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Hypothermia under microscope for stroke treatment

A University of Newcastle research team is investigating the use of hypothermia to reduce further brain injury to stroke patients.According to the research team, cooling the body to 32-33 degrees celcius to a state of hypothermia for between 12 to 24 hours can save victims of some forms of brain injury. However, side effects such as pneumonia or ... 04-Jan-2012 more

Newcastle researchers at the forefront of melanoma overhaul

Newcastle skin cancer experts are among an international research consortium behind the overhaul of current melanoma treatments worldwide.Tomorrow is National Shade Day highlighting the devastating effects of melanoma, reminding people about prevention and championing the latest research developments.University of Newcastle Associate Professor Xu ... 09-Jan-2012 more

Fortunately for men, size doesn't matter (much)

Researchers from The Australian National University have discovered that the male-specific Y-chromosome is shrinking – and it’s happening at different rates across species. The research team discovered that a marsupial’s Y-chromosome is genetically denser than the human Y-chromosome, meaning that animals like the tammar wallaby are bounds ahead on ... 10-Jan-2012 more

Gift of the gab helps plants beat drought

Researchers from The Australian National University have discovered a new cellular communication process used by plants to respond to drought. The team, led by Dr Gonzalo Estavillo and Professor Barry Pogson in the ANU Research School of Biology, examined a small, rapid-growing plant called Arabidopsis, a relative of canola. The researchers ... 12-Jan-2012 more

Scientists pinpoint timing of powerful black hole activity

A Curtin University radio astronomer is a step closer to understanding how black holes can launch superfast 'bullets' of gas into space, by identifying the exact moment when these 'bullets' form.Combining observations from NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) satellite and the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) ... 12-Jan-2012 more

Black Saturday provides bushfire answers

Clearing vegetation close to houses is the best way to reduce the impacts of severe bushfires, according to a team of scientists from Australia and the USA who examined house loss as a result of Black Saturday.The research involving 12,000 measurements at 500 houses affected by the Black Saturday fires was only made possible by the sheer size of ... 17-Jan-2012 more

Vitamin D deficiency strikes one-third of Australians

Nearly one third of Australian adults are suffering vitamin D deficiency according to a study involving more than 11,000 adults from around the country. This is the first national study to evaluate the vitamin D status of Australians. Those at greatest risk for deficiency were women, the elderly, the obese, people doing less than 2.5 hours of ... 17-Jan-2012 more

American Idol: last performer has upper hand

As American Idol premieres to millions of viewers worldwide for its eleventh season tonight, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers have some advice for contestants: perform last. QUT researchers Dr Lionel Page and Dr Katie Page conducted a statistical analysis of 1522 performances over 165 Idol shows in the USA, Australia, Brazil, ... 18-Jan-2012 more

University releases Main Round Offers

The University of Newcastle released 8,345 Main Round Offers to undergraduate students last night.Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Global Relations), Professor Kevin McConkey, said this year the university was delighted to have made a record number of Main Round Offers.“In 2012, the university’s total preferences increased by six per cent and ... 19-Jan-2012 more

Expert comment on Fulham prison riot

The riots at Fulham Prison raise questions about the Victorian Government’s experiment with private prisons, according to RMIT University Adjunct Professor Peter Norden AO.“The community can rightly condemn the behaviour of a small section of the rioting inmates, but the underlying causes for the unrest need to be investigated,” Adjunct Professor ... 19-Jan-2012 more

Sun, surf and free legal advice this summer

The University will celebrate its ninth year of offering free legal advice through the Newcastle Legal Centre’s flagship summer program, Law on the Beach.Since its inception in 2004, The University’s highly successful Law on the Beach program has helped hundreds of people by bringing free legal advice to them in a relaxed setting - the beach.Each ... 23-Jan-2012 more

Course will help Indigenous students into science careers

Indigenous students hoping to follow a career in science are being urged to sign up for a special course at Murdoch University.The K-Track program, based at Murdoch’s Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre, is designed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who would not otherwise qualify for university-level study a pathway into a degree ... 23-Jan-2012 more

$1 bets offer ‘a slower way to bleed to death’, says gambling researcher

Introduction of $1 bets would be a positive way to combat problem gambling, but in some cases may only be the difference between ‘bleeding to death’ slowly or quickly. The end result is the same.That’s according to gambling researcher Associate Professor Matthew Rockloff of CQUniversity, who says he’s in favour of $1 bets, but that mandatory ... 24-Jan-2012 more

Cash can’t buy creativity: study

An open, supportive and stimulating workplace is more important than pay or bonuses in driving the success of fast-growth small-to-medium enterprises, an RMIT University study has shown.The survey of 253 owners, founders and CEOs of Australia’s fastest-growing SMEs found workplaces that encouraged open communication, experimentation and risk-taking ... 25-Jan-2012 more

Study reveals happiness levels in Indigenous teens

The first study to investigate the happiness of Indigenous Australian teenagers has revealed a story of resilience in the face of adversity.The RMIT University study involving 504 Indigenous adolescents found their levels of subjective wellbeing (SWB) – the scientific term for happiness – were on average comparable to that of non-Indigenous ... 30-Jan-2012 more

Body image not always a drag on women’s wellbeing

Deakin University psychology researchers have found that body image isn’t always a negative experience for women.As part of her doctoral research, Rachel Chung from Deakin’s School of Psychology is exploring women’s experiences of their bodies and how this may be connected to how they feel about themselves in different aspects of their lives.“The ... 31-Jan-2012 more

Education and self-identity important for Aboriginal parents

A Curtin University study has found Aboriginal parents view education as very important for their children’s future, but also feel it is essential for children to have a strong connection to their family and community history.The study by Associate Professor Mike Dockery and Doctor Simon Colquhoun from Curtin’s Centre for Labour Market Research, ... 02-Feb-2012 more

Optus wins internet broadcasting case: Expert available for comment

RMIT University expert Marita Shelly is available for comment on yesterday’s judgment in favour of Optus in the Federal Court. Ms Shelly is undertaking a PhD within RMIT’s Graduate School of Business and Law in the area of copyright law and universities.  She is the co-author with Professor Margaret Jackson of the book ... 02-Feb-2012 more

US Navy taps into QUT biofuel capabilities

Biofuel technology being developed by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers has caught the interest of the US Navy, which is currently in Australia on an alternative fuel fact-finding mission.The US Navy intends to have a fleet of warships known as the "Great Green Fleet" running on biofuels by 2016, and by 2020 it plans to run half ... 07-Feb-2012 more

Hip size may be the key to link between obesity and premature death

A research team led by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute has for the first time demonstrated that the effect of obesity on the risk of premature death is seriously underestimated unless a person’s hip circumference is taken into account. By looking at the relationship between waist and hip circumference* in a 20-year study of almost 8000 ... 07-Feb-2012 more

Climate Change History Reveals Future Threats

The historical record foreshadows a grim picture for a future threatened by even greater climate change according to a study from The Australian National University.Professor Tony McMichael from the ANU National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health looked at climate changes and their impacts over the last 6,000 to 7,000 years, as ... 07-Feb-2012 more

Family estrangement: adult children asked for their experiences

A University of Newcastle academic is taking her research into family estrangement to the next level, examining the experiences of adult children who are not in contact with their parents.Dr Kylie Agllias is beginning part two of a research project investigating the impacts on individuals and families of rifts and estrangement.Dr Agllias will work ... 10-Feb-2012 more

Counting the cost of fast fashion

One billion items of clothing arrive on our shores every year from China alone - many of which are destined to become landfill.However, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) fashion student Alice Payne, who is in the final year of a PhD investigating sustainability in mass market fashion, hopes that changing the mindset of consumers and ... 10-Feb-2012 more

Online scammers target lonely hearts on Valentine’s Day

Singles looking for love online this Valentine’s Day are being urged to listen to their head as well as their heart to avoid falling victim to online scams.University of Canberra academic Nigel Phair said February 14 was a prime time for online scammers to target unsuspecting victims.“People are traditionally more vulnerable at Valentine’s Day and ... 13-Feb-2012 more

Get ready to be gripped by Crime, Cameras, Action!

Roseanne Catt, Australia’s longest serving female prisoner was framed for her husband’s attempted murder and wrongly imprisoned for ten years. Her story will shock and move the community when she visits UOW as part of an exciting crime event.Crime, Cameras, Action! will be held at the University on Saturday February 18 and aims to question the ... 13-Feb-2012 more

Leadership tussle - Constitutional doubts

The events of the past few days have not only thrown the spotlight onto the Labor leadership, but also have implications for the survival of a Labor Government if Kevin Rudd deposes Julia Gillard as Labor leader. But a legal expert from The Australian National University has questioned whether this would be constitutional.Professor Donald Rothwell ... 21-Feb-2012 more

German Expert - Renewables to Power Future

Hans-Josef Fell, the German politician who was instrumental in creating German’s successful feed-in tariff policy, will speak on Thursday about the energy crisis facing the world.Mr Fell is a Member of the German Federal Parliament and Energy Policy Speaker for the German Greens. He wrote the draft Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which was ... 22-Feb-2012 more

Expert comment on homeless in hospitals

RMIT University’s Dr Guy Johnson is available for interview on reports hospital emergency departments are struggling with increasing numbers of homeless people who seek help and shelter because of the lack of crisis accommodation.The Australian Medical Association is urging the Victorian Government to spend $2.8 million on 50 extra beds for ... 22-Feb-2012 more

Get them while they are young, call for closer examination of preschooler physical activity levels

Australian researchers need to investigate the specific physical activity levels required by  preschoolers to encourage better exercise habits later in life, academics argue.In a paper recently published in the Medical Journal of Australia, Deakin University’s Associate Professor Helen Skouteris said guidelines on how much time and at what ... 22-Feb-2012 more

Pregnant asthmatic women warned of hheealth risks

Many pregnant women who suffer from asthma are putting their unborn child’s health at risk by failing to use the right medication, according to a University of Adelaide researcher.Postdoctoral researcher Dr Annette Osei-Kumah says if asthma is not correctly managed during pregnancy it can result in premature births, low birth weights and even ... 22-Feb-2012 more

Qld property market stabilises

One year on from the floods and Cyclone Yasi, the Queensland residential property market has stabilised, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The REIQ December quarter median house price report found property prices in South East Queensland recording mostly steady results, while the strong resources sector is driving demand ... 23-Feb-2012 more

Crocodiles rock the treadmill for research

Crocodiles have been put through their paces on a treadmill as part of a James Cook University research project to help determine which muscles they use to breathe.Led by the Townsville-based Dr Suzy Munns, the research was conducted on five young estuarine crocodiles to test the role of the diaphragmaticus muscle, also known as the ‘hepatic piston ... 23-Feb-2012 more

Fears for Little Penguins as deaths spike

There are concerns for the long-term survival of Perth’s Little Penguin population after deaths reached four times the normal level in the second half of 2011.Murdoch University’s Research Associate, Dr Belinda Cannell, first noticed a spike in penguin deaths in September.“Members of the public and Department of Conservation staff found dead ... 28-Feb-2012 more

Understanding Greeks and health: survey

An RMIT University research project is examining health attitudes and behaviour in Melbourne’s Greek community, one of Australia’s largest and rapidly ageing demographic groups.Volunteers from the Melbourne Greek community aged 18 or over are needed for the survey, which may be accessed online or by mail.The study will examine attitudes towards ... 28-Feb-2012 more

Australia and Europe in Conversation

The Australian National University will today host 10 European Union (EU) Ambassadors to celebrate 50 years of EU-Australia relations.The event marks five decades since Sir Edwin McCarthy took up his position as the first Australian Ambassador to the EU in March 1962. Today’s event ‘Australia and Europe in conversation’ is the first in a series ... 29-Feb-2012 more

Melioidosis found in stormwater

During Northern Queensland’s wet season, many people know to avoid driving or walking through floodwater for safety reasons, but researchers have found they should also avoid it to protect their health.  Research conducted by James Cook University’s Environmental and Public Microbiology Health Research group, within JCU’s School of Veterinary and ... 29-Feb-2012 more

Top US agent to appear at REIQ event

One of the most successful real estate agents in the United States and a director of the National Associations of Realtors (NAR) will appear at a Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) event later this month.Steve Goddard, a NAR Director and President’s Liaison to Australia, will speak at the REIQ’s annual Principal Licensee Luncheon in ... 05-Mar-2012 more

International alliance delivers treasure trove of data

An international consortium comprising around 100 scientists and mathematicians, including Australian researchers, has for the first time pooled shared knowledge and data to deliver a holistic understanding of the biological changes in a cell.The findings of the Bacillus Systems Biology (BaSysBio) project, published today in one of the world’s ... 05-Mar-2012 more

Protecting living fossil trees

Scientists are working to protect living fossil trees in Fiji from the impact of climate change with cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology. Dr Peter Prentis, from QUT's Science and Engineering Faculty, said the findings would enable researchers to understand how biological diversity is generated. "Fiji is a hotspot for biodiversity. Most of the ... 05-Mar-2012 more

Study reveals contraceptive cancer risks

A study has revealed that injectable contraceptives that are widely used around the world influence the risk of developing several types of cancer.The study team was led by Ms Margaret Urban at the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) in Johannesburg and Professor Emily Banks of The Australian National University. Professor Banks said the ... 08-Mar-2012 more

Runners' own emotions used to create personal shoes

Runners’ own emotions are now being used to develop the next-generation personalised running shoe.The project is a joint venture between RMIT University and the giant Japanese Mizuno Corporation.Mizuno has been manufacturing sporting goods for a century and was the exclusive supplier for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.The partners believe the ... 08-Mar-2012 more

Twins’ test scores to reveal factors influencing literacy, numeracy

Researchers at the University of New England are planning to analyse twins’ National Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (NAPLAN) scores in a large-scale study aimed at providing an additional basis for vital decisions on educational policy and practice.The researchers have already participated in an international, decade-long study of the development ... 12-Mar-2012 more

One in two young people bullied

Almost half of young Australians report being bullied face-to-face, online or both, a new QUT study of more than 3000 students has found. The study, involving 3112 students from grades 6 to 12 in nearly 30 schools across Australia, found that 'traditional' or face-to-face bullying was twice as prevalent as cyberbullying.About 30 per cent of ... 12-Mar-2012 more

Global emissions surge back after GFC

A recent spike in worldwide carbon emissions growth was caused by the rebound from the global financial crisis (GFC) and is likely to be a one-off, according to a new study from The Australian National University. The study found that global carbon emissions remain on a relentless upward trend, though efforts to shift to low-carbon energy and cut ... 13-Mar-2012 more

Candidates need to put state first

Queensland owes more money than New South Wales and Victoria combined, with less than a third of the income stream, a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) economist says.Dr Mark McGovern, from the QUT Business School, said the political parties vying for the top job in Queensland were yet to offer viable solutions for the state's ... 13-Mar-2012 more

BOB Brown snaps to environmental activism

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown is better known for his environmental activism. But tomorrow he will talk about his other love – photography – and how the two knit together.Mr Brown will give the first in this year’s Art Forum lecture series, exploring the role of art and green ethics, and the role artists play in advocacy.But the keen snapper will ... 13-Mar-2012 more

ANU Vice-Chancellor responds to uni tragedy: Professor Ian Young

“The ANU Community has been shocked and saddened by news of the tragic loss of two students’ lives, and the serious injury of another, in an accident on the Kings Highway over the weekend.“We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of students who have died. Our wishes and hopes rest also with the injured student and family.“ANU has been ... 13-Mar-2012 more

Expert comment on Indigenous engagement in sport

RMIT University expert, Associate Professor Barry Judd, is available for interview on the AFL and Indigenous engagement, following reports some clubs are reluctant to recruit Indigenous players. A recruiter has privately admitted to the league his club would be unlikely to draft an Indigenous player unless at least one parent was white.Some clubs ... 16-Mar-2012 more

Reduced baby risk from another caesarean

A major national study led by the University of Adelaide has found that women who have had one prior caesarean can lower the risk of death and serious complications for their next baby – and themselves – by electing to have another caesarean. The study, known as the Birth After Caesarean (BAC) study, is the first of its kind in ... 16-Mar-2012 more

Food guidelines for pregnant women need review

A University of Newcastle study has identified a major diet dilemma for pregnant women and those trying to conceive – avoiding potentially ‘risky’ foods while maintaining an adequate nutrient intake.The study of more than 7,000 Australian women, published in Public Health Nutrition, is the first to examine the nutrient intakes of pregnant women who ... 20-Mar-2012 more

China pays cost for crimes against business

The Chinese Government is struggling to prevent crimes against businesses, according to a new study from The Australian National University.The study, co-authored by Professor Roderic Broadhurst in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, surveyed more than 5,100 businesses in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzen and Xi’an. It is the first large-scale ... 20-Mar-2012 more

Understanding Brazil - A South American superpower

From governance and trade negotiations, to multilateral agreements and even world conflicts, Brazil has emerged as a serious player on the global stage. But is it friend or foe to Australia and the Western world? Australian National University Professor Carlos Pio has just started a three-year appointment at the ANU School of Politics. Professor ... 20-Mar-2012 more

Seller disclosure regime to include flood data

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) welcomes the recommendation in the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry that flood searches be disclosed to buyers of residential property.The recommendation says that the Queensland Government, in consultation with the REIQ and the Queensland Law Society, should consider implementing a mechanism by ... 20-Mar-2012 more

Red meat found to be a good mood food

Deakin University health researchers have found that eating less than the recommended amount of red meat is related to depression and anxiety in women.Associate Professor Felice Jacka and colleagues from Deakin’s Barwon Psychiatric Research Unit based at Barwon Health investigated the relationship between the consumption of beef and lamb and ... 21-Mar-2012 more

Unhappy teacher: Bad apple or the tree?

When teachers become stressed out, who – or what – is to blame? The teachers themselves? Or the school environment in which they work? These were the questions behind a longitudinal study of teacher stress and wellbeing, involving 679 high school teachers from Australia, Norway and in international schools worldwide. Lead author Dr Richard Burns, a ... 23-Mar-2012 more

Does pregnancy look good on me?

How women feel about their bodies during pregnancy is the subject of new research at RMIT University.Adapting to the rapid physical changes associated with pregnancy can be an enjoyable experience for some women, and a dissatisfying experience for others.Provisional Psychologist Belynda Evans is a Master of Psychology student in the School of ... 23-Mar-2012 more

Parliamentary musical chairs for new Qld government

The Liberal National Party has so many Members of Parliament, they will likely spill into seating normally reserved for the opposition, a QUT political scientist says. Professor Clive Bean said there probably wouldn't be enough room to accommodate all 77 LNP MPs on one side of the Parliamentary chamber, squeezing the opposition into a corner."In ... 27-Mar-2012 more

Country Tamworth built on rock 'n' roll

Tamworth is famous as the home of Australian country music. But 350 million years ago, some hardcore rock ‘n’ roll was also happening. Scientists at The Australian National University have discovered that granites in the New England area near Tamworth were produced by a remarkable process, whereby the magmas erupted from ... 27-Mar-2012 more

Mobile app makes commuting social

A new mobile phone application that allows passengers to leave virtual messages and drawings on bus seats will put an end to awkward conversations on public transport. QUT PhD researcher Jimmy Ti has released a free iPhone application through the Apple App Store today, which is being trialled on the QUT inter-campus shuttle bus between ... 27-Mar-2012 more

Avoiding the tragedy of overfishing

An international scientific team says that management of fisheries at the community level can help curb overfishing and the ‘tragedy of the commons’ which is driving humans to decimate the planet’s dwindling fish stocks. The positive finding comes from the world’s largest field investigation of 42 co-managed coral ... 04-Apr-2012 more

Are you a perfectionist?

Curtin University researchers are calling for volunteers for a study in clinical perfectionism. The study will investigate the effectiveness of two psychological treatments for clinical perfectionism, a condition characterised by a constant need to reach sometimes unattainably high standards. Clinical perfectionism is a psychological ... 04-Apr-2012 more

Australian early childhood program is world’s ‘best practice’

Landmark research conducted by an Australian early childhood program conforms to ‘world’s best practice’ as defined in a policy statement published by a leading pediatric authority. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that trauma or “toxic stress” experienced in the early years of a child’s life ... 11-Apr-2012 more

Expert comment on East Timor

RMIT University’s Dr Damian Grenfell, an expert on East Timor, is available for interview on the nation’s presidential run-off election. Voting has begun today. •         What is the background of the two remaining candidates, Jose Maria   Vasconcelos, known as Taur Matan ... 16-Apr-2012 more

Australia in the Asian Century: Dialogue

What are the likely economic and strategic changes in the region and what more can be done to position Australia for the Asian Century? That’s the question to be considered by a panel of international experts who will gather at The Australian National University on Wednesday. The event comes at a crucial time with the Australian ... 16-Apr-2012 more

Seasoned scientists converge to 'beef up' researchers

Australia’s most expansive Early Career Research program is about to start, drawing together promising scientists and highly-credentialed mentors from about a dozen different campuses. Hosted by CQUniversity in association with the freshly-established Regional Universities Network (RUN), this will be the first time a network of ... 16-Apr-2012 more

Where art meets science

Will art and science remain separate spheres of human endeavour? This question will be the subject of a James Cook University public lecture in Townsville this week.Fractal images, which have become very popular in the last 30 years, are a fascinating case in which science seems to draw closer to art.  Fractals are objects with parts that look the ... 19-Apr-2012 more

CQUniversity and BMA join forces to help 'close the gap' in Indigenous Education

CQUniversity Australia and BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) have affirmed their joint commitment to ‘closing the gap’ in Indigenous education and opportunity, with the announcement today (WED April 18) of a new senior leadership role at CQUniversity, as well as 15 new scholarships for students from all backgrounds, representing a $1.8 million ... 19-Apr-2012 more

Homelessness design challenge winners announced

An innovative idea to improve the use of existing infrastructure and buildings to provide shelter for homeless people has been named the winner of the RMIT Design Challenge 2011: Homelessness.The annual Design Challenge, instigated by RMIT University’s Design Research Institute, brings together researchers and specialists across a broad range of ... 19-Apr-2012 more

Nuclear Threat - Real or Imagined?

With North Korea preparing for a third nuclear test and Iran pushing the limits of its uranium enrichment program, is the world on the brink of a nuclear disaster?That is the subject of a talk by Dr Maria Rost Rublee at The Australian National University tonight. Dr Rublee, a senior lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations, ... 23-Apr-2012 more

Pollen can protect mahogany from extinction

New research from the University of Adelaide could help protect one of the world’s most globally threatened tree species – the big leaf mahogany – from extinction.Big leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) is the most prized mahogany timber around the world.  It is at risk of extinction in its native habitats because of the timber trade, ... 23-Apr-2012 more

To boldly go where no glass has gone before

QUT's first foray into space is bound to be a giant step for mankind.Dr Martin Castillo from Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Science and Engineering Faculty, and researcher for the university's micro-gravity tower facility, has partnered with the United States Air Force to fund world-first research into the development of ZBLAN glass.Dr ... 23-Apr-2012 more

Law grad to wikileaks lawyer

She’s known as the lawyer who argues the case for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the Australian media and is seen by his side at court appearances, but tonight the focus will be on her.Jennifer Robinson will talk tonight at The Australian National University about her journey from ANU law graduate to London-based human rights lawyer.Robinson ... 26-Apr-2012 more

Brisbane house prices lift

The Queensland property market has turned around and posted positive results for the first time in 18 months, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The REIQ March quarter median house price report found property prices across the majority of Queensland increasing with sales numbers also up -- in some cases significantly.REIQ ... 21-May-2012 more

Economic and health savings to be made through alcohol consumption cut

A Deakin University study, funded by VicHealth, shows significant economic savings and health benefits could be achieved if Australian adults cut their alcohol consumption by 3.4 litres a year.Deakin health economists, working with researchers with the National Stroke Research Institute, estimated the economic savings and health benefits from ... 21-May-2012 more

Student celebrate after tragedy

A Central Coast campus student who suffered burns to 45 per cent of her body in a horrific accident last year is one of 65 students being recognised tomorrow at the Central Coast campus awards night.Thirty-year-old Hayley Watson was injured in an explosion at her home, placed in an induced coma for a week and underwent major skin graft surgery.Ms ... 23-May-2012 more

Let's talk about drugs

Should drugs be legalised? And how should people be helped to die with dignity? These are two questions Professor Bob Douglas will discuss at The Australian National University this afternoon.Following his retirement as the Foundation Director of the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at ANU in 2001, Professor Douglas helped to ... 23-May-2012 more

Caring for our closest neighbours

A potentially catastrophic strain of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Papua New Guinea’s remote south-west has reached crisis levels. At The Australian National University this afternoon, an expert panel will discuss how best to treat patients and how to stop further transmission of the disease, including into Australia.The panel will ... 23-May-2012 more

Report reveals Koreans are Sydney's most entrepreneurial community

The Korean community may not be the most visible of Sydney's immigrant groups, but it is the wellspring of some of the city's most successful entrepreneurs according to a new report by researchers from the Business School at the University of Technology, Sydney.Based on interviews with 65 immigrant entrepreneurs in food retailing and the restaurant ... 24-May-2012 more

Food dangers in focus

The humble kiwi fruit, banana, coconut, chicken, mustard and celery could present a serious danger to people who may not know they are allergic to these common household foods.Food allergies are in focus this week during the national Food Allergy Awareness Week and a James Cook University researcher is urging North Queensland residents to be more ... 25-May-2012 more

Space scientists rethink origin of cosmic rays

An international study involving a University of Adelaide researcher has produced surprising results about one of the most enduring mysteries in physics – the origin of cosmic rays.First discovered 100 years ago, cosmic rays are electrically charged particles, such as protons, that strike Earth from all directions, with energies up to 100 million ... 25-May-2012 more

Lecture: Type 1 diabetes - prospects for a new therapy

The possibility of a new treatment for Type-1 diabetes will be the focus of a talk at The Australian National University tonight.Dr Charmaine Simeonovic and Professor Christopher Parish, together with their research team in The John Curtin School of Medical Research, part of the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, have identified a ... 28-May-2012 more

JCU & US Navy tackle battlefield trauma

James Cook University’s Professor Geoffrey Dobson will collaborate with the US Navy to unravel the complexities of bleeding following massive blood loss on the “battlefield”.The US Navy has this week sent JCU via Qantas a 300 kg crate of state-of-the-art equipment for real-time blood coagulation assessment to facilitate this research.Professor ... 28-May-2012 more

Water expert heads to London

The University of Adelaide’s Professor Mike Young has been appointed as a research fellow in the United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to provide advice on reforming the water abstraction regime to address the challenge of climate change. Faciliated through his recent appointment as an Honorary Professor within the UCL ... 29-May-2012 more

$7m education technology centre officially opens at UC

A $7 million centre designed to lead research and practice in the use of technology will be opened by ACT Deputy Chief Minister Andrew Barr at the University of Canberra TOMORROW.Mr Barr will be joined by University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker and Director-General ACT Education and Training Directorate Diane Joseph, to ... 30-May-2012 more

Newcastle in global ‘top 50’ of young universities

QS World Rankings today published their inaugural list of the top 50 universities under the age of 50, placing the University of Newcastle at number 33 in the world.The QS ‘Top 50 under 50’ ranks universities that have been established since 1962, according to their position in the 2011 QS World University Rankings. The global index measures and ... 30-May-2012 more

Interest rate cut justified

The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia to cut the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.50 per cent today is justified given the ongoing economic uncertainty overseas, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The rate reduction was also necessary given that recent Australian economic data shows the construction and retail ... 05-Jun-2012 more

Transit of Venus a rare display

Stargazers will have a once in a lifetime chance to see the Transit of Venus at The Australian National University’s Siding Spring and Mt Stromlo Observatories tomorrow.Members of the public will be able to watch the rare astronomical event, which won’t happen again until 2117, through solar telescopes with the expert guidance of ANU ... 05-Jun-2012 more

Epidemic reporters needed for national flu tracking

The world’s fastest growing online influenza surveillance program is seeking more participants to register their symptoms and help researchers better understand the potentially life-threatening disease.Flutracking.net, an Australian initiative of researchers from the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Health, is the second largest ... 07-Jun-2012 more

Quantum computer leap

The main technical difficulty in building a quantum computer could soon be the thing that makes it possible to build one, according to new research from The Australian National University.Dr André Carvalho, from the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology and the Research School of Physics and Engineering, part of the ANU ... 07-Jun-2012 more

Research: New mums diets fall short on fruit and vege

New Australian research has found first-time mums are skimping on fruit and vegetables, putting their babies at risk of longer-term health problems. The Melbourne study into the eating habits of 529 new mothers found just 58 per cent met the recommended fruit intake of two serves a day, and only one in ten (7%) met the recommended five serves of ... 13-Jun-2012 more

Qld first home buyers return to market

After a couple of years waiting on the sidelines, Queensland first home buyers have returned to the property market, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows the number of Queensland first home buyer commitments was about 20 per cent of all owner-occupied dwellings financed in ... 13-Jun-2012 more

Study finds small business the potential champion

A new report released yesterday suggests that small and medium sized businesses can be the engine room for responding to a carbon-constrained world.The report "Green Chrysalis: Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – Innovation and Transformation Towards Australia's Low Carbon Economy" was funded by the Australian Business Foundation and the research ... 14-Jun-2012 more

Demand strengthens in unit market

Queensland’s unit and townhouse market experienced strengthening demand over the March quarter, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) figures.The REIQ’s quarterly Queensland Market Monitor found the numbers of preliminary unit and townhouse sales across the State were up 11 per cent compared to the December quarter last ... 14-Jun-2012 more

Investors targeted once again

Any further financial imposts on property investors is likely to see them pull up stumps and sell their rental properties, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The release of today’s audit on the Queensland Government’s finances shows property owners, and investors in particular, have once again been earmarked to financially ... 18-Jun-2012 more

By John! I think he's got it!

The possible discovery of the earliest toilet in Southern Vietnam could give up clues about how Southeast Asia evolved from a traditional hunter gatherer society to a farming community, new research from The Australian National University reveals.Dr Marc Oxenham led a team of Australian and Vietnamese specialists on a seven-week archaeological ... 18-Jun-2012 more

University serves up state-of-the-art food science laboratory

A $400,000 refurbishment of a food science laboratory at the University of Newcastle is complete, offering students a first-class training facility that mimics the professional environment of an industrial kitchen.The purpose-built laboratory, to be officially opened tomorrow, gives students from the University’s Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics ... 20-Jun-2012 more

Assange's bold play may yet pay off says expert

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange’s bold play of seeking asylum from Ecuador may pay off if the South American country agrees to his request, according to an international law expert from The Australian National University.Mr Assange entered the London Embassy of Ecuador on 19 June seeking political asylum. That request is currently being ... 20-Jun-2012 more

Owning a home does not lead to happiness

An Australian study led by the University of Adelaide has debunked the belief that owning a home is a recipe for happiness.In a study involving more than 10,000 people over a six-year period, researchers found that while home owners are happier, wealthier and better educated than renters, home ownership in itself does not lead to improved mental ... 20-Jun-2012 more

Asylum seekers experts guide

Experts from The Australian National University are available for analysis and comment on asylum seekers and the Malaysia Solution.DICKIE, Ms MarianneLaw, asylum seekers, pacific solutionLegal WorkshopANU College of Law02 6125 9518 (work)0401 072 808 (mobile)marianne.dickie@anu.edu.auROTHWELL, Professor DonInternational law, law of the sea/maritime ... 28-Jun-2012 more

Full steam ahead: securing the future of the rail industry

The future challenges and strategic opportunities for the rail supply industry are explored in a new report by ANU Enterprise, the commercial arm of The Australian National University.The report, On Track to 2040, was carried out by ANU Edge, part of ANU Enterprise Consulting, and released by the Minister for Industry and Innovation Greg Combet.The ... 28-Jun-2012 more

Online depression fix has big impact

Online depression therapy programs can have a positive impact on more than just depressive symptoms, a new study from The Australian National University reveals.Dr Lou Farrer, from the ANU Centre for Mental Health Research, part of the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, trialled the effectiveness of online programs MoodGYM and ... 02-Jul-2012 more

Home owners to save thousands

The reinstatement of the Principal Place of Residence (PPR) stamp duty concession and the removal of sustainability declarations will be enormously beneficial to home owners and real estate professionals, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).The Treasury (Cost of Living) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 was passed by ... 02-Jul-2012 more

UC hosts forum on ageing well in the ACT

What does it mean to age well, and how can we achieve this when faced with increasing rates of dementia and other age-related diseases? What can Canberrans do to improve our chances of ageing well, and what kind of services do we need to support ageing well?These questions and more will be discussed at a research showcase being held at the ... 03-Jul-2012 more

Carbon price is here to stay: Study

The future of the Carbon Tax may be uncertain, but a carbon price is here to stay, according to research from The Australian National University.The research, by Dr Frank Jotzo of the Crawford School of Public Policy in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, surveyed the views of Australian large emitters, carbon financiers and carbon market ... 05-Jul-2012 more

Meet Obama's science advisor

Dr Jane Lubchenco, US Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, will be available today for questions at a short door stop press conference.Dr Lubchenco is in Canberra to participate in a public roundtable featuring Chief Climate Commissioner Professor Tim Flannery, Professor Will Steffen from The Australian National University and Dr ... 06-Jul-2012 more

Young people with diabetes worse off in rural areas

In National Diabetes Week, Newcastle researchers are leading the charge to improve services for young people living with diabetes in rural areas to bring them up to par with their city cousins.“Data indicates that young people with diabetes in cities are far better off than their rural counterparts for access, service and health outcomes; those ... 13-Jul-2012 more

Trampoline safety study supports spring-free design

Non-traditional soft-edge trampoline design can reduce injuries by 30 to 80 per cent according to a new study led by play equipment safety expert Associate Professor David Eager from the University of Technology, Sydney.Published in this month's Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, the study examines data from trampolines specifically designed ... 13-Jul-2012 more

A healthier system for all

Gaps in the Australian healthcare system could be highlighted and tackled using research from The Australian National University.Dr Francesco Paolucci, Fellow at the Australian Centre for Economic Research, studied how policymakers arrive at decisions on key health policy issues, with a view to identifying gaps.“Healthcare policy is often done in ... 13-Jul-2012 more

New Uni of Adelaide VC says smaller universities are bette

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to university size according to new University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington.Speaking at his inaugural lecture in Elder Hall, Professor Bebbington says that  students are already missing out on key contact with teaching staff in Australia’s larger institutions ... 17-Jul-2012 more

Model demonstrates excellence in Indigenous education

On the back of figures released by the Australian Government indicating a national increase in access and participation by Indigenous students in higher education, the University of Newcastle is championing an equity and excellence model that is delivering strong results. Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen, said the University had been a ... 17-Jul-2012 more

Algal oil to help healthy diets

Algal oils are a sustainable solution to solve future resource problems, according to Roger Huerlimann, a PhD student at James Cook University in Townsville.Mr Huerlimann said microalgae, tiny aquatic organisms related to plants, use light and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to produce oils similar to vegetable oils from plants. “Two of the major ... 19-Jul-2012 more

Science can sow the seeds of food security

Researchers, scientists and policymakers will examine how combining science and public policy can feed Australia in a specialist panel at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy today.Panelist and director of the ANU Poverty Research Centre Professor Peter Warr said that the panel will focus on taking the latest science in the field and linking it ... 19-Jul-2012 more

New society to improve region's public policy

A new society bringing together the region and the world’s best public policy minds will be launched at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy tonight. The Asia and the Pacific Policy Society will create a community of scholars and policy makers around the region and the world by establishing a membership-based association. The Society is being ... 19-Jul-2012 more

SHED-IT motivates blokes to battle beer-bulge

A world-first weight loss program by researchers at the University of Newcastle has motivated 85 Hunter men to ‘shed’ a total of 438kgs – equal to about 40 cartons of beer. The internationally recognised SHED-IT (Self-Help, Exercise and Diet using Information Technology) Program motivates men to lose weight using a range of resources including the ... 24-Jul-2012 more

Who else is living on earth?

 We just do not know how many different species live on earth, according to a new study by a group of international scientists.“There could be as few as two million species or more than 50 million,” said Professor William Laurance of James Cook University.  “That’s how uncertain things are.” Professor Laurance is co-author of the study published in ... 24-Jul-2012 more

Record $6.8 million for University's Future Fellows

Teaching computers to see and high-speed contactless screening for diseases using T-rays are the aims of two University of Adelaide projects announced today in the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Future Fellowships scheme.The University of Adelaide has been awarded a record $6.8 million for nine projects – 65% of the total funding awarded to ... 25-Jul-2012 more

UC studies legacy of volunteers at London Games

Why do people volunteer at the Olympic and Paralympic Games? What benefit does volunteering provide to a host nation? Do volunteers continue to volunteer in their community after the Games finish? University of Canberra researcher Dr Tracey Dickson is looking to answer these questions in a study she is leading on the legacy of volunteers at the ... 25-Jul-2012 more

$3.7 million secured for five Newcastle researchers

Five mid-career researchers at the University of Newcastle have received prestigious Future Fellowships from the Australian Research Council.The highly competitive Future Fellowships are the most prestigious national fellowships for mid-career researchers and are an important aspect of the investment needed to ensure Australia is at the forefront ... 27-Jul-2012 more

Biodiversity 'arks' face growing threats

Many of the world’s tropical protected areas are struggling to sustain their biodiversity, according to a study by more than 200 scientists from around the world published in Nature.Professor William Laurance, from James Cook University and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, said that “these reserves are like arks for ... 27-Jul-2012 more

Violent news for bad children

Television coverage of the shooting at a cinema in Colorado last week may traumatise children who watch it, according to a leading psychiatrist at The Australian National University.Professor Beverly Raphael AM, Chair of the Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma Loss and Grief Network and head of the Psychological and Addiction Medicine Unit, both ... 27-Jul-2012 more

New Dean for ANU college of law

Professor of Commercial Law Stephen Bottomley has been announced as the new Dean of The Australian National University College of Law. His appointment follows an international search to fill the position.Professor Bottomley joined ANU in 1988 and has taught postgraduate and undergraduate courses in corporate and takeover law, and corporate ... 30-Jul-2012 more

Science needs to be passionate affair for children

A program to inspire schoolchildren across Australia to study the sciences and engineering has taken its first steps in Townsville at James Cook University.The launch of the “Wonder of Science” by the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) involved teachers from schools across northern Queensland.In September, children from more ... 30-Jul-2012 more

The Naked Truth? Media and Politics in the Digital Age

Has the media cycle become a cyclone? Are dead-tree publications being crowded out by Twitter? How should politicians and journalists who want a serious conversation about ideas respond to the technological changes of our age?Federal Member for Fraser Dr Andrew Leigh will discuss these issues and more during the University of Canberra’s inaugural ... 30-Jul-2012 more

Energy report welcomed

Today’s publication of a report on the projected price of electricity generated by 40 different technologies out to 2050, has been welcomed as a landmark event by the Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute.Professor Ken Baldwin – also a member of the steering committee which developed the Australian Energy Technology Assessment (AETA) report - ... 01-Aug-2012 more

News leads: University of Newcastle

Challenge to spark young bright mindsMore than 1,500 of the Hunter’s brightest young minds will be put to the test this week during the 2012 Ausgrid Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge. Developed by the University of Newcastle’s Faculty of Science and Information Technology and the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment in 2000, the ... 01-Aug-2012 more

JCU two join the elite of researchers

Two James Cook University professors were today awarded prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowships worth almost $5 million in total funding over the next five years.Professors Alexandra Aikhenvald and Terry Hughes were among the 17 fellowships awarded by the Australian Government and announced today by the Minister for Science and research Senator ... 01-Aug-2012 more

UC studies how species cope with climate change

The impact of climate change on the quality of water and the ecosystems that depend on it is the focus of a collaborative research project led by the University of Canberra. Dr Fiona Dyer, a freshwater scientist from the University’s Institute for Applied Ecology, is leading the project which will test how rivers and the plant and animal species ... 03-Aug-2012 more

$800,000 to boost business skills of PNG women farmers

The University of Canberra has received nearly $800,000 to research the business skills of women smallholders, who grow vegetables on small plots of land, in Papua New Guinea. The grant, worth $799,918 and awarded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, will see a group of University researchers examine whether improving ... 03-Aug-2012 more

Energy report welcomed

The publication of a report on the projected price of electricity generated by 40 different technologies out to 2050, has been welcomed as a landmark event by the Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute.Professor Ken Baldwin – also a member of the steering committee which developed the Australian Energy Technology Assessment (AETA) report - ... 03-Aug-2012 more

Discord strikes the right quantum note

Scientists have taken a quantum leap forward towards future computing after discovering that ‘background interference’ in quantum-level measurements, may be the very thing they need to unlock the potential of quantum computing.In a paper published in today’s Nature Physics, researchers from The Australian National University, The National ... 06-Aug-2012 more

Exhibition showcases Australia's top design talent

The work of some of Australia’s top designers, including ANU staff and alumni, is on display at a new exhibition at the ANU School of Art.The exhibition, de sign ed 2, brings together 19 exhibitors from the Design Arts degree programs. The works of the 19 artists include pieces from the disciplines practiced at the School of Art - ceramics, ... 06-Aug-2012 more

Killer infections targeted by hospital study

 A major international study led by University of Adelaide researchers aims to prevent death and serious illness caused by one of the most common infections contracted by patients in hospitals. The study is investigating standard practices for the insertion and management of urinary catheters in patients, and spans more than 2000 acute care beds at ... 06-Aug-2012 more

UC lecture: impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on Palestine-Israel relations

The Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia will speak on the implications of recent Arab-led revolutions on the relationship between Palestine and Israel, in a public lecture at the University of Canberra TOMORROW.His Excellency Mr Izzat Salah Abdulhadi is Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia and Ambassador to ... 07-Aug-2012 more

New double degree an Australian first

From the start of 2013 ANU students will be offered a first-of-its-kind degree, combining undergraduate and graduate study, across a range of disciplines, in one simple application. The new degree will mean students can:  ·Get a bachelor and masters degree in reduced time;·Complete several masters subjects in a bachelor degree, and ·Graduate from ... 08-Aug-2012 more

Study helps to predict impact of ocean acidification on shellfish

An international study to understand and predict the likely impact of ocean acidification on shellfish and other marine organisms living in seas from the tropics to the poles is published this week in the journal Global Change Biology.  Ocean acidification is occurring because some of the increased carbon dioxide humans are adding to the atmosphere ... 08-Aug-2012 more

Children’s art pavilion undergoes unique unmaking

The University of Newcastle lecturer and architect who designed the Children’s Art Pavilion at Newcastle Region Art Gallery, has encouraged the public to be involved in its unique unmaking. The $100,000 pavilion was constructed in 1996 and will this week be methodically cut up, revealing its interior to the street for the first time. The demolition ... 08-Aug-2012 more

Scholarships help indigenous students hit the books

Indigenous students will be given a much needed boost to their university studies thanks to a new scholarship being launched at The Australian National University today.The Garrurru Scholarships in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific will provide current and future students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent up to $20,000 to put ... 09-Aug-2012 more

Mural paints a different picture of the pacific

Celebrated Indigenous Hawaiian artist Carl Pao is taking new ideas about the Pacific and committing them to canvas, painting a visually stunning and colourful mural at The Australian National University.Mr Pao, the inaugural Pacific Studies Artist in Residence at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, said the mural was inspired by what young ... 09-Aug-2012 more

Making Mars a little bit less alien

The chemistry that makes up the surface of Mars could soon become a little less alien thanks to research from an academic at The Australian National University.Dr Penny King, from the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, is heading to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California tomorrow to work on the Mars Science Laboratory ... 09-Aug-2012 more

The evolution of a nation

A new ebook showing the story of Australia’s geological evolution from a combined scientific and cultural perspective is being launched tonight at The Australian National University. The book, Shaping a Nation: A Geology of Australia, is a joint publication between Geoscience Australia and the ANU E Press.Shaping a Nation explores some of the ... 13-Aug-2012 more

Affordability driving first home buyer activity

The low interest rate environment and more affordably-priced properties are continuing to attract Queensland first home buyers into the property market, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data found that more than 1,650 properties were financed for Queensland first home buyers in ... 13-Aug-2012 more

Doors open for new medical research

Life-saving medical research has received a major boost today, with the opening of the final stage of The John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) at The Australian National University.Opened by Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Federal Member for Fraser on behalf of The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, Minister for Health the $60 million third stage of the School ... 13-Aug-2012 more

Future of Australian retail: positive and exciting?

Beyond the debates about the impact of technology and globalisation, Australian retail faces a critical turning point: a need to bring back excitement and positive experiences.With such a backdrop, a panel of experts will explore the challenges facing Australian retailers at 6pm on Wednesday 15 August at the University of Technology, Sydney."Like ... 14-Aug-2012 more

The power of collaboration

After a decade of working collaboratively on issues of cultural ownership, internationally-renowned artists Imants Tillers and Michael Nelson Jagamara are bringing their stories together for the first time in a new exhibition at the ANU Drill Hall Gallery.The exhibition, The Loaded Ground, will be opened on 16 August 2012 by His Excellency Mr ... 14-Aug-2012 more

Assange threat unprecedented, extraordinary

The extraordinary threat by the United Kingdom to revoke the diplomatic protection of the Ecuadorian embassy so that they can arrest Julian Assange is without precedent in modern history and could end up before the international courts, according to an academic from The Australian National University.Professor Donald Rothwell from the ANU College ... 16-Aug-2012 more

Thought leader provides a global perspective on traditional, complementary and integrative medicine

One of Australia's leading academics in traditional, complementary and integrative medicine (TCIM) research has released an edited collection of papers by expert practitioners and academics from across the world - the first of its kind from a multidisciplinary perspective.Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine: An International Reader ... 16-Aug-2012 more

Resurrecting iconic artworks sale

The Friends of the University and the University Gallery have joined forces to revive a much loved iconic Newcastle exhibition and art sale, the Collectors’ Choice. Etched in Newcastle’s art history is the vision of avid art tragics who used to sleep in the streets outside Cooks Hill’s iconic von Bertouch Gallery for first choice at the famed ... 16-Aug-2012 more

Millenium Project annual award winners announced

The Australian Node of the global Millenium Project, based at the University of Technology, Sydney has announced the recipients of its annual awards for addressing global future challenges.The Australian Node awards are made annually to organisations that have developed projects addressing the 15 Global Challenges for Humanity identified by the ... 17-Aug-2012 more

University of Newcastle climbs world rankings

Despite a win in the High Court the Australian Government’s plain packaging legislation could still face challenges from tobacco companies at the international level through investor-state disputes, according to an expert from The Australian National University.Dr Kyla Tienhaara from the ANU Regulatory Institutions Network in the ANU College of ... 17-Aug-2012 more

Sales down but house prices steady

Queensland home buyers retreated from the property market in the June quarter as they waited for the return of stamp duty concessions but house prices held their ground, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) data. The REIQ June quarter median house price report, released today, shows house prices remaining steady in the ... 20-Aug-2012 more

Speaking to the world - new languages diploma

A new ANU Diploma of Languages will kick off in 2013, offering students better access to 17 languages at ANU, some not taught anywhere else in Australia. Languages available in the new Diploma are: Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Thai, Urdu and ... 20-Aug-2012 more

Wordsmiths slam down poetic justice

Eloquent verses celebrating diversity and difference will be proclaimed though poetry and song tomorrow at The Australian National University.The event, hosted by poet, rapper and ANU graduate, Omar Musa, is the final of the first annual Voice Slam, a program designed to give young high school students an opportunity to share their creativity ... 21-Aug-2012 more

Diabetes prevention trial calls for men to shape up

A University of Newcastle research team is sizing up Hunter men for a new program aimed at reducing the rising rates of type 2 diabetes. Due to obesity rates, poor diet and low levels of exercise, type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia, with more than 1 million people already diagnosed with the condition and a further ... 21-Aug-2012 more

University opens door to greater community collaboration

The University of Newcastle is launching a new online platform designed to forge closer ties with the region’s community, business and industry.Engage Newcastle is a virtual interface that will help bring together the University’s community and industry engagement. Under the banner ‘Our community, your university’, it will offer volunteering, ... 21-Aug-2012 more

Australian employees steal $398 million - New research

An Australia-wide research study into fraud committed by employees provides new evidence of major governance weaknesses in some of Australia's largest organisations that have allowed extraordinary sums to be stolen. The research by the Forensic Accounting firm, Warfield & Associates, covered the period 2001-12 and analysed 89 criminal convictions ... 22-Aug-2012 more

Turnbull to assess Australia's China choice

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP will examine the future of Australia’s relationship with both China and the US in a book launch at Parliament House tomorrow.In the Canberra launch of ANU professor Hugh White’s latest book, The China Choice, Mr Turnbull will survey Australia’s place between a rising China on the one hand and its long-time ally the ... 22-Aug-2012 more

Obama, Romney and the Asian century

Australia may think we’re living in the Asian Century, but does the United States agree? That is the question being debated tonight at The Australian National University.Mr Andrew Carr, from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, will host a panel discussion examining the upcoming presidential election ... 22-Aug-2012 more

Digging into Antarctic climate history

Research into Antarctic climate history has revealed the unusual nature of the recent rapid warming in the Antarctic Peninsula, according to an academic from The Australian National University.  Dr Nerilie Abram, from the Research School of Earth Sciences in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, was part of an international ... 23-Aug-2012 more

Something fishy about proposed dams

Millions of people are in danger of going hungry if the construction of dams on the lower Mekong River in South-East Asia goes ahead, according to research from The Australian National University.Dr Jamie Pittock from the Crawford School of Public Policy in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, and co-authors, studied the potentially devastating ... 27-Aug-2012 more

Real Estate Institute's join forces on national licensing

 Real Estate Institute CEOs have joined forces in their response to the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) on national licensing for the real estate profession. Institutes from Queensland, the ACT, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory have boycotted COAG’s “survey monkey” which asks for feedback on the ... 27-Aug-2012 more

Exhibition captures a slice of island life

An exhibition portraying the culture and landscapes of the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea opens today at The Australian National University. The exhibition, The Art of Ethnography: Images from Trobriand Islands Fieldwork, is a collection of photographs taken by PhD student Mr Andrew Connelly from the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. Mr ... 31-Aug-2012 more

Playtime with dads prepares kids for classroom survival

 An Australian-first website is encouraging dads to ‘get serious’ about playtime in a bid to to better prepare their kids for school. The Fathers for School Readiness website, launched today by the Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, at the University of Newcastle provides tools for educators to work with dads and mums to prepare ... 31-Aug-2012 more

New record in quantum communications

Researchers from The Australian National University have taken a quantum leap towards developing the next-generation super-fast networks needed to drive future computing.Mr Seiji Armstrong, a PhD researcher from the Department of Quantum Science in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has led a team which has developed a technique ... 31-Aug-2012 more

New research: Toddlers are heavier than mums realise

Mums incorrect take on their toddler’s weight may be inadvertently leading to their toddlers overeating and getting heavier, say nutrition researchers.The research, being presented this week at the International Congress of Dietetics in Sydney, found many Australian mothers were unable to correctly identify their child’s weight, especially if their ... 03-Sep-2012 more

Sugar really does rot your brain: study

People whose blood sugar is in the high end of the normal range may be at greater risk of brain shrinkage that occurs with ageing and diseases such as dementia, according to an academic from The Australian National University.Dr Nicolas Cherbuin, from the Centre on Ageing, Health, and Wellbeing in the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and ... 04-Sep-2012 more

New research: Australian children overdosing on salt

New Australian research reveals many children are eating as much salt as adults, raising fresh concerns they are setting themselves up for health problems later in life.In a sample of 238 children aged 5 to 13 years, seven in ten exceeded the recommended upper limit for sodium, or salt.Professor Caryl Nowson, who is presenting the data this week at ... 04-Sep-2012 more

UC workshop discusses ways to waterproof the nation

Australia’s leading water researchers and agencies will identify and discuss priorities to help secure the future of the country’s environmental water at a workshop at the University of Canberra, starting TODAY.During the two-day event, water experts and representatives of agencies including the National Water Commission, the Murray-Darling Basin ... 04-Sep-2012 more

Policy research in Asia and the Pacific

Scholars and policymakers from around the world will come together on Thursday for the two-day inaugural conference of the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society.Society President and Director of the Crawford School Professor Tom Kompas said the Society is one of the first international associations to link groups working across disciplines in the key ... 04-Sep-2012 more

UC leads $500,000 research project to improve aged care

A University of Canberra-led project has been awarded over half a million dollars to develop a program of education and research to improve the care of older people in the ACT region.The University was awarded a grant of $523,750 by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA), one of 16 grants announced under their Teaching and Research Aged Care ... 05-Sep-2012 more

Finding the tipping point into psychosis

A University of Newcastle researcher is calling on young people to volunteer for a project to improve understanding of the brain’s development.Renate Thienel, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Priority Research Centre for Translational Neuroscience and Mental Health, is completing a four-year study collecting brain wave data on the ... 05-Sep-2012 more

Counting the costs and benefits of Chinese investment

The benefits and costs of Chinese foreign investment in Australia will be the focus of an expert forum taking place at The Australian National University today. Hosted by the Crawford School of Public Policy in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, the forum brings together leading China and economic thinkers, including Head of the Australia in ... 05-Sep-2012 more

Earth's plates slower to the table

The mystery of erratic changes in the history of Earth’s past and current plate motions has been cracked by academics from The Australian National University.Dr Giampiero Iaffaldano, from the Research School of Earth Sciences in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, led a team that found true changes in plate motions occur on ... 06-Sep-2012 more

SPF on your plate: Nutrition a weapon for sun protection

Eating a Greek-style Mediterranean diet may be the latest weapon in the fight against skin cancer, researchers suggest.According to researcher Dr Niva Shapira, who is presenting at the International Congress of Dietetics in Sydney this week, eating a Mediterranean diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fats, may be useful along with current sun ... 06-Sep-2012 more

Three minute thesis: UC researchers race against the clock

Media release: Early diagnosis of brain abnormalities and disease, conserving priceless documents using Japanese tissue paper and improving medicine supply in the Pacific are some of the thesis topics that University of Canberra research students will explain in just three minutes TODAY.The University of Canberra final of this year’s Three Minute ... 06-Sep-2012 more

Nuclear disarmament needs focus: Evans

Policymakers need to put the issue of nuclear disarmament back on the agenda according to Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, Chancellor of The Australian National University.In a speech today at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, Professor Evans said that sometimes the biggest policy questions of all get less attention than they ... 07-Sep-2012 more

Newcastle at the forefront of Australian cancer research

The University of Newcastle has taken delivery of a vital piece of medical research equipment that allows cancer researchers to rapidly translate research from the bench to the bedside.The new NanoPro 1000 will allow researchers in the Hunter Cancer Research Alliance* to analyse very small biopsy samples, allowing the discovery of novel biomarkers ... 07-Sep-2012 more

First home owners to miss out

Thousands of Queensland first-time property buyers may delay purchasing their first home following the scrapping of the long-standing First Home Owners Grant, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). REIQ CEO Anton Kardash said the decision by the State Government to remove the $7,000 grant in favour of a $15,000 grant for new ... 10-Sep-2012 more

Cannabis and ecstasy: Let's consider our options says Professor

Commenting on the launch in Adelaide today of Australia 21’s latest report on illicit drugs – ‘Alternatives to Prohibition’,   Emeritus Professor David Penington AC, former Vice Chancellor, University of Melbourne said, ‘ Let's consider practical and specific options for handling cannabis and ecstasy.’ 27 years ago the (then) Premier of Victoria, ... 10-Sep-2012 more

Grandma is one happy Hippocampus

Our understanding of the population dynamics, longevity and reproductive habits of the seahorse species Hippocampus whitei (White's Seahorse) has been significantly expanded thanks to newly published research from University of Technology, Sydney doctoral candidate David Harasti.Listed as "data deficient" under the IUCN Red List of Threatened ... 10-Sep-2012 more

New Expert Guide website launched!

A new and improved Expert Guide has been launched! Over the past three months, the team at Expert Guide has been working to redesign and refresh our site for you. We have worked directly with our experts, administrators and journalists to ensure that the website offers the services that you need. One of the new features is the ... 10-Sep-2012 more

iPad app revolutionising therapy for autistic children

Australian researchers have harnessed tablet technology to develop an iPad app that is set to revolutionise the way parents around the world provide in-home therapy for their autistic children. Named the TOBY Playpad (Therapy Outcomes by You), the app enables parents to provide early intervention therapy for their children as soon as an ... 12-Sep-2012 more

UC workshop: Is localism the answer in the Murray-Darling Basin?

What does localism mean in practice? Can it help generate solutions to the problems we are confronting in the Murray-Darling Basin? Does it involve the delegation of decision-making powers and/or delivery functions to the community?  These are some of the questions that will be addressed at a workshop led by Professor Mark Evans, ... 12-Sep-2012 more

Five-star rating for University of Canberra grads

  The latest Good Universities Guide has once again ranked University of Canberra graduates among the most employable in Australia.   The guide gives University of Canberra graduates the maximum five-star rating for ‘getting a job’ and ‘positive graduate outcomes’.    The University ... 12-Sep-2012 more

Expert comment on internet trolling

  RMIT University social media expert Dr John Lenarcic is available for comment on trolling on Twitter and other internet sites.   The Daily Telegraph recently launched a campaign to stop trolls who anonymously bully people on Twitter.   Prominent Australians including Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan have ... 13-Sep-2012 more

Greenaway's adult take on the Little Mermaid

  An adult interpretation of the classic fairy-tale The Little Mermaid from British director Peter Greenaway opens tonight at The Australian National University.    Mr Greenaway, director of The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and The Pillow Book, has collaborated with Istvan Horkay and Irma de Vries to ... 13-Sep-2012 more

Endangered language thrown a digital lifeline

  One of the world’s most endangered languages is to be brought into the digital age through the first phone app designed specifically for the documentation of an Australian Indigenous language.   The Ma! Iwaidja (pronounced ‘ee-WHY-jah’) smartphone app has been developed as part of the Minjilang ... 13-Sep-2012 more

ANU enterprise celebrates sale of 'time machine'

  Deputy Chief Minister Mr Andrew Barr will today join in celebrations for the sale of a high-tech instrument designed at ANU that can measure the geological age of the Earth and beyond.   After a comprehensive evaluation process, researchers in Poland and Japan have announced they will become the newest owners of Sensitive ... 18-Sep-2012 more

National report backs Newcastle approach to Indigenous education

  An Australian Government report released today on higher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is testament to the University of Newcastle’s leadership in the field.    Senator Chris Evans - the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research - has released the Review of ... 18-Sep-2012 more

Smartphones might help predict weather

  Researchers at RMIT University will investigate using the GPS signals that navigators and smartphones receive to determine how much water is in the atmosphere, leading to more accurate climate models and predictions.   Dr Suelynn Choy from RMIT’s School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences will use the Malcolm ... 18-Sep-2012 more

UC and DIAC join forces to undertake research

  The University of Canberra and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will work together on a number of research projects designed to address issues related to immigration and contemporary globalisation.   The two institutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop research of mutual ... 19-Sep-2012 more

Combating modern slavery

The 2012 Trafficking in Persons Hero and ANU alumna Dr Anne Gallagher AO will be honoured by US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich in a ceremony at The Australian National University tomorrow. A leading global expert on the international law on human trafficking, Dr Gallagher influenced international law and policy when she served as Advisor on ... 19-Sep-2012 more

Snakes alive: deadly venom can save lives

  Research into snake venom could lead to the development of new drugs to treat conditions like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure says an academic from The Australian National University.   Dr Gavin Huttley from The John Curtin School of Medical Research is part of the international team who discovered that the ... 19-Sep-2012 more

Saikal: What fate awaits Afghanistan?

  Professor Amin Saikal’s latest book Modern Afghanistan: A History of Struggle and Survival will be launched today by Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC at The Australian National University.    Modern Afghanistan addresses the evolution of Afghan history and politics from the middle of the 18th century to the ... 20-Sep-2012 more

Finding out why diabetes causes foot ulcers

  In a world-first research project, a James Cook University researcher is assessing diabetic patients and the link between how they walk and its relation to foot ulcers.   The study’s coordinators, based at JCU in Townsville, are seeking diabetic patients to take part in the Diabetes and Foot Ulceration ... 20-Sep-2012 more

Murray-Darling Basin Chief Executive shares her plans at UC

Dr Rhondda Dickson, Chief Executive of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, will set out the case for water reform in the Basin and will discuss the challenges of building on-the-ground support for the Basin Plan during a public lecture at the University of Canberra TODAY.    Her lecture ‘How do we achieve water reform in ... 21-Sep-2012 more

Obesity researcher scores impressive national award

  A Newcastle researcher using innovative education programs to tackle Australia’s obesity epidemic has won a prestigious 2012 Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award.    Professor Phil Morgan, the first University of Newcastle researcher to be honoured with a Scopus Award, won the Humanities and Social ... 24-Sep-2012 more

No scientific basis to psych harm claims

  Academic staff in the Research School of Psychology at The Australian National University have strongly rejected the view reported in the media today that homosexuality carries with it psychological or biological harm.   School Director Professor Don Byrne said there is no scientific evidence at all to support this ... 24-Sep-2012 more

National dementia research forum in Canberra

  Australia’s premier annual forum on dementia research will be held in Canberra this week on 27 and 28 September, coinciding with Dementia Awareness Week 2012. The Dementia Collaborative Research Centre – Early Diagnosis and Prevention, based at The Australian National University, is hosting this year’s National ... 26-Sep-2012 more

China can afford to be choosy

  China can have its cake and eat it too, managing both structural adjustment and higher economic growth, Professor Gungwu Wang will tell an ANU audience tomorrow. Former Dean of the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific Professor Wang will discuss China’s political, social and economic choices when he delivers the Australian ... 26-Sep-2012 more

Surfing the net helps the elderly stay connected

  The internet is giving older people in rural areas a new lease on life, according to a report released today by the University of Adelaide. Surfing the net, using Skype, email and social networking sites is literally keeping older people “connected” with their communities, says lead report author Dr Helen Feist. Dr ... 27-Sep-2012 more

Students vie for the title of tower of power

  Students from the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of NSW will have one obvious example to draw on for the second annual Tower Building Competition at UTS next week (Friday 5 October). Organised by UTS Engineering Society and supported by major engineering company John Holland, the competition will ... 27-Sep-2012 more

Ageing baby boomers a priority for governments

  New strategies to reduce obesity among baby boomers in the workforce are urgently needed, according to a report released yesterday by University of Adelaide researchers. Professor Graeme Hugo AO, Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, said baby boomers have the highest ... 28-Sep-2012 more

Exploring the bounds of academic freedom

  In a world in which scientific research is coming under increased public scrutiny, how much academic freedom should our scientists have? That is the question debated Wednesday night at The Australian National University. Dr Will Grant from the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU hosted a panel discussion exploring ... 28-Sep-2012 more

Sea of the living dead

  The world’s coral reefs have become a zombie ecosystem, neither dead nor truly alive, and are on a trajectory to collapse within a human generation according to an academic from The Australian National University. Professor Roger Bradbury, an ecologist from the Crawford School of Public Policy in the ANU College of Asia and ... 28-Sep-2012 more

Dietitians call for health as a key driver of new National Food Plan

Australia’s peak nutrition body has called on the Federal Government to prioritise the health of the nation, as Government considers feedback from interested groups on a new National Food Plan. In responding to the Government’s National Food Plan Green Paper, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) said nourishing ... 02-Oct-2012 more

The (digital) price is not right

A leading expert on intellectual property and consumer rights at The Australian National University has called for a range of legislative and regulatory changes to help stop unjustified price discrimination against Australian consumers of digital products.  Dr Matthew Rimmer from the ANU College of Law argued the case for reform in a ... 02-Oct-2012 more

Research backs frank discussion of health care failures

  National and international researchers will present the case for open dialogue between doctors and patients at the 1st International Incident Disclosure Conference next week (4-6 October) at the University of Technology, Sydney.   The ground-breaking conference, hosted by the UTS Centre for Health Communication, will ... 02-Oct-2012 more

Symposium reviews international research on Traditional Chinese Medicine

International and Australian research leaders in Traditional Chinese Medicine are in Sydney this week for the International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian Symposium (iSAMS), the first time the event has been held in Australia. Hosted by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the University of Technology, Sydney's Faculty of ... 03-Oct-2012 more

Experts debate the role of regulation in financial markets

Experts from the Reserve Bank, Treasury, the International Monetary Fund and academia will canvass the necessity of market regulation at next week's 2012 conference of the Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality at the University of Technology, Sydney. The conference, "Are markets the problem or the solution? The ... 03-Oct-2012 more

ANU scores trifecta in world rankings

  ANU has continued to perform strongly against universities around the world rising one place from last year to 37th in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings released overnight.   The result confirms the University’s climb through international ranks following rises in this year’s Academic ... 04-Oct-2012 more

Research shows fears about sex premises don't match experience

The vehemence of objections to sex premises being sited in residential areas don't match the experiences of people living near such businesses according to a new study by researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney. Legal academic Dr Penny Crofts and Dr Jason Prior from the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures have compared the ... 04-Oct-2012 more

Celebration of pacific culture at ANU

  The annual Pacific Appreciation Day is taking place tomorrow at The Australian National University.   Now in its third year, the event showcases the cultural diversity of the Pacific region.    The highlight of the day will be the multicultural dance performances by school and community groups from ... 04-Oct-2012 more

The changing face of the Himalayas

The rapid changes and developmental challenges of the Himalayan region will be addressed by a leading international expert today at The Australian National University. Dr David Molden Director General of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) will examine the effects of climate change on the Himalayan mountain ... 05-Oct-2012 more

Industry mentors give students 'Pride'

  A new initiative known as Pride Mentoring is giving LGBT students at RMIT University the chance to be mentored by LGBT industry professionals.   Adam Rowland, who is Acting Manager in the Employment and Employer Services unit, said RMIT Career Development was offering the service to lesbian, gay, bisexual and ... 05-Oct-2012 more

Study advances cancer-killing cream for melanoma

RMIT University researchers have designed a peptide that imitates a melanoma-killing virus, in a biomedical engineering advance that could lead to the development of a cream to target and treat Australia’s “national cancer”. The RMIT team has successfully synthesised a peptide that mimics the activity of a virus protein, ... 08-Oct-2012 more

Spotlight on caring for country

A new book being launched this week challenges policymakers to re-imagine the role of Indigenous people and practices in managing Australia’s environment in the 21st century.  People on Country, Vital Landscapes, Indigenous Futures draws on results from a five-year collaborative research project between academics from The ... 08-Oct-2012 more

Government's Murray plan risky: academic

New research challenges the water saving measures that form a key platform of the Australian Governments’ proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan, says an academic from The Australian National University.Dr Jamie Pittock from the Crawford School of Public Policy in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific led a team that examined the output from ... 09-Oct-2012 more

Researchers find ‘killer solution’ for reef killer

An Australia-based team of marine scientists has developed what may prove an effective control for the dreaded Crown of Thorns starfish (COTS), which periodically ravages coral reefs across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. With signs that the starfish is building up for another huge attack in the Pacific andAustralian region, their solution ... 09-Oct-2012 more

Australia, Japan need to deepen economic ties

Australia and Japan need to reinvest in their 55-year-old bilateral trade agreement and deepen their economic ties if they are to gain from the Asian Century, a leading expert from The Australian National University has warned. Delivering the keynote address at the 50th annual Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference, Professor Peter ... 09-Oct-2012 more

ANU honours Eddington and Mimura

The Australian National University will confer its highest honour, an Honorary Doctorate, on Sir Roderick Eddington AO and Mr Akio Mimura at a ceremony today. Both men will be awarded a Doctor of Science, honoris causa, for service to the international community, to Japan and to the relationship between Australia and Japan. The award ... 10-Oct-2012 more

The wonders of children’s literature on display in UC exhibition

Awaken your inner child during an exhibition of materials from the University of Canberra’s Lu Rees Archives of Children’s Literature, opening TODAY. As part of the ‘Boundless’ festival of Australian children’s literature organised by the Lu Rees Archives, 88 items will be on display across six public libraries ... 10-Oct-2012 more

Commercial agents to learn latest on economy: REIQ

The crème of Queensland’s commercial real estate sector will gather in Brisbane next week to learn the latest on the economy as well as public sector initiatives. More than 100 agents are expected at the annual Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Commercial and Industrial luncheon on Friday next week. Macquarie Bank ... 10-Oct-2012 more

Philippine developments and challenges

  A conference examining recent developments in the Philippines is taking place today at The Australian National University.    The 2012 Philippines Update brings together leading experts in Philippine politics, conflict resolution and development. It focuses on themes of peace prospects and development challenges in ... 12-Oct-2012 more

Update examines peace prospects on the peninsular

The prospects for peace and security on the Korean peninsula and Australia’s relationship with both North and South Korea will be the focus of a conference taking place at The Australian National University today. The 2012 Korea Update, hosted by the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and the ANU Korea Institute, brings together ... 12-Oct-2012 more

Easy Keg takes home RMIT business prize

A business idea to package beer in a way that lowers costs and improves efficiency in the booming craft brewing market has won RMIT University’s 2012 Business Plan Competition.       Easy Keg – which offers microbreweries and home brewers a cheaper and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional kegs ... 12-Oct-2012 more

UC opens new $7m one-stop shop for student services

The University of Canberra’s new $7.6m ‘Student Central’ has officially opened. Student Central is the University’s one-stop shop for students providing a range of support services under the one roof. Services include the Student Centre featuring ‘jelly bean’ pod desks, International Student Support ... 15-Oct-2012 more

Expert comment on anti-NAPLAN campaign

RMIT University literacy expert, Associate Professor Heather Fehring, is available for interview on the Say No to NAPLAN campaign.  Campaigners will launch eight papers tonight as part of the push against the standardised tests, held every May in years 3, 5, 7 and 9.  Associate Professor Fehring is an expert in literacy ... 15-Oct-2012 more

New scholarship opens the door to diabetes research

The early death of his son from diabetes was the catalyst for a bequest to the University of Newcastle by the late Eric Sansom to fund new research into the causes, treatment or prevention of the disease. In accordance with Mr Sansom’s wishes, the bequest will support diabetes research through two new scholarships for eligible research ... 15-Oct-2012 more

Avatars, dragons and augmented reality on show at UC Research Festival

Come and meet our avatar ‘Faith’, get up close and personal with some dragons, take part in an augmented reality experience and discover many more fascinating projects on display as part of the University of Canberra’s Research Festival on TOMORROW.  · The Research Festival will be officially opened by Senator ... 17-Oct-2012 more

DAA Hot Topic Alert: Dietitians support World Food Day today

World Food Day, an initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, is held on 16 October each year. The day aims to raise awareness of global food insecurity issues, such as hunger and poverty. Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) CEO Claire Hewat said dietitians are throwing their support behind the 2012 ... 17-Oct-2012 more

Brumbies to call UC home as part of new $15m Sports Hub

The University of Canberra’s proposed Sports Hub is set to go ahead following today’s announcement that the University of Canberra Brumbies will move their operations to the campus. University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker has welcomed the announcement, saying it further cements the partnership the ... 17-Oct-2012 more

Alumni Award winners announced

A fashion designer, a clinical neurologist, and a philanthropist are just three of the exceptional University of Newcastle graduates named recipients in this year’s Alumni Awards. The Awards recognise professional excellence, innovation, creativity, exceptional leadership and those who inspire others in a range of fields through local, ... 19-Oct-2012 more

Vacancy rates remain tight across Qld

Residential rental vacancy rates have remained tight across Queensland, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) data.  Findings from the Institute’s September Residential Rental Vacancy Rate Survey, compiled from information and data by REIQ accredited agencies and agents, showed most major regions ... 19-Oct-2012 more

Cracking the epigenetic code

A team of researchers at The Australian National University is one step closer to better understanding how organisms function after discovering how epigenetic information is transmitted from one generation of cells to the next. Lead researcher, Dr David Tremethick from The John Curtin School of Medical Research, said developing a better ... 22-Oct-2012 more

Australia can be security council leader

Australia should prepare to play a leading role among elected members on the UN Security Council now that it has won a seat, says a leading United Nations expert from The Australian National University.  Dr Jeremy Farrall, a Fellow in the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and a former Political ... 22-Oct-2012 more

Expert comment on Halloween

RMIT University expert on globalisation issues, Dr Stephen Alomes, is available for interview on issues associated with the rising popularity of Halloween. Dr Alomes, Adjunct Professor at RMIT’s Globalism Research Centre, has expertise in globalisation of culture, and has conducted extensive research into the cultural significance of ... 22-Oct-2012 more

Mirror milestone for giant telescope

  Construction of what will be the world’s largest, most-advanced optical telescope has reached a major milestone with fabrication of the first of seven enormous and technically challenging mirrors now complete.   The Australian National University is leading Australia’s participation as part of an international ... 24-Oct-2012 more

When the dingoes are away, the cats can play

  Are dingoes the top dog in the Australian bush and do they have a role in protecting our native biodiversity against the impacts of feral cats? A new study, led by James Cook University researchers and published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, suggests that dingoes may be keeping feral cats at bay in northern Australia, and ... 24-Oct-2012 more

Legislation reform welcomed by profession

  The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has welcomed the announcement that the State Government will simplify the key piece of legislation which regulates the real estate profession. Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie made the announcement at the REIQ’s Annual General Meeting in Brisbane yesterday. The reforms will ... 24-Oct-2012 more

Research shows gender equity imbalance

Researchers from RMIT University and Griffith University have found that the achievement of gender equity in universities needs continued attention.  Dr Angela Dobele and Dr Foula Kopanidis, RMIT, and Associate Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Griffith, discovered that although gender equity in terms of workload has improved, inequality ... 25-Oct-2012 more

New institute to build better neighbourhood watch

  Australia’s understanding of its closest neighbours and place in the region is set to improve with the launch of a new research institute at The Australian National University.   The Southeast Asia Institute, based in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, was officially launched by Association of Southeast Asian ... 25-Oct-2012 more

New music scholarships to the tune of $15,000

When local man Norman Bushman passed away and left the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music $2.8 million, his generous bequest ensured his love for the arts would live on through two music scholarships.  Applications are now open for the Norman Bushman Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies Relating to Voice and the Joy Ingall Scholarship ... 25-Oct-2012 more

Hello, goodbye to new lizard

A team of scientists from The Australian National University has discovered a new species of lizard hidden among the sand dunes of Western Australia’s coastline. However, mankind’s encounter with this new species may be short-lived. Urban sprawl and habitat destruction are already pushing the tiny creature towards ... 29-Oct-2012 more

Celebrate emerging talent at the RMIT Creative Festival

Discover Melbourne’s top emerging talents at this year’s RMIT Creative Festival, the premiere showcase of RMIT University student work and one of Australia’s biggest celebrations of art, design and ingenuity. Renowned as a paradise for talent-spotters, the festival has been expanded in 2012 to take in all exhibitions, ... 29-Oct-2012 more

ANU experts available for Asia comment

  With last week’s release of the Australian Government’s much anticipated White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century, the following experts from The Australian National University will be available for analysis and comment:   BLAXLAND, Professor John Security and defence (Australia and regional), ... 29-Oct-2012 more

Dick Smith and Professor Paul Ehrlich discuss 'The end of growth?'

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith together with American environmental scientist Professor Paul Ehrlich will lead a thought provoking, controversial conversation on how growth in human population size, resource consumption and pollution may threaten the ecological systems that support us. The Faculty of Science at the University of ... 31-Oct-2012 more

Mears collects top book award

  Gillian Mears’s landmark novel Foal’s Bread has won the prestigious Colin Roderick Award for Australian literature.   Published by Allen and Unwin, the book is set in and around the country show high-jumping circuit that prevailed in rural New South Wales prior to World War II.   It has previously ... 31-Oct-2012 more

Asian Century misses crucial visa link to education

  The Federal Government must address current visa constraints to fully realise the potential of education in its Asia relations according to the University of Adelaide’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Warren Bebbington.    “For decades, Australian universities have been deeply involved in almost ... 31-Oct-2012 more

New Professor helping computers to see

Driverless cars, robotic mining, smart 'event alarm' CCTV and even at-home stroke rehabilitation – this is the world where computers can see, being made possible by researchers like new University of Adelaide Professor of Computer Science, Ian Reid. Professor Reid has come to Adelaide from the University of Oxford where he led ... 02-Nov-2012 more

Toolkit to help organisations prepare for climate change

Adapting to climate change has been made easier thanks to a free Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit developed by the Net Balance Foundation, in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong and RMIT University. The new toolkit follows the recent release of the Climate Institute report Coming Ready or Not: Managing climate risks to ... 02-Nov-2012 more

Key recruit for national security college

  One of Australia’s leading international relations experts, Dr Michael Wesley, has been appointed Professor of National Security at The Australian National University.     Professor Wesley will lead the ANU National Security College’s Academic, Outreach and Research Program and contribute to a number of ... 02-Nov-2012 more

Social networking and successful ageing

  A new Facebook application developed by researchers at The Australian National University will help shed light on how seniors use online social networks.   The application will provide data for a pioneering research project into how Australian seniors are using the Facebook social networking site to connect with friends ... 05-Nov-2012 more

ANU astronomer wins nation's top science prize

  Professor Ken Freeman from The Australian National University has been awarded the 2012 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for almost 50 years work shaping and changing the human view of galaxies and the universe.   Best known for his discovery of dark matter in the universe, Professor Freeman also founded one of ... 05-Nov-2012 more

NSW Premier backs University of Newcastle public health project

The Premier of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell, has voiced his support for a proposed Newcastle-based project aimed at improving public health in Australia and India. The project would combine Newcastle’s world-recognised expertise in public health research with India’s outstanding technology knowledge to develop apps ... 05-Nov-2012 more

High Performance Computing transforms research

  New super-fast high-performance computing (HPC) being installed by RMIT University, La Trobe University, and the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC Ltd) will revolutionise the computational modelling and simulation technologies available to researchers, and their ultimate understanding of a number of social and medical ... 05-Nov-2012 more

REIQ welcomes Queensland tenancy laws review

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has welcomed the Queensland Government initiative to review the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act).  In particular, the review provides an ideal opportunity to strike a greater balance in the residential tenancies sphere in Queensland.  REIQ CEO ... 07-Nov-2012 more

Tapping primary care in cancer control

  The role of primary health care in cancer prevention and management will be explored in a public lecture at The Australian National University tonight.   Australian cancer survival rates are relatively good, compared with a growing disease burden internationally. However, there is still significant room for ... 07-Nov-2012 more

UTS students' brekkie bar wins international sustainability award

A weekly sustainable pop-up breakfast bar for University of Technology, Sydney students has won an international award for sustainability at a ceremony held in London today. The UTS Students' Association Bluebird Brekkie Bar was awarded the International Green Gown Award in the student initiatives and campaigns category. Eligibility ... 07-Nov-2012 more

Stealing nature's photosynthetic secrets

  The prospect of creating clean, renewable hydrogen fuel is closer than ever after a breakthrough by researchers from The Australian National University in our understanding of photosynthesis.    Professors Rob Stranger and Ron Pace from the Research School of Chemistry in the ANU College of Physical and Mathematical ... 09-Nov-2012 more

Design Hub opens a new era for innovation

  A new era for design innovation has been launched with the opening of Melbourne’s most intriguing new building – the Design Hub at RMIT University.    Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans, will join RMIT Chancellor Dr Ziggy ... 09-Nov-2012 more

ANU experts available for energy comment

  With the release this week of the Australian Government’s Energy White Paper, the following experts from The Australian National University will be available for analysis and comment:    BALDWIN, Professor Ken Energy, lasers, atom optics, quantum physics and national science policy  Director, ANU ... 09-Nov-2012 more

Philanthropic gift brings maverick design to Melbourne

  The first major retrospective of the work of Antwerp designer and fashion maverick Walter Van Beirendonck, will be held at RMIT University’s new $80 million Design Hub, thanks to the philanthropic leadership in design of Naomi Milgrom AO.   Created by Antwerp Fashion Museum, Dream the World Awake is the jewel in the ... 12-Nov-2012 more

Update explores Mongolia's new pastures

  Recent political and economic developments in Mongolia and the Northeast Asian nation’s importance to Australia will be the focus of a one-day conference taking place at The Australian National University tomorrow.  The inaugural Mongolia Update brings together experts from both countries to examine recent developments ... 12-Nov-2012 more

Home or Hospital? Is there a 'best' birthing option?

Few times are as precious and memorable as welcoming a new life into the world. The experience of mother and baby, fathers and extended family should be one of joy and pleasure. Yet debate still rages within the community about the right way and right place a woman should give birth. Is it a woman's right to choose where they give birth? ... 12-Nov-2012 more

OHS isn’t a game… or is it?

  RMIT University is transforming how students learn about health and safety in the construction industry through a new OHS game, to be unveiled at the inaugural Games for Change Festival in Melbourne (15-16 November). Trouble Tower is an innovative research project that enables construction students to experiment with workplace ... 14-Nov-2012 more

Naive fish easy targets for spear fishers

Big fish that have grown up in marine reserves do not seem to know enough to avoid fishers armed with spear guns waiting outside the reserve. The latest research by an Australian team working in the Philippines into the effects of marine reserves has found there is an unexpected windfall awaiting fishers who obey the rules and respect ... 14-Nov-2012 more

UNHCR forum: boats, asylum and public perceptions

  Australia’s handling of asylum-seekers is the subject of intense public and political debate. Five high-profile guest speakers will discuss the effects of this debate in a special forum at The Australian National University tonight. The right to seek asylum and the need to protect refugees in accordance with the Refugee ... 14-Nov-2012 more

'Doing the Deed': Journalists' Access to Detention Centres

National Communications Manager for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Sandi Logan will speak at a public forum next week (Wednesday 21 November) on reporting inside detention centres. Joined by Julian Disney, Chair of the National Press Council and investigative reporter Steve Pennells from The West Australian, the forum has been ... 16-Nov-2012 more

Global drought areas have not increased: research

Global drought areas have not increased over the past 60 years due to climate change, according to a new paper published in Nature today, contradicting previous research. The findings are the result of the paper’s authors using more realistic calculations based on the underlying physical principles behind droughts. Dr Michael ... 16-Nov-2012 more

Leading writers gather in Melbourne for NonfictioNow

Melbourne will welcome one of the world’s most significant gatherings of writers, journalists, filmmakers and other nonfiction practitioners when RMIT University hosts NonfictioNow 2012 this month (21-24 November). Lovers of nonfiction can be part of the conversation through public events featuring NonfictioNow’s keynote ... 16-Nov-2012 more

Diplomatic protection of Australians abroad

  The legal and diplomatic options available to the Australian Government when Australian citizens face peril abroad, and the way in which the Government exercises them, are among the key issues that were discussed in a public lecture at The Australian National University last week. International law expert Professor Donald Rothwell ... 19-Nov-2012 more

Buyers return to Qld property market

  The Queensland property market recorded its strongest numbers of house sales in nearly two years, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) data. The REIQ September quarter median house price report found the numbers of house sales increased significantly over the quarter. The numbers of sales were also up ... 19-Nov-2012 more

Farmers on Facebook: Social media use in Murray-Darling Basin

  Is social media the missing link in Murray-Darling Basin communications? According to University of Canberra researchers, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook might be the best tools for Murray-Darling farmers to communicate with government and other agencies. A new collaborative project led by a University of ... 19-Nov-2012 more

Life shorter in the tropics

  A world-wide initiative to define the challenges facing the peoples of the tropics was launched this week by 13 leading research institutions across 12 countries. The group, including James Cook University, has released an early insight of its planned State of the Tropics Report with details of life expectancy which is lower in ... 21-Nov-2012 more

New partnership to increase opportunities for Indigenous students

  A new partnership between the Aurora Project and the University of Canberra announced yesterday will help Indigenous high school students realise their academic potential. The national Aspiration Initiative aims to increase opportunities and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students, helping them ... 21-Nov-2012 more

Artificial intelligence - the past, present and future

  Artificial intelligence pioneer Professor Edward Feigenbaum of Stanford University will review the progress made by artificial intelligence scientists and discuss the future of robotics in the IBM – UTS Alan Turing Public Lecture next week (Monday 26 November) at the University of Technology, Sydney. Celebrating ... 21-Nov-2012 more

$2.5m gift for ANU development policy centre

  In one of the most significant gifts ever given to The Australian National University, the Harold Mitchell Foundation today announced $2.5 million in funding for the Development Policy Centre in the Crawford School of Public Policy. Established in 2010, the Centre is Australia’s first independent think tank to promote ... 22-Nov-2012 more

Award-winning furniture design on show

  Innovative designs by RMIT University furniture students will inspire visitors to Melbourne Central next week during the RMIT Creative Festival’s AD12 exhibition (28 November-3 December). The exhibition launches on Wednesday, 28 November as part of Melbourne Central’s seasonal One Day Shopping Festival. Work by ... 23-Nov-2012 more

UC takes a stand on violence against women

The University of Canberra community is showing its support for White Ribbon by swearing an oath to reduce violence against women on campus today. Members of the University of Canberra Brumbies and White Ribbon ambassador University of Canberra Union CEO Joe Roff will join the event, where University staff and students are invited to take ... 23-Nov-2012 more

Gehry's tree house gets a builder

  In a major milestone for Frank Gehry's first Australian project, the University of Technology, Sydney has appointed Lend Lease's project management and construction business to build the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building. "This is a once-in-a-generation project and we want to make sure it meets both Gehry's vision and ... 23-Nov-2012 more

Conference canvasses innovation and engagement in sport

  Sport is a major part of many people's lives and as such its presence is often taken for granted. But the management of sport is a demanding field and constantly changing. Teams appear and disappear, competitions rise and fall in popularity and financial strength, and the media seems to have a finger in every slice of the ... 26-Nov-2012 more

Poor job as bad for mental health as no job

  Having a job with poor working conditions can be just as bad for a person’s mental health as being unemployed, according to new research published in Psychological Medicine on Thursday. The study, led by Associate Professor Peter Butterworth from the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, is the first to use ... 26-Nov-2012 more

Chinese delegation to brief on congress outcomes

  A delegation from the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will visit The Australian National University today to provide a briefing on outcomes from the recent 18th National Party Congress. The delegation will be led by Mr Chen Baosheng, Vice President of the Central Party School of the CPC Central ... 26-Nov-2012 more

Understanding Asian aid: Forum

  Asia’s increasingly significant contribution to regional aid that has seen China’s development cooperation increase by nearly 30 per cent in a decade will be examined at The Australian National University tomorrow. The half-day forum – Aid from Emerging Asia – will bring together experts from both Australia ... 28-Nov-2012 more

Book shines new light on the shadow of war

  A new book from The Australian National University exploring the threat faced by Australia in the midst of the Second World War was launched by Foreign Minister Bob Carr yesterday. Edited by Dr Peter Dean from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australia 1942: In the Shadow of War, ... 28-Nov-2012 more

New chapter at UC as first Book of the Year announced

  A new project that will see all commencing undergraduate students given the same book to read no matter what course they are starting has been launched today with the announcement of the inaugural University of Canberra Book of the Year. Selected by a panel of experts, Jasper Jones, written by Craig Silvey, has been offered to ... 28-Nov-2012 more

Spotlight on Middle East and Central Asia

  More than 30 scholars from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will examine recent developments as well as potential future challenges and opportunities in the Middle East and Central Asia during a two-day conference starting at The Australian National University today. Former Prime Minister, the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, will ... 30-Nov-2012 more

University collaboration results in much-needed Indigenous support

  The Governor-General, Her Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce, will today launch a unique Indigenous family support program addressing the need for culturally-appropriate support during a family breakdown. The Aboriginal Building Connection (ABC) program is a post-separation support service for Aboriginal families that was developed by ... 30-Nov-2012 more

Sexual harassment ‘invisible’ in the bush, researchers find

  Rural workplaces tend to ignore sexual harassment or blame the victims, according to new research to be presented at a University of Canberra symposium today.   The study, co-authored by University of Canberra law professor Patricia Easteal AM and PhD student and ANU law lecturer Skye Saunders, reveals that a large majority ... 30-Nov-2012 more

Stop reinventing the wheel on public policy

  How to learn the lessons of the past to ensure politicians and the public service aren’t doing the policy equivalent of reinventing the wheel is the subject of a special event at The Australian National University today. The one-day workshop – Getting it right: Using history to inform public policy – is bringing ... 03-Dec-2012 more

Metal nanoparticles may improve cancer treatment

Research led by RMIT University has shown that cheap, non-toxic nanoparticles can enhance radiotherapy treatments for cancer. An international team of researchers led by RMIT has investigated alternatives to gold nanoparticles, which have been shown to concentrate radiation used to treat cancer but are highly expensive and ... 03-Dec-2012 more

Climate past holds key to future (3 Dec 12)

For the first time researchers have harmonised the methodologies used in studies that quantify how the climate has responded to changes in the radiation balance in prehistoric times, to confirm projections about how it will respond in the future. The research, led by 2012 Australian Laureate Fellow and Visiting Fellow at The Australian ... 03-Dec-2012 more

Rate cut to assist market (4 Dec 12)

The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia to cut the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3 per cent today will provide further assistance to the Queensland property market. According to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), the residential market across the State has been improving throughout 2012 with increasing numbers of sales ... 04-Dec-2012 more

Study shows tackling chronic homelessness requires long-term investment (5 Dec 12)

  A report being launched at RMIT University today by the Federal Minister for Homelessness, Housing and Small Business, Brendan O’Connor, shows that tackling chronic homelessness requires a long-term investment and indicates the benefits will outweigh the costs over time. The report Meeting the challenge? Transitions out of ... 05-Dec-2012 more

Researchers find a big attitude shift in cosmetic surgery tourists (5 Dec 12)

When Australians weigh up the pros and cons of undertaking cosmetic surgery overseas, cost is now the crucial factor according to early results of research into the phenomenon of cosmetic surgery tourism. Far from being regarded as a dangerous indulgence, cosmetic surgery is now "not a big deal" and even "something many people ... 05-Dec-2012 more

Where to next for aged care reform? (5 Dec 12)

Minister for Mental Health and Ageing The Hon. Mark Butler MP was the keynote speaker at a special one-day forum yesterday aiming to light the road ahead towards policy reform in Australian aged care. The Aged Care Policy Dialogue, held at The Australian National University, brought together leading Australian and international experts, ... 05-Dec-2012 more

Health hazards hide in everyday occupations: UC symposium (6 Dec 12)

Our cities, our suburbs, our jobs and how we commute to them could be killing us, speakers will argue at a University of Canberra conference starting today. Federal Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh MP will open the Sixth Australasian Occupational Science Symposium held at the University. The event will discuss the link between everyday ... 06-Dec-2012 more

Future grim for 'biggest and most magnificent' trees (7 Dec 12)

Across the world, big old trees face a dire future globally from agriculture, logging, habitat fragmentation, exotic invaders, and the effects of climate change, warn leading scientists in an article published this week in Science magazine. Professor William Laurance, an ecologist at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, reveals a ... 07-Dec-2012 more

Buyers flock to units and townhouses (7 Dec 12)

Demand for units and townhouses is increasing across Queensland as buyers flock to this more affordable type of property. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) September median unit and townhouse price report, released today, found the numbers of sales increased substantially over the period. Across the State, sales of units and ... 07-Dec-2012 more

'Price collar' could break climate deadlock (7 Dec 12)

The world needs to move away from only setting national carbon emission targets, and instead supplement these with an agreed maximum and minimum carbon price that clearly measures the effort it takes to reach these targets, if it wants to break the deadlock on reaching a binding international agreement, according to an ANU expert. Professor ... 07-Dec-2012 more

Study to examine south west telco outage impact (10 Dec 12)

An independent study has been launched into the social impact of the recent breakdown in telecommunications in Victoria’s South West. The study is being conducted by RMIT University’s Hamilton Regional and Rural Futures Research Group. Dr Kaye Scholfield, Senior Manager, RMIT Hamilton, said the study would gauge the extent of ... 10-Dec-2012 more

International action needed to stop covert killings (10 Dec 12)

World-renowned international law and human rights expert Professor Philip Alston will mark Human Rights Day with a lecture on covert killings and the use of force at The Australian National University today.  Hosted by the Research School of Asia and the Pacific and the Regulatory Institutions Network, Professor Alston’s lecture ... 10-Dec-2012 more

Silver lining to coral reef climate cloud (10 Dec 12)

Researchers from The Australian National University have found parts of our coral reefs are more resistant to ocean acidification than first thought, casting a ray of hope on the future of our reefs. The study, published in Nature Climate Change today, details their analyses of the mineral structure of coralline algae, which form a hard ... 10-Dec-2012 more

Pre-drinking alcohol before hitting nightclubs likely to lead to violence, study finds (10 Dec 12)

The increasingly common practice of drinking at home before hitting the nightclubs is the major predictor of people experiencing harm or violence, Australia’s largest study into alcohol-related nightlife crime has found. The ‘Dealing with alcohol-related harm and the night-time economy (DANTE)’ study compared the ... 10-Dec-2012 more

Award winner urges justice for rape victims (12 Dec 12)

A justice prize-winning academic will outline how society can better ensure justice for victims of rape and sexual assault during a public seminar at The Australian National University today. The 2012 Future Justice Prize winner Professor John Braithwaite, based at the Regulatory Institutions Network in the ANU College of Asia and the ... 12-Dec-2012 more

Empowering Aboriginal children to lead a healthy lifestyle (12 Dec 12)

A University of Newcastle research project will use social marketing, traditional Indigenous games and a photography project as part of a multi-faceted approach to improve the health of young Aboriginal people living in rural areas. The Dharma Burra Nyinhi (Eat Strong Live Long) project, funded by the Department of Health and Ageing, will be ... 12-Dec-2012 more

Dictionary reveals great Australian tales (12 Dec 12)

The life stories of hundreds of significant and celebrated Australians were revealed at the launch of the online version of Volume 18 of the Australian Dictionary of Biography last night at The Australian National University. Featuring articles on 670 individuals with surnames from L to Z who died between 1981 and 1990, the Australian ... 12-Dec-2012 more

Cane toads can be stopped (13 Dec 12)

It may be possible to stop the spread of can toads into new areas of Australia according to new research published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology. One of the lead authors of the study, James Cook University’s Dr Ben Phillips, said that their work, which involved an international team of scientists, showed that artificial ... 13-Dec-2012 more

Log-a-fish website makes a splash in NSW waters (13 Dec 12)

The University of Newcastle will lead the New South Wales rollout of an interactive reporting website encouraging the community to log uncommon catches or unusual sightings of marine life. Redmap* (Range Extension Database and Mapping project) has been operating in Tasmania since 2009 and is now being introduced Australia-wide to better ... 13-Dec-2012 more

When local government decisions are for sale (13 Dec 12)

Corruption in local government could result in poor town planning leading to unaffordable, unsafe and unhealthy communities, according to ANU Professor of Public Policy Adam Graycar. Professor Graycar, Director of the Research School of Social Sciences in the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, made the comments at a Design + Crime ... 13-Dec-2012 more

Public transport in boom times: study (17 Dec 12)

Commuters are turning back to trains, trams and buses in record numbers, with new analysis by RMIT University researchers revealing the last five years have seen the biggest jump in public transport usage across Australia in 35 years. The report, Transport Policy at the Crossroads: Travel to work in Australian capital cities 1976-2011, is ... 17-Dec-2012 more

Mental health and mining in the research spotlight (17 Dec 12)

An internationally-respected mental health researcher at the University of Newcastle will lead an important new project into the extent and impact of mental health problems in the Australian coal industry. Supported by a $350,000 grant from the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) announced on Friday, Professor Brian Kelly* ... 17-Dec-2012 more

First Australian trial of pregnancy asthma service (17 Dec 12)

University of Adelaide researchers will establish Australia's first dedicated asthma service for pregnant women in a trial of what they hope will reduce the adverse effects of asthma on the growth and survival of babies. Associate Professor Vicki Clifton from the University's Robinson Institute says a trial asthma service for ... 17-Dec-2012 more

How the human diet evolved (19 Dec 12)

Struggling to say no to rum balls, roast potatoes and all the sugary and salty temptations of the party season? Blame it on your caveman ancestors. According to a new book on the evolution of human nutrition, the reasons for the growing problems of obesity and diabetes in the western world can be traced back to our pre-human and early homo ... 19-Dec-2012 more

Man in the moon tunes into Earth's radio (19 Dec 12)

If you ever thought what happens on Earth stays on Earth, think again. Astronomers have now reported that we are sending more signals into space than we know, and we might not be the only ones in the Universe listening in. PhD researcher Mr Ben McKinley from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics calculated the strength of the ... 19-Dec-2012 more

Help at hand for children dealing with trauma (19 Dec 12)

In the wake of the mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, the Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network (ACATLGN) based at ANU, has cautioned parents, carers and healthcare professionals to be mindful of the impacts this tragedy could have on Australian children. ACATLGN Chairperson and Professor of Psychological ... 19-Dec-2012 more

Reducing the burden of disease due to hazardous drinking (21 Dec 12)

University of Newcastle researcher, Associate Professor Kypros Kypri, was recently awarded a National Health and Medical Council Research Fellowship worth $650,000 to examine hazardous drinking. The prestigious five-year Fellowship will allow Associate Professor Kypri to further develop a program of research into the causes of hazardous ... 21-Dec-2012 more

Rental property applications to peak (21 Dec 12)

As we head into the peak demand period for rental properties it is important for tenants to understand the attributes of successful rental applications, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). Starting in January, demand for rental properties increases across the State. Demand historically peaks during February and March ... 21-Dec-2012 more

ANU to partner in major new solar projects (21 Dec 12)

Researchers from The Australian National University will partner with leading Australian and American institutions to deliver four major new solar energy projects. The Federal Government last week announced over $83 million in funding for a range of new projects under the Australian Solar Institute’s United States-Australia Solar ... 21-Dec-2012 more

2012 Word of the Year: Green-on-blue (24 Dec 12)

From a shortlist including brotox, fossil farming, qubit, and fourth age, the Australian National Dictionary Centre, based at ANU, has selected green-on-blue as their 2012 Word of the Year. Centre Director, Dr Amanda Laugesen, said that military conflict has historically generated many new terms, the most famous of which in the Australian ... 24-Dec-2012 more

US entry wins Latrobe Valley design competition (24 Dec 12)

A US entry has won an international design competition to attract plans to help transition the Latrobe Valley into a low-carbon future. The competition, with more than $20,000 of prize money, targeted the revitalisation of small towns, potentially rehabilitated mines and associated infrastructure. Local residents are now being asked to ... 24-Dec-2012 more

Are we rabbits in the headlights of climate change? (24 Dec 12)

Decision making under uncertainty, a new report funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), shows decision-makers may delay taking action on adaptation and risk planning until the uncertainties in climate change information are reduced – a situation which may never happen or may occur only after the optimal ... 24-Dec-2012 more