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Adelaide IVF breakthrough to hit the world market

A University of Adelaide reproductive biologist has achieved a major breakthrough in IVF technology that is expected to help millions of women around the world who have suffered previous miscarriages after IVF treatment. Professor Sarah Robertson, an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and member of the University’s Robinson Institute, has partnered ... 06-Jan-2011 more

Geologist breaks up beliefs regarding Australian continent formation

A joint study by Curtin University researchers into the formation of Australia will alter traditional beliefs regarding the age-old formation of the continent. Curtin’s Institute for Geosciences Research tectonics specialist, Professor Zheng-Xiang Li and Yale University collaborator, Professor David Evans, said prevailing views were that the ... 07-Jan-2011 more

Tough community in rocky times

Chair of the Australian Psychological Society’s Disaster Reference Group Kevin Ronan is in the centre of the Queensland flood disaster in Rockhampton and has witnessed first-hand the resilience of this tough community. The Rockhampton resident and CQUniversity Professor of Psychology said despite thousands of Queenslanders being affected by the ... 07-Jan-2011 more

Virtual hall a reality for ANU students

Campus life at The Australian National University now has an added dimension, with the opening of the non-residential Griffin Hall – the first of its kind in Australia. Griffin Hall will offer academic support and social engagement for all non-residential students at ANU. It will also provide access to a range of social, cultural and sporting ... 18-Jan-2011 more

Migration helps corals survive climate change

The key to preserving the extraordinary richness and beauty of the world’s coral reefs through the coming period of fragmentation caused by climate change lies in a better understanding of how newborn coral larvae disperse across the oceans to settle and grow on new reefs. Research by scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef ... 24-Jan-2011 more

Sweep away red tape to make or break business survival

Red tape must be drastically reduced and government work contracts for post-flood reconstruction should be aggregated to one website to help small and struggling businesses get back on their feet, says a QUT business academic who studied business recovery after Hurricane Katrina. Dr Roxanne Zolin said many businesses had had no work for days and ... 25-Jan-2011 more

ANU experts: cyclones

The following ANU experts are available today to comment on the Queensland cyclone and surrounding environmental, economic, policy and other issues. If you require other experts please contact the ANU Media Office on 02 6125 4171. Professor Jeff Bennett Environmental and resource economics, agricultural economics, valuation of environmental ... 02-Feb-2011 more

New insights into vision loss

A trigger for the most common form of vision loss and blindness in Australia has been discovered thanks to research conducted with help from Australian eye donors. Researchers from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, including The Australian National University’s Vision Centre, found that patients suffering from the most common form ... 07-Feb-2011 more

Motorists disregard medication warning labels

Most Queensland drivers don't take heed of medication warning labels and are potentially driving drug-impaired despite the threat of drowsiness and increased crash risk, according to a new study by Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Tanya Smyth, from QUT's Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q), conducted a ... 08-Feb-2011 more

Modern buildings take on Cyclone Yasi

James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) team is now well advanced on their investigation in the areas most affected by Tropical Cyclone Yasi, focusing mainly on the Cassowary Coast. The team’s observations show that most contemporary housing has not sustained much structural wind damage, demonstrating that where the building Codes ... 11-Feb-2011 more

Media Advisory

The Federal Government should investigate imposing a GST on foreign online retailers if it wants to prevent other businesses from the rise of internet shopping, a marketing expert says. The Federal Government should investigate imposing a GST on foreign online retailers if it wants to prevent other businesses from the rise of internet shopping, a ... 18-Feb-2011 more

Kids forced indoors by poor park planning

Deakin University health experts have found that poor park planning could be forcing kids indoors. In one of the few studies to look at the link between neighbourhood design and sedentary behaviour among children, the researchers found that features such as parks influenced how much time children spent watching TV and playing computer ... 22-Feb-2011 more

ANU carbon price experts

The following experts are available to discuss the issue of carbon pricing. JOTZO, Dr Frank Climate change economics and greenhouse gas policy, international climate negotiations, environment and development, Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia. Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Crawford School of Economics and Government Deputy Director, ANU Climate ... 22-Feb-2011 more

Universal flu vaccine study yields success in mice

Adelaide researchers have taken a step closer to the development of a universal flu vaccine, with results of a recent study showing that a vaccine delivered by a simple nasal spray could provide protection against influenza. University of Adelaide researcher Dr Darren Miller and colleagues have successfully trialled a synthetic universal flu ... 23-Feb-2011 more

Support for NZ uni students affected by earthquake

The University of Adelaide has made a major offer of support to students from the University of Canterbury affected by the recent devastating earthquake in Christchurch. Canterbury has been badly affected by the quake and remains closed.  It is not known when teaching there will resume. The University of Adelaide has offered first-year students ... 02-Mar-2011 more

If There's No Argument, You're High Risk

If you want the secret of what goes on behind closed doors at successful organisations it's relatively simple - focus is not on sales, it's on brand.  More specifically it's about robust argument that justifies the companies every action, upholding and managing its perceived value. Perception is reality. There is only perceived value. It's easy ... 04-Mar-2011 more

Family meal times could reveal the recipe for preventing childhood obesity

In the battle to turn the tide on childhood obesity, Deakin University health researchers have set their sights on the way mums and dads interact with their kids at meal times. The researchers are calling on Victorian parents to take part in the first study, world-wide, to involve both mums and dads in exploring the influence family meal-time ... 08-Mar-2011 more

Governor-General to launch ANU gender institute

The Australian National University’s new Gender Institute will be officially opened this evening by the Governor-General of Australia, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC. Launched during International Women’s Week, the Gender Institute aims to provide a cross-campus focus for existing research on issues of gender and sexuality, as well as act as a ... 10-Mar-2011 more

147 Australians gaoled for fraud motivated by gambling

An Australian study into the relationship between problem gambling and fraud provides new evidence of the size of the problem and its devastating impact. The study by the Forensic Accounting firm, Warfield & Associates, covered the period 2008-10 and analysed over 180 criminal convictions in Australia for fraud offences where gambling was the main ... 17-Mar-2011 more

High salt diets seriously damaging sex lives of Australian men

Getting across to men just how bad salt is for their health is the focus of a debate being hosted by The George Institute for Global Health in Sydney today as part of World Salt Awareness Week. Whilst the adverse affects of high blood pressure on men’s sex lives is clear, the direct link between salt and sex is yet to be proven. There is, however, ... 23-Mar-2011 more

Wind and waves growing across globe

Oceanic wind speeds and wave heights have increased significantly over the last quarter of a century according to a major new study undertaken by ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young. Published today in Science, the study is the most comprehensive of its kind ever undertaken. Other authors include Swinburne University oceanographers ... 25-Mar-2011 more

Obesity rates dropping in preschool children

A Deakin University study has revealed that rates of obesity and overweight in Victorian preschool children are declining. The study by researchers with Deakin’s WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention analysed Victorian maternal and child health service data on a total of 225,430 children aged 2 and 3.5 years between 1999 and 2007. The ... 27-Mar-2011 more

Curtin team receives Alzheimer’s grant

A group from Curtin University have been awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant to undertake a study of drug treatment regimes and survival outcomes for Western Australian’s with Alzheimer’s. The project was awarded a $180,970 grant for two years, and will use Australian population linked health data. The study, ... 06-Apr-2011 more

Carbon soil study could be green money-spinner

Scientists from Murdoch University are investigating whether changes to the soil in the Peel region will help to tackle climate change. Led by Professor Richard Harper, the Alcoa Chair in Sustainable Water Management at the university, the team is investigating whether adding substances like clay to sandy soils will increase the amount of carbon ... 06-Apr-2011 more

Exceptional trainee teachers make a difference

A landmark education program that puts the brightest trainee teachers into disadvantaged schools across Queensland is expanding after its first year. Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Faculty of Education is recruiting its top third-year Bachelor of Education students to complete specialised training to teach at disadvantaged schools. ... 06-Apr-2011 more

Rental market absorbs disaster demand

Queensland’s residential rental market has absorbed the impacts from this year’s natural disasters however demand is starting to tighten in some areas due to lower buyer activity, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The REIQ’s March residential rental survey has found vacancy rates have continued to tighten over the past six ... 20-Apr-2011 more

Bookkeepers steal $31 million

Bookkeepers steal $31 millionAn Australia-wide research study into fraud committed by Bookkeepers provides new evidence of the size of the problem and its devastating impact.The research by the Forensic Accounting firm, Warfield & Associates, covered the period 2005-11 and analysed 65 criminal convictions in Australia for fraud offences where a ... 20-Apr-2011 more

NSW Students failing to manage HSC stress

High School students in New South Wales are in danger of unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, and it is at this time of year that Year 12 students can learn to manage the pressure, or suffer the consequences, says Sydney based psychologist, Janine Rod.“Teenagers today are expected to deal with the dramatic increases of social pressure of the ... 20-Apr-2011 more

Male-only aisles remove "fear of the feminine"

Male-only supermarket shopping aisles that focus on gender-specific products rather than merchandise by category, could be the key to retailers boosting product sales, according to a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) business researcher.Dr Gary Mortimer, from QUT's School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, said while the ... 20-Apr-2011 more

Aged Care: A life worth living

The prickly topic of aged care is often sidestepped by families.   Facing up to the  realisation that Mum or Dad can no longer live independently is often avoided until the situation reaches crisis point. Bupa New Farm General Manager, Davida Webb, sees this scenario all too often and encourages families to check out local aged care homes, prior to ... 28-Apr-2011 more

Society saved by the social network: ANU poll

Increased use of the Internet is leading to a more politically engaged and socially inclusive society, according to the latest ANUpoll.The latest ANUpoll, released today – The Internet and Civil Society – shows that far from increasing social isolation because users are in front of a computer screen, the Internet is actually having a positive ... 28-Apr-2011 more

Post-traumatic growth in aftermath of Queensland disasters

At least one-quarter of people affected by Australia's natural disasters at the start of this year will be experiencing "post-traumatic growth", according to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) trauma expert Dr Jane Shakespeare-Finch. This might take the form of a new outlook on life, a career change, or - quite commonly - changes in ... 10-May-2011 more

Pressure all around in first Gillard Govt budget

The Gillard Government is feeling "pressure all around" as it struggles to offer sweeteners to Australian voters while balancing economic issues and competing political interests in its first budget, a political scientist says.Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Professor Clive Bean said the minority government had a lot of factors ... 10-May-2011 more

System developed to fast track new flu treatments

The development of new vaccines and drugs to combat the flu could be accelerated thanks to a new testing system. Collaboration between MSD and Deakin University’s professor of public health, Richard Osborne, has resulted in the development of a new way to understand the intensity and impact of the flu that will enable scientists to better assess if ... 18-May-2011 more

New reefs found in the Great Barrier Reef ‘twilight’ zone

An international research team led by researchers from James Cook University using a high-tech underwater robot have discovered diverse coral reef communities living in the unexplored deep waters along the Great Barrier Reef shelf-edge.Tom Bridge, a PhD Candidate in JCU’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, said the findings were a first ... 19-May-2011 more

Research support backs low emission technology development

Research and development of the technology behind Australia’s most advanced carbon capture and storage plant will be tested internationally thanks to a new partnership between the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) and Xstrata Coal.Two research contracts worth a total of $1.3 million will be signed today supporting projects ... 20-May-2011 more

Cosmic explosion close to the dawn of time

There is a new leading candidate in the quest to record the most distant, and therefore oldest viewed astronomical object in the Universe, according to research published today.Detected by NASA’s Swift satellite in April 2009, the GRB 090429B gamma-ray burst was recently estimated at a distance of 13.14 billion light years away, far beyond anything ... 26-May-2011 more

First ever Queensland-wide audito of carer quality of life

Carers Queensland has partnered with national non-profit Partners for Livable Communities Australia and THG to conduct the first liveability audit of the state’s 536,000 carers.With one in eight Australians classified as carers and at greater risk of suffering from isolation, unhappiness and a poor quality of life, Carers Queensland says it is time ... 26-May-2011 more

Noise research to combat ‘wind turbine syndrome’

University of Adelaide acoustics researchers are investigating the causes of wind turbine noise with the aim of making them quieter and solving ‘wind turbine syndrome’.They are also developing a computer model to predict the noise output from wind farms so they can accurately and quickly assess the effectiveness of potential noise-reducing designs ... 01-Jun-2011 more

Potential treatment for deadly E. coli disease

A potential life-saving treatment for severe E. coli food poisoning outbreaks – developed more than a decade ago – hasn’t gone forward into clinical trials because of lack of commercial interest.University of Adelaide researchers produced a “designer” probiotic bacterium which binds and neutralises the toxin produced by E. coli, which causes ... 07-Jun-2011 more

Early detection may prevent blindness

The leading cause of blindness in Australia, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), may be detected in healthy people at risk of developing the disease thanks to the discovery of a technique for early detection by researchers at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).Using standard clinical techniques, the detection of AMD has previously not ... 08-Jun-2011 more

Talking produces the best result

Forget about all the electronic communication tools modern society uses, the old fashioned face-to-face meeting produces the best results.Or at least that is the case when trying to engage students concerning their attitude to work experience and lifelong learning according to Dr Sue Bandaranaike.A social demographer at James Cook University, Dr ... 09-Jun-2011 more

Do steaks make you big?

Adjusting the intake of high protein foods like meat, eggs and milk products could determine whether you become a rugby player or marathon runner and may help you lose weight, according to new research published this month in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.Dr Stefan Broer, head of the molecular nutrition group at College of Medicine, Biology ... 15-Jun-2011 more

Media contact for Hells Angels lawyer

Journalists wishing to contact someone to discuss today's High Court victory by the Hells Angels should contact lawyer Wayne Baffsky: 0411 878 719.Mr Baffsky represented the club during the High Court case.  23-Jun-2011 more

Long legal stoush ahead on cigarettes: expert

Any tobacco company legal action against the Federal Government over proposals to introduce plain packaging to cigarettes could take months to settle and must first prove that there exists a dispute between the two parties, according to a legal expert from The Australian National University.Reports this morning indicated that Philip Morris Asia is ... 27-Jun-2011 more

Indigenous health report to be launched today (7/7)

A report examining the experiences and views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with chronic illness will be launched at Australian Parliament House today.The Hon Warren Snowdon MP, Minister for Indigenous Health, will launch People I Can Call On, a study conducted by the Menzies Centre for Health Policy based at The Australian ... 07-Jul-2011 more

Climate change experts available

The following experts from The Australian National University are available to talk this weekend about climate change and climate policy. Climate change economics, law and policyJOTZO, Dr FrankClimate change economics, Australian and international climate policy, environment and development, Asia-Pacific region.Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Crawford ... 08-Jul-2011 more

Volunteers needed to study Aussies' views on terrorism

A James Cook University Psychology Honours student is looking for volunteers from around Australia to take part in an online research study about terrorism. Principal investigator Klaudija Tomic said very little was known about how Australians perceived the threat of terrorism and its impact on their psychological wellbeing.“It is important to ... 11-Jul-2011 more

China will rise: ANU experts

World-leading international and Australian experts will present the latest research on the Chinese economy at The Australian National University tomorrow at the 2011 China Update – the largest annual gathering of China scholars outside of the Asian nation.  This year’s update will reflect on the wide range of opportunities and challenges that have ... 11-Jul-2011 more

New Expert: Rural and regional Australian education and community capacity building

Journalists looking for an expert on issues surrounding education outcomes across rural and regional Australia, Youth Allowance, education engagement and education outcomes for rural students, tertiary education scholarships and skills capacity building can now find a commentator on Expert Guide with many years’ experience working with rural ... 11-Jul-2011 more

Animal nutrition experts tackle environmental challenges

Scientists and industry representatives from around the world met at the University of New England this week for the University’s biennial “Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition – Australia” conference.Coming from about a dozen countries, including Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, China, Fiji, The Netherlands, Singapore and the United ... 15-Jul-2011 more

More support needed to ensure children’s access to grandparents

More support is needed to prevent children from suffering the loss of access to their grandparents because of family disputes, according to a researcher at the University of New England.UNE’s Professor of Early Childhood Studies, Margaret Sims, says that while the importance to children of relationships with their grandparents is clear, the legal ... 18-Jul-2011 more

Climate will damage reefs ‘at different rates’

Climate change and acidifying ocean water are likely to have a highly variable impact on the world’s coral reefs, in space, time and diversity, international coral scientists cautioned today.The picture that is emerging from studies of past coral extinctions and present impacts on today’s reef systems is complex and subtle and will demand much more ... 22-Jul-2011 more

– Expert comment on Norway and extremism –

International affairs expert, Dr Binoy Kampmark, is available to talk on the issues raised by the terror attacks in Norway.What are the origins and policies of the extremist groups behind the killings?What role does Islam plays in Norway and other Scandinavian countries?Is Islam perceived to be a threat?Do the killings signal the demise of the ... 25-Jul-2011 more

The merits of multiculturalism

A new book from ANU E Press argues that integration as a form of multiculturalism is vital in sustaining social harmony. Multiculturalism and Integration – a harmonious relationship will be launched today at the Australian National University.Co-author Dr James Jupp from the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies at ANU said the book has ... 25-Jul-2011 more

QUT forum: Are We Engineering an Energy Crisis?

Australia must use more renewable energy sources and address the engineering skills shortage to help avoid an energy crisis, a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) forum will hear today.QUT Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering Deputy Dean Professor Doug Hargreaves said Australia must move towards a more sustainable energy generation ... 04-Aug-2011 more

Three-week wait for asylum decision: Expert

The asylum seekers facing the threat of being sent to Malaysia face a three-week wait to hear their fate, and the decision will rest on whether the government can convince the High Court that the Southeast Asian country is an appropriate place to send them, according to an ANU law expert.Professor of International Law Donald Rothwell says that the ... 09-Aug-2011 more

With anniversaries of disasters coming up, psychological recovery remains a focus

Pretty soon we'll be hearing about anniversaries of the terrible floods, cyclones, bush fires and earthquakes that have occurred in Australia and New Zealand. This will be a timely opportunity for people like Professor Kevin Ronan to evaluate if the psychological recovery projects established in the wake of physical disasters have been worthwhile. ... 09-Aug-2011 more

Underbelly coup for QUT acting grads

First a Melbourne crime boss and now a gritty prostitute. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) acting grads and the acclaimed Australian television series Underbelly are a deadly combination.Sunday night, two 2010 QUT Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) graduates will make their Underbelly debut in the fourth series of the popular crime drama, ... 18-Aug-2011 more

World can bank on economic change

Noted economic reformer and Managing Director of the World Bank Dr Sri Mulyani Indrawati will discuss the role of the G20 in a question and answer session at The Australian National University tomorrow.The former Indonesian Finance Minster, Dr Mulyani will highlight some of the key issues of importance for developing countries and Indonesia’s role ... 22-Aug-2011 more

Advanced software enhances learning opportunities for children

An advanced early learning tool developed by Curtin University researchers to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder has won the 2011 Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards.The Toby Playpad software, developed by Professor Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Stewart Greenhill and Dr Dinh Phung, from Curtin’s Institute of Multi Sensor Processing & Content ... 22-Aug-2011 more

Bunbury local wins the waist battle

Bunbury local Ben Andrew has battled his waistline and emerged 73.7kg lighter thanks to a Curtin University program aimed at helping Rotary clubs fight obesity. Security guard Ben shed the weight over 18 months and reduced his Body Mass Index (BMI) from a life threatening 53.9 to a healthy range of 25 and under to be named this year’s ... 31-Aug-2011 more

Seeking the keys to coral reef renewal

Vital clues to coral reef recovery have been identified in a remarkable research project in which three scientists laboured to hand-build 30 coral reefs from hundreds of tonnes of rock and gravel.Working in a shallow, sandy area of Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea, the team constructed their artificial reefs over several weeks, with just a boat and ... 05-Sep-2011 more

Chin'a rise and US decline false: Expert

The increasingly polarised debate about the rise of China and the decline of America will heat up at The Australian National University today.Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at ANU will examine the historical reasons for the rise and fall of great powers to support his argument that China’s rise and ... 05-Sep-2011 more

9/11 Anniversary: ANU experts available

In the lead up to the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, the following experts from The Australian National University are available for analysis and comment on a range of issues and topics related to the significance of the event and its consequences. Military and defence implications, war on terror  DIBB, ... 06-Sep-2011 more

Unit market shrugs off uncertainty

Queensland’s unit and townhouse market shrugged off this year’s natural disasters and the current economic conservatism to record mostly positive results over the June quarter, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The REIQ June quarter median unit and townhouse report found the preliminary number of sales rebounded robustly ... 09-Sep-2011 more

Offshore processing move faces challenges

The Gillard Government’s move to amend legislation to allow offshore processing will require changes to both the Migration Act and the Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Act. And one will present considerably more difficulties than the other, according to an international law expert from The Australian National University.Professor Donald ... 12-Sep-2011 more

New research to help stroke patients who can’t swallow

A simple function that most of us take for granted – swallowing – is the focus of University of Adelaide research which could help thousands of stroke sufferers around the world.In an Australian first, researchers from the University’s Robinson Institute are using magnetic stimulators to jump start the brain after a stroke and repair swallowing ... 12-Sep-2011 more

Brain research offers hope

A Curtin University engineer has helped to develop a technology with the potential to provide rehabilitation, intervention and treatment for patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), severe paralysis, and stroke.Associate Professor Tele Tan, of Curtin’s School of Electrical Engineering and ... 19-Sep-2011 more

Unit Pricing saves shoppers money on grocery bills

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study has found shoppers who use unit pricing to choose grocery items saved on average 11% on their grocery bills.The study, conducted by Dr Gary Mortimer and Dr Clinton Weeks of the QUT Business School, involved 30 consumers from the Brisbane suburb of Marsden and covered a five week period.Dr Mortimer ... 21-Sep-2011 more

Dust makes light work of vehicle emissions

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers have identified a silver lining in the cloud of red dust that enveloped much of eastern Australia two years ago.Research fellow Dr Rohan Jayaratne from QUT's International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH) said that data, from what is believed to be the first air quality test ... 22-Sep-2011 more

Genetic discovery suggests potential new asthma treatment

An international study featured in The Lancet, led by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), has identified two new genetic variants that increase the risk of asthma.Lead researcher, Dr Manuel Ferreira from QIMR said the findings suggest that a drug currently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis may be effective to treat asthma.“Asthma ... 26-Sep-2011 more

Drunk behaviour – a question of immunity

University of Adelaide researchers have found that immune cells in your brain may contribute to how you respond to alcohol. Lead researcher Dr Mark Hutchinson, ARC Research Fellow with the University’s School of Medical Sciences, said his team’s research provided new evidence that an immune response in the brain was involved in behavioural ... 27-Sep-2011 more

Great Barrier Reef turtle populations will survive

James Cook University marine turtle ecologist Dr Mark Hamann said the unusually high number of green turtle deaths following Queensland's severe weather events is a concern, but the population will be resilient. "The numbers of stranded turtles that we're seeing are more than anything we've recorded  since 1996 so any spike in injuries and deaths ... 03-Oct-2011 more

Human rights key to Palestine-Israel peace

The devastating effect that the 44-year Israeli occupation is having on the human rights of people in the Palestinian Territories will be discussed at The Australian National University today.  Dr Victoria Mason from the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies and the School of Politics and International Relations will explore how civil, political, ... 04-Oct-2011 more

– Expert comment on the legacy of Steve Jobs –

RMIT University’s Dr Mark Gregory is available for interview on the legacy of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.What impact did Steve Jobs have on how we use technology?How have his ideas spread beyond Apple to change technology worldwide?How did Apple grow and change under his leadership to become the world’s largest technology corporation?Dr Gregory, a ... 06-Oct-2011 more

RMIT student leads Breast Cancer Bra Walk

An RMIT University student diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 is organising, along with her two sisters, the inaugural Melbourne Breast Cancer Bra Walk.The event, at Federation Square on Sunday, 30 October, aims to raise breast cancer awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia.Kim Pinker, now a third-year Bachelor of Policy and ... 10-Oct-2011 more

Asylum seeker 'solutions' a treadmill of injustice

Government moves to amend the Migration Act to allow asylum seekers to be sent to Malaysia puts lives at risk, refugee law experts claim."The proposed amendments are the government's response to the High Court's judgment in August that effectively halted the 'Malaysia Solution' - the transferring of asylum seekers arriving in Australia to ... 11-Oct-2011 more

Nurses boost wellbeing for cancer survivors

A one-off consultation with a nurse at the end of cancer treatment can make a difference to a patient's ongoing physical and emotional wellbeing. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT ) School of Nursing and Midwifery has designed a program to assist cancer survivors in self-managing their health and emotional concerns. Participants in this ... 14-Oct-2011 more

Give fishers ‘a break’

Demonising fishermen does not help protect fisheries, a leading scientist will tell the “Coral Reefs: Coast to Coast” symposium held in Fremantle on Friday.   “The fishing trade is of huge importance to the livelihoods of many communities in the coastal parts of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Malaysia and ... 17-Oct-2011 more

Research eyes energy-saving fluoros

The global trend towards using fluorescent globes instead of incandescent ones as a strategy to beat climate change could be increasing eye disease, according to new research by scientists at The Australian National University.Published today in the American Journal of Public Health, the new study has found that fluorescent lighting may cause a 12 ... 21-Oct-2011 more

– Expert comment on Gaddafi –

RMIT University international affairs expert Dr Binoy Kampmark is available for interview on the death of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.What are the implications of his death to Libyans?Where does Libya and the international community go next?What are the international repercussions?Dr Kampmark is a Lecturer in RMIT’s School of Global Studies, ... 21-Oct-2011 more

Autoimmune breakthrough kicks off Research Week

Research being undertaken at the University of Adelaide and Women’s and Children’s Hospital is providing vital clues into the causes of autoimmune diseases which affect millions of people around the world. The University of Adelaide’s Children’s Research Centre has been awarded $2 million to investigate new therapies to reverse autoimmune disease ... 24-Oct-2011 more

Faith in democracy tumbles: Poll

A growing number of Australians are concerned about the quality of government, according to the latest ANUpoll, released today.The poll, Attitudes to government and government services, probed public views on government and government services and how these services should change in the years ahead. It found that satisfaction with democracy in ... 25-Oct-2011 more

UNE breaks distance barrier in medical education

A group of medical students at the University of New England became pioneers in medical education today when they were transported, via the Internet, to a specialised training facility in the United States.In one of the first international links of its kind, five students from UNE’s School of Rural Medicine joined their American counterparts for a ... 26-Oct-2011 more

Obama nuclear rhetoric ‘stronger than actions’

US President Barack Obama’s actions to reduce nuclear weapons threats has not been commensurate with his rhetoric, according to a new book.Prevention, Pre-emption and the Nuclear Option: From Bush to Obama by RMIT University’s Dr Aiden Warren says President Obama has struck bold rhetorical notes and promises in relation to limiting the role of ... 26-Oct-2011 more

Technology makes storing radioactive waste safer

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers have developed new technology capable of removing radioactive material from contaminated water and aiding clean-up efforts following nuclear disasters. The innovation could also solve the problem of how to clean up millions of tonnes of water contaminated by dangerous radioactive material and ... 31-Oct-2011 more

Looking for answers to aneurysms

A James Cook University and Queensland Tropical Health Alliance team has received a $2.7 million boost to its research on ways to detect and strengthen weak arteries, the leading cause of aneurysms.Professor Jonathan Golledge, Head of JCU’s Vascular Biology Unit in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and a team of researchers at JCU and leading ... 31-Oct-2011 more

WA high-tech business helps astronomers discover the Universe

A quest to study the earliest stars and galaxies in the Universe is underway, with local industry building the first major pieces of a revolutionary new radio telescope in Western Australia, as part of the Murchison Wide-field Array.Murchison Wide-field Array (MWA) industry partner and Fremantle-based high-technology company, Poseidon Scientific ... 01-Nov-2011 more

Nurse practitioners a success in community pharmacies

Nurse practitioners based in community pharmacies have great potential to ease the burden in primary care, research by Curtin University and Griffith University has found. The independently funded research, undertaken by Associate Professor Lynne Emmerton, of Curtin’s School of Pharmacy, and Sara McMillan, of Griffith’s School ... 02-Nov-2011 more

Celebrating the vital importance of livestock animals

A public lecture in Armidale about livestock production will emphasise the need to increase productivity while minimising the environmental impact.Roger Hegarty, Professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of New England, will present his Inaugural Lecture to the Armidale community on Wednesday 16 November. His lecture, at 6.30 pm in Armidale ... 04-Nov-2011 more

– Expert comment on solariums and skin cancer –

Research by Cancer Council Victoria published today has found 80 per cent of Melbourne solarium operators allow teenagers under 18 to use their sunbeds, in breach of Victorian law. The survey also revealed that almost half the operators granted access to people with fair skin (skin type 1), who are also banned from solarium use under legislation ... 08-Nov-2011 more

Bushland battle: biodiversity of bioenergy?

Opening our native forests to the bioenergy market will be ‘all pain for no gain’, according to a leading Australian economist and forestry expert.Dr Judith Ajani from The Australian National University will discuss this and other points at a seminar today, which brings the two main opposing views about native forests in climate change policy ... 09-Nov-2011 more

Supply of rentals impacting market

Rental vacancy rates across many areas of Queensland have tightened over recent months, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) data.The REIQ’s September residential rental survey found the low number of investors in the property market contributed to the tightening of vacancy rates between June and September this ... 11-Nov-2011 more

New centre will tackle housing stress in Australia

A new centre to address homelessness and housing market imbalances in Australia will be launched tomorrow at the University of Adelaide by the South Australian Deputy Premier, the Hon. John Rau.The Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning - comprised of University researchers, academics and other practitioners - aims to assist some of the ... 14-Nov-2011 more

Geothermal experts in Melbourne this week

As the nation’s geothermal leaders arrive in Melbourne for the three-day annual Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (starting tomorrow, 16/11), senior industry figure Kerry Parker will be available to discuss the sector’s recent progress in making Australian geothermal energy a reality.Mr Parker, Managing Director of Panax Geothermal and ... 15-Nov-2011 more

Spinal cord treatment offers hope

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers have developed a promising new treatment for spinal cord injury in animals, which could eventually prevent paralysis in thousands of people worldwide every year. Dr Ben Goss, from the Institute for Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) at QUT, is part of a research team investigating how to ... 16-Nov-2011 more

Survey to inform new fireweed management guide

Researchers from the University of New England and CSIRO will soon be conducting a survey of rural landholders as part of a two-year project exploring control and management options for fireweed.The project is being funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).Fireweed, a native of South ... 21-Nov-2011 more

Climate change experts offer insight into durban

In the lead up to the UNFCCC conference which begins in Durban, South Africa, this Thursday, the following experts from The Australian National University are able to comment on climate change policies, economics, international frameworks and negotiations, as well as renewable energy technologies.BALDWIN, Professor KenEnergy, lasers, atom optics, ... 22-Nov-2011 more

Gone Fishing? We have for 42,000 years

An archaeologist from The Australian National University has uncovered the world’s oldest evidence of deep sea fishing for big fish, showing that 42,000 years ago our regional ancestors had mastered one of our nation’s favourite pastimes.Professor Sue O’Connor of the College of Asia and the Pacific at ANU, also found the world’s earliest recorded ... 25-Nov-2011 more

Natural killers help fight human disease

Researchers from The Australian National University have discovered a new type of cell which boosts the human body’s ability to fight off infections and life-threatening diseases. Professor Carola Vinuesa from The John Curtin School of Medical Research has found a type of cell which recognises lipid antigens, or foreign molecules, which sit on ... 28-Nov-2011 more

– Expert comment on the VCE –

Professor Annette Gough, Head of the School of Education at RMIT University, is available for expert comment on proposed changes to the Victorian Certificate of Education.Education Minister Martin Dixon will outline his plans for reforms in a speech today, with options including replacing some exams with a thesis and introducing a senior ... 29-Nov-2011 more

Green fuel project has benefits for industry

A $1.5 million industry-linked project will see University of Adelaide researchers establish a small-scale biodiesel production facility in partnership with a South Australian company, which will use the renewable fuel to power its large fleet of trucks and machinery.The University’s FOODPlus Research Centre has teamed with Peats Soil & Garden ... 01-Dec-2011 more

A brighter future for infertility treatement: study

Male infertility could soon have a boost through new treatments at a sub-DNA ‘epigenetic’ level, according to researchers from The Australian National University.The research team, led by Professor David Tremethick of The John Curtin School of Medical Research at ANU, have uncovered a new mechanism of gene activation which will have important ... 05-Dec-2011 more

Building better roads

The introduction of new, more effective products in the construction of roads and bridges has the potential to save taxpayers millions of dollars, and yield higher returns for the construction industry. A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study led by Dr Tim Rose and Dr Karen Manley from the Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering has ... 07-Dec-2011 more

Car ownership puts teens at high crash risk

Three out of four young Queensland drivers owns a vehicle within the first six months of receiving a provisional licence, increasing their risk of being involved in a crash, new research shows.A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) survey, published in the international journal Traffic Injury Prevention, found that nearly 80 per cent of ... 12-Dec-2011 more

Male cancer patients turn to alternative treatments

More than 50% of men diagnosed with cancer in Australia are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to help find a cure, or to improve their health, according to new research from the University of Adelaide.Psychology PhD student Nadja Klafke says an Adelaide questionnaire of 400 men with various types of cancer shows that many of them ... 13-Dec-2011 more

NBN-connected ‘smarter, safer homes’ about to become reality

A plan to use the National Broadband Network (NBN) to help frail, elderly people live independently in their own homes is about to become a reality.Specialists in communications innovation from the University of New England and CSIRO are working in collaboration with Armidale’s Autumn Lodge aged care facility in a project aimed at demonstrating the ... 14-Dec-2011 more

New personalised treatment options for cancer

A new cancer research centre established at the University of Adelaide will focus on treatment options tailored to the individual, taking into account DNA and genetic variations between people.The Centre for Personalised Cancer Medicine brings together a team of world-leading researchers with strengths in blood cancers and solid tumours, ... 19-Dec-2011 more

Expert Alert: Qld Health scandals reveal recruitment loopholes

Experts are questioning the reliability of the current recruitment practices employed by some of the Queensland's largest government organisations after the recent discovery of more than one ‘shonky’ employee working at Queensland Health. Salih Mujcic, psychologist from Onetest, a leading HR Solutions provider says that the recent events involving ... 21-Dec-2011 more