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Should the law step in to protect personal privacy?

In the era of fast-paced technological advances, a heavy reliance on social media and ever changing communication methods, does the law go far enough to protect personal privacy?   The University of Adelaide’s South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) is calling for public submissions on its invasion of privacy issues ... 03-Jan-2014 more

New study to investigate riverbank collapse

University of Adelaide researchers have started a new project investigating the conditions for riverbank collapse.   The project stems from the many bank collapses at various parts of the lower River Murray (Blanchetown to Wellington) during the drought years of 2009-2010, when the river was at one metre below sea level and about 2m ... 03-Jan-2014 more

Research assisting pharmacies proving the best medicine

UTS research to help Australian pharmacies implement government-sponsored consultancy services for people taking drugs for type 2 diabetes is on track to cause a cultural change at our chemists. Through the federally-funded MedsCheck initiative, people on medications can obtain in-pharmacy review of medications with a focus on type 2 ... 03-Jan-2014 more

Improving agriculture to fight Filipino poverty

RMIT University researchers will examine how improving agriculture can reduce poverty in conflict areas of The Philippines, thanks to a $1.4 million grant. The five-year project, funded by the Australian Government via the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), aims to develop a new agricultural extension ... 13-Jan-2014 more

Higher risk of birth problems after assisted conception

A University of Adelaide study has shown that the risk of serious complications such as stillbirth, preterm birth, low birth weight and neonatal death is around twice as high for babies conceived by assisted reproductive therapies compared with naturally conceived babies.   In the most comprehensive study of its kind in the world, ... 13-Jan-2014 more

Climate change threatens freshwater fish

New research has revealed that Western Australia’s drying climate will impact fish migrations, putting further pressure on a number of native freshwater fish species.   Scientists from Murdoch University’s Freshwater Fish Group and Fish Health Unit said the new paper shows there is a clear relationship between ... 13-Jan-2014 more

Rocky researcher aims to get Aussie netball back on top

A CQUniversity-led research study could hold the key to taking Australian netball to new heights, with a promising collaboration between physiotherapy and sports science. Dr Aaron Scanlan, Lecturer in Exercise and Sport Sciences at CQUniversity has teamed up with Sean Mungovan, Principal Physiotherapist at Mungovan, Breckenridge ... 15-Jan-2014 more

Reef relief can take decade or more after 'ground zero' flood events

The impact of catchment pollutants on the Great Barrier Reef is nothing compared to the devastation caused by a reduction in salinity following major floods. That's according to CQUniversity researcher Dr Alison Jones, who says major floods are 'nature's ground zero'. Writing in the PLOS ONE journal this week, Dr ... 15-Jan-2014 more

Teens' sleep impacted by electronic media use

New research from the University of Adelaide shows more than 70% of South Australian teenagers are experiencing insufficient sleep on every school night, with many reporting the overuse of electronic media such as the internet, video games and mobile phones, which could be contributing to the problem.   Researchers from the ... 15-Jan-2014 more

Heatwave - impact on people with alcohol, drug and mental health conditions

Two academics from the University of Adelaide's School of Nursing are available for interviews about the following issues: Heatwaves and their impact on people with alcohol, drug and mental health conditions; Increased risk of heat-related mortality in people with chronic health conditions, including those with mental disorders ... 16-Jan-2014 more

Social connections key to happiness for “at-risk” teens

An RMIT University report on the happiness of disadvantaged Australian teenagers has emphasised the vital role of family and friends in mental wellbeing. While the survey of more than 23,000 “at-risk” young Australians showed their disadvantage negatively affected two key evaluations of happiness, on average, young people were as ... 17-Jan-2014 more

Diabetics benefit from high-protein diets without risk

Obese people with diabetes are able to lose weight on high-protein diets and see improvement in both cardiovascular and renal health, despite initial concerns about the impact on their renal health.   That's according to research conducted by University of Adelaide PhD student Eva Pedersen, who compared the effects of a high-protein ... 17-Jan-2014 more

Eight thousand students offered places at University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle last night offered places to 6,724 prospective undergraduate students.  This follows nearly 1,500 offers made in early January to students with Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores above 90, under the University’s new High ATAR Guarantee Scheme. Eighty per cent of offers have been made to ... 17-Jan-2014 more

Mining not the only avenue for engineers

When people are asked about the role of engineers in society many will automatically visualise mine sites, dust, heavy machinery and bridges. However, this stereotype is not entirely representative of the profession, with many different specialisation options available to those currently studying the discipline or considering a future as an ... 20-Jan-2014 more

GP health checks have impact on risk factors

New research from the University of Adelaide suggests there are ongoing benefits in managing risk factors from annual GP health checks, amid growing international concern that such check-ups do not improve patients' health.   A paper published in the British Medical Journal and a Cochrane review in 2012 have both called into ... 20-Jan-2014 more

Helping avoid holiday health horror: UC research

Overseas travellers could avoid hefty medical bills and the ruin of long awaited holidays by seeking travel health advice from their pharmacist before leaving home, according to a University of Canberra research project. PhD student Dr Moses Mutie is looking for participants to take part in a study which will investigate what pharmacists can ... 22-Jan-2014 more

Converting new year resolutions into healthy habits

While the new year is the perfect time to make health and fitness resolutions, studies show that more than half of us will give up on our goals in the first three to six months. CQUniversity health and fitness expert Dr Betul Sekendiz believes the secret to making these lifestyle changes last lies in our personal expectations. “One ... 22-Jan-2014 more

Hit the surf and source legal advice

Young people needing legal advice are encouraged to tap into expertise of the University of Newcastle’s Legal Centre when it slips out of the office and hits the sand for its annual Law on the Beach free community legal advice service. Now in its 11th year, Law on the Beach brings University of Newcastle law students and lawyers to the ... 22-Jan-2014 more

It's beyond the reef, Queenslander part of snow leopard study

It's a long way from coastal Queensland to the high mountains of central Asia but Gladstone-based Professor Owen Nevin is a key member of a research team helping to conserve the globally endangered snow leopard. Climate change is a major threat to 'mountain specialists' like snow leopards and population ... 24-Jan-2014 more

Proton flow battery advances hydrogen power

RMIT University researchers have developed a concept battery based simply on storing protons produced by splitting water, advancing the potential for hydrogen to replace lithium as an energy source in battery-powered devices. The proton flow battery concept eliminates the need for the production, storage and recovery of hydrogen gas, which ... 24-Jan-2014 more

Australia Day experts

Media covering Australia Day may be interested in getting in contact with the following University of Adelaide academics: Professor John Williams Dean of Law University of Adelaide Work: +61 8 8313 5172 Mobile: +61 (0)401 319 227 john.williams@adelaide.edu.au    Australian Constitutional Law expert, ... 24-Jan-2014 more

Roos at risk - Research efforts to save our Australian icons

With Australia leading the world in mammal extinctions, an innovative breeding technique could bring Australia’s threatened kangaroos and wallabies back from the brink. Developed by Dr David Taggart, marsupial reproduction specialist with the University of Newcastle led Wildlife Biodiversity Co-operative Research Centre (Wildlife ... 28-Jan-2014 more

Male-female communication at conception shapes the health of offspring

A father’s input is important for his child’s future health right from the moment of conception, with the quality of his seminal fluid playing a major and unique role in that process, according to new research from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute.   Scientists have known for some years that seminal fluid ... 28-Jan-2014 more

Record number of research students to graduate

The University of Adelaide has achieved its highest level of completions by PhD and research Masters students in the University's 140-year history.   A total of 328 higher degree by research students completed their studies in 2013, including 282 PhDs and 46 Masters by research students.  This is an 8.6% increase on last ... 28-Jan-2014 more

2014 REIQ logos now on display

 Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) accredited agencies across the State are now proudly displaying their 2014 logos. The REIQ logo – issued every year – has been synonymous with professionalism and best practice for more than 95 years and serves as a visual safeguard to help consumers make informed and confident ... 29-Jan-2014 more

Demand drives new photography course

Budding photographers can now hone their skills using the world-class facilities at Murdoch University. A Bachelor of Arts in Photography is one of the new courses available in 2014, with study options available at the South Street and Rockingham campuses. “Our photography unit has been incredibly popular in recent years and has ... 29-Jan-2014 more

Analysis: Are we overusing IVF?

As the use of IVF expands to a wider range of fertility problems, experts warn that the risks could outweigh the benefits. IVF was developed for women with fallopian tube disorders and severe male infertility, but in recent years it has been applied to wider conditions, including unexplained infertility, write Dr Esme Kamphuis and colleagues ... 29-Jan-2014 more

Biggest Loser a setback for healthy weight loss

The television reality series The Biggest Loser is doing more harm than good in the fight against Australia's obesity epidemic, according to a leading researcher into obesity, diabetes and weight loss at the University of Adelaide.   These views have led to an official complaint about the show to the Australian Communications and ... 31-Jan-2014 more

Diagnosis just a breath away with new laser

University of Adelaide physics researchers have developed a new type of laser that will enable exciting new advances in areas as diverse as breath analysis for disease diagnosis and remote sensing of critical greenhouse gases. Published in the journal Optics Letters, the researchers from the University’s Institute for Photonics and ... 31-Jan-2014 more

Look after medications in heatwave, UC pharmacy lecturer warns

Australians are being warned their health could be at risk if they don’t store their medication carefully as they swelter through the heatwave. Associate professor of pharmacy at the University of Canberra Dr Greg Kyle said high temperatures affected the chemical stability of medicines and could render them ineffective. “All ... 03-Feb-2014 more

Advances in cholesterol-lowering drugs within five years

A leading cardiology expert at the University of Adelaide predicts that a new class of advanced cholesterol-reducing drugs could be ready for patient use within the next five years, helping to prevent heart attack and stroke.   Speaking in the lead up to Heart Research Day (14 February), Professor Stephen Nicholls says the University of ... 03-Feb-2014 more

Rental market eases as sales kick off

As the Queensland sales market kicks into gear, pressure on the rental market has eased according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). The REIQ Residential Rental Survey, carried out in December across all REIQ accredited agencies, found the majority of the State recording higher vacancy rates compared to the previous three ... 03-Feb-2014 more

Studying sea snakes for underwater robot design

The fascinating body structures of sea snakes which adapt them for life in water are being studied by University of Adelaide researchers as inspiration for a marine robot – the first of its kind.   Postgraduate mechanical engineering research student Amy Watson and a team of engineering, environmental science and computer science ... 05-Feb-2014 more

Stopping liver failure from painkiller overdose

University of Adelaide researchers have identified a key step for the future prevention of liver failure resulting from taking too much of the everyday painkiller paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen).   Published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the study pinpoints a target for new treatments ... 05-Feb-2014 more

Writing fellowships deepen Asia-Pacific cultural links

A new fellowship program is supporting cultural immersion in the Asia-Pacific for established and emerging Australian writers. Supported by RMIT University and the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, the WrICE (Writers Immersion and Cultural Exchange) program will this month bring together five inaugural fellows with six outstanding writers from ... 05-Feb-2014 more

Every good boy deserves broadband - the Internet routs memorisation by rote

Old fashioned memory aids and mnemonics like the classic 'order of planets' - My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos - might be on their way out. That’s according to CQUniversity’s Dr Michael Cowling, who says the rise of the Internet and smartphones means that the way students learn needs to change if ... 07-Feb-2014 more

Good news from survey on superbugs in animals

The existence of ‘superbugs’ in pets is emerging as a global public health issue – but a University of Adelaide national survey indicates the problem has not yet spread to this country.   The University of Adelaide started its national survey of bacterial samples from Australian veterinary diagnostic laboratories in ... 07-Feb-2014 more

Prawn restocking program put to the test

Researchers from Murdoch University, led by Professor Neil Loneragan and Dr James Tweedley, have joined the latest effort to boost prawn populations in the Swan-Canning estuary. It’s the next phase of a wider program, which has already seen researchers at the Challenger Institute of Technology successfully culture juvenile Western ... 07-Feb-2014 more

Expert comment on Schapelle Corby

RMIT University’s Professor Jeff Lewis – an expert on Indonesia and a friend and supporter of the Corby family – is available for interview. Professor Lewis was present at Denpasar District Court on the day of Corby’s conviction in 2005. A regular visitor to Kerobokan Prison, he has held grave doubts about the ... 07-Feb-2014 more

Solar thermal power a cost-effective ingredient for powering a hungry grid

A collaborative research study has shown energy derived from concentrating solar thermal power (CST) can be a cost-effective solution to augmenting Australia’s power grid, saving almost a $1b in network investment. With electricity prices rising steeply across the country, the study reveals that CST plants, which provide large-scale ... 10-Feb-2014 more

Unified legal process needed for IVF with dead men’s sperm

A University of Adelaide medical law expert is calling for a unified legal process to deal with assisted reproductive treatments involving a dead person’s reproductive material.   Associate Professor Bernadette Richards says that currently, each Australian state and territory has different legal processes surrounding these ... 10-Feb-2014 more

Expert for Interview: US chain CVS stops tobacco sales, over to you Coles and Woolworths

EXPERT FOR INTERVIEW What does CVS’s decision to stop selling cigarettes in their US stores mean for Australian heavy-weight retailers?  Craig Dalton from the University of Newcastle's School of Medicine and Public Health is available for comment. Read his article in The ... 10-Feb-2014 more

Hypothermia deaths high in the heatwave State

South Australia is in the grip of a heatwave.  And yet new research from the University of Adelaide shows that our State, known for its extreme heat, has a higher rate of deaths from extreme cold compared with Sweden.   The results of a study comparing the rate of deaths from hypothermia in South Australia and Sweden will be ... 12-Feb-2014 more

Author and UC alumna to deliver Commencement Address

University of Canberra communications graduate Gabrielle Tozer will reveal some of the secrets behind the magazine world when she delivers the 2014 Commencement Address as part of Registration and Orientation Week (ROW) this week. ROW is designed to help students get settled into university life and ready for study. Other activities and ... 12-Feb-2014 more

University of Adelaide joins in the festivities of Mad March

The University of Adelaide’s North Terrace campus, along with talented past and present staff and students, will feature at this year’s Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Festival.   Adelaide Fringe (14 February-16 March):   * Charmaine Jones, a jazz voice teacher with the University’s Elder Conservatorium, is ... 12-Feb-2014 more

Valentines Day - Expert on consumer behaviour

University of Adelaide marketing and consumer behaviour expert, Dr Sally Rao Hill, is available to speak with media about Valentine’s Day, including:       - the anti-consumption movement and people who are against celebrating Valentine’s Day       - the gender-role perspective ... 13-Feb-2014 more

How accurate is child mental health screening at four years?

Research from the University of Adelaide shows that although mental health screening of children at ages 4-5 can help to predict mental health problems in future years, only a quarter of children can be accurately identified with such screening.   In a study conducted by the University's School of Population Health and the Robinson ... 14-Feb-2014 more

UC provides the edge for skeleton success at Sochi

Australian skeleton athletes competing at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games might have gained an edge against their competitors thanks to innovative designs developed by a team University of Canberra researchers. Led by assistant professor Stephen Trathen, the team of industrial designers was able to implement new design features on the sleds ... 14-Feb-2014 more

Free public seminar: improving treatment of prostate cancer

Two experts will speak about diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in a free public seminar being held by the Freemason’s Foundation Centre for Men’s Health at the University of Adelaide on Monday 17 February.   Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia and a common cause of ... 14-Feb-2014 more

Disruption delivers innovation: Lessons from Hollywood

Hollywood special effects gurus Jeff Julian and Greg Downing will showcase the latest in creative imaging and visual effects techniques at a special public lecture to be held at the Conservatorium of Music tonight from 6.00-8.00pm.  With many years of experience in the high-end feature film visual effects industry, these artists have ... 17-Feb-2014 more

Best rainfall forecasts come from computers that can learn

The best monthly rainfall forecasts come from computer programs able to represent complex relationships between climate data while acquiring knowledge from many examples over time for better pattern detection. That's according to CQUniversity researchers Dr John Abbot and Jennifer Marohasy, who have considered relationships between ... 17-Feb-2014 more

AcademyGlobal uses Smartphones to enhance classroom training

AcademyGlobal will deploy Upside Learning’s award winning mobile learning/performance support platform Upside2Go in a bid to improve client services and take advantage of the boom in Smartphone use. AcademyGlobal is the first in Australia and New Zealand to develop an innovative interface available for their clients to download as an ... 17-Feb-2014 more

University research: Does your dog love you?

University of Adelaide researchers are studying the interactions between puppies and their mothers as a first step in being able to analyse the relationship between dog and owner.   Speaking ahead of world ‘Love your pet day’ on Thursday 20 February, PhD student Veronika Czerwinski says studies conducted into human-dog ... 19-Feb-2014 more

Health Hub opens its doors at the University of Canberra

The Health Hub at the University of Canberra is opening its doors for business this week, with the student-led allied health clinics beginning to offer services from TODAY, ahead of a formal opening next month. The University’s Faculty of Health clinics will provide a variety of health services including: physiotherapy, exercise ... 19-Feb-2014 more

Become a philosopher in just one night

Fancy some light-hearted philosophy after dark? Come along to RMIT University’s Big Ideas Nightclub where Dr John Lenarcic is holding an all-night lecture program of philosophical discussions, as part of Melbourne’s White Night festival this Saturday. Big Ideas Nightclub encourages participants to think until they drop, while ... 19-Feb-2014 more

Dreams, déjà vu and delusions caused by faulty "reality testing"

New research from the University of Adelaide has delved into the reasons why some people are unable to break free of their delusions, despite overwhelming evidence explaining the delusion isn't real.   In a new paper published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, University of Adelaide philosopher Professor Philip Gerrans says ... 21-Feb-2014 more

$30m grant to develop world-first coal mining emissions abatement technologies

The University of Newcastle has received $30 million to develop and roll-out world-leading abatement technologies for fugitive methane emissions from underground coal mining operations. The new technologies could reduce these emissions from the sector by as much as 90 percent and reduce Australia’s annual greenhouse gas output by three ... 21-Feb-2014 more

Targeting cancer at the nanoscale

A University of Adelaide PhD student has developed a computer model for simulating cancer tumour growth and treatment which is attracting interest from around the world as a first-line assessment of potential treatments.   The first of its kind in the world, the model simulates the growth of tumour from single cells and the effect ... 21-Feb-2014 more

Reviving German language in the Barossa Valley

Linguistics researchers from the University of Adelaide have embarked on a unique project to help revive the almost-forgotten German language in the South Australian wine regions of the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills.   Led by Linguistics Senior Lecturer Dr Peter Mickan and PhD student Kateryna Katsman, the project aims to bring ... 24-Feb-2014 more

Parallels noted between Olympic coaches and corporate coaches

As the Winter Olympics draw to a close, one academic is seeing parallels between the performance of our coaches in Sochi and the performance of coaches in corporate organisations. CQUniversity PhD candidate Mehdi Ebrahimi thinks that Olympic-style coaching could be a valuable addition to the business world. His research shows that ... 24-Feb-2014 more

In-cell TVs reduce self-harm in Aboriginal prisoners

Access to an in-cell television can significantly improve the psychological wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners, and reduce incidents of self-harm and suicide, according to a University of Adelaide researcher. Researcher, Dr Elizabeth Grant, has found that in-cell televisions provide other benefits beyond filling in ... 24-Feb-2014 more

Graduate’s app uses technology to tackle world hunger

RMIT University graduate and North Melbourne resident James Downing has developed an app that aims to tackle world hunger through trivia. Pocket Rice asks users to answer trivia questions and for each correct answer they are able donate 15 real grains of rice to hungry people all over the world. The app then generates its revenue through ... 26-Feb-2014 more

Exercise, fitness and nutrition specialists gain access to new course

A new course is available for Rockhampton and Mackay people keen to gain international accreditation to do skin-fold tests and other body measurements associated with fitness and diet. CQUniversity Exercise and Sport Sciences academic Campbell Macgregor is now a Level 3 ‘anthropometrist’ with the International Society for the ... 26-Feb-2014 more

UC announces winners of creative Centenary competition

The winners of a University of Canberra children’s book writing and illustration competition focused on sharing Canberra stories were announced yesterday. The Get Real Canberra 2013 Picture Book Competition celebrates Canberra’s special places, heroes and proud young population. To mark the Centenary of Canberra, students and ... 26-Feb-2014 more

How do we prepare our children for disasters and emergencies?

When disasters occur, children are the most vulnerable group in our community and have special needs. However, recent research also supports their potential motivational role in mobilising a community to prepare more effectively for natural disasters and other emergencies. That’s according to one of the leaders of a new Bushfire ... 28-Feb-2014 more

Tagged toads reveal secrets to invasion success

Invasive, toxic and a major threat to Australia's native predators, the cane toad (Rhinella marina) has been a relentless coloniser of Australia's wet-dry tropics and is now conquering Australia's northern deserts. Just how this normally tropical amphibian can survive the long, hot dry seasons in arid Australia has puzzled ... 28-Feb-2014 more

Study: Do you and your horse both have asthma?

The University of Adelaide is investigating the respiratory health of South Australia’s horses and their owners to see if there is undiagnosed asthma-like disease in Australia’s equine population.   In the Northern Hemisphere it is estimated that 10-20% of horses suffer from allergic respiratory disease similar to asthma in ... 28-Feb-2014 more

Google gets the numbers in industry innovation awards

Research into who technology executives and their employees consider the most innovative technology organisations in Australia and New Zealand culminated today with four companies being honoured at an innovation seminar in Sydney. Google Australia, Xero, Atlassian and Quintessence Labs dominated voting in a national online survey of all ... 03-Mar-2014 more

RAS Foundation Community Kitchen Grant - Now Open

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) Foundation is giving rural and regional NSW community organisations the chance to win a kitchen with a retail value of  $25,000 courtesy of Masters Home Improvements.    The donated kitchen includes all of the cabinetry, cook tops, sink and oven, as well as a smaller kitchen, ... 03-Mar-2014 more

Lend Lease to build new Uni of Adelaide Medical/Nursing School

The University of Adelaide has appointed Lend Lease as managing contractor for its new $125m Medical and Nursing School in the West End.   Building is expected to start next month on the North Terrace site which is adjacent to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and the South Australian Medical and Health Research Institute in the ... 03-Mar-2014 more

Research finds health benefits from free play

Cheap items like crates and buckets encourage children to be more active and creative than expensive play equipment, RMIT University researchers have found. The findings are the result of a long-term study into the play differences of primary school children with access to different playgrounds. Introducing simple, everyday objects ... 05-Mar-2014 more

Improving accessibility one step at a time

Innovative technology allowing motorised wheelchair users to easily get up and down road kerbs and single steps is being provided for free to a Sydney-based disability charity. The University of Technology, Sydney is giving Mobility 2000 free access to technology developed by UTS robotics researchers under a new Easy Access IP agreement, the ... 05-Mar-2014 more

‘Fingerprinting’ trees to stop illegal logging

The University of Adelaide will help step up the fight against illegal logging with a new two-year, DNA-fingerprinting project in Indonesia. A US$518,833 grant for the project was announced by the International Tropical Timber Organization today.   The University of Adelaide-led project will develop DNA markers for important Indonesian ... 05-Mar-2014 more

Public lecture: Why share houses are always dirty

A free public lecture at the University of Adelaide will explore people’s willingness and ability to cooperate from a behavioural economist’s perspective. Answering questions like: why are share houses almost always dirty? And why is there so little fraud on eBay? From the group perspective, if everybody pitches in we’re ... 07-Mar-2014 more

School could still be cool for sick teens: UC research

Teenagers with a chronic illness won’t have to miss weeks or even months of school thanks to a digital classroom being created by a University of Canberra PhD student. Both as a parent of children with chronic illnesses and a high school teacher who has taught children living with chronic diseases, Megan Jackson is working towards an ... 07-Mar-2014 more

Do we still need International Women's Day?

A University of Adelaide researcher says gender equality continues to be a struggle for most women around the globe, including those in the Western world, with key issues impacting on women including career and domestic workloads and the gender pay gap.   In the lead up to International Women's Day (Saturday 8 March), researchers ... 07-Mar-2014 more

Expert comment on Russia and Ukraine

RMIT University’s Dr Binoy Kampmark is available to speak on the situation in Ukraine. He is an expert on international and national security, terrorism, the war on terror and politics. Russia is escalating its military presence in Ukraine, but Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has said his country will not go to war with its ... 07-Mar-2014 more

School based solution helps inactive teens

School based intervention programs may offer hope for inactive teenage girls, a University of Newcastle study has found. The first of its kind in Australia, the program achieved reductions in soft-drink intake, screen-time and body fat amongst its target group of adolescent girls from low-income communities. “Childhood obesity has ... 10-Mar-2014 more

Building family livelihoods from charcoal in PNG

University of Adelaide researchers have helped create a new industry for Papua New Guinea (PNG) farmers based on producing charcoal from locally grown firewood crops.   A six-year project funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and working with PNG researchers and landholders, has seen the development of ... 10-Mar-2014 more

RMIT offers PhD scholarship for AFL recruitment project

RMIT University is offering a PhD candidate the chance to take part in a pioneering objective evaluation of AFL recruitment, through an industry research scholarship funded by leading sports statistics agency Champion Data. The project aims to construct a detailed statistical model to evaluate AFL players against their draft number as well ... 10-Mar-2014 more

TODAY: Telstra helps beef up high-tech cattle research and sponsors

Venue: Across highway from CQUniversity Rockhampton Campus  - Central Queensland Innovation and Research Precinct (CQIRP) Conference Centre, via Ibis Avenue. Download Conference Centre Map Background: Telstra is providing a scholarship enabling PhD research by Don Menzies benefitting the beef industry through ‘telemetry’ - ... 12-Mar-2014 more

A fresh look at our kidneys on World Kidney Day

Researchers are taking a fresh look at our wonderful blood-cleaning kidneys, in the hope of delaying the need for dialysis for those in the early stages of disease, and to buy time for those seeking a transplant. The CQUniversity Rockhampton researchers are taking a range of novel approaches to their task of delaying ... 12-Mar-2014 more

Media Alert: Chronic pain research explores the brain - 11am today

Research at the University of Adelaide is offering new insights into how the human brain responds to chronic pain.   Researchers say better understanding what's happening in the brain could help lead to improved treatments for patients.   Filming opportunities and interviews include: - Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Ann-Maree ... 12-Mar-2014 more

Top 5 tips from researcher ahead of National Ride to School Day

With National Ride to School Day coming up on Wednesday March 19 https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/ride2school/43455/ CQUniversity researcher Stephanie Schoeppe from the Centre for Physical Activity Studies has compiled her top five tips why riding to school is good for kids. By prior arrangement re timing and the type of ... 14-Mar-2014 more

Freelance journalist Jo Chandler wins the George Munster Prize for her stories on PNG

Freelance journalist and former senior writer for Fairfax Jo Chandler has won the 2013 George Munster award for independent journalism for a series of articles on Papua New Guinea, published last year in the online publication The Global Mail. Covering issues such as health and human rights; violence and justice; aid and development; gender ... 14-Mar-2014 more

Chronic pain research delves into the brain

University of Adelaide researchers say new insights into how the human brain responds to chronic pain could eventually lead to improved treatments for patients.   Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally with experience and use.   "Neuroplasticity ... 14-Mar-2014 more

Critical role of one gene to our brain development

New research from the University of Adelaide has confirmed that a gene linked to intellectual disability is critical to the earliest stages of the development of human brains.   Known as USP9X, the gene has been investigated by Adelaide researchers for more than a decade, but in recent years scientists have begun to understand its ... 17-Mar-2014 more

CQUni’s key role in future of Aussie rail manufacturing

The federal government has pledged at least $31 million to bolster Australia’s rail manufacturing industry and CQUniversity will be a key research provider. A new Rail Manufacturing CRC will draw on CQUniversity’s expertise in software and instrumentation used for ‘train condition monitoring’ and the regional Uni is ... 17-Mar-2014 more

Integrating the physical and digital worlds

University of Adelaide computer scientists are investigating the relationships between people and the things around them to advance the development of the ‘Internet of Things’.   Ms Lina Yao, Research Associate in the University’s School of Computer Science, developed research prototypes of a ‘smart home’, ... 17-Mar-2014 more

Prioritising dental care for those who need it

University of Adelaide research into how dental care is prioritised is already having a positive impact on dental services in two Australian states, in some cases helping to reduce waiting times for patients and improve preventive care.   For her PhD research at the University of Adelaide, Dr Kelly Jones investigated new screening ... 19-Mar-2014 more

The food we don't eat doesn't have to be wasted

Australians waste an estimated 20 per cent of the food they buy. That's like one in five bags of groceries going straight to the bin. But a program being trialled at Sydney's Leichhardt Council targeting apartment dwellers could be a game changer for the way we think about food. Researchers from the University of Technology, ... 19-Mar-2014 more

UC baby health innovation wins Gates award

An innovative, colourful and accessible design to improve child health records worldwide has earned a University of Canberra graphic design lecturer a prestigious international award. Dr Lisa Scharoun has been awarded a US$20,000 prize by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for her design of child vaccination records. Her concept uses ... 19-Mar-2014 more

Queensland shines at national real estate awards

Queenslanders notched up three wins at the national real estate awards in Hobart last night. The Queensland winners at the 2014 Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) National Awards for Excellence were recognised for their outstanding contribution to the industry. Anton Kardash, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) ... 21-Mar-2014 more

Upcoming special days and weeks – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on upcoming special days and weeks.   Harmony Day (Friday 21 March) Language diversity – Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann is Professor of Linguistics and Endangered Languages in the School of Humanities, University of Adelaide. He can speak on aspects of ... 21-Mar-2014 more

Postcode exclusion of FIFO miners ‘a peripheral issue in the longer-term’

The fact that two of the newer Central Queensland mines were established to have Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workforces drawn from Cairns and South-East Queensland should not be a concern for Central Queensland in the longer-term. That’s according to CQUniversity Professor of Resource Economics John Rolfe who says the conditions driving that ... 21-Mar-2014 more

Can 'love hormone' protect against addiction?

Researchers at the University of Adelaide say addictive behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse could be associated with poor development of the so-called "love hormone" system in our bodies during early childhood.   The groundbreaking idea has resulted from a review of worldwide research into oxytocin, known as the ... 24-Mar-2014 more

RMIT fashion makes global impact with new scholarship

Iconic French design and retail company DANIEL HECHTER has introduced an annual scholarship for an outstanding student in one of RMIT University’s internationally-recognised fashion programs. The scholarship, awarded through DANIEL HECHTER’s Australian licensee Expedition Apparel, is awarded to the most outstanding second year ... 24-Mar-2014 more

Bundoora campus walkway offers artistic journey

A major landscaping project at RMIT University’s Bundoora campus is offering students, staff and the wider community a vibrant artistic journey, with sculptures and sound art bringing the pedestrian walkway to life. The $7 million Bundoora Spine project has created a lively meandering pathway connecting Plenty Road to buildings in ... 24-Mar-2014 more

Misunderstanding national culture: The hidden brake on our success in Asia

The Australian on March 24 reported that ANZ chief executive Mike Smith believes that Sydney has the potential to become a regional financial hub. The Australian noted that “Australia has long aspired to become a financial sector but it has struggled to implement the necessary policies or framework.” In fact barriers to ... 26-Mar-2014 more

Breakthrough in HIV and Hep C vaccine research

Plans for a new type of DNA vaccine to protect against the deadly HIV and Hepatitis C viruses have taken an important step forward, with University of Adelaide researchers applying for a patent based on groundbreaking new research.   Professor Eric Gowans from the University's Discipline of Surgery, based at the Basil Hetzel ... 26-Mar-2014 more

Expert comment on call to ban infant formula ads

RMIT University expert Dr Jennifer James is available for comment on the Federal Government's decision to scrap an independent panel overseeing the proper use of breast milk substitutes. The decision has led to a call from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians for a ban on the promotion of baby formula. Dr James, who was the ... 26-Mar-2014 more

Thales Australia/NZ CEO will speak of industry’s contribution to national security at UC

Chris Jenkins, CEO of Thales Australia & NZ and Chairman of the AIG Defence Council, will speak at the University of Canberra TODAY as part of the National Security Lecture Series. Mr Jenkins, who is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors for the International Centre for Complex Project Management and Chairman of the AIG Defence ... 28-Mar-2014 more

Recovering wealth from waste worth billions

More than $2 billion is lost to the Australian economy every year from failure to recycle waste metals, research has shown. Findings of the Wealth from Waste research collaboration led by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) is revealing the value that could be recouped from ‘mining’ above-ground waste ... 28-Mar-2014 more

Gen X obesity a major problem for healthcare, workforce

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have confirmed that if current trends continue, Generation X will overtake Baby Boomers for poor health, including rates of obesity and diabetes, which could have huge implications for Australia's healthcare and the workforce.   In a paper published today in the online journal PLOS ONE, ... 28-Mar-2014 more

UON unveils $17.3m medical sciences teaching and research precinct

The University of Newcastle today opened the doors to its state-of-the-art medical sciences precinct offering technology-enabled teaching facilities and laboratories to researchers, students and the region’s health care workforce. Officially opened by the Federal Minister for Human Services, Senator Marise Payne, the Medical Sciences ... 31-Mar-2014 more

Racist language cuts across media, politicians and public

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have analysed the language used by talkback radio hosts, callers and politicians to better understand how and why people construct racist comments about ethnic groups – even if they don't intend to be racist.   In the latest of a series of papers published by University of Adelaide ... 31-Mar-2014 more

Social sciences need to be more scientific: First Centenary Professor

The University of Canberra’s first Centenary Research Professor Gerry Stoker calls for a more evidence-based approach in the social sciences which will result in a more effective and robust implementation of public policy. “It’s normal for health scientists to use randomised controlled trials with new treatments, so social ... 31-Mar-2014 more

RMIT fashion students help launch Australian H&M

Students from RMIT University’s renowned fashion and textiles programs have been exclusively invited to take part in a graphic design competition to celebrate the launch this week of Australia’s first H&M store at Melbourne's GPO. The competition called for fashion and textile students to design a contemporary print for a ... 02-Apr-2014 more

Newcastle: City in transition – Public Forum

A panel of local and international urban design experts and innovators will come together tonight before a full house at Newcastle City Hall to debate, examine and imagine the future of Newcastle and the region.  Newcastle: City in transition is sponsored by the University of Newcastle and is the first in a planned series of ... 02-Apr-2014 more

Coming events at the University of Adelaide

Research Tuesdays – Keeping hearts healthy Heart disease is a leading cause of death throughout the world. In Australia it causes one death every 12 minutes and is responsible for the greatest proportion of health care costs.  Leading cardiologist Professor Stephen Nicholls will discuss the historical path of treating heart ... 02-Apr-2014 more

Property boom could be bittersweet

This week the Reserve Bank decided to keep interest rates on hold, which is good news for home owners, while property prices surging during March is a sign that a boom is in our midst. But is this all good news for property owners, or should we be wary? According to CQUniversity's property expert Dr Garrick Small "the rise in ... 04-Apr-2014 more

Neonatal nurses need more training to support parents

New research from the University of Adelaide shows that nurses working in neonatal intensive care feel poorly equipped to provide the intense emotional support needed by parents, and they require more training and improved facilities to carry out their work effectively.   These are some of the findings in a paper published in the ... 04-Apr-2014 more

Anaesthetic technique important to prevent damage to brain

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered that a commonly used anaesthetic technique to reduce the blood pressure of patients undergoing surgery could increase the risk of starving the brain of oxygen.   Reducing blood pressure is important in a wide range of surgeries – such as sinus, shoulder, back and brain ... 07-Apr-2014 more

JCU gets behind new ‘keep it clever’ campaign

James Cook University today leant its support to a new national campaign to build public awareness of university education and research, to ensure Australia is not left behind in an increasingly competitive global environment. The innovative campaign uses an imaginative creative concept to deliver a serious message and includes a web film, ... 07-Apr-2014 more

Brisbane house prices record solid growth

Brisbane house price growth outstripped Sydney and Melbourne in March, but the city has retained its affordability edge over the southern capitals. Real Estate Institute of Queensland CEO Anton Kardash said the RP Data – Rismark Home Value Index released today was another sign of the growing confidence in Brisbane’s real estate ... 07-Apr-2014 more

Groundbreaking study: A sting in the tail for venom research

Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine (AITHM) researchers from James Cook University and Cairns Hospital have made a discovery that could revolutionise the treatment of jellyfish stings, including the deadly box jellyfish. Associate Professor Jamie Seymour (AITHM, JCU), Philippa Welfare (Cairns Hospital), Dr Mark Little (JCU ... 09-Apr-2014 more

Artist creates illuminating experience in old tunnel

Sydneysiders will get a rare chance to enter a little-known tunnel in the centre of the city over the next 10 days. Inventive New York-based Australian artist Ian Burns has been quietly working some magic in the disused tunnel, which could eventually be part of The Goods Line public space project in Ultimo. Known for his ... 09-Apr-2014 more

Common diabetes treatment could extend hypoglycaemia

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered that a common treatment for people with type 2 diabetes could cause longer-than-normal periods of the low blood sugar reaction hypoglycaemia, which may result in increased health risks to people with diabetes.   The treatment is the use of the peptide GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide ... 09-Apr-2014 more

Experts available to discuss Cyclone Ita

Professor Jon Nott Discipline of Environmental Sciences and Geography Professor Nott studies the long-term patterns of cyclones, and the impacts of storm surges and waves  0428 729 090 / (07) 4232 1222   Dr David Henderson JCU Cyclone Testing Station Dr Henderson studies the impact of cyclones on ... 11-Apr-2014 more

Proof that antidepressants and breastfeeding can mix

University of Adelaide researchers have found that women on antidepressant medication are more successful at breastfeeding their babies if they keep taking the medication, compared with women who quit antidepressants because of concerns about their babies' health.   These results have been presented this week at the 18th Perinatal ... 11-Apr-2014 more

UC research uncovering the key to keep top teachers teaching

University of Canberra education expert Dr Misty Adoniou calls for more in-school support and a better understanding of teaching as a “long story” to stop qualified teachers from walking away from the profession. To retain high-quality teachers in the classroom, Dr Adoniou said “it is fundamental to understand teaching as a ... 11-Apr-2014 more

Can animals really help people in hospitals, aged care?

While many people have an opinion on whether animals can help to improve wellbeing and care for patients in hospitals, does anyone really know whether there are benefits both for the patients and the animals themselves?   Not according to a team of researchers from the University of Adelaide, which has conducted a worldwide review of ... 14-Apr-2014 more

‘Smoke and mirrors’ strategy costing Mum and Dad investors billions

New University of Newcastle research reveals families are in danger of losing thousands of dollars through incorrect investment advice. University of Newcastle Laureate Professor Jonathan Borwein called for regulation of the financial industry and said financial advisors were fleecing Mum and Dad investors of hundreds of billions of dollars ... 14-Apr-2014 more

Mayan skulls reveal brutal blows to the head

A close examination of 116 skulls left over from 2000 years of warfare indicates that ancient Mayan armies used nasty spiked clubs for combat in open terrain. The widespread adoption of these clubs, as well as projectiles, may have been due to larger armies enlisting more commoners. A recent published study follows previous research into ... 14-Apr-2014 more

Fish behaving badly on acid

In a world-first study published this week, researchers have found that fish in the wild respond adversely to ocean acidification. “Fish living at natural carbon dioxide seeps have abnormal behaviours similar to what we’ve observed in previous laboratory experiments,” says the lead author of the study, Professor Philip ... 16-Apr-2014 more

Revolutionary clean energy technology launched in the Hunter

A new clean energy system launched this week will demonstrate cost savings in electricity generation for remote mining and industrial sites and rural communities. A partnership between Granite Power Limited, the University of Newcastle (UON), Newcastle Innovation, the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER) and the Australian ... 16-Apr-2014 more

New insight into SIDS deaths points to lack of oxygen

Research at the University of Adelaide has shed new light onto the possible causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which could help to prevent future loss of children's lives.   In a world-first study, researchers in the University's School of Medical Sciences have found that telltale signs in the brains of babies that ... 16-Apr-2014 more

New simulator for older drivers is put to the test

University of Adelaide researchers are hoping that a new computer-based driving simulation will help lead to accurate, low-cost testing of older drivers' ability to stay safe on the roads.   Adelaide motorists aged 65 and over are now being sought for the study, which tests a range of cognitive functions under different ... 17-Apr-2014 more

Bizarre parasite may provide cuttlefish clues

University of Adelaide research into parasites of giant Australian cuttlefish, and other related species, has uncovered details of the parasites’ astonishing life cycles, and shown how they may help in investigating populations of their hosts.   Researcher Dr Sarah Catalano has described 10 new parasite species − dicyemid ... 17-Apr-2014 more

New mineral shows nature’s infinite variability

A University of Adelaide mineralogy researcher has discovered a new mineral that is unique in structure and composition among the world’s 4,000 known mineral species.   Published in Mineralogical Magazine, Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr Peter Elliott has described ... 22-Apr-2014 more

UC research could help runners kiss shin pain goodbye

Runners afflicted by shin pain could be back on the trail sooner thanks to a new treatment being developed by University of Canberra researchers. Assistant professor in physiotherapy Phil Newman and colleagues are working on a new way to use sound to treat one of the most common running injuries, ‘shin splints’, or medial tibial ... 22-Apr-2014 more

Survival hope for melanoma patients thanks to new vaccine

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered that a new trial vaccine offers the most promising treatment to date for melanoma that has spread, with increased patient survival rates and improved ability to stop or reverse the cancer.   The vaccine, known as vaccinia melanoma cell lysate (VMCL), was given regularly as a treatment ... 22-Apr-2014 more

Anzac Day experts available

Media covering Anzac Day may be interested in getting in contact with the following University of Adelaide academics:   Emeritus Professor Trevor Wilson AM Honorary Visiting Research Fellow School of History and Politics The University of Adelaide Phone: +61 8 313 5633 Home: +61 8 344 7925 Email: ... 24-Apr-2014 more

Satellites saving the Great Barrier Reef

James Cook University researchers are using images from NASA satellites to help protect the Great Barrier Reef from polluted land run-off. Researchers have developed a new technique that analyses the images to assess coastal water quality from space. Many important habitats in the Great Barrier Reef such as coral reefs and seagrass are ... 24-Apr-2014 more

UC lecture: How nanotechnology helped save Fukushima

One of the world’s leading scientists in nanotechnology will discuss how his invention helped in the clean-up effort following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in a public lecture at the University of Canberra on MONDAY. Professor of nanoscience and nanoengineering at Waseda University Sherif El-Safty, will also discuss the ... 24-Apr-2014 more

TODAY: Biofuel research event

CQUniversity will be hosting a biofuel research event on Monday at its Rockhampton campus. The focus of the day will be on CQUniversity’s Agave Tequilana (Tequila plant) biofuel research. CQUniversity researcher Nanjappa Ashwath has been working with the Agave Tequilana over the past few years to produce ... 28-Apr-2014 more

Call for speakers on Russia, Crimea & Ukraine

The Northside Forum is searching for speakers for its June 7 talk on Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. If you are interested, please contact Aloma Fennell alomafennell@gmail.com or call 9922 3809. 28-Apr-2014 more

University of Adelaide to award 11 honorary degrees

The University of Adelaide will recognise the significant contributions of 11 outstanding leaders in their fields during upcoming graduation ceremonies, from Tuesday 29 April to Wednesday 7 May.   These distinguished professionals and academics will be acknowledged for their achievements and community service as they receive honorary ... 28-Apr-2014 more

Going organic for one week cuts pesticide exposure: Study

Eating a mainly organic diet for just seven days can reduce pesticide exposure in adults by almost 90 per cent, a world-first RMIT University study has found. The research is the first to compare the differences in pesticide residues in adults who consume organic and conventional food. Published over the weekend in the journal ... 30-Apr-2014 more

New around-the-clock vet care by Uni of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is starting a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week veterinary service at its leading-edge Companion Animal Health Centre at the University’s Roseworthy campus.   From Monday 5 May, veterinarians, veterinary nurses and veterinary science students will work together to provide round-the-clock emergency services ... 30-Apr-2014 more

Public briefing: China free trade agreement negotiations

A free public briefing hosted by the University of Adelaide’s Confucius Institute will see two international trade experts provide a detailed analysis of the Australia-China free trade agreement negotiations.    Negotiations surrounding a free trade agreement with China, Australia’s largest trade partner, have been ... 30-Apr-2014 more

Noel Whittaker to address Qld real estate high flyers

Australia’s Financial Wizard of Oz Noel Whittaker will address some of Queensland’s leading real estate professionals at an industry luncheon in Brisbane next week. The broadcaster, newspaper columnist and bestselling author will be Keynote Speaker at the Principal Licensee Luncheon hosted by the Real Estate Institute of ... 30-Apr-2014 more

Trade Minister Andrew Robb to deliver annual APEC Lecture

Federal Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb, will deliver the 2014 Australian APEC Study Centre/ABAC Lecture Series in Melbourne tonight. The lecture, hosted by the Australian APEC Centre at RMIT University, will include a roll call of distinguished guests from business, government and academia. Guests include Sir Rod ... 30-Apr-2014 more

Report from the CMC Parliamentary Committee: Experts available for comment

With a parliamentary committee examining proposed changes to Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission due to report back today, independent commentators are available for interviews on the issue. Barrister and University of the Sunshine Coast lecturer Alex McKean is a member of the Law and Justice Institute (LJI) of Queensland, ... 30-Apr-2014 more

Queensland residential housing wealth headed for $800 billion

The value of residential real estate in Queensland is set to break through the $800 billion barrier amid growing investor confidence and buoyant market conditions. Anton Kardash, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), said Queensland now accounted for more than 15 per cent of the nation’s residential housing ... 02-May-2014 more

Internet and video game addiction needs better treatment

University of Adelaide researchers are shedding light on the unique problems of video and internet gaming addiction, and say there's strong evidence to suggest that new treatments should be developed for these conditions.   The work, conducted by Associate Professor Paul Delfabbro and Dr Daniel King in the University's School of ... 02-May-2014 more

More coral babies staying at home on future reefs

Researchers have discovered that rising ocean temperatures due to climate change will see reefs retaining and nurturing more of their own coral larvae, leaving large reef systems less interconnected and potentially more vulnerable. “We found that at higher temperatures more coral larvae will tend to stay on their birth reef,” ... 02-May-2014 more

Uni of Adelaide Business School Dean criticises debt tax

Australia is too preoccupied with public debt and should focus on using it as an instrument of growth rather than employ measures to reduce spending, according to University of Adelaide’s new Dean of Business School.   In response to the Commission of Audit released on Thursday, international economic commentator Professor ... 05-May-2014 more

Central QLD region a potential hotbed for agricultural innovation

CQUniversity is looking forward to hosting and contributing to the 2014 Central Queensland Festival of Innovation, saying the region has the potential to become a hotbed for agricultural innovation. Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, Ian Walker, will declare the Festival titled Cultivating our ... 05-May-2014 more

South Australia’s citizens make koalas count

Results from South Australia’s Great Koala Count have been published with researchers giving “citizens’ science” the thumbs up for helping determine koala distribution and abundance through the State’s first koala database.   Published in the journal Ecology and Evolution, the University of Adelaide, ... 05-May-2014 more

Federal Budget experts available

Overall political commentary   Professor Clem Macintyre School of History and Politics P: +61 8 8313 5601 M: +61 (0)432 977 055 E: clement.macintyre@adelaide.edu.au   Dr Wayne Errington School of History and Politics P: +61 8 8313 0661 M: +61 (0)408 846 492 E: ... 07-May-2014 more

Warrior immune cells could win the fight against asthma

University of Newcastle Laureate Professor Paul Foster is developing new anti-inflammatory approaches to treat asthma and infections of the lung. One promising approach is to boost the body’s own defence systems against infections, especially against those that trigger asthma. Professor Foster believes that controlling inflammatory ... 07-May-2014 more

Researchers develop new antibacterial fabric

RMIT researchers have developed a new antibacterial fabric that can kill a range of infectious bacteria, such as E coli, within 10 minutes. The discovery could significantly reduce the risk of deadly hospital-acquired infections and revolutionise the way the medical industry deals with infection control. Secondary infections are a ... 07-May-2014 more

Future of agriculture looks sweet

Sugar may be the key to future food security and economic prosperity according to University of Newcastle Associate Professor Yong-Ling Ruan. Among the top authorities in the world on plant sugar metabolism, A Prof Ruan has published an article by invitation in leading international Plant Science journal – Annual Review of Plant ... 09-May-2014 more

Legal reforms herald new era for Queensland real estate

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has welcomed landmark property and real estate reforms passed by the Queensland Parliament. The long awaited split of the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act has resulted in the creation of industry specific legislation, including the Property Occupations Act. REIQ chairman Rob Honeycombe ... 09-May-2014 more

Tamworth Education Centre set to grow rural health workforce

The University of Newcastle’s (UON) $19.4 million Tamworth Education Centre is a state-of-the-art education and research hub designed to increase the skills and capacity of the region’s health workforce. Supported by Commonwealth funding, the centre will be opened today by Senator John Williams and UON Vice-Chancellor, Professor ... 09-May-2014 more

Puppies and petting zoo help UC students de-stress

University of Canberra students can pat some playful puppies and attend a free Zumba class as part of stress-less week which started today. The event, organised by UC Life! is designed to help students de-stress ahead of exams which begin next week. Students can also let their hair down with a movie marathon, petting zoo, pancake breakfast ... 12-May-2014 more

Federal Budget experts

Attention Chiefs of Staff: CQUniversity’s Rockhampton-based economist Professor John Rolfe (0427 130 811) and/or CQUniversity’s Brisbane-based finance specialist Associate Professor Jason West (0400 414 070) will be available on Federal Budget night (Tuesday evening) or the morning after the Federal Budget (Wednesday morning) to ... 13-May-2014 more

Dietetics and nutrition leaders gather in Brisbane for latest research

Obesity prevention, Mediterranean diets, Indigenous health and food security are just some of the many research topics being dished up at this week. The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) will host the 2nd World Forum for Nutrition Research Conference on 14 May, and hold their National Conference from 15–17 May at the Brisbane ... 13-May-2014 more

Campus hosts 'Linking Engineers and Scientists with Teachers' event

Attention News Editors … Vice-Chancellor Prof Scott Bowman is available on Rockhampton Campus between 9.15am-10am today (by arrangement) if you seek budget comments on higher education and training. News diary for Wednesday May 14 at CQUni Rockhampton Campus hosts ‘Linking Engineers and Scientists with Teachers’ event ... 14-May-2014 more

Families in business: the source of business success

International Day of Families is celebrated annually on 15 May to highlight the important contribution families make to the community.   University of Adelaide family business expert Dr Chris Graves is available to talk to the media about the significant contributions that business families make to the economy and the unique challenges ... 14-May-2014 more

Getting to the meat of animal welfare issues

What are Australian consumers' key concerns about how livestock are treated, and how much are they willing to pay for 'ethically produced' meats? How will consumer values influence livestock industry and food retailer decisions, and ultimately impact what is available on supermarket shelves in the ... 14-May-2014 more

140 treasures for 140 years of University history

The University of Adelaide is celebrating its 140th anniversary with a free public exhibition of 140 treasures from its archives and collections.  Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide has 140 years of history rich with treasures ranging from fascinating archived administrative records of the ... 16-May-2014 more

Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids Award

University of Newcastle (UON) Professor Philip Morgan’s highly successful obesity prevention program Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids (HDHKTM) has received global recognition for excellence and leadership in promoting health and well-being in the community. The world-first program, that encourages dads to become family role models and spend ... 16-May-2014 more

Bread bag clips pose serious problem if swallowed

Surgeons have renewed calls for a redesign of the humble bread bag clip, because the plastic jaws of the clip can easily lodge in the small intestine if accidentally swallowed. The clips, which are used to tie the tops of bread bags throughout Australia, are the subject of a paper in the Australian and New ... 16-May-2014 more

Protecting buildings from bomb attack

University of Adelaide research is producing new materials that could help protect important buildings and other structures from terrorist attacks. Led by Dr Chengqing Wu, Senior Lecturer with the University’s School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, the researchers have produced a new ultra-high ... 19-May-2014 more

Media diary note - Friday 13 June

CQ Koala Volunteers and Royal Society of Queensland partner for research trust fund launch in Brisbane Central Queensland Koala Volunteers has partnered with The Royal Society of Queensland to establish a research trust fund to support environmental research in the region. The Queensland Governor, Her Excellency Penelope Wensley AC, will ... 19-May-2014 more

Symposium explores art and the city

A symposium at RMIT University this month will open and extend dialogue about the role of artistic practice in shaping new ways of impacting and understanding urban change. Speakers at the Transformations: Art and the City symposium on Wednesday, 28 May will explore the role of artists and creative practitioners in the generative character ... 19-May-2014 more

160 teens to attend Uni Experience at Rockhampton

Around 160 students from six Rockhampton high schools are due to attend a Uni Experience on CQUniversity this Friday, May 23. The event offers Year 12s hands-on activities led by CQUni lecturers in their study areas of interest, including Business, Accounting and Law, Education and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Health, Information ... 21-May-2014 more

New era for basketball begins

The University of Canberra Union has taken over the licence for one of Canberra’s most successful sporting teams. The Women’s National Basketball League has approved the transfer of the licence for the Canberra women’s basketball franchise, with the consent of Basketball ACT, and the University of Canberra Capitals will ... 21-May-2014 more

Construction sector could be a safety net for many auto workers

Employers in the north of Adelaide are suffering from a skills shortage and the need to constantly retrain their workers, and finding the right staff is proving difficult for many companies, according to a survey by University of Adelaide researchers.   The University's Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre has ... 21-May-2014 more

Ancient DNA ends Aussie claim to kiwi origins

Australia can no longer lay claim to the origins of the iconic New Zealand kiwi following University of Adelaide research published in the journal Science today showing the kiwi’s closest relative is not the emu as was previously thought. Instead, the diminutive kiwi is most closely related to the extinct ... 23-May-2014 more

Preterm birth linked to poor diet before pregnancy

University of Adelaide researchers have found that women who eat a poor diet before they become pregnant are around 50% more likely to have a preterm birth than those on a healthy diet. This is the first study of its kind to assess women's diet prior to conception and its association with outcomes at ... 23-May-2014 more

Local business only a few clicks away from a better-supported future

Small and medium enterprises based in the Rockhampton Region and Livingstone Shire areas can help ensure a better-supported future with a few clicks of a computer mouse. An online survey has been created at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Business_E-survey to focus on the challenges and opportunities for SMEs and how business growth can ... 23-May-2014 more

Victims of sexual assault deserve more justice options: Report

An RMIT University report has called for the introduction of restorative justice meetings between victims and offenders as part of a range of measures to support justice for victims of sexual assault. The report by the Centre for Innovative Justice (CIJ) concludes that – despite hard- won improvements to laws and procedures implemented ... 26-May-2014 more

Deli meats show signs of poor hygiene

Hygienic food handling and standard food safety protocols are not being practiced at many of Adelaide’s supermarket delicatessens, according to a University of Adelaide study. The research found that of 174 samples of various ready-to-eat deli meats bought in supermarket deli sections across the greater ... 26-May-2014 more

How healthy is that puppy on the website?

Many people looking for a new puppy for the family are buying them online – with significant potential risk of future health and behavioural problems with their dogs, according to University of Adelaide research. Supported by the Dog and Cat Management Board, the research has found that puppies less than one year old are commonly sold ... 26-May-2014 more

Volunteers wanted for teen health research

Is there a relationship between chemical exposure and young people’s health, behaviour and brain function? What are the current levels of pesticides and other chemicals in Australian teenagers? An RMIT University research project is seeking volunteers to help increase understanding of these critical issues. Researchers are seeking ... 28-May-2014 more

Why are girl babies winning in the battle for survival?

Sexual inequality between boys and girls starts as early as in the mother's womb – but how and why this occurs could be a key to preventing higher rates of preterm birth, stillbirth and neonatal death among boys. A team from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute has been studying the ... 28-May-2014 more

Panel to discuss future of Murray-Darling Basin communities

The future of the diverse communities within the Murray-Darling Basin will be the focus of an interactive panel led by the University of Canberra on Friday. During the event, researchers, community, business and government leaders will discuss the role of water reform and wider drivers of change in the Murray-Darling Basin. They will explore ... 28-May-2014 more

Free public lecture: the global food system

From the livelihood of farmers to consumers’ diets and food shopping behaviours – the dramatic transformation of the global food system has the potential to affect all aspects of society. Associate Professor Wendy Umberger, Director of Global Food Studies at the University of Adelaide, will provide an ... 28-May-2014 more

Most Baby Boomers have no intention of retiring

Research from the University of Adelaide shows that almost three-quarters of South Australian Baby Boomers do not intend to completely give up work. In a survey of almost 900 people aged 50-65, only 26% said they would completely retire, while 74% said they would either: move from full-time to part-time employment ... 30-May-2014 more

Call to ban trade on iconic Nautilus seashell

An internationally renowned palaeontologist, who has recently joined the University of Adelaide, is calling for a global ban on the trade of the highly sought-after Nautilus seashell – including from Western Australian reefs. Peter Ward, new Professor in the University's Sprigg Geobiology Centre, has ... 30-May-2014 more

New study throws out controversial scientific theory

Researchers have this week released ground breaking findings that dismiss the ‘Neutral Theory of Biodiversity’, with critical implications for how marine conservation areas are managed. Professor Sean Connolly from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) at James Cook University (JCU) is the lead author of ... 30-May-2014 more

World’s best thermometer made from light

University of Adelaide physics researchers have produced the world’s most sensitive thermometer – three times more precise than the best thermometers in existence. Published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the researchers from the University’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing ... 03-Jun-2014 more

You give me fever – record numbers join effort to map flu hotspots this season

A record 17,000 people are sharing their flu symptoms each week for good through a growing online health surveillance system designed to alert health officials to epidemic outbreaks of the potentially life-threatening disease. Flutracking.net, an initiative of researchers from the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Health, maps ... 03-Jun-2014 more

University of Canberra Capitals sign WNBL star Stephanie Talbot

The University of Canberra Capitals have officially signed Adelaide Lightning forward Stephanie Talbot for the upcoming 2014/15 WNBL season. The 2013 WNBL Rookie of the Year, who helped Australia's under-19 team to a bronze medal at last year’s world championships and was named on the tournament's All Star Five team, joins the ... 03-Jun-2014 more

Diary Note: Senator Scott Ryan at CQUni Rockhampton to meet school principals

News diary for 12.30pm today June 12 at CQUniversity Rockhampton Library Boardroom (Level 2). Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education, Senator Scott Ryan, will be attending CQUniversity Rockhampton. Senator Ryan has a particular portfolio focus on school-based education.  This will be an opportunity for ... 12-Jun-2014 more

FIFA World Cup: Experts available for comment

RMIT University has a number of experts available on a range of World Cup-related topics and issues. What is the World Cup worth for sponsors? What does the audience get from the tournament? Associate Professor Con Stavros, a passionate World Cup devotee, is an internationally renowned expert in the marketing of sport and marketing ... 12-Jun-2014 more

Game changer for leukaemia therapy

Adelaide researchers are zeroing in on a promising new approach to killing off cancer cells in patients with leukaemia. In a study led by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the University of Adelaide's Centre for Personalised Cancer Medicine, researchers have found that cancer cells decide whether to ... 12-Jun-2014 more

Parents of infants and toddlers welcome at focus group in Rockhampton

Parents of infants and toddlers are invited to attend one of three focus groups coming up in Rockhampton, Mackay and South Brisbane during July to provide input for a comprehensive study of community perspectives regarding sleep and settling strategies for infants and toddlers. The focus groups will give parents the chance to share their ... 12-Jun-2014 more

World Cup fever alive at UC - Contact experts

The 2014 World Cup is about to kick off and the University of Canberra has experts available to comment on the tournament.   • Why do footballers miss penalties in shoot outs? And why do some of the world’s best players seem to lose their touch on the bog stage? Sports psychologist Dr Richard Keegan (0457 276 419) can ... 12-Jun-2014 more

New fund to support environmental research

Central Queensland Koala Volunteers has partnered with The Royal Society of Queensland to establish a research trust fund to support environmental research in the region. Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley will launch the Trust at the Queensland Museum today (Friday June 13, 2014). Central Queensland Koala Volunteers has supported ... 13-Jun-2014 more

Are female hormones playing a key role in obesity epidemic?

An imbalance of female sex hormones among men in Western nations may be contributing to high levels of male obesity, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. In a paper published in the online journal PLOS ONE, researchers from the University's School of Medical Sciences suggest that obesity among Western men could be ... 13-Jun-2014 more

Coming up at the University of Canberra

Monday 16 June Financial management and governance of the University of Dhaka: An insider’s observation Building 24A, Seminar room 1, 10.30am - 11.30am Professor Mijanur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University in Dhaka, Bangladesh will present his observations on financial management and governance at his university ... 16-Jun-2014 more

Rapid diagnostic nano-devices advance health

A new $1.25 million research facility will support the development of cheap, ultra-precise and easy-to-use nano-devices for the rapid diagnosis and detection of health hazards. The Ian Potter NanoBioSensing Facility at RMIT University will be established with the support of a $500,000 Ian Potter Foundation 50th Anniversary Commemorative ... 16-Jun-2014 more

Research boost for billion-dollar wheat and copper industries

Collaborative research between the University of Adelaide and industry will be boosted with the establishment of two nation-leading research hubs in the fields of agricultural science and mineral resources, aimed at improving production in areas of critical importance to the Australian economy. The University of Adelaide was awarded more ... 16-Jun-2014 more

Singapore President receives honorary doctorate

The President of the Republic of Singapore, His Excellency Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, this week returned to the University of Adelaide to be awarded an honorary doctorate.   Dr Tan graduated with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Adelaide in 1968. On Tuesday he received the University’s highest honour – Doctor ... 18-Jun-2014 more

EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes at RMIT

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes will give insights into the repercussions of the recent European Parliament elections in a special event at RMIT University today (18 June). The elections raise many questions for Europe, with remarkable differences in voting patterns across the Member States, and an increase in Eurosceptic ... 18-Jun-2014 more

Scientists’ evolution theory could explain Charles Darwin’s abominable mystery

Scientists from Murdoch University have developed a theory of evolution that explains the rapid rise of flowering plants, a phenomenon which Charles Darwin described an “abominable mystery” and one that conflicts with his notion of gradual evolution.    Murdoch researchers Associate Professor Wayne Greene, Dr Keith ... 18-Jun-2014 more

Punishment plays important role in forgiveness

It's easier for people to forgive someone for doing wrong against them if some form of punishment is involved, according to psychology researchers at the University of Adelaide. Dr Peter Strelan at the University of Adelaide's School of Psychology has been studying forgiveness in a bid to better understand how people can resolve ... 20-Jun-2014 more

Wellbeing of regional communities critical to Aus future

Most rural and regional Australians enjoy living in their communities, with 78 per cent rating their community a place with a ‘bright future’ that they feel proud to live in, a new University of Canberra study shows. Some of the key findings, however, show that irrigators, people under 30, people who want to shift to a new ... 20-Jun-2014 more

Media alert: UNESCO / Great Barrier experts

JCU experts on the Great Barrier Reef and water quality are available to comment on the expected UNESCO decision.   Dr Jon Brodie, Chief Research Officer, Tropwater  0407 127 030  / (07) 4781 6435 jon.brodie@jcu.edu.au   Dr Michelle Devlin, Senior Researcher, Tropwater  0407 185 969 / (07) 4781 ... 23-Jun-2014 more

Link between endurance sports and heart condition

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are investigating a link between people involved in endurance sports, such as running, cycling or triathlons, and an increased risk of heart arrhythmia.   South Australians currently involved in endurance sports and exercise are now being sought for the study.   Research leader Dr ... 23-Jun-2014 more

New wasp species may be friends of agriculture

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered large numbers of new species of tiny Australian parasitic wasps – some of which may have potential as new biological control agents of insect pests in agriculture. Eighteen new species of “chelonine” wasps have been discussed and described in detail in the journal Insect ... 23-Jun-2014 more

Poor nutrition leads to development of chronic diseases

International research involving the University of Adelaide has shown for the first time that poor nutrition – including a lack of fruit, vegetables and whole grains – is associated with the development of multiple chronic diseases over time. The results of the study, which looked at health, diet and lifestyle data of more than ... 25-Jun-2014 more

Micro-manufacturing breakthrough is wired for sound

In a breakthrough discovery, researchers at RMIT University have harnessed the power of sound waves to enable precision micro- and nano-manufacturing. The researchers have demonstrated how high-frequency sound waves can be used to precisely control the spread of thin film fluid along a specially-designed chip, in a paper published on 25 June ... 25-Jun-2014 more

$1million project tackles ageing train infrastructure

Meeting Melbourne’s future railway infrastructure needs is the subject of a $1million collaboration between RMIT University and Metro Trains Melbourne. Metro Trains Melbourne will provide sponsorship for a Chair in Asset Management of Railway Infrastructure. The Chair will lead collaborative research on investigating the remaining ... 25-Jun-2014 more

Does the world's future belong to the tropics?

On Sunday 29th June, international icon and Burmese Opposition Leader, Aung San Suu Kyi will launch the landmark State of the Tropics Report in Rangoon (Yangon). Global experts will respond at simultaneous events in Singapore, Cairns and Townsville. (Details attached) The 500-page report is the result of a three-year ... 30-Jun-2014 more

Giving women more choice when inducing labour

New research suggests that if given the choice, pregnant women who are due to have their labour induced would prefer to go home than stay in hospital overnight. The study, led by researchers at the Women's and Children's Hospital and the University of Adelaide, is the largest of its kind, comparing 800 women who either stayed in ... 30-Jun-2014 more

World Cup ball plays better at higher altitudes: study

The Brazuca ball being used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup will play better at Brazil’s higher altitude stadiums, according to studies by RMIT University researchers. Professor Aleksandar Subic and Associate Professor Firoz Alam tested the Brazuca ball in the lead up to the World Cup in the Aerodynamics Research Wind Tunnel at RMIT’s ... 30-Jun-2014 more

Multiple chronic disease doubles in Adelaide's north-west

Research from the University of Adelaide shows that the number of people in the north-western suburbs of Adelaide who suffer from more than one chronic disease has doubled in less than eight years. In a follow-up to the North West Adelaide Health Study, which gathered data from more than 1800 people in 2000-2002, ... 02-Jul-2014 more

Public lecture: Less gestational weight gain, less pain

University of Adelaide obstetrician, Professor Jodie Dodd, will deliver a free public lecture on 8 June 2014 about the issue of obesity and pregnancy.   The World Health Organisation has identified obesity as a health problem of global significance, increasing the risk of numerous serious chronic conditions.   Professor Dodd ... 02-Jul-2014 more

Media diary note: Central Queensland Engineering Link Project

When:                        1 – 3 July 2014 Where:                       CQUniversity, ... 02-Jul-2014 more

Public lectures: stem cell tourism and health myths

The University of Adelaide will host Canadian health law and policy expert, Professor Timothy Caulfield, as he delivers two thought-provoking public lectures on Wednesday 9 July.  Professor Caulfield, from the University of Alberta, has been involved in a variety of interdisciplinary research endeavours that explore ... 04-Jul-2014 more

UC receives over $1.45m to develop maths and science teachers

The University of Canberra has received a boost to ensure better-equipped mathematics and science teachers thanks to funding from the Australian Government. A team of University education researchers received $1,459,912 through the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program (AMSPP) competitive grants round to develop a national ... 04-Jul-2014 more

RMIT awarded $2.3m in ARC linkage funding

RMIT University has been awarded more than $2.36 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants, announced in Canberra today by Education Minister Christopher Pyne. Eight RMIT projects received funding, from research to fight dangerous infections in hospitals to the development of 3D-printed titanium implants for hip and knee ... 04-Jul-2014 more

UON students awarded prestigious New Colombo Plan scholarships

Three of the University of Newcastle’s (UON) best and brightest undergraduates have been awarded prestigious scholarships under the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan to study in the Asia Pacific region. Jesse Nolan, Cherie Colyer-Morris and Hayley Ovenden are three of 40 students who will benefit from the signature ... 07-Jul-2014 more

Leading the way in 3D metal printing for industry

The University of Adelaide is working with local companies to investigate 3D metal printing for the development of prototype and operational manufacturing parts. The University’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) has installed a metal and ceramics 3D printer – the first to be open for use by ... 07-Jul-2014 more

Animal vaccines should guide malaria research

Research into vaccines for malaria in humans should be guided by the success shown in producing effective vaccines for malaria-like diseases in animals, according to a University of Adelaide study. In an article in the journal Parasitology, veterinarian and disease researcher Associate Professor Milton McAllister ... 09-Jul-2014 more

UC workshop: is normal birth best?

The benefits of normal birth will be the focus of a workshop and seminar being held at the University of Canberra THIS WEEK. “The workshop is aimed at keeping intervention in childbirth to the absolute minimum necessary to ensure a safe outcome,” event organiser and professor of midwifery at the University of Canberra, Deborah ... 09-Jul-2014 more

What women want: the ‘ex-factor’

Women instinctively find men who have had a few partners attractive, but get turned off if he has had five or more relationships. They definitely aren’t interested if he has had no previous partners. A James Cook University researcher has been studying whether women exhibit ‘mate copying’, or choosing a man who has been ... 09-Jul-2014 more

Adelaide Uni VC warns of looming disaster if dereg defeated

University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington, said that budget cuts to universities would have been inevitable whichever government was in power but deregulation will enable the sector to deal with the fallout. Speaking at the Sydney Institute this week, Professor Bebbington said that deregulation had ... 11-Jul-2014 more

Baby Nemos finding their way home

Fish larvae on the Great Barrier Reef can find their way home after weeks of drifting in the sea even where the currents are strong, thanks to their senses of smell and hearing, two James Cook University researchers have found.  JCU Professors Eric Wolanski and Mike Kingsford published their findings in their paper, Oceanographic and ... 11-Jul-2014 more

Global biodiversity hotspots at risk

An international study has found that the world’s ‘biodiversity hotspots’ - rare habitats that sustain most of the Earth’s endangered species - are more threatened than previously thought.  Biodiversity hotspots are 35 regions that host three-quarters of the world’s mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian ... 11-Jul-2014 more

Pumping efficiency into electrical motors

University of Adelaide researchers are using new magnetic materials to develop revolutionary electrical motors and generators which promise significant energy savings. They have used the new motors to develop patented highly efficient water pump systems with potential widespread application. “In the ... 14-Jul-2014 more

Study finds planning crucial to cutting food waste

When it comes to food waste, the humble householder is the biggest offender – throwing out an estimated 40 per cent of the food they buy. That’s the equivalent of two in every five bags of groceries - about 2.7 million tonnes of food - going straight into household bins each year. A new study by researchers from RMIT ... 14-Jul-2014 more

Diabetes study investigates whey to control blood glucose

People with type 2 diabetes are being sought for a new study at the University of Adelaide looking at a possible method to help control blood glucose levels. The University's Diabetes Research Group is developing a new strategy of giving people with type 2 diabetes a small nutrient drink prior to a meal. The researchers are hoping ... 16-Jul-2014 more

Reseachers give Tin Man a heart - Companion robot technology

Researchers at the University of Newcastle have answered Tin Man’s plea for a heart with the invention of technology aimed at enabling robots to feel emotion in a near human-like manner. A major advancement in companion robot technology, it helps a robot to connect with a human user based on shared emotional experiences. The robot ... 16-Jul-2014 more

Plain packs impact smokers’ perceptions of cigarette taste

Long-term smokers involved in a study just published by University of Newcastle health researchers believed that the quality of their cigarettes had deteriorated following the implementation of plain packaging. Many could no longer differentiate between brands, saying that all cigarettes now tasted the same. “It lends support to ... 16-Jul-2014 more

Expert comment on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

RMIT University international affairs expert Dr Binoy Kampmark is available for comment on the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine. What is happening so far about Malaysian Airlines Flight 17? Who is responsible for shooting it down, and why? What are the implications to Ukraine-Russian ... 18-Jul-2014 more

Learning how to defend against cyber attack

University of Adelaide computer science students are taking a few days out of their mid-year break to boost their knowledge and skills in cyber security.   On 22-24 July, 100 students at all levels will attend the first in a series of events aimed to build their ability to defeat computer hacking and other cyber ... 21-Jul-2014 more

New measure of biodiversity to help conservation efforts

An international group of researchers has developed a new method to measure biodiversity using family trees that will help pinpoint areas that might need to be prioritised for conservation. In a paper published Friday in the prestigious journal Nature Communications, a team of US and Australian researchers explains how by using phylogenetic ... 21-Jul-2014 more

Media Note: Fragile X Awareness Day

University of Adelaide genetics researchers are available to speak with media this week about Fragile X syndrome, how it causes intellectual disability, how and why it affects boys, and what research has been conducted into it.  The main area of expertise is in the laboratory of Professor Jozef Gecz (Robinson ... 21-Jul-2014 more

Music on song to help disadvantaged children: UC research

Regional disadvantaged children could be in tune for a brighter future thanks to a music education program led by a University of Canberra education researcher. Assistant professor in music and arts education, Dr Anita Collins, leads a program in which rural children in Goulburn are learning how to play the violin in order to become more ... 23-Jul-2014 more

Good leadership the key to country town economies

Why do some country towns survive and thrive, while others decline and die? According to research at the University of Adelaide, effective leadership at the local level plays a key role in the prosperity of country towns and regions. And for the first time, researchers have defined the necessary ingredients for ... 23-Jul-2014 more

New study links dredging to diseased corals

In a world-first study, researchers say dredging activity near coral reefs can increase the frequency of diseases affecting corals. “At dredging sites, we found more than twice as much coral disease than at our control sites,” says the lead author of the study, Joe Pollock, a PhD candidate from the ARC Centre of Excellence for ... 23-Jul-2014 more

Uni of Adelaide to open new dental clinic for the community

The University of Adelaide will open its own dental clinic for the local community as part of its School of Dentistry. In the lead up to national Dental Health Week starting 4 August, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic), Professor Pascale Quester said the new purpose-built facility, to be located on Kintore ... 28-Jul-2014 more

Media note: Homing in on property trends

All interested people are welcome to register for the annual CQUniversity Half-Day Property Conference, scheduled from Noon to 5pm on Friday, August 8 at the Rockhampton, North campus on the Bruce Highway. Expert speakers will address the role of property within self-managed funds, property impacts of flood mitigation, what’s driving ... 28-Jul-2014 more

Midwives can deliver improved health literacy to patients

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have shown new media technologies such as smart phone apps may be an effective means of improving health outcomes for new mothers and their babies. A health communication study at a South Australian hospital found that midwives are already trying to raise the level of health ... 28-Jul-2014 more

Preterm children's brains can catch up years later

There's some good news for parents of preterm babies – latest research from the University of Adelaide shows that by the time they become teenagers, the brains of many preterm children can perform almost as well as those born at term. A study conducted by the University's Robinson Research Institute has ... 30-Jul-2014 more

New system to detect mercury in water systems

A new ultra-sensitive, low-cost and portable system for detecting mercury in environmental water has been developed by University of Adelaide researchers. Published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, the research team outlined its innovative optical sensing system suitable for detecting low levels ... 30-Jul-2014 more

Still modern: The Ulm School of Design at RMIT Gallery

From the revolutionary Braun SK4 ‘Snow White’s Coffin’ radio and record player to Lufthansa’s corporate branding, the influence of Germany’s Ulm School of Design will be explored in an international touring exhibition at RMIT Gallery. The exhibition, which opens on 1 August, looks at iconic Ulm design – ... 30-Jul-2014 more

Soccer's key role in helping migrants to adjust

New research from the University of Adelaide has for the first time detailed the important role the sport of soccer has played in helping migrants to adjust to their new lives in Australia. The research has uncovered a range of benefits for individuals and the wider community that are still not fully recognised by ... 31-Jul-2014 more

RMIT textile graduate has designs on Maxwell & Williams

RMIT textile design graduate Lisa Petidis accelerates her global design career next month with the release of her Oriental Blossom collection for Maxwell & Williams. Ms Petidis (nee Doutsas), of Doncaster East,  won the RMIT and Maxwell & Williams 2013 Industry Award for her Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) final-year surface ... 31-Jul-2014 more

Teen insomnia is linked with depression and anxiety

A major study of high school students by University of Adelaide psychology researchers has shed new light on the links between insomnia-related mental health conditions among teens. School of Psychology PhD student Pasquale Alvaro surveyed more than 300 South Australian high school students aged 12-18 to better ... 06-Aug-2014 more

TODAY: Public lecture explores lessons from the start of life

Internationally renowned reproductive medicine specialist, Professor Robert Norman AO, will deliver the Healthy Development Adelaide 10th Anniversary Oration at the University of Adelaide today (Wednesday 6 August). His talk is Destiny’s children and fortune’s orphans – lessons from the start of ... 06-Aug-2014 more

Winning results for SCORES school fitness program

Hundreds of young school children have gained profound fitness benefits from a year-long physical activity and movement skills intervention run by University of Newcastle researchers. Outcomes for the SCORES project, just published in the leading sports science journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, show improvements in ... 06-Aug-2014 more

Research to help prevent quad bike accidents

University of Adelaide researchers are investigating the causes of quad bike accidents on farms to help reduce growing numbers of fatalities and serious injuries to agricultural workers and other users. Commissioned by SafeWork SA, the University’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) is starting an ... 08-Aug-2014 more

Security chief discusses nation’s cyber security in UC lecture

Major General Stephen Day DSC AM, Head of Cyber at the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) will speak at the University of Canberra TODAY as part of the National Security Lecture Series. In his lecture, Major General Day will discuss how the ASD, which provides cyber security advice and assistance to government, and coordinates operational ... 08-Aug-2014 more

How can architecture rebuild devastated communities?

A book charting the development of humanitarian architecture will be launched next week by former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans. Humanitarian Architecture details 15 case studies of how architects work with communities impacted by disasters. It is the first of two books RMIT University’s Associate Professor Esther Charlesworth has ... 08-Aug-2014 more

Warning to parents on high acidity drinks

Dental researchers at the University of Adelaide are warning parents of the dangers of soft drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks and other drinks high in acidity, which form part of a "triple-threat" of permanent damage to young people's teeth. For the first time, researchers have been able to demonstrate ... 11-Aug-2014 more

New funding strengthens EU Centre at RMIT

The European Union Centre at RMIT University will strengthen its activities until the end of 2017, after signing a new co-funding agreement with the European Union. The EU Centre opened at RMIT in 2010 and is one of five centres in Australia funded by the European Union. Acting RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Gill Palmer, ... 11-Aug-2014 more

140 influential books for 140 years of Uni history

The University of Adelaide is celebrating its 140th anniversary with a free public exhibition of 140 books that have left their mark on the community and the world. The exhibition contains one book published from each year of the University’s history. Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide has 140 years of ... 11-Aug-2014 more

UN-RMIT agreement boosts urban sustainability

A new five-year agreement between the United Nations Global Compact and RMIT University will strengthen efforts to tackle the world’s urban challenges. The agreement will boost the reach and work of the Global Compact Cities Programme, with RMIT committing $5 million in funding until 2019.  Hosted by RMIT in Melbourne since ... 14-Aug-2014 more

Open Day still draws in the crowds

University of Adelaide Open Day is on this weekend, Sunday 17 August and, even with the massive online presence of course information and advice, prospective students and their families still flock to the campus talks, tours and displays in their thousands. “Since our first Open Day in 1997, we’ve ... 14-Aug-2014 more

Exciting new partnership with Townsville Fire

James Cook University and the Townsville Fire have announced an exciting new partnership that will boost women’s sport in north Queensland. Under the agreement, the club will now be known as the JCU Townsville Fire. JCU Vice Chancellor, Professor Sandra Harding said it’s an exciting announcement for elite women’s sport ... 14-Aug-2014 more

UON partners with The Smith Family to benefit students in need

Students facing difficult circumstances are set to benefit from a partnership between the University of Newcastle (UON) and The Smith Family that aims to improve access and participation in tertiary studies. Up to 41 recipients of The Smith Family's Learning for Life tertiary scholarship, who study at the University of Newcastle, will ... 15-Aug-2014 more

Treatment does not prevent pre-eclampsia, pregnancy loss

International research involving the University of Adelaide has shown an anti-blood clotting treatment that has been used for more than 20 years to prevent a range of serious pregnancy complications is not effective, while being costly and painful for pregnant women. Complications that have been linked to blood clotting, or thrombosis, in ... 15-Aug-2014 more

Partnership to tackle North’s environmental problems

James Cook University and Greening Australia have joined forces to tackle some of tropical Australia’s most challenging environmental problems. For more than 30 years, Greening Australia has been working with Australian communities and industries to re-vegetate, restore and protect critical ecosystems, and combat invasive weeds and ... 15-Aug-2014 more

UC screenwriter honours ANZAC unsung heroines

The untold stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses who served during World War I have finally been shared thanks to a University of Canberra academic and her latest television project ANZAC Girls, which launched on ABC TV on Sunday night to an audience of over one million Australians. Creative writing lecturer and University of Canberra ... 18-Aug-2014 more

Urban sport and rec pop-up opens in CBD

Melbourne is embracing RMIT University’s new urban sport and recreational pop-up, which has brought a vacant CBD site to life. RMIT A’Beckett Urban Square will be officially opened by RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Margaret Gardner AO, on Tuesday, 19 August.   Watch and embed a timelapse of the ... 18-Aug-2014 more

University of Adelaide Festival celebrates the music of Bach

The University of Adelaide is reviving one of its most successful music festivals, the Bach Festival, with an impressive line up of artists and concerts. The University of Adelaide Bach Festival originally began in the late 1970s and grew in popularity over the years, running annually from 1980 to 1996. This ... 18-Aug-2014 more

Reef experts available to discuss matters raised by Four Corners

Two of the coral reef experts who featured in Monday night’s Four Corners episode, “Battle for the Reef” are available for further comment. Professor Terry Hughes, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University To interview Terry Hughes contact Eleanor Gregory, Communications ... 20-Aug-2014 more

Pain treatments less effective for those with irritable bowel

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered that the immune system is defective in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, which is a major reason why sufferers have ongoing issues with pain. The research – the first of its kind in the world – could also help to explain why some ... 20-Aug-2014 more

Sports, Indigenous culture and education come together in Rockhampton

Sports, Indigenous culture and education come together for a fun learning experience for students over the school holidays at the Indigenous Youth Sports Program (IYSP). This once-a-year event will be held from September 22-26 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students aged 10 -15 yrs from the Rockhampton region. For ... 20-Aug-2014 more

World-first conference on indigenous oral health

The University of Adelaide is hosting the first conference of its type in the world dedicated solely to the critical issue of indigenous people's oral health. The inaugural International Indigenous Oral Health Conference, to be held at the National Wine Centre from 27-29 August, has been established by dental ... 22-Aug-2014 more

NeW Space on public display

The University of Newcastle (UON) has formally lodged the State Significant Development (SSD) Application for the NeW Space project to deliver world-class higher education in the Civic precinct. Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen, said she encouraged members of the Hunter community to explore the detailed plans for NeW Space, which ... 22-Aug-2014 more

Resistant bacteria on the rise across Australia

A national study led by University of Adelaide researchers has confirmed that antibiotic resistant strains of disease-causing bacteria, such as E. coli, are steadily on the rise in Australia. The results of the study, conducted for the Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance, are published on the website of the ... 22-Aug-2014 more

University to explore influence of iconic Hunter Valley wine region

Australians are shifting from beer to wine, and now a University of Newcastle project is set to provide critical insight into what role the Hunter Valley has played in influencing the nation’s drinkers to change. Funded as part of the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) 2014 Linkage Projects, the study aims to uncover the iconic ... 25-Aug-2014 more

On the hunt for dark matter in Adelaide

New University of Adelaide Future Fellow Dr Martin White is starting a research project that has the potential to redirect the experiments of thousands of physicists around the world who are trying to identify the nature of dark matter.   Dr White is developing new computational (data mining) techniques that will allow him to analyse an ... 25-Aug-2014 more

Communication disorders can have major impact

Every day more than 1.1 million Australians have difficulty communicating, says CQ-based speech pathologist Dr Susan Morrison who is raising awareness during Speech Pathology Week. Speech Pathology Week runs from August 24-30, with a theme of ‘Nation for Communication’. Speech pathologists are aiming to make Australia a ... 25-Aug-2014 more

Grants provide a boost to get Queensland workers moving

Popular physical activity program 10,000 Steps – part of Queensland Government's Healthier. Happier. program – has this week launched its new grants which will provide free pedometers to eligible Queensland workplaces. 10,000 Steps Project Leader Dr Mitch Duncan said the grants were open to Queensland workplaces wanting to ... 27-Aug-2014 more

Fashion world goes Gaga for RMIT graduate

An RMIT University fashion graduate has seen her collection featured as part of Lady Gaga’s artRAVE world tour. Nixi Killick, a Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) graduate, said it was a surreal experience to have her work recognised by the pop music and global fashion icon. “Gaga has an imaginative, unique and expressive ... 27-Aug-2014 more

Quality childcare leads to benefits at school age

Children who receive a quality childcare experience at age 2-3 are more likely to be attentive and better able to deal with their emotions as they start school, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. In a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, PhD student Angela Gialamas from ... 27-Aug-2014 more

RMIT fashion students present to the world at MSFW

Outstanding RMIT University fashion students will showcase their work at the 2014 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). Thirty final-year Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) students will present their collections on the only runway on the program that is dedicated solely to one educational institute. Associate  Professor Jessica ... 29-Aug-2014 more

How does your wine make you feel?

University of Adelaide researchers are investigating the links between wine, where it’s consumed and emotion to help the Australian wine industry gain deeper consumer insights into their products. A trial is being carried out involving 360 wine consumers who have been sampling specific wines in different ... 29-Aug-2014 more

Study shows where on Earth roads should and should not go

More than 25 million kilometres of new roads will be built worldwide by 2050. Many of these roads will slice into Earth’s last wildernesses, where they bring an influx of destructive loggers, hunters and illegal miners. Now an ambitious study has created a ‘global roadmap’ for prioritising road building across the planet, ... 29-Aug-2014 more

Intervention needed for survivors of childhood burns

Adults who were hospitalised for a burn as a child experience higher than usual rates of depression and suicidal thoughts, according to new research at the University of Adelaide. Australia's first 30-year follow up of childhood burns victims has been conducted by the University's Centre for Traumatic Stress ... 01-Sep-2014 more

Piglet weaning age no bar to litter frequency

University of Adelaide research has shown that piglets can be weaned later with no negative effects on sow birthing frequency. The outcome of the study at the University’s Roseworthy campus, published in the journal Animal Reproduction Science, is an important finding for pig producers. It allows improvements ... 01-Sep-2014 more

From nursery to school: research highlights critical fish habitats

Researchers have discovered that estuaries and salt marshes are many times more valuable as fish nurseries than was previously thought. Estuaries and salt marshes are often heavily impacted by human development and this new research highlights the importance of their protection and repair to protect fish stocks. Marine biologists from ... 01-Sep-2014 more

New guidelines to help families impacted by stillbirth

The quality of care being provided to families affected by stillbirth is set to improve across Australia following new research by the University of Adelaide's Joanna Briggs Institute.   In a project funded by the Stillbirth Foundation Australia, researchers at the Institute have conducted a review of worldwide research into how ... 02-Sep-2014 more

New Research unravels complex stroke mechanisms

New research at the University of Adelaide has led to a deeper understanding of how the brain responds to stroke and which mechanisms may be harmful or beneficial following a stroke.  In laboratory studies in the University's School of Medical Sciences, research leader Dr Renée Turner investigated the effect of blocking all ... 03-Sep-2014 more

New fashion Masters confirm RMIT as global innovator

RMIT University has confirmed its position as a global leader in fashion and textiles with the creation of two new Master programs. The Master of Fashion (Design) and Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship) align RMIT with the world’s leading fashion institutes in London, Paris and New York. Associate Professor Robyn Healy, Head of ... 03-Sep-2014 more

Internationally-acclaimed filmmaker to visit University

Internationally-acclaimed filmmaker, Sonia Bible will visit the University of Newcastle on September 5 to explore the University’s archived documents relating to the ‘Witch of Kings Cross’, Rosaleen Norton. The cultural collections, donated to the University by senior lecturer in Ancient History and Classical Languages, Dr ... 03-Sep-2014 more

Research targets early symptoms of Parkinson’s

University of Adelaide neuroscience researchers are investigating markers for potential earlier diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.   The researchers are studying the molecular basis of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, rather than the better-known clinical symptoms of impaired movement. These ... 08-Sep-2014 more

CQUni Rocky hosts ‘Trauma Week’ activities for Paramedic Science students

CQUniversity Rockhampton, North is preparing to host a series of ‘Trauma Week’ activities from the 8th to the 12th of September for Paramedic Science students attending a third-year residential school.   ‘Patients’ will be made up with a wide range of simulated injuries to add to the ... 08-Sep-2014 more

Non-English subjects can help migrant and refugee children

New research at the University of Adelaide recommends that migrant and refugee children be exposed to more non-English-based subjects – such as art and sport – to help them to make friends, transition into school education and improve their wellbeing. Researchers in the University's School of Psychology have studied the ... 08-Sep-2014 more

Approach to deadly sepsis infections continues to vary

Treatment practices for patients hospitalised with the potentially fatal infection known as "sepsis" will continue to vary because of individual differences between hospitals and countries, according to University of Adelaide researchers. University researchers based in Intensive Care at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital are involved ... 10-Sep-2014 more

Halving the risk of preterm birth for twins

International research involving the University of Adelaide has found that the risk of preterm birth could be halved for a specific group of "super high-risk" twin pregnancies. The results could help to save babies' lives throughout the world and prevent serious health complications after ... 10-Sep-2014 more

Research study seeks a taste of your nutrition knowledge

A University of Newcastle research team is aiming to determine the influence a person’s understanding of nutrition has on their eating habits, health and lifestyle. University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition dietitian researcher Cathy Harbury is calling on adults to provide information about ... 10-Sep-2014 more

Non-English subjects can help migrant and refugee children

New research at the University of Adelaide recommends that migrant and refugee children be exposed to more non-English-based subjects – such as art and sport – to help them to make friends, transition into school education and improve their wellbeing.   Researchers in the University's School of Psychology have ... 12-Sep-2014 more

Researchers to determine link between nutrition knowledge and eating habits, health and lifestyle

University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition dietitian researcher Cathy Harbury is calling on adults to provide information about themselves, their diets and nutrition knowledge via an anonymous online survey. “Many nutrition messages assume that people have a good understanding of the ... 12-Sep-2014 more

Chip packets help make safer water in PNG

University of Adelaide mechanical engineering students and staff have designed a low-cost and easily made drinking water treatment system suitable for remote communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) – using foil chip packets and some glass tubing.   The system makes use of UVA radiation direct from the sun to kill pathogens in ... 12-Sep-2014 more

Adding inspiration to perspiration as Rocky pioneers new type of work experience

Central Queensland Leads the Way in Health Sector Workforce Development Rockhampton will be host to an innovative work experience program this week (Sept 15 – 19) with Year 10 students from Emmaus College engaging in a variety of workplace activities across the health and community care sector. In a bid to attract future school ... 15-Sep-2014 more

Indigenous art reveals layers of history at RMIT Gallery

The art of remote Australia will be on display at RMIT Gallery when Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo and Garnkiny: Constellations of Meaning open next week in the presence of the art centres’ artists. The exhibition and publication Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo (16 September – 8 November) curated by Dr Jacqueline Healy examines the ... 15-Sep-2014 more

Expert administrator to lead Uni of Adelaide operations

A leading university administrator with significant finance and change management experience has been appointed as the University of Adelaide’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President (Services and Resources). Mr Bruce Lines, currently Vice-President, Operations, at the University of Canberra, will commence in the role on 1 ... 15-Sep-2014 more

JCU hits ‘em for six

James Cook University is again toasting its success, winning a clean sweep of national teaching and learning awards. JCU is one of two Australian universities to win all of the six possible Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for the Division of Academic and Student Life, Professor ... 22-Sep-2014 more

University of Newcastle academics receive prestigious accolade

The efforts of University of Newcastle (UON) staff members have been recognised by the Commonwealth in the 2014 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. Awarded through the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Awards for University Teaching program, the Citations acknowledge quality teaching practice and those ... 22-Sep-2014 more

Clinical relationships key to treatment of alcohol abuse

New research from the University of Adelaide highlights the complex needs of people being treated for alcohol problems, in particular the value they place on long-term relationships with trusted healthcare professionals.   For the first time, researchers in the University's School of Psychology have sought to better understand the ... 22-Sep-2014 more

Rocky’s pregnant women encouraged to try new Fit4Two program

Rockhampton’s new Fit4Two program for pregnant women is now officially up and running and accessible via www.fit4two.org.au . Information about the ‘behaviour-change intervention’ program is being distributed through the generous support of local medical practices. CQUniversity PhD researcher Mel Hayman is looking ... 24-Sep-2014 more

Everyday activities focus of healthy ageing study

New research aimed at better understanding healthy ageing among older South Australians is due to begin next month thanks to a new partnership with an aged care services provider.   Researchers at the University of Adelaide and the University of Edinburgh in the UK have joined with the ACH Group to conduct a study that looks at aspects ... 24-Sep-2014 more

Flying doctor bees to prevent cherry disease

University of Adelaide researchers are introducing a method to use bees to deliver disease control to cherry blossom, preventing brown rot in cherries. This is a new technique for Australia and a world first for cherry orchards with potential application in many horticultural industries. It will be demonstrated publicly for the first time ... 24-Sep-2014 more

Ambassador to deliver UC lecture on Japan-Aus relations

His Excellency Yoshitaka Akimoto, Japan’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Australia, will speak at the University of Canberra as part of the National Security Lecture Series TODAY. Ambassador Akimoto will talk about Japan’s current relationship with Australia and its contribution to regional and global security ... 26-Sep-2014 more

Sitting and office lighting among work risks

Public health researchers at the University of Adelaide say office workers need to move more and sit less, and use warm-coloured lighting instead of blue-rich LEDs to help avoid some serious potential health risks.   Speaking in the lead up to Safe Work Australia Month (October), the Head of Public Health at the University of Adelaide, ... 26-Sep-2014 more

National Sleep Awareness Week (Monday 29 Sept – Sunday 5 Oct)

Shift work leads to altered sleep patterns and changes in the body's circadian rhythms – so what does that mean for human health?   Researchers at the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute are now investigating how circadian rhythm disruption could affect pregnancy.  There is no evidence yet that there ... 26-Sep-2014 more

New research reveals big problems with big data

In an era of big data and mass surveillance, everything from social media activity and internet searches to purchasing habits and GPS movements are collated to build an individual profile and make assumptions about behaviours and personalities.   New research published in the September issue of the UNSW Law Journal, co-authored by ... 29-Sep-2014 more

Circus Oz vault unlocked at Melbourne Festival

A remarkable new exhibition at the Melbourne Festival will explore the fascinating 36-year performing history of Circus Oz. Vault: The Non-Stop Performing History of Circus Oz (10-26 October) is a multi-screen kaleidoscope of interactive exhibits, rarely-seen archival footage and mixed-media artworks, presented by Melbourne Festival in ... 29-Sep-2014 more

Fine-tuning plant cells for superior cereal crops

Changing the developmental path of grain in cereal crops to better influence yield, quality and end-use is the aim of University of Adelaide research scientist Dr Matthew Tucker. Dr Tucker, who was recently awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship, will be taking advantage of plant cells’ ability to ... 29-Sep-2014 more

Upcoming special days – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on upcoming special days. World Vegetarian Day (Wednesday 1 October) Professor Rachel Ankeny in the University’s School of History and Politics can talk about the various reason why people are vegetarians, including for health, religion, animal welfare and ... 01-Oct-2014 more

'No surprise' that country kids make good CEOs and captains of industry

It's no surprise that kids from rural and regional towns make good CEOs and captains of industry. That's according to CQUniversity's Professor Ross Chapman, who was commenting on studies showing that 38 per cent of Australia's Top 100 chief executives who were born in Australia actually grew up in regional towns, and that ... 01-Oct-2014 more

Research mimics brain cells to boost memory power

RMIT University researchers have brought ultra-fast, nano-scale data storage within striking reach, using technology that mimics the human brain. The researchers have built a novel nano-structure that offers a new platform for the development of highly stable and reliable nanoscale memory devices. The pioneering work will feature on a ... 01-Oct-2014 more

Predicting the future course of psychotic illness

University of Adelaide psychiatry researchers have developed a model that could help to predict a patient's likelihood of a good outcome from treatment – from their very first psychotic episode. The model is based on a range of factors, including clinical symptoms, cognitive abilities, MRI scans of the brain's structure, and ... 03-Oct-2014 more

RMIT design talent sweeps Fringe Furniture awards

Students, graduates and academics from the Industrial Design and Furniture Design programs at RMIT University have taken home every award at the Fringe Furniture forum. The open-access event, held by the Melbourne Fringe, displayed more than 90 furniture, lighting and interior object designs from local emerging and established designers ... 03-Oct-2014 more

Community invited to help revive the Kaurna language

The University of Adelaide is hosting a five-day Kaurna language festival (6-10 October) for local Indigenous people to reconnect with their heritage and for the general community to learn more about the Kaurna culture and language. The Kaurna language has been dormant for well over a century but the University of Adelaide’s Kaurna ... 03-Oct-2014 more

Mental illness linked to extreme risk of homelessness

University of Adelaide researchers say the greatest level of accommodation assistance should be directed to those most likely to need it, with Australians suffering from psychiatric and intellectual disabilities found to be at the highest risk of homelessness.    Speaking in the lead up to World Homeless Day (10 October), Dr Emma ... 07-Oct-2014 more

UC sports scientist Dick Telford inducted into Australian Sports Hall of Fame

University of Canberra professorial fellow and sports scientist Professor Dick Telford AM will be inducted into the Australian Sports Hall of Fame this week. Having been the first-ever sports scientist at the Australian Institute of Sport and coach of many Australian Olympians and Commonwealth Games medallists, the 69-year-old said he never ... 07-Oct-2014 more

Is public transport too important to be left to politicians?

RMIT University will host a public transport debate next week to honour the life of Associate Professor Paul Mees OAM and his contribution to local and international urban transport and planning. 774 ABC Melbourne radio host Jon Faine will be master of ceremonies at the free event on Thursday, 14 October, as debaters ponder the question: Is ... 07-Oct-2014 more

One million Asian children living with blindness

University of Adelaide eye surgeons will conduct a national survey of blindness in Laos in the latest effort to prevent and repair blindness for people in South-East Asia. Working with the Adelaide-based charity group Sight For All, staff from the University's Discipline of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences will launch the survey next ... 08-Oct-2014 more

Two public lectures: urban mobility and connecting with teenagers

The following free public lectures will be held at the University of Adelaide in the coming weeks. Research Tuesdays Seminar Series: The Streets Are Alive Urban mobility and the public space will be the theme of the October 2014 Research Tuesdays seminar, presented by University of Adelaide urban and cultural geographer Dr Jennifer ... 08-Oct-2014 more

Upcoming special days – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on upcoming special days. Total Lunar Eclipse (Wednesday 8 October) Dr Paddy McGee in the University’s School of Chemistry and Physics can talk about the total lunar eclipse, which will commence at around 6:45pm and be visible from approximately ... 08-Oct-2014 more

More research needed on benefits of psychedelic drugs

A University of Adelaide philosophy scholar is calling for more research into the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic drugs, with early studies suggesting these substances can provide lasting psychological benefits. Speaking in the lead up to Global Drug Safety Day (16 October 2014), University of Adelaide philosophy PhD student Chris ... 10-Oct-2014 more

Promoting resilience in post-disaster recovery

The role of design and project managers in post-disaster recovery will be discussed at a public lecture at RMIT University next week (17 October). Former Queensland Premier and current CEO of YWCA, Anna Bligh will join Graham Saunders from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to discuss why involving design ... 10-Oct-2014 more

Ebola expert available

Virologist Emeritus Professor Chris Burrell in the University of Adelaide's School of Molecular and Biomedical Science is able to comment to media generally about the Ebola virus and practices to contain the spread of the virus.  This might be of interest to media in the wake of the recent suspected case in Cairns, now confirmed not to ... 10-Oct-2014 more

UC ‘flying saucer’ building to officially open

Following recent renovations, the University of Canberra’s Building 5, home to the famous ‘Futuro’ flying saucer, will be officially opened by ACT Senator Zed Seselja TODAY. The $9.9 million building refurbishment features state-of-the-art teaching spaces, an acoustic recording room, and additional shade cover and furniture ... 13-Oct-2014 more

Diet and exercise during pregnancy – hidden benefits

Healthy eating and increased physical activity from walking during pregnancy is directly associated with a range of improved outcomes at birth – but not an improvement on the scales, according to researchers from the University of Adelaide. Results of the world's biggest study of its kind will be published today in two papers in ... 13-Oct-2014 more

Upcoming special days – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on upcoming special days. Global Handwashing Day (Wednesday 15 October) Associate Professor Craig Lockwood, Director of Translation Science with the University's Joanna Briggs Institute, can speak about research that shows only 50% of children use soap and ... 15-Oct-2014 more

Survey to help parents tackle teen drinking challenges

A new online survey developed by researchers from the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Population Health, in collaboration with the Australian Drug Foundation, aims to help families navigate the challenges of teenage alcohol use. With children drinking at younger ages, the research team is seeking parental feedback to tailor a ... 15-Oct-2014 more

Ancient fossils confirmed among our strangest cousins

More than 100 years since they were first discovered, some of the world's most bizarre fossils have been identified as distant relatives of humans, thanks to the work of University of Adelaide researchers. The fossils belong to 500-million-year-old blind water creatures, known to scientists as "vetulicolians" (pronounced: ... 17-Oct-2014 more

Sheltering habits help sharks cope with acid oceans

A shark’s habitat can reduce its sensitivity to rising CO2 levels, according to Australian scientists. Globally, ocean acidification - linked to emissions of greenhouse gases - remains a major concern and scientists say it will harm many marine species over the next century. Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral ... 17-Oct-2014 more

Vatican Synod on Marriage and Family – Expert available for comment

Church leaders and specially invited married couples have been meeting at the Vatican for the past two weeks to discuss how the Church views marriage and the family. The Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family will end this weekend. A document summarising the outcomes of the first week, released on Monday, have been described as a ... 17-Oct-2014 more

Stellar health funding result for Uni of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide, one of Australia’s most research-intensive institutions, has been awarded more than $22 million in Federal Government funding to support an array of critical health and medical research projects. The Prime Minister, the Honourable Tony Abbott, announced the latest 2014 National Health and Medical Research ... 20-Oct-2014 more

Why has Halloween infiltrated Australian culture?

Halloween appears to have infiltrated Australian culture, and according to a University of Adelaide researcher, the reason for its increasing popularity could run much deeper than Americanisation. Ten years ago the average Australian wouldn’t think of trick-or-treating or hosting a Halloween party but in recent years Halloween ... 20-Oct-2014 more

Improving care for intoxicated women assault victims

New research at the University of Adelaide could lead to improvements in professional health care for women who experience physical or sexual assault while under the influence of alcohol. The study, being conducted by Research Officer Amy Marshall, a sociologist and PhD student in the University's School of Nursing, aims to better ... 20-Oct-2014 more

JCU study to help make North Qld more cyclone resilient

Researchers from James Cook University will undertake a ground breaking study that will help improve north Queensland housing’s resilience to cyclones. The study, which is funded by insurer, Suncorp, will identify the good and bad features affecting vulnerabilty in the region’s housing. JCU’s Cyclone Testing Station ... 22-Oct-2014 more

UON in top 8 of Australian universities for health research

A University of Newcastle (UON) drug trial that has delivered rapid treatment benefits for stroke victims has attracted more than $3.9 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in its 2014 funding round. Led by UON’s Professor Mark Parsons, Director of the John Hunter Hopsital’s Acute Stroke Services, ... 22-Oct-2014 more

Game and design thinking at Melbourne Knowledge Week

The RMIT Games and Experimental Entertainment Lab (GEElab) is joining Melbourne Knowledge Week for exciting design-based workshops. GEElab will present two free and inventive workshops to facilitate public engagement with university research centres and the inspired studies stemming from them. The PERSONA-lise workshop (27 October) will ... 22-Oct-2014 more

New methods to calculate risk of floods

University of Adelaide researchers are devising new methods to more accurately estimate long-term flood risk across Australia.   The researchers are examining the possible causes of floods and how they interact with each other. This information is being used to create sophisticated models which will be used by engineers to better ... 24-Oct-2014 more

Arrested development: Sediment wreaks havoc with fish larvae

Sediments associated with dredging and flood plumes could have a significant impact on fish populations by extending the time required for the development of their larvae, according to Australian researchers. “Sediment concentrations at levels found in plumes from dredging or in floods cause a significant delay in the development of ... 24-Oct-2014 more

Showcasing technology ingenuity of the future

University of Adelaide students studying engineering and other technology-related degrees will reveal their ingenuity and talent in a free public exhibition of more than 240 final-year projects, at the Adelaide Convention Centre next week.   ‘Ingenuity 2014’ brings together for the first time the knowledge and skills of ... 24-Oct-2014 more

Just 30 minutes of exercise has benefits for the brain

University of Adelaide neuroscientists have discovered that just one session of aerobic exercise is enough to spark positive changes in the brain that could lead to improved memory and coordination of motor skills. A study conducted by researchers in the University's Robinson Research Institute has found changes in the brain that were ... 27-Oct-2014 more

UON celebrates 40 years of changing lives through Open Foundation

The University of Newcastle’s (UON) Open Foundation program is celebrating 40 years of providing pathways to university and helping thousands of Australians change their lives and realise their dreams. Since its inception in 1974, the UON Open Foundation program has become the largest of its kind in Australia, and is looked to as the ... 27-Oct-2014 more

New urban wellbeing survey to analyse Australian city slickers’ health

How people living in Australian cities are managing the pressures of work, home and community involvement is the focus of a new annual, national wellbeing survey launched by University of Canberra researchers this week. Senior research fellow and project leader Dr Léan O’Brien and colleagues are asking people all over the ... 27-Oct-2014 more

Piece of Australia found under Vanuatu

Researchers from James Cook University have found a fragment of Australia beneath Vanuatu – and it may cause a rethink on how continents are built. Geologists thought the volcanic Vanuatu islands, about 2200km east of Townsville, were isolated from continental influences. But now research by a JCU team suggests the ‘geological ... 29-Oct-2014 more

Halloween Eve Vaudeville Book Launch

Rockhampton author Greg Chapman will launch his fifth book with the release of his debut short story collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares at the CQUniversity Rockhampton Bookshop, from Noon on October 30. The 300-page tome, published by Black Beacon Books out of Brisbane, contains 24 previously published and new tales, from the past ... 29-Oct-2014 more

Reducing population is no environmental ‘quick fix’

New multi-scenario modelling of world human population has concluded that even stringent fertility restrictions or a catastrophic mass mortality would not bring about large enough change this century to solve issues of global sustainability.   Published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, ... 29-Oct-2014 more

UC tracks Australian regional wellbeing for second year

The University of Canberra has launched its second Regional Wellbeing Survey, which sheds light on the wellbeing of people living in rural and regional Australia. More than 9,000 people completed the inaugural survey last year, which found most rural and regional Australian enjoy living in their communities, but irrigators, people under 30 ... 31-Oct-2014 more

More new species discovered in Australia's lost world

A James Cook University researcher has discovered another two new species of lizard, hidden from humans for millions of years in a remote area of Cape York Peninsula, in far north Queensland.  JCU’s Dr Conrad Hoskin found the Cape Melville Rainbow Skink and Cape Melville Bar-lipped Skink on an expedition to the rainforest plateau ... 31-Oct-2014 more

Smoking rates high among people with psychotic illness

The rate of smoking among people in Adelaide's northern suburbs who suffer from a psychotic illness is much greater than the national average and is contributing to other major health problems, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. Psychiatry researchers at the University are investigating ... 31-Oct-2014 more

Upcoming special months – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on: “Movember” – men’s health (November) Professor Gary Wittert is Director of the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health and Head of the Discipline of Medicine at the University of Adelaide. His areas of expertise include many ... 03-Nov-2014 more

Horse racing position cuts drag up to 66 per cent: study

As jockeys consider their strategies ahead of the nation's biggest horse race, researchers have revealed precisely how much different slipstreaming tactics reduce drag on a horse during a race.    Wind tunnel simulations by RMIT University researchers showed jockeys who take advantage of slipstreaming, or drafting, by ... 03-Nov-2014 more

Singapore conference highlights 'major health crises'

The world is rapidly shrinking at the same time that medical collaborations are expanding – for the benefit of patient care right across the globe, a major international health conference in Singapore will hear next week. The conference, to be held from 10-12 November, will bring together almost 500 medical practitioners and ... 03-Nov-2014 more

New step towards eradication of H5N1 bird flu

A University of Adelaide-led project has developed a new test that can distinguish between birds that have been vaccinated against the H5N1 strain of avian influenza virus or “bird flu” with those that have been naturally infected.  This is a significant step in the fight against this often fatal strain of avian influenza ... 03-Nov-2014 more

Low-level toxin in drinking water can alter stem cells

World-first research at the University of Adelaide has found that even low levels of a common toxin in drinking water are enough to cause problems in developing brain cells – but there's no cause for alarm for Australia's water drinkers just yet.   For her PhD in the University's School of Medical Sciences, Katie ... 05-Nov-2014 more

Uniform changes to protect our school kids

James Cook University researchers have found lengthening school uniforms would give students much greater protection from skin cancer. The study shows lengthening school shorts, skirts and sleeves just a small amount or choosing loose-fitting garments to cover more skin could significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer. A study led by ... 05-Nov-2014 more

GP guidelines needed for chronic pain treatment

Some patients with chronic pain could be better served by being prescribed vitamin D supplements by their GP, according to research at the University of Adelaide. Researchers in the University's School of Population Health have been studying the treatment of patients with chronic non-specific musculoskeletal pain, and they've found ... 07-Nov-2014 more

Understanding the impact of parents' mental illness

Research from the University of Adelaide has found that the children of parents suffering from an emotionally unstable form of personality disorder are at risk of developing behavioural and emotional issues – but the children can also be protected from experiencing similar difficulties to their parents. For her PhD research, Dianna ... 07-Nov-2014 more

Perth and Karratha now part of Australia’s largest network of university delivery sites

CQUniversity has added a Perth Distance Education Study Centre and is about to add a Karratha Distance Education Study Hub to extend its network of delivery sites throughout Australia. The new sites have been established to support CQUniversity’s cohort of distance education students who reside in these regions, through face-to-face ... 07-Nov-2014 more

Upcoming special days – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on:   Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week (9-15 November) Professor Brian Freeman is Head, Spinal Unit, of the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Professor of Spinal Surgery, Orthopaedics and Trauma, University of Adelaide. He is leading the South Australian node of a ... 10-Nov-2014 more

JCU doctors most likely to work in remote areas

In the first Australian study of its kind, James Cook University medical school researchers have found doctors trained at JCU are much more likely than doctors trained elsewhere to practise in regional centres and the bush. While only around 20 percent of graduates from large city medical schools worked outside metropolitan areas, JCU found ... 10-Nov-2014 more

Sustainable development boost for Spencer Gulf

Sustainable development in the Spencer Gulf region has been given a boost with the addition of Nyrstar in Port Pirie to the University of Adelaide-led Spencer Gulf Ecosystem and Development Initiative. Mining and metals company Nyrstar, which operates Port Pirie’s lead smelter, joins the region’s other major industries BHP ... 10-Nov-2014 more

Controversial medication has benefits for breastfeeding

A controversial medication used by breastfeeding women should not be restricted in Australia because of the benefits it offers mothers and their babies, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.   The medication domperidone has recently been the subject of warnings from the European Medicines Agency based on research that ... 12-Nov-2014 more

Study shows Queenslanders unsure of diabetes symptoms

Most Queenslanders are aware of risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes and associated health problems, but around one-third do not know any common symptoms of the disease. That's according to a 'Diabetes and Health Literacy' research survey of 1223 Queensland adults, carried out by CQUniversity academics Dr Sonia Saluja, Dr ... 12-Nov-2014 more

A sea change for marine conservation

Harnessing ‘people power’ to manage fisheries in the developing world has significantly benefited local communities and coral reefs, according to new research. “Studies about the environment, and particularly fisheries, abound with bad news, but here, we see a glimmer of hope,” says lead author Professor Joshua ... 12-Nov-2014 more

Upcoming special days – experts available

The following University of Adelaide experts are available to comment on: National Skin Cancer Action Week (16-22 November)   Professor Brendon Coventry is Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide, and Research Director of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.  He and his team are researching cheaper ... 17-Nov-2014 more

Funds flow to UC river project

A University of Canberra team of freshwater researchers has received $2.75 million in federal funding to monitor the effects of water delivery in a critical area within the Murray-Darling Basin. The team led by Dr Fiona Dyer and Mr Ben Broadhurst from the University’s Institute for Applied Ecology will use the five-year funding to ... 17-Nov-2014 more

Forum examines global garments industry after Rana Plaza

RMIT University and the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturing and Exporting Association (BGMEA) will host Australia’s first forum on the readymade garments industry this week (19 November). The event will focus on the way forward for the global garments industry following the disastrous Rana Plaza factory collapse in April 2013, which left ... 17-Nov-2014 more

Clean-energy in conference spotlight

The University of Newcastle’s Tom Farrell Institute* for the Environment, in partnership with NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, is running a clean-energy conference this Friday, November 21, at the Hunter Valley Hotel Academy, Kurri Kurri, TAFE. The full day of presentations includes 30 renewable energy guest speakers. The ... 19-Nov-2014 more

Public events: music showcase and ‘living fossils’

Aboriginal studies music showcase and CD launch The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) will present its free annual showcase on Saturday 22 November, featuring 2014 graduating CASM students.  The CASM students’ CD, Rough & Deadly lll, will also be launched on ... 19-Nov-2014 more

Wearable antennas for remote monitoring

Humans may become walking antennas for remote monitoring and mobile communications − with the help of University of Adelaide research to produce antennas integrated into clothing.   Still under development, the wearable antennas have potential application in biomedical monitoring, sports analysis, military and emergency ... 19-Nov-2014 more

Elite athletes under stress to lose weight

Psychology researchers at the University of Adelaide say modern day elite athletes are under so much pressure to lose and maintain weight that they can also lose a sense of self. Researchers in the University's School of Psychology have been studying the daily routines of elite sportsmen and women to gain a ... 21-Nov-2014 more

National recognition for Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids

Innovative education program Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids (HDHK) has been recognised with a 2014 national award for Best Community Engagement Collaboration. The accolade comes from the Business/Higher Education Round Table and follows closely on the National Excellence in Obesity Prevention Award (2014) by the WHO Collaboration on Obesity ... 21-Nov-2014 more

TODAY: New research centre for 'seeing into the body' launched

New tools for ‘seeing’ inside the living human body at the cellular level will be developed at a $38 million research centre being launched at the University of Adelaide today.  The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics is bringing together physicists, ... 21-Nov-2014 more

How can we help patients overcome MRI anxiety?

Fear and anxiety about undergoing an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan is a very real issue among patients.  Researchers at the University of Adelaide's Joanna Briggs Institute have been working to better understand the difficulties faced by patients when undergoing an MRI scan, and how to help ease ... 24-Nov-2014 more

Boosting Barra from pond to plate

James Cook University scientists have developed a unique process to grow barramundi faster.   Researchers have been studying which barramundi parents produce the fastest growing fingerlings, in an effort to get barramundi onto the plate quicker and cheaper. Their breakthrough application, based on identifying fundamental cellular ... 24-Nov-2014 more

Women's fertility linked to detox element in diet

University of Adelaide research has for the first time shown how much of a critical role the natural antioxidant selenium plays at the earliest stages of a woman's fertility.  The discovery has been made in joint research involving the University's School of Chemistry and Physics and the Robinson ... 24-Nov-2014 more

Social justice lecture to shed light on children's rights

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that was established to improve the conditions for children around the world. To mark this important milestone, this year’s Human Rights and Social Justice Lecture will be delivered by Professor Gillian Triggs, President of the Australian ... 26-Nov-2014 more

Bad jobs going nowhere

A study led by a James Cook University economist has found casual jobs may be psychologically destructive for job seekers, predisposing them to go from one bad job to the next. Using government-funded longitudinal data that tracks job satisfaction and expectations, Dr Riccardo Welters and his team compared the experiences of people who were ... 26-Nov-2014 more

Research shows SA koalas with high disease

University of Adelaide research has shown that South Australian koalas may have a much higher prevalence than thought of the two key infectious diseases threatening koala populations across Australia. The findings have important implications for koala conservation nationwide. The study found very high levels (77%) of koala retrovirus (an ... 26-Nov-2014 more

Former French PM to deliver key lecture at RMIT

Former French Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin, will deliver the Tom Nairn 2014 Lecture at RMIT University on Thursday, 4 December. The annual lecture, hosted by the Globalism Research Centre at RMIT in association with the Embassy of France in Australia, will address a roll call of distinguished guests from business, government and ... 28-Nov-2014 more

"Body recognition" compares with fingerprint ID

University of Adelaide forensic anatomy researchers are making advances in the use of "body recognition" for criminal and missing persons cases, to help with identification when a face is not clearly shown. PhD student Teghan Lucas is studying a range of human anatomical features and body measurements that can help to identify a ... 28-Nov-2014 more

All welcome at National Roundtable on Indigenous Access Education

All interested people are welcome to attend a National Roundtable on Indigenous Access Education, hosted in Rockhampton by CQUniversity's Office of Indigenous Engagement on December 5. The Roundtable will consist of:  Ø Presentation by Professor Graham Hingangaroa Smith, CEO & Vice Chancellor of Te Whare Wananga ... 28-Nov-2014 more

Defence partnership to create opportunities for students

Simulation training and education will be the focus of a cooperative relationship between the Australian Defence College (ADC) and the University of Newcastle (UON) with students set to benefit from planned projects. The ADC and UON announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will provide opportunities for ... 01-Dec-2014 more

Men have twice the death rate from hip fractures

Researchers at the University of Adelaide say they're concerned about the findings of new research confirming that older men have a much higher risk of dying in the first 12 months after a hip fracture. The University's Centre for Orthopaedic & Trauma Research investigated data of 728 South Australian patients with hip fractures ... 01-Dec-2014 more

World first: JCU joins forces with US Special Ops Command to save wounded soldiers

US Special Forces are funding a world first, breakthrough drug therapy for treating battle casualties that’s being developed by James Cook University scientists in Australia. The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is providing $550,000 to fund work by Professor Geoffrey Dobson and Research Associate Hayley Letson from JCU’s ... 01-Dec-2014 more

Conference brings fluid mechanics to life

Engineering’s best and brightest will descend on Melbourne next week for the 19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (8-11 December). The four-day event at RMIT’s Swanston Academic Building in the heart of the CBD, has attracted more than 400 delegates from around the world. Conference chair Professor Aleksandar Subic, ... 03-Dec-2014 more

Many Australians with missing teeth don't need dentures

The latest research from the University of Adelaide challenges current thinking on whether many people with tooth loss really need dentures.   The findings have major implications for public dental health resources and costs for patients.   Studies conducted by the University's Australian Research Centre for Population Oral ... 03-Dec-2014 more

St John Ambulance partnership a national first for university

A new pathway will take students from basic first aid through to diploma and bachelor-level studies in paramedic science.  Thanks to a memorandum of understanding (MOU), CQUniversity will become the only university in Australia with this type of articulation arrangement with St John Ambulance, which is the nation’s largest first ... 03-Dec-2014 more

Managing reefs to benefit coastal communities

Coral reefs provide a range of benefits, such as food, opportunities for income and education, but not everyone has the same access to them, according to a new study conducted by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University. The researchers examined how people from 28 fishing communities in Madagascar, Kenya, ... 04-Dec-2014 more

What fish egg is that?

James Cook University scientists are set to research an innovative solution to the tricky problem of how to cheaply and accurately identify fish eggs.  “In the past it has been very difficult to distinguish between the eggs of different species of fish, especially in the tropics where diversity is high,” said Dr Richard ... 05-Dec-2014 more

Expert comment on Grand Theft Auto V

RMIT University’s Dr Anastasia Powell is available to speak on the decision of two major retailers to pull Grand Theft Auto V from their shelves. Dr Powell is an expert in policy and prevention concerning violence against women as well as the role of Information and Communication Technologies in sexual violence, harassment and ... 05-Dec-2014 more

School results boosted by improved focus in class

Researchers from the University of Adelaide say attempts to improve children's attentiveness in the early years could be rewarded with better literacy and maths abilities by ages 6-7 years.   In a study led by the University's School of Population Health, researchers investigated task attentiveness and the ability to regulate ... 05-Dec-2014 more

Confusion over safety as quad bike toll rises

New research from James Cook University reveals farmers and pastoralists are confused about quad bike safety, while most manufacturers are resistant to adding safety features to their bikes. It comes after quads this year officially surpassed tractors as the most dangerous piece of farm equipment, with the majority of fatalities from crush ... 05-Dec-2014 more

A glimmer of hope for corals as baby reef builders cope with acidifying oceans

While the threat of coral bleaching as a result of climate change poses a serious risk to the future of coral reefs worldwide, new research has found that some baby corals may be able to cope with the negative effects of ocean acidification.   Ocean acidification, which is a direct consequence of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide ... 09-Dec-2014 more

Cancer-like retina could lead to new treatments

Eye surgeons at the University of Adelaide have discovered that the retina in human eyes uses energy in a very similar way to cancer, which could lead to improved understanding of cancers as well as eye disease such as macular degeneration.   Staff from the University's Discipline of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences have been ... 09-Dec-2014 more

UC-led book a wake-up call on climate change

The deep and harmful effects of climate change on human health, from heat waves to famine, are the focus of a new book and an online network to be launched at the University of Canberra TODAY. Climate Change and Global Health edited by University of Canberra professor of public health and Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Colin ... 09-Dec-2014 more

Lifestyle the key to gap in cardiac patient outcomes

Patients suffering from the world's most common heart rhythm disorder can have their long-term outcomes significantly improved with an aggressive management of their underlying cardiac risk factors, according to University of Adelaide researchers. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is increasingly responsible for dementia, stroke and death, and ... 11-Dec-2014 more

Call for caution over wetlands dumping

A James Cook University Professor says dumping dredge spoil in a wetland without a proper environmental assessment is a proven recipe for disaster. The Queensland Government has backed off plans to release millions of cubic metres of waste into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. But it has now proposed the Caley Valley wetlands ... 11-Dec-2014 more

Christmas and summer holidays experts

The following experts from the University of Adelaide are available to speak with media: Road safety Road safety over the Christmas/summer holidays Dr Jeremy Woolley, Deputy Director, Centre for Automotive Safety Research Mobile: 0407 794 621   Email: jeremy.woolley@adelaide.edu.au Media contact until 23 December ... 11-Dec-2014 more

Australian Ebola case risk reducing, yet remains

A study published by University of Adelaide researchers has quantified the risk of Ebola importation to Australia over the next six months – with new visa restrictions halving the risk but better infection control outcomes in West Africa reducing the risk much more.   Published in the journal PLOS Currents: Outbreaks, the ... 12-Dec-2014 more

You are what you eat – if you’re a coral reef fish

In a world first study researchers have found a coral-eating fish that disguises its smell to hide from predators. “For many animals, vision is less important than their sense of smell,” says study lead author Dr Rohan Brooker from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) at James Cook ... 12-Dec-2014 more

Dingoes bring economic benefit to cattle graziers

Stopping dingo control measures such as baiting and fencing could increase net profit for cattle grazing enterprises – that’s the surprising result from new University of Adelaide research. Published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, researchers from the University’s Environment Institute reported ... 12-Dec-2014 more

Finding a perfect match to attack Alzhemier's disease

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are conducting world-first modelling of a range of naturally occurring molecules in the hopes of finding a perfect match that could one day be used in a new drug to help treat or prevent Alzheimer's disease. The study, being led by researchers in the University's ... 15-Dec-2014 more

Drug research targets fatal artery weakness

James Cook University scientists have been awarded more than $1.3 million to study a deadly condition that kills about 1000 Australians without warning every year. The group of researchers at the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine (AITHM) aim to contribute to a drug treatment for people who suffer from abdominal aortic ... 15-Dec-2014 more

Computer code is the “new literacy” for schools

University of Adelaide computer scientists are helping spread computer programming skills into primary school classrooms across the country, saying that “coding” for young children is becoming as essential as maths, reading and writing. The University’s Computer Science Education Research Group has just launched its second ... 15-Dec-2014 more

Experts available - terror siege in Sydney

Two University of Adelaide academics with expertise in terrorism and security are available to comment to media about today's siege in Sydney with apparent terror links. Associate Professor Felix Patrikeeff School of History and Politics The University of Adelaide Mobile: 0402 902 508 David Olney School of History and ... 15-Dec-2014 more

Call for recognition as first physician assistants graduate

A top health academic is calling on the Federal Government to remove barriers to Physician Assistants entering the health system, as the first James Cook University students graduate from the course.   Dr Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director at the Grattan Institute, will give the Occasional Address at the James Cook University ... 17-Dec-2014 more

Nuclear should be in the energy mix for biodiversity

Leading conservation scientists from around the world have called for a substantial role for nuclear power in future energy-generating scenarios in order to mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity. In an open letter to environmentalists with more than 60 signatories, the scientists ask the environmental community to “weigh up ... 17-Dec-2014 more

Social skills training needed for people with depression

People with depression should receive specific training and treatment in how to interpret and act in social situations, in a bid to overcome one of the major issues faced by depressive people, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide. In a review of the role of "social cognition in depression", published in the ... 17-Dec-2014 more

Santa’s stocking full of UC talent

Christmas holidays­­ At the end of the year everyone needs a break, although many of us leave arrangements until the last minute. But is this a bad thing, or is it the best way to score a bargain? Assistant professor in management Dr Naomi Dale can talk about finding last minute travel deals, holiday ideas for those staying in ... 19-Dec-2014 more

Children with ADHD not using medication long-term: UC study

Australian children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are not using medical support for most of their childhood, according to a University of Canberra-led study spanning 20 years. The study, published in the international Journal of Attention Disorders, found that more than one third of children with ADHD stop medication ... 19-Dec-2014 more

CQUniversity puts the focus on options not OPs as year 12s get results

While logging on to discover year 12 results can be daunting, CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Bowman said regional Queensland students have more options than ever for getting the career they want after high school.  “The rest of your life doesn’t come down to an OP score – it’s all about knowing your ... 19-Dec-2014 more

What we've learnt from the Boxing Day tsunami

Much has been learnt from the devastating experience of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and it's had lasting benefits for disaster management plans in Australia, according to forensic staff from the University of Adelaide. The disaster on 26 December 2004 resulted in an estimated 230,000 deaths and affected parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, ... 22-Dec-2014 more

Reassessing the global nuclear order

The world’s top nuclear weapon policy and strategy experts will gather in Melbourne in January 2015 to examine the history, current challenges and future threats facing the global nuclear order. Reassessing the Global Nuclear Order – Past, Present, and Future will be hosted by RMIT University and the Massachusetts Institute of ... 22-Dec-2014 more

Alcohol apps aimed at young

Apps with names like “Let’s get Wasted!” and “Drink Thin” have led a James Cook University Professor to call for Government action on alcohol advertising on mobile devices. JCU’s Professor Lynne Eagle led a team studying free apps involving alcohol use and found nearly 80 percent promote heavy ... 22-Dec-2014 more

Legislative changes bring billion-dollar boost to UC

More than $1 billion worth of development can now get underway at the University of Canberra, following Friday’s historic announcement by the ACT Chief Minister of legislative changes to allow the University to diversify and grow, generate jobs and boost the local economy. New Chief Minister Andrew Barr MLA announced on campus on ... 24-Dec-2014 more