Emotional regulation is how a person experiences ... 12-Sep-2005 more

Deep impact unlikely, but still a better chance than Lotto

The chances of the Earth being hit by a comet from beyond Pluto — á la Deep Impact — are much lower than previously thought, according to new research by an ANU astronomer. Using computer simulations and data from an American military telescope, Dr Paul Francis, from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Mt Stromlo, has found ... 12-Sep-2005 more

Education expert to speak in Qld

Have you ever wondered how interwoven the lives of your children are with the lives of their teachers and their school? An international education expert from Canada will be speaking about the ways teachers, students, and subject matter are in dynamic interaction. Dr Jean Clandinin from the University of Alberta will deliver the QUT Sponsored ... 13-Sep-2005 more

New climate change resource available online

The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting has relaunched its web site with up-to-date news on climate change, details of the Centre's research findings, and links to online calculators, decision-support tools and models for natural resource management and agriculture. The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting is a ... 15-Sep-2005 more

New sand management strategies required for Lakes Entrance

Low-lying areas of Lakes Entrance could face heavy flooding despite the ongoing dredging of the Gippsland Lakes Entrance and Reeves channels, a Monash University researcher has found. Mr Peter Wheeler, from Monash University's Centre for Geographic Information Systems, has used 3D computer modelling to examine changes in sand accumulation at the ... 18-Sep-2005 more

Law built to discriminate against homosexuals -- expert

Despite legislative reform in the areas of anti-discrimination and property rights, discrimination against gays and lesbians is still deeply entrenched in State and Federal laws according to University of Technology, Sydney law researcher Geoff Holland. Mr Holland is delivering the next UTS Law Research Seminar, Equal Rights for gays and ... 19-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: AFL Grand final

It is AFL Grand Final week and once again two interstate teams will play for the prize on Saturday at the MCG. What will a second all interstate team grand final mean for football mad Melbourne? Is this good or bad for the game and supporters? What impact will this have on the footy mad city? Will sports-mad Victorians put aside their ... 23-Sep-2005 more

Australian velvet worm has an aggression obsession - ANU

Life as a velvet worm in the decaying logs and leaf litter of a forest floor is not as peaceful as it may look according to new ANU research, which has found that a species of Australian velvet worm bites, chases, kicks and evades to establish a ‘family’ hierarchy dominated by voracious females. ANU biologists Dr Judith Reinhard and Dr David ... 27-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: Commonwealth Games experts

Monash University experts are available to speak to the media on issues related to the Commonwealth Games. Psychology of sport: Dr Graeme Hyman, School of Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine, on +61 3 9903 2176. Sports marketing and sponsorship: Associate Professor Francis Farelly, Department of Marketing, on +61 3 9903 ... 29-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: Is Australia a nation of deceit?

Lying and deceit have become commonplace in contemporary Australian life, according to Professor Jeff Malpas who will deliver the Annual Ethics Lecture at Curtin University of Technology on Wednesday 5 October. Professor Malpas, Director of the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics at the University of Tasmania, will argue that our lack of ... 29-Sep-2005 more

Expert Alert: Bali Tourism

Journalists requiring an expert to comment on the impact of the latest terrorist attack on Bali's tourism industry may wish to speak to: Professor Adrian Vickers University of Wollongong Expertise: Indonesia, history, histiography, Bali, tourism, Indonesian art, Australian perceptions of Asia Phone: 02 4221 3626 PR Contact: ... 03-Oct-2005 more

Expert Alert: Jemaah Islaymiah

Journalists requiring someone on Jemaah Islaymiah may wish to speak to the following expert: Dr Greg Barton Senior Lecturer Deakin University, School of Social and International Studies Expertise: Jemaah Islaymiah and radical Islamism and terrorism in Indonesia. Indonesian and regional affairs. Politics and current affairs in Indonesia and ... 03-Oct-2005 more

Expert Alert: Terrorism

Journalists requiring terrorism experts to comment on the Bali attacks may wish to speak to: Mr Luke Howie Doctoral scholar/Sessional lecturer Monash University, School of Political and Social Inquiry Expertise: Terrorism; impact of terrorism on business; terrorism threat perceptions; counterterrorism; Australian homeland security; ... 03-Oct-2005 more

Survey reveals the ‘pulling power’ of pets

If you’re feeling lonely or are keen to make new friends, a trip to the vet or the dog park may be in order. New RSPCA research of pet owners has found that more than half of those surveyed (51%) had met new people as a direct result of their pet. And more than one in 20 (5.2%) credited their pet with introducing them to their partner. The ... 06-Oct-2005 more

Australia's ancient oceans were toxic & purple - research

Ancient oceans in Australia’s north were toxic seas of sulfur, supporting coloured bacteria that made the seas appear purple and unlike anything we know of in the Earth’s history, according to new ANU research. These oceans existed 1.6 billion years ago, at a time when very little is known today about the structure of the planet’s seas — ... 07-Oct-2005 more

Personality study debunks national stereotypes

The world's largest study into human personalities and national character has revealed people in most countries don't live up to their national stereotypes, according to findings published in the international Science journal today (Friday, October 7). Dr Jane Shakespeare-Finch, who led the Australian component of the research at the Queensland ... 08-Oct-2005 more

'Unmanned' helicopters to revolutionise combat zones

RMIT University PhD aerospace engineering student Ankush Rathore has pioneered a revolutionary design for helicopters to fly without a pilot. The Vertical Take-off Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VTUAVs) project is set to transform the helicopter industry. Mr Rathore said the research could lead to helicopters being controlled from the ground and ... 08-Oct-2005 more

News: Baby boomer businesses at risk

Fewer than half of baby boomer business owners have adequate superannuation to fund their retirements and are relying on the sale of their businesses to live comfortably in the future, according to recent research. But most will not realise the full potential of their business sale because of inadequate transitional planning and a lack of ... 10-Oct-2005 more

Expert brands IR changes 'anti-family' and 'unfair'

University of Adelaide Labour Studies expert, Associate Professor Barbara Pocock, today described the Howard Government’s industrial blueprint as “a 20-year-old vision with a poor fit to a 21st century working family.” Speaking at an Industrial Relations Forum at the University of Melbourne, Dr Pocock said the industrial changes would encourage ... 11-Oct-2005 more

Concern for pets prolongs abusive relationships

Family service providers have called for a specific service to prevent pets being used as bargaining chips to prolong abusive relationships. CQU researchers Dr Nik Taylor and Dr Tania Signal said a recent study assessed family service provider perspectives on the link between domestic violence, child abuse and harm to companion animals. They ... 14-Oct-2005 more

South Asian expert joins ANU

A South Asian political and society specialist has been appointed Director of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS) at ANU. Professor Robin Jeffrey, immediate past president of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, will take-up the position in February, ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor, Ian Chubb, said. "Professor ... 15-Oct-2005 more

Expert Alert: Findings of water industry roadmap

The director of a year-long study into the Australian water industry will discuss his findings - and conclusion that institutional reform is the main challenge to water reform - at a public lecture and forum tomorrow. Professor Paul Perkins' lecture (5.30pm, Tuesday 18 October) will also explore the Council of Australian Governments' National ... 17-Oct-2005 more

Exercise may delay disability in the elderly - research

A world-first study by Monash University is investigating whether exercise can delay the onset, or slow the decline, of disability in older people. The Monash University Accident Research Centre has secured nearly $870,000 from the National Health and Medical Research Council to investigate the effectiveness of two different exercise programs ... 20-Oct-2005 more

Childcare expert warning on 'nanny subsidy'

An in-home childcare expert has warned of the use of unqualified in-home carers under the Federal Government's proposed "nanny subsidy". Milestonz Nannies director Lyn Bos said she welcomed the subsidy proposed by John Howard on Friday, but said the industry would need to be regulated to avoid parents using the subsidy for unqualified ... 23-Oct-2005 more

Family history linked to breast cancer risk

Women with a first-degree relative who suffered from either breast or ovarian cancer have five times the risk of developing the disease, according to Australian scientists. Current research not only reveals a link between the two cancers but that genetics rather than lifestyle factors have a greater role in determining the likelihood of breast ... 24-Oct-2005 more

Authorise generic avian flu drugs: researchers

Australia must consider locally producing mass supplies of generic drugs to prepare for an avian flu pandemic, according to research by ANU health and legal specialists. Patents on these antiviral drugs are currently preventing generic production of the drugs, say Dr Buddhi Lokuge, a public health specialist, and Professor Peter Drahos, Head of ... 26-Oct-2005 more

New experts: The George Institute for International Health joins Expert Guide

The George Institute for International Health is the latest organisation to add its experts to Australia’s largest database of contacts and sources at www.expertguide.com.au. The George Institute helps to reduce the global burden of non-communicable diseases and injuries through health research, policy development and capacity building, and has ... 26-Oct-2005 more

Study reveals Life Saving worth $1.4billion a year

After saving more than 500,000 lives over the past 100 years, Surf Life Saving has confirmed what their voluntary services are worth nationally – a staggering $1.4 billion per year. In Queensland, the lives saved and injuries prevented by surf lifesavers have been valued at $507.3 million per year. The independent report also highlighted the ... 30-Oct-2005 more

Study seeks way to keep Indigenous students at school

A Queensland study is seeking ways to help Indigenous students progress beyond their junior high school years. ABS data shows Indigenous students have been twice as likely as others to leave school before the end of Year 10 and half as likely to complete Year 12. It is important to change this pattern across Australia, since education and ... 30-Oct-2005 more

Over 65s needed for senior sex study

If you are over 65, live in Brisbane and aren't embarrassed to divulge intimate details of your sex life, then Queensland University of Technology researcher Sue Gledhill wants to talk to you. And don't immediately think this offer has gone unaccepted - Sue has already conducted a number of interviews and says sex is not a taboo topic for older ... 30-Oct-2005 more

Expert Alert: Fashions on the field

As excitement mounts in the lead up to Australia's biggest week of horse-racing, race-goers are preparing to don their finery. RMIT University TAFE’s fashion program manager Tina Guglielmino lets us know what will be in at the track this year. Ms Guglielmino can talk about all topics racing including: What will the ladies be wearing? ... 30-Oct-2005 more

Embargoed: Media advisory on Aspirin and Skin Cancer

Embargoed until 11am, November 7 The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) will announce a major break-through in skin cancer research on Monday, 7 November. QIMR will announce that researchers have found that aspirin may assist in protecting against squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and actinic keratoses (sunspots). An opportunity ... 03-Nov-2005 more

Singapore death penalty no deterrent -- criminologist

A leading criminologist has described the Singapore Government’s decision to execute Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van as a "complete furphy" and argued that the death penalty is not a deterrent to drug traffickers. Bond University Professor Paul Wilson said it was "contrary to all the empirical evidence" for the Singapore authorities to claim ... 04-Nov-2005 more

Women on the money for customer complaints

Money might buy happiness but it doesn’t buy customer satisfaction, joint research between Deakin University and Queensland University of Technology has found. And, women are the surprise winners when it comes to complaining, receiving more money than men. The research by Professor Charmine Härtel (Deakin University), Dr Rebekah Bennett and ... 04-Nov-2005 more

Elderly prefer home: visiting expert

An international ageing expert will discuss the issue of the elderly people staying at home rather than moving into alternative care during a visit to JCU on Monday (November 7). Professor Jon Pynoos will talk at JCU after being brought to Australia for a series of talks by the Australian Association on Gerontology (Ageing). His trip to ... 05-Nov-2005 more

Breakthrough promises unhackable communication

A new era of totally secure communication and information sharing is within reach, with physicists at ANU achieving possibly the world's fastest transmission of 'unhackable' data using bright lasers to generate an absolutely secret 'key'. The breakthrough in the field of quantum cryptography will be of particular interest to government, defence ... 07-Nov-2005 more

Humans more destructive to reefs than tsunamis

Human damage to the coral reefs was more destructive than the damage caused by the devastating Boxing Day tsunami, according to research published this week in the international science magazine Current Biology. James Cook University's Dr Andrew Baird said that he and his fellow researchers had reached this surprising conclusion after extensive ... 08-Nov-2005 more

Expert tips to avoid food poisoning when travelling overseas

The Chair of the Food Safety Information Council, Professor Tom McMeekin, today warned more than 4 million Australians who travel overseas each year not to take a risk of getting food poisoning. ‘Your chance of getting food poisoning greatly increases when you travel overseas. Especially if you are going to countries where hygiene is not as ... 09-Nov-2005 more

'Cheap' Chinese labour good for Australia - expert

Using 'cheap' Chinese labour is crucial for Australia to profit from the pending Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), a leading Chinese academic will tell a conference starting today. The dean of the School of Business at China's Nanjing University, Professor Shumin Zhao, said Australia could look to the future by advancing its key ... 10-Nov-2005 more

Patients missing out in communication divide

Patients are missing out on the latest advances in medical technologies, drugs and treatment options because doctors and researchers do not communicate, according to a British health policy expert being hosted by ANU this week. Professor Huw Davies, Professor of Health Care Policy and Management at the University of St Andrews, will give the ... 14-Nov-2005 more

Think fast - your games console is about to get smarter

Soon the aliens and monsters will not only outgun you, they're likely to be outthinking you as well. That's the brave new world of artificial intelligence in gaming, a big topic for next week's Second Australiasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment in Sydney. The IE2005 conference, at the University of Technology, Sydney, is bringing ... 14-Nov-2005 more

Solar has the potential to dominate by 2030

Professor Andrew Blakers from the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the Australian National University reported to the Greenhouse 2000 Conference in Melbourne that photovoltaic (PV) solar energy conversion can be cost-competitive with any low-emission electricity generation technology by 2030. His paper described how extrapolation of the ... 16-Nov-2005 more

Experts: Sport

Journalists may with to talk to the following sports experts about soccer in Australia following the Socceroos’ victory last night. Please select the "SPORT" category and click "Go" to view all Sport experts in areas including sports psychology, sports marketing, sports performance, and sports and culture. SPORT, EDUCATION & SOCCER Dr Tony ... 17-Nov-2005 more

Urban and rural Australia unite to combat water shortages

For the first time Australia's urban and rural centres are together experiencing water restrictions. Beyond the widely publicised drought, growing cities, climate change and environmental degradation pose nationwide challenges to our water supply. Alternative water sources are limited and new options for managing existing resources are ... 17-Nov-2005 more

School campaign to focus on shark safety

With summer just around the corner and school holidays looming, Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) is aiming to reach 10,000 Brisbane school children with vital aquatic safety information before they hit the beach this Christmas. Surf lifesavers will kick off this vital education program at Graceville State School tomorrow, Monday 21 November ... 20-Nov-2005 more

Parenting programs better than 'Super Nanny'

The first large-scale scientific evaluation of group-based positive parenting programs has found that the intervention reduces clinically significant behavioural problems in children by 36 per cent. The results of the study, conducted by researchers at Perth's Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, have been published in the ... 21-Nov-2005 more

The banning of Grand Theft Auto

Earlier this year the biggest selling computer game in the country was banned after revelations that it contained hidden sex scenes – the so-called "hot coffee mods" to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Tomorrow (Thursday, 24 November) the government regulator that imposed the ban, the industry peak body that resisted it and a leading academic ... 23-Nov-2005 more

Expert Alert: Singapore, trade and law

Journalists looking for experts to comment on Australia's relationship with Singapore as a result of the Van Tuong Nguyen case may wish to contact the following experts: AUSTRALIAN TRADE WITH SINGAPORE Associate Professor Len Perry University of Technology Sydney Phone: 02 9514 7750 or 0409 911 370 Expertise: Asian political economy – ... 24-Nov-2005 more

Research highlights climate change effect on humans

How much has climate change in the past affected humans? Until recently, the answer to that question was probably not much at all. However, this view is now under attack with results released in the Journal of Archaelogical Science by radiocarbon dating expert Dr Chris Turney from the University of Wollongong's GeoQuEST Research Group at the ... 26-Nov-2005 more

Pre-clinical trials target HIV epidemic

Despite drops in the rate of infection in certain countries, the overall number of people living with HIV continues to increase around the world, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS). More than three million people have died of AIDS-related illnesses this year – 500,000 of ... 01-Dec-2005 more

Report highlights drowning risk

Surf Life Saving Australia today released the National Surf Safety report for the 2004-2005 season (last season), showing 57 people drowned on Australia's beaches. Of those, 13 people drowned off the coastline of Queensland. 2004-2005 National Surf Safety Report – Findings • More 80 per cent of coastal drowning deaths were male. • Just ... 01-Dec-2005 more

Expert Alert: Analysing torture

Although high profile incidents of torture have resulted in a modest increase in human rights and mass media attention, the international community's reaction has generally been erratic and inconsistent, an ANU PhD student argues in a new book. According to Mr Peter Reddy, a doctoral student in the Regulatory Institutions Network at ANU, the ... 05-Dec-2005 more

New device keeps tabs on cyclists' hearts

Central Queensland University’s Health and Human Performance technical officer Greg Capern has developed a heart monitoring device that could change the way cyclists train. The PACER system was born out of a need of cycling coach Ken Tucker. He needed to know what the heart rate of a cyclist was when following him on a motorbike (motor ... 12-Dec-2005 more

RMIT research helps cut energy bills

RMIT University mechanical engineering students and industry are making inroads into reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and helping save thousands of dollars in energy bills. RMIT University engineering expert and Discipline Head of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Professor Aleksandar Subic, said improving engineering products ... 13-Dec-2005 more

Parents urged to rethink dummy use

A comprehensive review of scientific studies on the use of baby pacifiers (dummies) has found that they interfere with successful breastfeeding. The review was conducted by child health nurses led by researchers at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in conjunction with the Western Australian Centre for Evidence Based Nursing and ... 14-Dec-2005 more

Keep on walking, but watch the road - researchers

Some older pedestrians are at increased risk of death or injury and need to adopt strategies to avoid dangerous situations, a new report by Monash University researchers shows. The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) report, commissioned by VicRoads, found although walking has obvious health benefits, older pedestrians, ... 19-Dec-2005 more

Sports marketing expert now online

Journalists looking for a marketing expert to comment on topics including sports marketing, sporting events and player management can now find one of Queensland’s leading specialists online at www.expertguide.com.au. Jason Greenhalgh, managing director of Major League Marketing, runs an award-winning consultancy that specialises in sports ... 20-Dec-2005 more

Folate benefits not equally shared

A new study has shown that economically and socially disadvantaged women were much less likely to receive enough of the vitamin folate to reduce their baby's risk of serious birth defects. The findings, by researchers at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, have recently been published in the international journal Paediatric and ... 21-Dec-2005 more

Lifesavers urge care with new toys this Christmas

With Christmas just four days away, Surf Life Saving is sending a safety warning urging people to take care in the surf with their new aquatic equipment. Between 30,000 and 40,000 people are expected to visit the beaches of southeast Queensland each day during the main festive period with upwards of 100,000 people expected on Boxing Day, while ... 23-Dec-2005 more

Peace on earth (except in car parks)

The ‘peace of earth and goodwill’ spirit of Christmas appears to stop at the shopping centre car park, according to a road safety expert. Holden Performance Driving Centre general manager Russell White said there is something about car parks at Christmas that causes us to act a little strange. “A combination of the heat and shopping ... 23-Dec-2005 more