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No escape for coral in the depths

New research has found even coral in deeper water can’t escape warming seas and bleaching. James Cook University’s Associate Professor Scott Heron was part of a large-scale study that used on-site monitoring to supplement traditional satellite readings of sea temperature. He says the findings are not good ... 08-Jan-2020 more

University assists bushfire affected grape growers and winemakers

The University of Adelaide is offering assistance to wine producers affected by the bushfires in the Adelaide Hills. The bushfires in the Adelaide Hills have caused loss of life, livelihood, homes, infrastructure, vineyards and farms over the last few days. “We are offering grape growers and winemakers from the Adelaide Hills, who ... 08-Jan-2020 more

Visiting economist explodes the myths of public deficits

Government deficits are normal and even necessary to the health of most economies – that’s according to one of the world’s most influential economists, Professor Stephanie Kelton, who will be a Visiting Professor at the University of Adelaide this month. Professor Kelton is the Geoff Harcourt Visiting Professor of Economics ... 08-Jan-2020 more

A fresh look at the voyage of Endeavour

Research by JCU historian Dr Claire Brennan has cast light on the voyage of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour. “While James Cook’s first voyage has been extensively studied by historians there are still aspects of it to unpack,” she said. “Surprisingly, there are still details in the journals of Cook and ... 08-Jan-2020 more

Rare insights in the war on corrosion

James Cook University researchers will soon begin investigating a new way of preventing corrosion that could better protect steel used in everything from car radiators to billion-dollar pipelines, and provide massive side benefits for an emerging Australian industry.  Peter Junk, Professor of Chemistry at JCU, will lead the study, which ... 08-Jan-2020 more

Anaemia hits development of northern bubs

Early childhood anaemia more than doubles the risk of developmental disadvantage among school-age Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in remote Far North Queensland. Dympna Leonard from James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) said researchers used health databases to link anaemia ... 13-Jan-2020 more

Technology to transform vineyard management

Helping grapegrowers optimise their irrigation water use will be one of the first outcomes of a $5 million digital technologies project supporting on-farm decision making for winegrape production. A digital platform called VitiVisor will collect information direct from the vineyard via cameras and sensors and analyse the large amounts of ... 15-Jan-2020 more

The sound of science

Scientists are set to use data gained from ‘eavesdropping’ on nature to build a picture of Australia’s animal life. James Cook University’s Professor Lin Schwarzkopf said scientists are developing new acoustic analysis techniques to recognise different species. Scientists will soon begin testing the accuracy of ... 16-Jan-2020 more

Gorgeous geckos: three beautiful new Queensland geckos discovered

A James Cook University scientist has discovered three new velvet gecko species. The three species were discovered by Dr Conrad Hoskin, a biologist at JCU, and have this week been officially recognised in the international journal Zootaxa. He says the geckos are particularly beautiful. “All three are large, with spots or ... 16-Jan-2020 more

Bad habits’ hidden impact

Unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking or overeating not only cause their own physical damage but also spark changes that release harmful stress hormones. Researchers from James Cook University have found that using these coping mechanisms to deal with mental stress caused by life pressures is a Catch-22 situation – as it then ... 16-Jan-2020 more

Finding the right exercise balance for people with multiple sclerosis

A James Cook University researcher is looking for volunteers as she examines the beneficial effects of sport and exercise for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). JCU physiotherapy lecturer Moira Smith has developed a 12-week flexible exercise program for people with MS - a condition that interferes with nerve impulses of the brain, spinal ... 16-Jan-2020 more

Rethinking interactions with mental health patients

New research overturns the belief that people with severe mental illness are incapable of effective communication with their psychiatrist, and are able to work together with them to achieve better outcomes for themselves. “Interviews are a critical part of assessing people suffering from thought disorder (TD), and deciding what the ... 20-Jan-2020 more

An urgent call for ecosystem restoration action

In response to the ongoing drought, fires and catchment water quality issues, we call for national leadership to support large-scale ecosystem restoration across Australia. Ecosystem restoration and creation, when applied throughout the entire catchment (from the coastline to the top of the catchment), can repair damaged landscapes, mitigate ... 22-Jan-2020 more

eDNA techniques to transform subterranean environmental assessment

A new project is set to transform understanding of the impact of mining on Australian subterranean species. The project, led by the University of Adelaide, with Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Chevron, and a number of government Departments, along with Curtin University, will monitor subterranean ecosystems by developing new environmental DNA ... 22-Jan-2020 more

‘Treasure trove’ of new discoveries highlights gaps in coral knowledge

Scientists have discovered dozens of new coral species on a recent voyage along the length of the Great Barrier Reef. A team of scientists completed a 21-day trip from the Capricorn Bunkers off Gladstone to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait late last year. “On almost every dive we were finding species that aren’t in the ... 22-Jan-2020 more

University of Adelaide to open new campus in Melbourne

Students interested in studying in Melbourne will now have the opportunity to receive a quality University of Adelaide education by studying at the University’s newest campus. The University of Adelaide will open a new Melbourne campus in time for Trimester 2, July 2020, with both undergraduate and postgraduate programs on ... 22-Jan-2020 more

Marine parks save sharks from overfishing threat

‘No-take’ marine reserves - where fishing is banned - can reverse the decline in the world’s coral reef shark populations caused by overfishing, according to an Australian study. But University of Queensland, James Cook University (JCU) and University of Tasmania researchers found that existing marine reserves need to be ... 28-Jan-2020 more

Nationwide diabetes study enters next stage

The Environmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) Study into the causes of type 1 diabetes has entered its next phase. 1500 children who have a first-degree relative with type 1 diabetes will be followed for three years from the pregnancy. Led by Professor Jenny Couper from the University of ... 28-Jan-2020 more

Uni of Adelaide staff and graduates at forefront of Australia Day awards

The University of Adelaide congratulates eye surgeon and blindness prevention pioneer Dr James Muecke, AM, a Distinguished Alumnus of the University, for being named the Australian of the Year for 2020. Dr Muecke is among 40 members of the University of Adelaide community receiving recognition on Australia Day 2020 for their outstanding ... 28-Jan-2020 more

Teachers question ADHD diagnosis

New research reveals many school teachers still think ADHD is nothing more than bad behaviour by children, despite compelling evidence that the disorder is a medical condition. Associate Professor Helen Boon from James Cook University’s College of Arts, Society & Education said the science was clear on ADHD. “I looked at ... 30-Jan-2020 more

Glass mountain could improve concrete

James Cook University scientists have proposed a solution to Australia’s growing, unwanted stockpile of waste glass, as a ban on exporting the glass overseas looms. The researchers have found the material can instead be used to improve the strength and durability of concrete. Associate Professor Rabin Tuladhar from JCU’s ... 30-Jan-2020 more

Building community spirit in mining towns

New research shows people who live in mining towns feel more connected to their community if the mining company is locally owned, rather than operated by multinational corporations. James Cook University researcher Dr Katerina Kanakis found long-term residents identified with their mining community, but this was threatened when local ... 05-Feb-2020 more

How the reef got its groove back

Researchers from James Cook University and The University of Sydney have explored a dangerous, turbulent area of the Great Barrier Reef and brought back insights that could help protect the iconic structure. A team of researchers led by JCU College of Science & Engineering lecturer Dr Stephanie Duce has collected the first ever core ... 05-Feb-2020 more

Prestigious award for reef sentinel

Professor Terry Hughes, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University, has been honoured with the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology. Prof. Hughes was recognised for his efforts to describe and draw attention to the global loss of fragile coral reef ... 05-Feb-2020 more

Paving the way towards safer treatment for peanut allergies in children

Co-treatments like antihistamines and probiotics make successful desensitisation treatment of peanut allergy in children via oral immunotherapy 10 percent more likely, researchers from the University of Adelaide have found. Peanut allergy affects about 3 in every 100 children. It is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening ... 05-Feb-2020 more

New Allied Health degrees add to Uni of Adelaide’s unrivalled health and medical education

The University of Adelaide will introduce a suite of Allied Health degrees to its educational line-up in 2021, enabling students to pursue studies in Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, or Occupational Therapy at one of Australia’s leading health and medical universities. The move into Allied ... 10-Feb-2020 more

New global database to guide coral restoration

James Cook University researchers say a massive new research database will help experts make better decisions about the restoration of coral reefs. “It’s critical to learn from past mistakes and adapt methods and techniques, to ensure more effective and science-based restoration,” said lead author Dr Lisa Boström ... 11-Feb-2020 more

“Magic” of old photography delighting new generations of artists

Art and science are combining as artists experiment with old photography techniques, some dating back 120 years. James Cook University PhD student Ann Vardanega has found that although people typically think of photography in the context of the latest technology, there’s an increasing number of artists turning back the clock and ... 13-Feb-2020 more

University of Adelaide’s commitment to Indigenous engagement strengthened through senior leadership

Professor Shane Hearn, a Noongar man from Western Australia, has been appointed the inaugural Pro-Vice Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement). The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) provides leadership in achieving the University’s strategic goals in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement, education, research ... 13-Feb-2020 more

Let’s talk about sex

Women’s attitudes to sexuality have changed over the past 50 years but society is yet to catch up, according to research from James Cook University. PhD student Hollie Baxter investigated how Australian women describe themselves as a sexual person and found when talking about the way women experience their sexuality we are still ... 14-Feb-2020 more

Uni of Adelaide embraces opening of RCC 2020

The University of Adelaide has been transformed into the home of RCC 2020, with the event officially kicking off tonight (Friday 14 February). The fully curated arts event will host a wide variety of acts, including sell-out Edinburgh Fringe smash hit Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster, award-winning performance artist and musician Laurie ... 18-Feb-2020 more

New home for world-leading innovation on Lot Fourteen

The University of Adelaide’s world-leading Australian Institute for Machine Learning – the largest research group of its kind in the nation – has today officially opened its new research and learning space at Adelaide’s innovation precinct, Lot Fourteen. The Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) is a key ... 18-Feb-2020 more

Coral disease risk factors revealed

Researchers from James Cook University and the University of Hawai‘i have identified key factors that increase the risk of diseases that threaten coral reefs – and their work could one day be used to predict and manage future outbreaks. “Reducing disease risk during non-outbreak periods is more achievable than trying to ... 19-Feb-2020 more

Australia needs to leave its tourism comfort zone

Australia’s tourism marketing needs to diversify for it to remain sustainable, and tapping into popular culture could be the answer. James Cook University researcher Dr Valeriya Radomskaya has investigated ways in which Australia could improve its tourism offerings and found “popular culture tourism” is being ... 21-Feb-2020 more

University of Adelaide recognised for gender equity

The University of Adelaide has been recognised for its work to improve gender equity and diversity with the award of an Athena SWAN Institutional Bronze Award, the highest level of this award available in Australia. Part of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) initiative, the internationally recognised award recognises an ... 21-Feb-2020 more

CT scanning wheat grains for stress tolerance

Scientists have developed a computed tomography (CT) scanning method for screening large samples of wheat for drought and heat tolerance. They believe the new system will allow more accurate and much more rapid analysis of wheat heads, speeding up the process of breeding for plants better adapted to climate change. It will also enable ... 26-Feb-2020 more

Heart defects increase four-fold in IVF twins

Having twins from IVF or other related procedures quadruples the chance that a baby may have congenital heart problems. Professor Michael Davies from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute collaborated on a study, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, of more than half-a-million births in Ontario, Canada, which ... 26-Feb-2020 more

Advanced fertiliser research with new Mosaic contract

Enhanced spreading, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact will be the focus of continuing fertiliser research under a new five-year partnership agreement between the University of Adelaide and US-based fertiliser producer The Mosaic Company. Based at the University’s Waite campus, the Fertiliser Technology Research ... 27-Feb-2020 more

Adelaide Uni to host T20 national championships

Adelaide University Cricket Club (AUCC) will host the National Premier T20 Championships starting Tuesday 3 March. The T20 cricket champions of each state and territory across the country (with two each from both NSW and Victoria) will compete over two days with matches at the Club’s home ground at Adelaide University Oval, War ... 28-Feb-2020 more

Study indicates alarming fall in dolphin numbers

A study of how many dolphins are caught in tuna fishing nets estimates the mammals may now be at just 13 per cent of their numbers prior to 1980. James Cook University’s Dr Putu Mustika was part of an international group that looked at the bycatch from tuna gillnets (including driftnets) in the Indian Ocean. The group was led by ... 28-Feb-2020 more

Big drop in global drownings - but not for our neighbours

James Cook University researcher Associate Professor Richard Franklin says drownings globally have dropped by half over the last 30 years, with rates reducing in all regions except Oceania. Dr Franklin was the lead author of a world first study in partnership with the Institute of Health Metric and Evaluation and published in the ... 04-Mar-2020 more

Transforming potato waste into a new industry for Australia

Four of the largest potato producers in Australia want to convert 100% of their potato waste into commercial benefit through their partnership with the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). Over the next three years, The Mitolo Group, Zerella Fresh, Thomas Foods International Fresh Produce, The South Australian Potato Company, ... 04-Mar-2020 more

Space agency head to receive honorary doctorate

The University of Adelaide’s acknowledges the important work that Dr Megan Clark is undertaking in the space sector by awarding the Head of the Australian Space Agency an honorary doctorate. Dr Megan Clark AC, will receive the Doctor of the University (honoris causa) for services to scientific research and development through ... 04-Mar-2020 more

PhDs cement international collaboration

Six new PhDs announced by the University of Adelaide strengthen the long-term collaboration with the University of Nottingham, UK. Under the program researchers wishing to pursue their passion in the area of sustainable agri-food systems for global nutrition will start their work at the University of Adelaide before heading to the University ... 04-Mar-2020 more

Laurie Anderson to be inaugural Art Intelligence artist-in-residence

Award-winning NYC avant-garde artist and creative pioneer, Laurie Anderson, is the inaugural artist-in-residence at Art Intelligence, a ground-breaking collaboration between the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) and Sia Furler Institute at the University of Adelaide. Art Intelligence is a world-first artistic research platform ... 04-Mar-2020 more

New system will streamline development of TB vaccines

Scientists from James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and medicine (AITHM) have developed a system to improve the development of tuberculosis (TB) vaccines. Senior Research Fellow and microbiologist at AITHM, Dr Andreas Kupz said TB claimed 1.6 million lives globally in 2018. “There are 10 million ... 05-Mar-2020 more

Meditation may improve lives of adolescents with PCOS

Mantra-based mediation, previously proven to reduce stress, may help adolescent girls cope with the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). A trial currently being carried out by the University of Adelaide seeks to improve the quality of life for girls with this condition. “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects 6 ­ 18 per cent of ... 11-Mar-2020 more

Rare earth metals: an untapped resource?

A James Cook University researcher hopes to reveal the economic potential of rare earth elements found in northern Queensland, which could help Australia transition to a high-tech, clean energy society. Associate Professor Carl Spandler will be the chief investigator of a new project that aims to uncover the potential of undiscovered ... 11-Mar-2020 more

Does your horse cough? Perhaps it has asthma

University of Adelaide researchers are investigating the frequency of equine asthma and risk factors for its presence in horses across Australia, and whether the recent bushfires have increased respiratory distress. “We know from studies of race horses overseas that up to 57-80% of horses have a mild to moderate form of asthma and that ... 11-Mar-2020 more

Exercise works for those beginning cancer treatment

A James Cook University researcher says scientists have found that exercise can be beneficial to patients as they begin treatment for prostate cancer. Associate Professor Anthony Leicht was part of an international group led by Professor John Saxton from Northumbria University and the University of East Anglia that studied how exercise might ... 12-Mar-2020 more

Pathways highlight social housing’s importance

Up to 10 per cent of Australians have called social housing home at some point and it often acts as a launchpad for a more stable life. A new report by University of Adelaide’s Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) shows who uses social housing and the pathways they take into and out of the ... 13-Mar-2020 more

Thou shall not kill and inherit?

Recommendations could give courts discretionary powers in how they apply the law of forfeiture especially in cases where a victim of domestic abuse kills in self-defence. The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) based at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide has released a major report into the forfeiture ... 16-Mar-2020 more

Malaria finding may pave way for drug development

Scientists from the University of Adelaide’s Research Centre for Infectious Diseases have identified a key protein that controls malaria parasite entry into host red blood cells. Published today in Nature Communications, the finding provides a promising new target for the development of drugs for the treatment or prevention of ... 17-Mar-2020 more

Experts discuss decarbonising heavy industry

Researchers and representatives from heavy industry are meeting to find ways to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption. The University of Adelaide is convening the High Temperature Minerals Processing Forum (HiTeMP-2) where leaders from industry, academia, non-government agencies, and policy makers, will discuss the ... 17-Mar-2020 more

Heatwaves risky for fish

Scientists using sophisticated genetic analysis techniques have found that some fish are better than others at coping with heatwaves.  A world-first study tracked how wild fish populations responded to a severe marine heatwave, focussing on the 2016 event that killed a third of the Great Barrier Reef corals. “Our ... 20-Mar-2020 more

Coal danger underestimated

A James Cook University scientist says it’s likely miners’ exposure to dangerous coal dust has been underestimated, as the communities they live in are polluted too. Associate Professor Gunther Paul from JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) was one of an international team of scientists who ... 20-Mar-2020 more

New program to steer high school students into STEM careers

A new program for high school students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) will be launched by the University of Adelaide today. A joint collaboration between the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (ECMS), the University of ... 24-Mar-2020 more

Tropical testing sharpened

A team of James Cook University researchers have been working on how to better use a revolutionary DNA technique in the tropics, so scientists can more effectively identify invasive, elusive and rare species. JCU PhD candidate Madalyn Cooper led a study examining how the collection of environmental DNA (eDNA) differed under tropical ... 26-Mar-2020 more

Keto diet showing promise

James Cook University scientists say a diet heavy in healthy fats and light on carbs may have significant benefits for people who suffer from some metabolic, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders. Professor Zoltan Sarnyai is a neuroscientist with JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine. He led a team ... 31-Mar-2020 more

Win-win with Indigenous environmental programs

James Cook University researchers have found caring for Country improves the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as helping the environment. JCU’s Dr Diane Jarvis was part of a study funded by the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program. Researchers interviewed 190 Indigenous ... 01-Apr-2020 more

Soldiers pump iron

James Cook University researchers have been investigating new fitness programs to better prepare Australian soldiers for the battlefield – and pumping weights could be the answer. JCU PhD student and Army Reserve Lieutenant Brian Heilbronn enlisted 49 serving soldiers and subjected them to a new training regime over a 15-week ... 02-Apr-2020 more

Face masks won’t help the healthy, but are useful in high risk settings

New recommendations relating to the wearing of face masks and respirators have been released by the University of Adelaide’s JBI, an international research organisation in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. The recommendations build on JBI’s COVID-19 Special ... 06-Apr-2020 more

Climate change triggers Great Barrier Reef bleaching

Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef is experiencing its third coral bleaching event in five years. The 2020 bleaching is severe, and more widespread than earlier events. “We surveyed 1,036 reefs from the air during the last two weeks in March, to measure the extent and severity of coral bleaching throughout the Barrier Reef ... 09-Apr-2020 more

Should we squash the curve?

James Cook University scientists say Australia and the World are facing hard choices in the months and years ahead. Professor Emma McBryde from JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine led a study examining different scenarios for the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Professor McBryde said the main message is that ... 09-Apr-2020 more

Plants under pressure

A James Cook University scientist has found plant health and crops worldwide are threatened by a lesser-known impact of climate change. JCU’s Associate Professor Lucas Cernusak was part of an international group of scientists that reviewed what is known about Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) and its effect on plants that grow on ... 09-Apr-2020 more

Call for stronger restrictions as new phase of virus looms

James Cook University scientists have found Australia’s bans on international travel have reduced the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by nearly 80 per cent. But the scientists say the emphasis must now change to stopping local transmission, and stronger restrictions on movement of people within Australia are now ... 09-Apr-2020 more

First study on the health conditions of adults one month into COVID-19 lockdown

Restrictive measures to contain COVID-19 disrupt people’s normal work and life, which in turn may impact the health and wellbeing of people.   Early evidence of people’s health conditions after one-month lockdown in China can help other countries that just started confinement to understand its impact on mental ... 09-Apr-2020 more

Community help wanted for Covid study

A James Cook University researcher is investigating what people know about the COVID-19 virus and where they get their information from in order to be better prepared for the recovery phase – and the next pandemic. Dr Yetta Gurtner is a lecturer with the Centre for Disaster Studies at JCU. “There has been extensive advice ... 15-Apr-2020 more

Where people burnout most during COVID-19

Research is identifying the regions where working adults are more likely to burnout during the COVID-19 crisis: The key is the distance to the epicentre – but not how you might imagine. The results have revealed that those who were the closest to the epicentre of the Coronavirus crisis were not the most burned out during the ... 21-Apr-2020 more

Can coral reefs ‘have it all’?

While coral reefs are in sharp decline around the world, James Cook University scientists have found some ‘A-list’ reefs are thriving, and how they are administered has important lessons for management of other reefs. An international team, led by Professor Josh Cinner from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef ... 21-Apr-2020 more

Ray of hope for COVID-19 in Australia

A new study on the spread of the COVID-19 virus has produced hopeful signs Australia is getting on top of the disease, with indications it is on track to die out. Emma McBryde, Professor of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and Modelling at James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine was part of a study ... 21-Apr-2020 more

JCU specialists work on new coronavirus clinics

Two James Cook University infection control experts are working with Aspen Medical to redesign buildings and procedures for new GP-led respiratory clinics. The clinics are being established by the Australian Government across Queensland in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vanessa Sparke and Andrea Grimes are from JCU’s College of ... 24-Apr-2020 more

Welcome funding to support international students

The University of Adelaide has welcomed today’s announcement by the South Australian Government of a $13.8 million support package for international students in hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen says the support package recognises the critical role that ... 24-Apr-2020 more

“Poopcorn” helps uncover plastic risk to turtles

James Cook University PhD student Daniel González Paredes is researching what happens to marine turtles when they eat plastic – by studying how they poop corn. Mr González Paredes said although it’s well known that turtles can die from eating plastic, we need to have a better understanding of what the plastic is ... 29-Apr-2020 more

Coronavirus: Animal disease detectives to be trained across SE Asia

As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, veterinary scientists from James Cook University have joined a regional organisation to train a new generation of ‘animal disease detectives’ in 11 countries across Southeast Asia and the Pacific. JCU’s Professor Bruce Gummow, a specialist in veterinary preventative medicine ... 29-Apr-2020 more

Two options for COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery

Leading researchers from the University of Adelaide have contributed to a major Group of Eight report which presents two clear options to lead Australia out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Group of Eight universities has today presented the ‘Roadmap to Recovery’, an independent report, to the Federal Government. It provides expert ... 29-Apr-2020 more

Online classes will help prepare kids for the future

School students’ experience of learning online during the coronavirus pandemic will help prepare them for a digital future, and we should embrace this unexpected opportunity, says a James Cook University researcher. Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching at JCU’s College of Business, Law and Governance Dr Kerry Russo said online ... 30-Apr-2020 more

Esteemed gravitational wave scientist appointed head of School of Physical Sciences

An internationally esteemed scientist who helped detect gravitational waves produced by the merger of two black holes has been appointed the University of Adelaide’s Head of School for Physical Sciences. Professor Peter Veitch is the Leader of the University of Adelaide node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave ... 30-Apr-2020 more

10% of Aussies ignoring pandemic control measures

A James Cook University researcher has found nearly 10 per cent of Australians are not taking any measures to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and a quarter of Australians have limited faith in current strategies against the pandemic. Additionally, the study found more than one in five Australians report the pandemic has had a ... 01-May-2020 more

Top Talent in Plant Synthetic Biology

The University of Adelaide has appointed California-based scientist Dr Jenny Mortimer as the new Associate Professor of Plant Synthetic Biology, part of the Top Talent program to attract the world’s best minds to South Australia. The ‘Investing in Top Talent’ program in the University’s Strategic ... 01-May-2020 more

Study discovers proteins in rice vital for pollination

Scientists at the University of Adelaide and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China have discovered two proteins in rice involved in pollen aperture formation which are essential in the successful pollination of flowering plants. Their study, published in the Journal Nature Plants, was undertaken to better understand the molecular ... 04-May-2020 more

Virtual wine tasting becomes a reality

University of Adelaide students of oenology and viticulture are blind tasting wines in the familiar surrounds of their homes as part of their online learning. ”We wanted to ensure students’ receive the wines in the same condition that was intended by the winemaker when they bottled them,“ says Associate Professor in ... 04-May-2020 more

University of Adelaide Chancellor’s term concludes

Rear Admiral the Honourable Kevin Scarce AC CSC RAN (Rtd), 16th Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, has informed the University’s Council that he will bring forward the end of his term as Chancellor to today, 4 May 2020. The Deputy Chancellor, the Honourable Catherine Branson AC QC, speaking on behalf of Council, thanked Rear ... 04-May-2020 more

JCU to shore up Pacific disease defence

James Cook University researchers are on a mission to strengthen Pacific island defences against mosquito-borne viruses as the region sees huge increases in diseases spread by the insect. Professor Tom Burkot and Senior Research Fellow Tanya Russell from JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) will lead a ... 05-May-2020 more

Critical minerals focus for top talent

The University of Adelaide has appointed Dr Carl Spandler as Associate Professor of Critical Minerals, as part of its ambitions to elevate further its research performance in multiple fields that have tangible outputs of global significance. Professor Keith Jones, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, said Dr Spandler joins the ... 05-May-2020 more

JCU researcher hopes COVID-19 will put spotlight on wildlife trade

A James Cook University scientist studying wild animal poaching hopes that discussion around how the coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) jumped from animals to humans will increase awareness of the illegal wildlife trade. Malaika Chawla has been studying golden jackal conservation in India, and said there’s a lack of awareness of wildlife trade, ... 06-May-2020 more

New technique delivers complete DNA sequences of chromosomes inherited from mother and father

An international team of scientists led by the University of Adelaide’s Davies Research Centre has shown that it is possible to disentangle the DNA sequences of the chromosomes inherited from the mother and the father, to create true diploid genomes from a single individual. In a report published in Nature Communications, and ... 07-May-2020 more

Ancient DNA paints genetic portrait of Andes civilisations

An international team of researchers including the University of Adelaide, has completed the first large-scale study of DNA belonging to ancient humans of the central Andes in South America and found early genetic differences between groups of nearby regions, and surprising genetic continuity over thousands of ... 08-May-2020 more

Flying foxes in SA exposed to zoonotic viruses

University of Adelaide researchers have found that South Australia’s population of Grey-headed flying foxes, which took up residence in 2010, has been exposed to a number of viruses, including Hendra virus that can be transmitted to humans via horses. But they have not found evidence of exposure to Australian bat ... 11-May-2020 more

Breakthrough test for elusive malaria strain

James Cook University scientists have helped develop a new process to detect a deadly, elusive strain of malaria that threatens more than 2.5 billion people. Professor Denise Doolan, the Deputy Director of JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM), says the Plasmodium vivax strain of the disease has ... 12-May-2020 more

Is it safe for kids to return to school?

Research by a James Cook University scientist shows it is safe for children to go back to school – but the rest of us will have to take extra precautions as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Emma McBryde, Professor of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and Modelling at JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, led ... 14-May-2020 more

King Review: Implications for Australia’s heavy industry

Today the Federal Government released the King Review which looks at ways Australia can lower its emissions while supporting the economy, businesses and households. The review makes 26 recommendations including the need to unlock the transformative low emissions technologies that businesses need in the ‘hard to abate’ ... 19-May-2020 more

Jurors easily led astray

A James Cook University study has shown jurors can potentially be swayed by small amounts of misinformation presented during trials. Dr Craig Thorley, a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at JCU, said the study involved 124 volunteer jurors watching a video of a murder trial. “They then read a transcript of other ‘jurors’ ... 20-May-2020 more

$10.6 million in crucial health and medical research

The University of Adelaide has been awarded $10.6 million for seven research projects to investigate issues such as immune disorders impacting on pregnancies, the over-consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages, and how to assist women to lose weight before conceiving. The funding is through the National Health and Medical Research Council ... 21-May-2020 more

Food tests could put Aussie lives at risk

James Cook University scientists have found test kits used to detect fish in food and protect those with deadly allergies are focused on species found in the northern hemisphere and miss most traces of fish caught in our region. Professor Andreas Lopata from JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) said JCU ... 21-May-2020 more

A return to the wild for better immune health

A research team led by the University of Adelaide has found that revegetation of green spaces within cities can improve soil microbiota diversity towards a more natural, biodiverse state, which has been linked to human health benefits. In the study, published in the journal Restoration Ecology, researchers compared the composition ... 25-May-2020 more

Pandemic hits programmers’ productivity and wellbeing

Software developers are finding their productivity and wellbeing has been hit as a result of COVID-19. But employers shouldn’t make decisions, such as to promote or lay them off, based on productivity during the pandemic. “Many developers began working from home, often at short notice and under difficult and stressful conditions, ... 27-May-2020 more

Iconic Shark Bay at high risk from climate change

An innovative new assessment process shows the iconic Shark Bay World Heritage property in Western Australia is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Associate Professor Scott Heron and Jon Day from James Cook University developed the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) process to identify the environmental and socioeconomic ... 28-May-2020 more

Evolution of colour vision in sea snakes

New research has revealed the evolution of colour vision in front-fanged snakes following their transition from terrestrial to fully marine environments, and for the first time, provided evidence of where, when and how frequently the species have adapted their ability to see in colour. Published in the journal Current Biology, the study ... 29-May-2020 more

Aquaculture industry set to be a boon for North’s economy

Northern Australian aquaculture is set to increase its production five-fold to exceed $1.34 billion in value and produce more than five times its current volume of fish, prawns and other seafood products within the next decade – according to a new Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia ... 29-May-2020 more

Big vegetarians of the reef drive fish evolution

A new study reveals the diets of reef fish dictate how fast different species evolve. The breakthrough adds another piece to the fascinating evolutionary puzzle of coral reefs and the fishes that live on them. “Up until now we knew that many factors could have influenced the pace of reef fish evolution, but these factors were never ... 01-Jun-2020 more

Mabo footage released for the first time

As the nation commemorates Mabo Day, a video recording of Eddie Koiki Mabo giving a guest lecture about the Torres Strait Islander community has been released to the public, in its entirety, for the first time. The lecture was recorded in 1982 and was given to students at the Townsville College of Advanced Education (later ... 03-Jun-2020 more

Planning future forests

James Cook University scientists will use genetic testing to discover better ways to regrow and ‘future-proof’ rainforests.    JCU’s Associate Professor Lucas Cernusak is the Chief Investigator on the project, funded by a $410,000 Australian Research Council grant.   “There’s been a ... 04-Jun-2020 more

Esteemed biologist to chair Environment Institute

Internationally acclaimed conservation biologist, Professor Hugh Possingham, has been appointed Chair of the Advisory Board for the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute. Professor Possingham is currently Chief Scientist of The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s leading environmental organisations, and is completing ... 04-Jun-2020 more

Neural-inspired computers may solve growing problem

A study led by a James Cook University scientist shows computer chips based on biological brains may be the solution to a looming bottleneck in computing speed.  Dr Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi is a senior lecturer in electronics and computer engineering at JCU. He led an international team that examined the cutting edge of computer design ... 05-Jun-2020 more

$3 million for congenital heart disease research

More than $3 million has been awarded to the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute to identify the predisposing conditions and potentially modifiable factors that can substantially reduce the risk of congenital heart defects. The funding is from the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future ... 05-Jun-2020 more

University community in Queen's Birthday honours

Alumni, former staff, and members of the wider University of Adelaide community have been recognised in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours. Among the recipients is the Chief Scientist for South Australia, Professor Caroline McMillen, who has received an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for her “distinguished service ... 08-Jun-2020 more

Abuse of Powers of Attorney under the spotlight

In the face of increasing concerns about the abuse of Powers of Attorney, legal experts are asking for submissions as part of their review of existing South Australian law. The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) based at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide, wants to hear from everyday South Australians ... 09-Jun-2020 more

The University of Adelaide stands strong globally

The University of Adelaide has reasserted its position in the 2021 QS World University Rankings, placed firmly in the top 1% of world universities, with a ranking of 106, released today. Adelaide continues to be the leading university in South Australia and one of the highest ranked in the nation. The University has excelled on the ... 10-Jun-2020 more

COVID-19 research to inform housing policy

The University of Adelaide is leading two rapid response research projects to help governments at all levels make the best housing policy decisions during and following the Coronavirus pandemic. The projects are part of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute’s (AHURI) COVID-19 Research Agenda. AHURI has announced a ... 10-Jun-2020 more

Study sheds new light on vein formation in plants

An international team of researchers including the University of Adelaide, has found plant hormones known as strigolactones suppress the transportation of auxin, the main plant hormone involved in vein formation, so that vein formation occurs slower and with greater focus.  The research, published in Nature Communications, brings ... 10-Jun-2020 more

Is classroom tech helping or hindering schoolkids’ learning?

A James Cook University researcher has found the jury is still out on the wisdom of using Ipads and other technology in schools – and there are fears its use may not support brain development.  JCU’s Associate Professor Helen Boon has reviewed research from Australia and internationally from the date of the introduction of ... 10-Jun-2020 more

Going travelling? Talk to your pharmacist

Australian pharmacists have the knowledge to deliver travel health advice, according to research by led James Cook University. The study’s lead author Associate Professor Ian Heslop said the quality of Australian pharmacists’ travel health knowledge has the potential to improve outcomes for travellers. “Many travellers ... 11-Jun-2020 more

Prize offered for thoughts on hotel reviews

JCU researchers are investigating how influential online reviews can be when choosing a hotel, and are offering a $100 prize to people who participate in their survey. JCU’s Dr Breda McCarthy said the apparent importance of electronic word-of-mouth ratings to hotels cannot be overstated. “Most people will look at reviews ... 12-Jun-2020 more

Negative impacts of cannabis use during pregnancy

The use of cannabis during pregnancy leads to poorer health outcomes for babies, according to research from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute. Published in the Medical Journal of Australia, the study found that continued use of cannabis at 15 weeks of pregnancy was associated with significantly lower ... 15-Jun-2020 more

From Victorian collection to Virtual Museum

The University of Adelaide’s Tate Museum has unveiled a new virtual reality exhibition that can be enjoyed by anyone with a VR headset. The project showcases the rare and unique collections cared for by the university and was created within the Virtual Reality Design and Development courses by students working with senior lecturer ... 17-Jun-2020 more

Mystic drink investigated

A James Cook University researcher has revealed the truth behind the myth of the fabled green drink absinthe and explored the danger of the rising popularity of ‘absinthe trails’. Travel medicine specialist Dr Irmgard Bauer from JCU’s College of Healthcare Sciences said absinthe - consisting of wormwood, sweet fennel, ... 18-Jun-2020 more

Farewell to a great protector of the Reef

One of the world’s finest water quality scientists, Dr Jon Brodie, has passed away. However, the crucial work he dedicated his life to—which included protecting the Great Barrier Reef—will benefit generations to come. Dr Brodie was a Professorial Fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) at ... 18-Jun-2020 more

Visualising threats to North’s native species

A new data portal from James Cook University will allow free access to information on more than 1400 rare, threatened and other plants and animals of conservation concern found in northern Australia. The research was supported by the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program under the Northern Australia ... 24-Jun-2020 more

ThincLab Loxton to drive AgTech innovation

A new University of Adelaide ThincLab Innovation Hub/Business Incubator is being established at Loxton in the Riverland in a partnership with the State Government to drive AgTech and food innovation and assist regional entrepreneurs. ThincLab Loxton, based at PIRSA’s Loxton Research Centre, will offer a place where entrepreneurs, ... 25-Jun-2020 more

Baby blues hit men too

A James Cook University study has found men have some unique risk factors for depression around the time a baby is born. Medical doctor and PhD candidate at JCU Dr Jasleen Chhabra said the phenomenon of paternal perinatal (from the first trimester of pregnancy to a year after the birth of a baby) depression is an under-researched ... 25-Jun-2020 more

APPF welcomes FieldExplorer for improved crop data collection in the field

The FieldExplorer, a new ground-based field phenotyping platform, has arrived at The Plant Accelerator, the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility’s (APPF) node at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus, bringing new capability to accurately measure the performance of plants in different environments non-destructively and over ... 26-Jun-2020 more

Shy species detected through new DNA technique

New species-specific tests that can detect endangered and hard-to-find aquatic animals through the DNA they shed in the water has been created by researchers at the University of Adelaide and Curtin University. The tests, which are developed by sequencing the mitochondrial genome of an individual species and rely on environmental DNA in the ... 26-Jun-2020 more

JCU expert available to comment on e-cigarette ban

A James Cook University expert on tobacco control is available for media interviews regarding the ban on electronic cigarettes that comes into force on July 1st. The personal importation of e-cigarettes and nicotine refills for vaping devices will be illegal in Australia from Wednesday next week. Vapouriser nicotine products will only be ... 26-Jun-2020 more

Managing COVID-19 infection risk during operations

Anaesthetists are at higher risk of catching COVID-19 during operations and other interventions than other healthcare workers as anaesthetising a person frequently involves placing breathing tubes or masks into their airway to assist their breathing. Experts from the University of Adelaide have studied best practice currently being used ... 26-Jun-2020 more

Mining critical metals is vital to our future

The surging global embrace of high-tech applications and clean energy is accelerating demand for the critical metals that enable these applications. On Monday 29 June the University of Adelaide’s Dr Carl Spandler, Associate Professor of Critical Minerals, will review the current status of rare earth element supply and demand, and then ... 26-Jun-2020 more

Global recovery must include the Tropics

Six years after the release of the landmark State of the Tropics Report, the Tropics are more important than ever, especially in a post-COVID-19 world. The second State of the Tropics report has been released today to mark the International Day of the Tropics. It highlights the rapid changes that have been made across the Tropics. Cities ... 29-Jun-2020 more

Bleaching affects aquarium corals, too

A new study illustrates the potential impact of recurrent heatwaves on coral species collected by the Australian aquarium coral industry. The study’s lead author, Professor Morgan Pratchett from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University (Coral CoE at JCU), says there are active and expanding ... 30-Jun-2020 more

Australia’s COVIDSafe app among safest in the world

Australia’s COVIDSafe tracing app is one of the best and safest apps of its kind in the world, according to University of Adelaide cybersecurity experts who have been exploring the vulnerabilities of people-tracing apps. A team from the University of Adelaide’s School of Computer Science has made the claim after assessing 34 of ... 30-Jun-2020 more

‘Harmless’ bacteria turning deadly

James Cook University researchers are warning microorganisms previously thought to be benign are becoming more dangerous worldwide – and especially in the tropics. Professor John Miles from JCU’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine said diseases caused by non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) have been steadily ... 01-Jul-2020 more

Aboriginal artefacts reveal first ancient underwater archaeological sites in Australia

The first underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites have been discovered off northwest Australia, dating to thousands of years ago when the current seabed was dry land. A James Cook University researcher was part of an international team working with Aboriginal Traditional Owners that discovered the submerged sites. JCU archaeologist ... 02-Jul-2020 more

Global rankings underpin Lot Fourteen’s digital ecosystem

Adelaide is recognised as a powerhouse in the new digital era with the release of the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) confirming that the University of Adelaide has cemented its position as a global leader in a number of key discipline areas. The news augurs well for the development of a world-class digital ecosystem at ... 02-Jul-2020 more

Scientists connect the land to the sea again

James Cook University and CSIRO scientists have found that removing artificial barriers between wetlands and the coast can have a big impact on the environment – but the process is not straightforward.    Dr Nathan Waltham, Principal Research Officer at JCU’s Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research ... 03-Jul-2020 more

New guidelines for children and adolescents with T2D

A team of paediatric specialists, including an expert from the University of Adelaide, has produced new guidelines regarding assessment and management of type 2 diabetes (T2D) in Australian and New Zealand children and adolescents. With the incidence of T2D on the rise among children and adolescents, especially in Indigenous communities, ... 06-Jul-2020 more

Mystery deepens around historic Investigator Tree

James Cook University and Queensland Museum researchers have found evidence that a fabled historic tree may be more than it seems. The research has re-opened the debate about outsiders visiting Australia before British explorers.  JCU PhD student Sarah Collins and Professor Sean Ulm worked with Queensland Museum’s Dr Geraldine ... 07-Jul-2020 more

Howzat? Mental routines define top batsmen

A James Cook University study has revealed the mental approach that gives great cricketers their edge – and it may well apply to other areas of expertise too. Dr Jonathan Connor and a team of researchers interviewed eight elite batsmen who went on to become top coaches. The researchers asked the group for their insights into the ... 08-Jul-2020 more

Post-workout binge a mind game

New research suggests how and what people think about their workout can have a big impact on how well they eat afterwards. Professor James Dimmock from James Cook University’s College of Healthcare Sciences was part of a research team that analysed scientific papers dealing with what people ate after various types of exercise and with ... 10-Jul-2020 more

Study shows Bachelor in Paradise heavy handed on booze

Researchers from the University of Adelaide and SAHMRI are calling for stronger regulation of how alcohol use is depicted on TV after an in-depth study of the reality show Bachelor in Paradise. The research, published in Alcohol and Alcoholism, led by University of Adelaide NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Deputy Director of ... 13-Jul-2020 more

Top talent appointment to boost defence research capability

The University of Adelaide has appointed Joanne Wallis as Professor of International Security, as part of its plans to enhance its capability in security related research, and contribute additional expertise to major defence projects in the national interest. Joanne is a leading academic voice within the Australian strategic and foreign ... 14-Jul-2020 more

New research to help wineries manage smoke taint

A new project to help Australia’s winemaking industry understand and respond to the impact of taint from bushfire smoke, which includes research from the University of Adelaide, has received $950,000 in Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) funding from the Federal Government. Outcomes from the research will provide economic and ... 15-Jul-2020 more

Help needed to prevent diabetes-related foot complications

It’s National Diabetes Week and researchers want to hear from people suffering from diabetic-related foot disease, and their carers. James Cook University, Townsville University Hospital and Townsville Aboriginal and Islanders Health Services health professionals are conducting the study on a condition that leads to thousands of foot ... 16-Jul-2020 more

Elimination is possible if we act now: JCU research

GP and mathematician Dr David Kault’s research shows eliminating COVID-19 in Australia is still possible – and understanding super spreaders is the key. Dr Kault, who is an adjunct senior lecturer at James Cook University, said Australia is at an elimination tipping point. “It’s probably 50/50 at the moment as to ... 16-Jul-2020 more

Dietary guidelines incompatible with global targets

A team of researchers, including the University of Adelaide, has found most dietary recommendations provided by national governments are incompatible with global health and environmental targets such as the Paris Climate Agreement, and are in need of reform. In the paper, published in The BMJ, University of Adelaide Health and ... 16-Jul-2020 more

Porn is not a sexist trigger for most

James Cook University researchers have found that pornography use is not associated with sexism among heterosexual men.   JCU psychology lecturer Dr Dan Miller led a study that surveyed more than 300 heterosexual men on their pornography use and attitudes towards women. “The idea that pornography promotes sexism is ... 17-Jul-2020 more

Learning lucid dreaming could help in isolation

New research at the University of Adelaide has found that several techniques increase people’s chances of having lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware they’re dreaming while they are still dreaming and can control the experience. This may be useful for those self-isolating due to COVID-19. Previous studies ... 20-Jul-2020 more

Smart needle receives $1mil to make brain surgery safer

A smart brain biopsy needle for faster and safer neurosurgery has received $1 million from the Australian Government’s BioMedTech Horizons program, operated by MTPConnect. Brain tumours are the leading cause of cancer-related death in children and have one of the largest disease burdens across all ages because of the high fatality ... 21-Jul-2020 more

Bushfires could mean rise in threatened native species

The damage caused by the catastrophic 2019–2020 Australian bushfires could lead to a dramatic jump in the number of native species at risk, according to new research. James Cook University’s Dr Stewart Macdonald was part of a University of Queensland-led study that examined the impact of the fires on animal habitats. He said ... 21-Jul-2020 more

Life in the shallows becomes a trap for baby sharks

Scientists can now explain how baby reef sharks tolerate living in the sometimes-extreme environments of their nurseries - but, they also say these habitats face an uncertain future which may leave newborn sharks ‘trapped’. The lead author of the study is Ian Bouyoucos, a PhD student at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef ... 21-Jul-2020 more

Disposable blood warmer helps transfusions

When blood is needed for major trauma outside of a medical facility, the risk of hypothermia increases when a patient is transfused bags of blood taken directly from chilled storage. Flinders University researchers – knowing that warm blood results in better transfusion outcomes - have found that a simple, one-piece, disposable latent ... 21-Jul-2020 more

How governments resist World Heritage ‘in danger’ listings

A study published today found national governments repeatedly resisted the placement of 41 UNESCO World Heritage sites—including the Great Barrier Reef—on the World Heritage in Danger list. This resistance is despite the sites being just as threatened, or more threatened, than those already on the in Danger List. The ... 21-Jul-2020 more

World’s smallest imaging device has heart disease in focus

A team of researchers led by the University of Adelaide and University of Stuttgart has used 3D micro-printing to develop the world’s smallest, flexible scope for looking inside blood vessels. The camera-like imaging device can be inserted into blood vessels to provide high quality 3D images to help scientists better understand the ... 21-Jul-2020 more

Women’s burden increases in COVID-19 era

The triple burden endured by women – in productive, reproductive and community roles – has been exposed and intensified due to Covid-19-enforced lockdown and quarantine restrictions. Ros Wong, from Flinders University’s Climate and Sustainability Policy Research (CASPR) group, was part of a team conducting research across ... 22-Jul-2020 more

Living with a problem gambler? Partner and family can help flag early signs

With the lure of online gambling high during COVID-19 lockdowns – and SA gambling venues now reopening – partners and families of problem gamblers may be the first to see a problem emerging. Many problem gamblers do not acknowledge their addiction and do not seek help – and that’s when people close to them need ... 22-Jul-2020 more

JCU professor takes over top role

James Cook University academic Professor Peter Leggat has become President of The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine (ACTM). The ACTM is responsible for the development of tropical medicine in Australia and New Zealand. The ACTM also hosts Faculties of Travel Medicine and Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. It is the pre-eminent ... 22-Jul-2020 more

Sharks almost gone from many reefs

A massive global study of the world’s reefs has found sharks are ‘functionally extinct’ on nearly one in five of the reefs surveyed. James Cook University’s Professor Colin Simpfendorfer was one of the scientists who took part in the study, published today in Nature by the Global ... 23-Jul-2020 more

New Learning Circle celebrates Kaurna culture on campus

The University of Adelaide recognises and celebrates the Kaurna Aboriginal people and their deep connection to the Adelaide Plains, with the opening of the University’s new Kaurna Learning Circle.  Officially opened yesterday by the University and Kaurna (pronounced: GAR-na) elders, the Kaurna Learning Circle is an ... 29-Jul-2020 more

Shark “sea lanes” need protecting

Scientists have found sharks face increased danger when moving between protected reefs, and they’ve recommended shark “sea lanes” be protected as well. James Cook University’s Professor Colin Simpfendorfer took part in the study that followed the fortunes of three species of reef-associated shark – the grey reef ... 30-Jul-2020 more

COVID-19 dogs could be sniffing out cases in months

University of Adelaide researchers are working with international partners to train sniffer dogs to detect COVID-19 infection.  It is hoped the first COVID-19 detection dogs could be working within months, and would complement existing methods by providing low cost, instantaneous and reliable screening.  Dogs could be deployed ... 30-Jul-2020 more

Getting the jump on cane toads

New research conducted at James Cook University has found Environmental DNA (eDNA) can be used to detect the presence of a single cane toad for a few days after it arrives at a new location, even if it only visited a waterbody for as little as five minutes. The research, supported by the Australian Government’s Northern Australia ... 31-Jul-2020 more

‘Good’ virus for common infection

Antibiotic-resistant diabetic foot ulcer application Adelaide researchers are showing how viruses can be used to save lives, developing the potential use of bacteriophages in bandages to treat life-threatening golden staph infections which may not respond to traditional antibiotics. Targeting multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus ... 31-Jul-2020 more

Four Future Fellows awarded $3.4 million

Four University of Adelaide researchers have collectively been awarded more than $3.4 million from the Federal Government to advance their work. This work will strengthen the University’s Industry Engagement Priorities as encapsulated in its strategic plan, Future Making.  The researchers’ projects will focus on ... 31-Jul-2020 more

Colin Roderick Literary Award Shortlist 2020 Announced

The shortlist for one of Australia’s oldest literary awards has been revealed. The Colin Roderick Literary Award was founded in 1967 and recognises the best original book, in the judges' opinion, that is published in Australia in the previous calendar year. Submissions must deal with any aspect of Australian life and can be in ... 03-Aug-2020 more

Young women ‘need safe housing’

Young women and mothers with children are a hidden part of society’s homelessness problem, experts will tell a public lecture in Adelaide this week.  Many young people cycle in and out of homelessness as they survive violence and abuse as children, teenagers and young adults, say Flinders University experts who are leading an ... 03-Aug-2020 more

Food menu fit for pandemic

Ethical eating with health, environment in mind  On the heels of devastating bushfires, drought and the COVID-19 pandemic, eating well in a sustainable way is more important now than ever, Flinders University experts say.  ‘Eating local’ and growing your own fruit and vegetables can save money, provide families and ... 03-Aug-2020 more

PEACE prevails in teen challenge

Flinders anti-bullying program success overseas   Italian high schools have reported success with a South Australian program to help victims of bullying and aggression. The Preparation, Education. Action, Coping, Evaluation (PEACE) antibullying program, developed at Flinders University, has been adapted by several state ... 03-Aug-2020 more

JCU and TSRA to assess dugong and turtle habitat

James Cook University scientists with assistance from the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Indigenous Rangers will be keeping an eye on the health of a crucial food for dugongs and turtles. JCU’s Centre for Tropical Water & Aquatic Ecosystem Research (TropWATER) and the TSRA will expand their seagrass research program this ... 04-Aug-2020 more

Eye-tracking tech helps all older people have better aged care quality assessment

Memory loss among older Australians is on the rise as the Baby Boomer generation enters retirement – but a new technique tested by Flinders University researchers that investigates cognitive skills through eye-tracking technology may be used to help incorporate all older people’s preferences into aged care policy and ... 04-Aug-2020 more

Raising the bar on disability care

Spotlight on two-way respect during COVID-19 ‘iso’ Encouraging paid workers to employ the ‘right kind’ of respectful personal relationship with young people with disability will lift standards in the sector, experts say. With good quality relationships, children and young adults with cognitive disability feel ... 04-Aug-2020 more

Neurohack brainstorms solutions for young people with SMA

An accessibility controller, an automatic mattress, a mindfulness support game and a muscle stimulation solution – all designed to assist teenagers living with devastating neurological disorders like spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) – have taken top spots in the Biogen Neurohack.  The Biogen Neurohack is a collaboration ... 05-Aug-2020 more

Satellite view opens to all

An app selected for a $4.2 million Google Earth program will enable citizen scientists to use satellite data to monitor environmental change.  An online remote sensing application developed by James Cook University’s Dr Nicholas Murray was selected to join the international Group on Earth Observations (GEO) - Google Earth Engine ... 05-Aug-2020 more

Management gender diversity essential in adversity

A study by an international team of researchers suggests that gender-balanced teams help businesses, especially in adverse times.  The University of Adelaide’s Dr Stephen Zhang was part of the team which undertook the study led by the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre at University of Cambridge Judge Business ... 06-Aug-2020 more

Study sheds new light on vein formation in plants

An international team of researchers including the University of Adelaide, has found plant hormones known as strigolactones suppress the transportation of auxin, the main plant hormone involved in vein formation, so that vein formation occurs slower and with greater focus.  The research, published in Nature Communications, brings ... 06-Aug-2020 more

Dinosaur relative’s genome linked to mammals

  Scientists from the University of Adelaide and South Australian Museum have collaborated with Otago University, New Zealand and a global team to sequence the genome of the tuatara – a rare reptile whose ancestors once roamed the earth with dinosaurs.  The findings on this remarkable living, single species reptile, which ... 06-Aug-2020 more

Community views sought on abuse of Powers of Attorney

The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) based at the University of Adelaide is inviting views from the community and interested parties as part of its review of the State’s laws on Powers of Attorney.  In the face of increasing concerns about the abuse of Powers of Attorney, SALRI wants to hear from everyday ... 07-Aug-2020 more

Flinders University farewells HASS leader

Noted philosopher Professor Vanessa Lemm is stepping down as the Vice President and Executive Dean of Flinders University’s College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, having accepted a similar leadership position at Deakin University. Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling wished Professor Lemm all the best ... 10-Aug-2020 more

Virtual Reality distracts kids from pain

Researchers believe Virtual Reality (VR) headsets may help reduce children’s anxiety and their experience of pain when they undergo injections in an emergency department (ED). JCU’s Professor Cate Nagle was one of a team of scientists who examined the emerging technology. They analysed four studies on the use of VR on patients 4 ... 11-Aug-2020 more

Morphine capsules for drivers with chronic breathlessness

People with chronic breathlessness enjoy getting back in the driver’s seat when their symptoms are better controlled – with researchers finding that low-dose, extended release morphine capsules may help with this. Being able to drive a vehicle has been identified as an important issue for people with chronic breathlessness, a ... 11-Aug-2020 more

More holidays at home planned by wary travelers

COVID-19’s immediate impact on domestic tourist movements across Australia will extend to sweeping long-term changes in tourist behaviour, according to a new survey assessing the future of domestic tourism in Australia. Researchers at Flinders University have found that people are flagging future changes to their activity engagement, ... 11-Aug-2020 more

SA aged care restrictions from August 27, 2020

Professor Julie Ratcliffe, Caring Futures Institute at Flinders University We welcome this announcement by Professor Spurrier to take steps to protect residents and families and reduce the possibility of COVID-19 transmission by aged care staff working across multiple facilities. The casualisation of the aged care workforce and the need ... 13-Aug-2020 more

World-first study hopes to give grieving families closure

James Cook University PhD student Jim Whitehead is conducting a world-first study to help police find the remains of homicide victims. Mr Whitehead is researching similarities between homicide cases in Queensland with the aim of aiding police in their search for murder victims. Mr Whitehead said there are a number of studies about ... 14-Aug-2020 more

Marine food webs under increasing stress

Scientists at the University of Adelaide have found growing evidence that marine ecosystems will not cope well with rising sea temperatures caused by climate change.   “Healthy food webs are critical for ecosystems so that the world’s oceans can continue to provide an important source of food for humans,” says lead ... 14-Aug-2020 more

French connections in Australia

Les voyages extraordinaires of scientific discovery Early French voyages, led by commanders like Baudin, Bougainville, Lapérouse, D’Entrecasteaux, Freycinet, Duperrey and Dumont d’Urville, were the first to name, describe and beautifully illustrate many Australian species. A special National Science Week online ... 17-Aug-2020 more

Food safety model may help pandemic management

No precedent exists for managing the COVID-19 pandemic – although a plan for working through major public food scares may point to the best ways of alerting and communicating with the public. A model for successfully managing food safety incidents has been developed by a diverse team of academics and researchers from Flinders ... 17-Aug-2020 more

$15 million for Adelaide-led medical research

  The University of Adelaide has been awarded more than $15 million in research grants from the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF) to support targeted research on new ways to address risk factors for chronic and complex diseases.   This represents the largest MRFF funding the University has ... 17-Aug-2020 more

ThincLab Canterbury to activate Trans-Tasman growth

New business incubator ThincLab Canterbury has been launched through a partnership between the University of Adelaide, South Australia, and the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.  “ThincLab Canterbury will provide bespoke programs and support for founders and teams, access to industry experts and ... 17-Aug-2020 more

Tall Poppies’ world-class research recognised

Four University of Adelaide researchers have won 2020 South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.  The Tall Poppy Awards, an initiative of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, recognises achievement in the sciences and helps to communicate the passion and purpose of Australia’s finest ... 18-Aug-2020 more

New building block in plant wall construction

University of Adelaide researchers as part of a multidisciplinary, international team, have uncovered a new biochemical mechanism fundamental to plant life.   The research, published in The Plant Journal details the discovery of the enzymatic reaction involving carbohydrates present in plant cell walls, which are essential for ... 18-Aug-2020 more

Social connection boosts fitness app appeal

Apps alone don’t motivate most people to exercise but interacting with an online exercise community as well provides the impetus for exercisers to do more – and enjoy what they are doing. New research led by Flinders University PhD candidate Jasmine Petersen examining commercial physical activity apps has found that the social ... 18-Aug-2020 more

Trailblazers in science awards

Research excellence spans many fields of STEMM National Science Week is underway, with several Flinders University researchers among those recognised for South Australian science excellence awards. Flinders University Professor of Clean Technology Colin Raston is a finalist in the SA Scientist of the Year category of the ... 18-Aug-2020 more

JCU’s world-class result

James Cook University’s standing as a world-class research university has been reaffirmed, with new data confirming JCU is among the top 2% of the world’s universities. The 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) has been released today by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy and ranks JCU in the top 301-400 group of ... 18-Aug-2020 more

New program helps forgotten survivors

A James Cook University researcher says a new counselling program run by community volunteers with minimal training appears to rapidly help survivors of bushfires and other disasters overcome trauma. JCU Psychiatry Professor Brett McDermott was part of a trial study involving 15 survivors of South Australia’s 2015 bushfires. He ... 18-Aug-2020 more

A unified call to action from Australian Nursing and Midwifery leaders

A unified call to action from Australian Nursing and Midwifery leaders: ensuring that Black Lives Matter Over 100 nursing and midwifery leaders are calling for reform in nursing and midwifery education and the dismantling of systems of oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Australian healthcare system. The ... 21-Aug-2020 more

SA economy will take years to recover from COVID-19

It will take years for the national and South Australian economies to return to full output and employment following the COVID-19 pandemic.  These conclusions are contained in the latest Economic Briefing Report prepared by University of Adelaide economists from the SA Centre for Economic Studies (SACES). Their report ... 21-Aug-2020 more

Media’s pivotal pandemic power

‘Blame game’ not helpful to public safety: experts   The mass media’s coverage of the pandemic health crisis carries an important responsibility to offer balanced messaging about COVID-19 and public behaviour, Flinders University public health researchers says.   While freely available, trustworthy ... 24-Aug-2020 more

Medieval texts reveal false Royal Navy origins

England’s proud maritime history credits Alfred the Great as having established the Royal Navy but evidence from medieval text uncovered by Flinders University researchers show this popularly held belief to be false. Alfred the Great, King of Wessex from 871 and King of the Anglo-Saxons from 886 to 899, is widely touted as establishing ... 24-Aug-2020 more

Nooks, crannies and critters

Researchers have discovered a new way to measure the complexity of the world’s habitats – a crucial factor as environments across the globe face extraordinary change. The study was led by Damaris Torres-Pulliza, a PhD candidate at the University of Hawai`i at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB). Ms Torres-Pulliza ... 25-Aug-2020 more

Exercise therapy for Parkinson’s disease

Researchers at James Cook University and La Trobe University are working on making life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by developing a new exercise program.   Moira Smith, lecturer in physiotherapy at JCU, said Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition affecting the ability to control ... 26-Aug-2020 more

Stop! Grand theft water.

An international team of researchers led by the University of Adelaide has developed a new method to better understand the drivers of water theft, a significant worldwide phenomenon, and deterrents to help protect this essential resource.  In a paper published in Nature Sustainability, researchers developed a novel framework ... 26-Aug-2020 more


Statement from University of Adelaide’s Chancellor, the Hon. Catherine Branson AC QC:  The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) has today released a statement relating to allegations of improper conduct by the University’s former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Rathjen AO, and the University’s handling ... 26-Aug-2020 more

Worrying drop in Quoll numbers

A new study has revealed a worrying decline in one of north Queensland’s most spectacular creatures, the Spotted-tailed Quoll. James Cook University’s Dr Conrad Hoskin was lead author of the study, published in the world’s top journal for mammal research Journal of Mammalogy. He said it shows that not only have ... 27-Aug-2020 more

Liability laws must address cars’ latest safety features

Use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is growing in Australia with sensors, collision warning and assisted parking systems now standard in new vehicles- but lawmakers are yet to adequately address laws which cover negligence and general safety standards.    Data ... 28-Aug-2020 more

Using the past to maintain future biodiversity

New research shows that safeguarding species and ecosystems and the benefits they provide for society against future climatic change requires effective solutions which can only be formulated from reliable forecasts.  An international team of scientists led by researchers from the University of Adelaide and University of Copenhagen, has ... 28-Aug-2020 more

US ‘Cold War’ with China, election interference & trade tensions put Australia in risky waters

US-China relations have plunged into an era of risky geopolitical tensions with Australia ‘in the middle’ of a trade war, while concerns about foreign interference in the US election, and trust in media is disturbed by ‘fake news’- so what does our future hold? Professor Don DeBats, Director of The Jeff Bleich Centre ... 31-Aug-2020 more

Experts jointly seek sustainable use of space resources

The future of deep space exploration depends on developing technology which enables astronauts to sustainably use resources where they find them.  Experts from the University of Adelaide and Sardinia AeroSpace District (DASS) will jointly explore technologies for in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) − extracting resources and ... 31-Aug-2020 more

History repeats as coral reefs are devastated

A new study on coral evolution has found climates similar to what we’re seeing today have previously devastated hard-bodied corals—the architects of coral reefs—while making way for their softer-bodied relatives. The study traced the evolution of corals over the past 770 million years and found warmer and more ... 01-Sep-2020 more

COVID-19 anxiety in Victoria felt Australia-wide

Professor Mike Kyrios, Vice President & Executive Dean, College of Education, Psychology & Social Work, and Director, Órama Institute of Mental Health, Wellbeing & Neuroscience, Flinders University  “The ABS announcement today that levels of anxiety and depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic are shared across ... 01-Sep-2020 more

$1.35M for world-first needle-free Zika virus vaccine

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have been awarded $1.35 million in funding to accelerate development of a world-first vaccine for the Zika virus.  Dr Branka Grubor-Bauk from the University of Adelaide’s Adelaide Medical School, and Head of the Viral Immunology Group, Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health ... 03-Sep-2020 more

Cyclone preparations hinge on cost and effectiveness

Researchers have found north Queenslanders are more likely to prepare for a cyclone if they think their planning will make a difference, and it doesn’t cost too much money. And older people who’ve previously experienced cyclones are better at making preparations. James Cook University PhD candidate Mitchell Scovell led a study that quizzed ... 03-Sep-2020 more

World uni rankings improve for University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide’s position as South Australia’s leading university has been reaffirmed by the latest world university rankings.  The Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2021 has seen the University of Adelaide improve its position by two places, now ranked 118th in the world.  The ... 03-Sep-2020 more

JCU trials vaccine effective against all types of malaria

James Cook University is leading a project to develop a safe, effective and low-cost universal malaria vaccine that could protect our troops overseas and save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Professor Louis Schofield, Director of JCU’s Australian Institute for Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) said JCU is collaborating ... 04-Sep-2020 more

Green beats screens for kids’ wellbeing

A University of Adelaide review of 186 studies from around the world has found “green time” is far better for children and adolescents mental health and academic achievement than screen time.  Screen time – time spent watching TV, computers or playing video games - is generally associated with poor psychological ... 05-Sep-2020 more

Missed primary health care harms health

A new study from James Cook University links delays in visiting doctors and dentists because of affordability to long-term health problems – causing more suffering and costing government more over time. JCU’s Associate Professor Santosh Jatrana is a Senior Principal Research Fellow at the Mount Isa Centre for Rural and Remote ... 08-Sep-2020 more

Starving gut bacteria to improve chemotherapy outcomes

Fasting before chemotherapy drastically increases the number and diversity of bacteria found in the gut and can improve treatment outcomes, a new study by University of Adelaide researchers has found.  In a collaboration with researchers from the University of Groningen and the Princess Maxima Comprehensive Cancer Centre for Children, ... 08-Sep-2020 more

Computer science education expert to lead ECMS faculty

The University of Adelaide has appointed a new leader for its Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (ECMS).  Professor Katrina Falkner is an expert in computer science education and the faculty’s first female leader to take up the position of Executive Dean.  The University of Adelaide’s Acting ... 08-Sep-2020 more

Lockdowns essential to prevent third wave: JCU researcher

New analysis shows an extended lockdown in Victoria is necessary to avoid a third wave of COVID-19 infections, and NSW should consider lockdowns and compulsory masks. GP, mathematician and James Cook University adjunct senior lecturer Dr David Kault has calculated how lifting restrictions at different stages would affect infection rates in ... 09-Sep-2020 more

Design facility pushes innovation boundaries

A new design facility, located at the University of Adelaide, will offer organisations and individuals a space in which to push the boundaries of technical, industrial and business innovation.  Launched today, the Collaborative Design Facility which is the first of its type in Australia, will be used by the people who will shape the ... 10-Sep-2020 more

Uncovering the science of Indigenous fermentation

Australian wine scientists are shedding scientific light on the processes underlying traditional practices of Australian Aboriginal people to produce fermented beverages.  The scientists from the University of Adelaide and the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) have discovered the complex microbial communities associated with the ... 10-Sep-2020 more

New fish allergy triggers found

Researchers have identified substances that trigger allergic reactions in people who consume two of the world’s most popular farmed fish. And they’re calling for new tests to be developed to identify and protect allergy sufferers. Thimo Ruethers from James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and ... 10-Sep-2020 more

2020-21 English Premier League - winners and losers

Liverpool, who won last year’s English Premier League (EPL), has a 30.1% chance of coming top of this year’s season according to the University of Adelaide’s Professor Steve Begg. Manchester City’s most likely place to finish is also number one, but with a lower probability (27.2%) than Liverpool. Fulham and West Ham are ... 10-Sep-2020 more

Adelaide eSports Summit 2020

The 2nd Annual Adelaide eSports Summit – held by the University of Adelaide’s Sia Furler Institute as part of its Creative Revolutionaries series – will teach keen gamers how to turn a passion for video games into a professional career.  Hear from Adelaide Crows’ COO Nigel Smart, who has been instrumental in ... 11-Sep-2020 more

COVID-19 shines global spotlight on evidence-based healthcare

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted more than ever the need for the best available evidence to inform healthcare policy, practice and decision-making in order to improve health outcomes globally.  Seven of the world’s leading groups in evidence-based healthcare – including the University of ... 14-Sep-2020 more

Helping future-proof the wine sector

Winegrape growers around the world will be better able to navigate future global markets and the impacts of climate change with a new book available free online.  Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where? A Global Empirical Picture provides snapshots from 1990 to 2016 of the world’s vineyard bearing areas of more than 1700 ... 14-Sep-2020 more

Project Phoenix: DNA unlocks a new understanding of coral

Scientists have developed a new genetic tool that can help them better understand and ultimately work to save coral reefs. “Surprisingly, we still don’t know how many coral species live on the Great Barrier Reef, how to identify them, or which species live where. And those are the first steps in saving an ecosystem like ... 15-Sep-2020 more

Weed robot sets sights on cane farms

James Cook University will oversee the development of a smart weed spraying robot that could reduce herbicide usage on sugarcane farms in Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchment areas by at least 80 per cent. The two year project, funded by a $400,000 grant through the partnership between the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and the Australian ... 16-Sep-2020 more

Paper Emperors by Sally Young wins 2020 Colin Roderick Literary Award

An exposé of the Australian newspaper industry Paper Emperors: The Rise of Australia’s Newspaper Empires by Sally Young has won the 2020 Colin Roderick Literary Award, valued at $20,000. Dr Young said she’s delighted to receive the award and to be a part of a celebration of Australian literature. “I ... 16-Sep-2020 more

Climate change threatens Komodo dragons

The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, could be driven to extinction by climate change unless significant measures to intervene are taken soon.   A new international study, led by the University of Adelaide and Deakin University, has found that the impact of both global warming and sea-level rise threatens the ... 17-Sep-2020 more

Free public lecture: Mental health of young Australians

Who has responsibility for the mental health of young Australians?  That’s the question being posed at a free public online lecture by one of Australia’s leading experts in the field of child and adolescent mental health.  Emeritus Professor Michael Sawyer (Adelaide School of Medicine, University of Adelaide) will ... 18-Sep-2020 more

Covid-19, science and truth

A James Cook University scientist says the COVID-19 crisis perfectly illustrates the way governments around the world have let their people down by misunderstanding and underfunding science.   In an opinion piece published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine, Professor Geoffrey Dobson from JCU’s College of Medicine and ... 18-Sep-2020 more

Research shows potential of gene editing in barley

An international team of plant scientists have shown the potential to rapidly improve the quality of barley grain through a genetic tool known as CRISPR or gene editing.  Published in The Plant Journal, researchers from the University of Adelaide’s Waite Research Institute working with the James Hutton Institute in Scotland ... 18-Sep-2020 more

Year 11 pathway gives thousands entry to university

More than 2000 Australian students will today be offered a place at the University of Adelaide in 2021 based on their Year 11 performance thanks to an alternative pathway created in response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Year 11 results have been used as a basis for early release of offers for all University of ... 18-Sep-2020 more

Call for price rises as cut-price smokes used more

James Cook University researchers are calling for cigarette price increases after they found plain packaging has moved smokers to buy cheaper cigarettes – and to consume more of them. Associate Professor Riccardo Welters, Head of Economics and Marketing at JCU, was part of the study. He said plain packaging was implemented in Australia ... 22-Sep-2020 more

Non-invasive IVF research nets Young Tall Poppy award

Dr Kylie Dunning has won the 2020 SA Young Tall Poppy Science Award for her research into improving IVF techniques using non-invasive methods. “We would like to congratulate Dr Dunning for success in her innovative research,” says the University of Adelaide’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Anton ... 22-Sep-2020 more

New cars will need new skills

Self-driving cars available in the near future won’t allow drivers to sleep on the job and may even require special training and licenses to operate, according to a new study. Associate Professor Gunther Paul from James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine was one of a group of scientists looking ... 23-Sep-2020 more

Australian renters suffering due to energy hardship

A new report from the University of Adelaide has found the rental housing sector must set minimum standards for energy performance to protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians.  The research - Warm, cool and energy-affordable housing solutions for low-income renters - released today, provides essential ... 23-Sep-2020 more

Testing time for pills in space

Pills are being sent into space to test how they cope with the rigours of one of the harshest environments known.  The University of Adelaide is studying how exposure to microgravity and space radiation affects the stability of pharmaceutical tablet formulations. Two separate missions will send science payloads into orbit around Earth: ... 23-Sep-2020 more

Funnel-web spiders: why they kill us, and other news

A bite from a male Australian funnel-web spider can kill you, but why do they bother? This is just one question investigated by a network of spider scientists in research published this week. “Despite their well-earned infamy, funnel-webs are not widely studied spiders,” said co-author Dr David Wilson, from James Cook ... 24-Sep-2020 more

New marine science scholarships as JCU extends deal with NQBP

James Cook University will have a leading role in safeguarding the reef as it begins a new $5 million, five-year partnership with North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP). The environmental monitoring agreement expands the current three-year partnership JCU has to track the health of the marine environment around NQBP’s ports at ... 25-Sep-2020 more

“Portfolio” of marine reserves enhances fish populations

Scientists say a ‘portfolio’ of protected areas within marine parks such as the Great Barrier Reef can help secure sustainable fish populations. Dr Hugo Harrison from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University (Coral CoE at JCU) led a study on the effects of marine reserves, or no-take zones, on ... 29-Sep-2020 more

Animation to bring clarity to dense breasts

A group of Australia’s leading breast cancer researchers is raising awareness about the importance of breast density in detecting breast cancer – and they’ve released a new easy-to-understand animation to help save women’s lives.  Released in the lead up to #DenseBreastDay (30 September) and Breast Cancer ... 29-Sep-2020 more

Tracking turtles from space

Researchers at James Cook University will be tracking turtles from space to better manage their environment around a busy port. JCU PhD student Emily Webster will be using satellite tags to track green turtles at the Port of Gladstone so scientists can log their movement patterns. “The satellite trackers receive radio signals from ... 30-Sep-2020 more

New guideline network key for world-class health services

Improving the health of Australians and New Zealanders is the driving force behind the creation of a new network to disseminate information and promote collaboration in guideline development.  The Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) Guideline Network was initiated by Guideline International Network and is an inclusive and collaborative ... 30-Sep-2020 more

Exercise enjoyment linked to addiction recovery

Scientists have found exercise that is enjoyable helps steer young drug and alcohol abusers away from their addictions. The research was conducted by researchers from James Cook University, The University of Western Australia, Central Queensland University, Kids Rehab WA, and the Drug and Alcohol Youth Service - Mental Health Commission, in ... 01-Oct-2020 more

Potential new tool for frost screening in crops

Agricultural scientists and engineers at the University of Adelaide have identified a potential new tool for screening cereal crops for frost damage.  Their research, published this week in the journal Optics Express, has shown they can successfully screen barley plants for frost damage non-destructively with imaging technology ... 02-Oct-2020 more

Social media provides clues to rays

Social media users have helped scientists pinpoint the global range and habitats of a rare and spectacular stingray.  James Cook University’s Dr Andrew Chin was part of a team with scientists from Universiti Malaysia Sabah and the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines who were studying the ornate eagle ray ... 06-Oct-2020 more

Scholarships invest in state and nation’s future leaders

In a once-only opportunity, 200 scholarships are available to assist future leaders to develop their expertise and to upskill by undertaking the University of Adelaide’s MBA (Emerging Leaders) program.  “The MBA (Emerging Leaders) Scholarships are an investment by the University of Adelaide into the future of South Australia ... 06-Oct-2020 more

Study confirms genetic link in cerebral palsy

An international research team including the University of Adelaide has found further evidence that rare gene mutations can cause cerebral palsy, findings which could lead to earlier diagnosis and new treatments for this devastating movement disorder.   In the study published in the journal Nature ... 07-Oct-2020 more

New facilities push advanced materials boundaries

Advanced materials research and design, including revolutionary new technology with potential for sterilising surfaces against COVID-19, is taking a step forward with two new facilities at the University of Adelaide.  “The University of Adelaide’s Advanced Materials Facility and Silanna’s QuFab facility are ... 07-Oct-2020 more

$20 million Budget boost for world-leading AI research

Australia’s position as one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be further boosted thanks to $20 million announced in the Federal Budget towards a new national centre, to be based at the University of Adelaide.  The Centre for Augmented Reasoning is an investment by the Federal Government ... 08-Oct-2020 more

The eyes have it

In order to accurately estimate a stranger’s age, it helps to see their eyes, according to research from James Cook University. Psychologist Dr Craig Thorley said accurately estimating age can be important for legal or public safety reasons. “Accurately estimating age can be important for situations such as police ... 09-Oct-2020 more

Smart solution to detect seafood spoilage

Existing methods for detecting seafood spoilage are far from satisfactory for ensuring food safety and security. To solve this problem, Flinders University researchers have constructed and tested a solid-state fluorescent sensor loaded on filter papers that can instantly and accurately measure the rate of spoilage in Atlantic salmon – and ... 29-Oct-2020 more

Nurse practitioner service to grow across needy suburbs

Nurse practitioners working with social service agencies is one way to help the estimated 22% of Australian children living in temporary or precarious conditions, with families hit hard by unemployment and other problems created by the pandemic. These children – some skipping health checks, vaccinations and even nutritional meals ... 29-Oct-2020 more

Getting good vibrations from the environment

Imagine a mobile phone charger that doesn’t need a wireless or mains power source. Or a pacemaker with inbuilt organic energy sources within the human body. Australian researchers led by Flinders University are picking up the challenge of ‘scavenging’ invisible power from low-frequency vibrations in the surrounding ... 29-Oct-2020 more

New approach to address asbestos disease

With more than 650 Australians diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma last year, Flinders University is leading new research to discover alternatives to chemotherapy and even prevent deaths by early detection in future.     One novel approach, using natural therapeutic benefits of curcumin, a key component of the spice ... 06-Nov-2020 more

Flinders Veterans’ program tackles transition into civilian life & social health

A Veterans research program at Flinders University will focus on the social health and wellbeing of current ADF personnel and veterans to develop mental health approaches and clinical interventions which inform government policies and help service providers deliver ground-breaking programs. On 11 November 2020, Remembrance Day, the Open-Door ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Turning the tide against poaching

A James Cook University researcher has proposed a different approach to combat poaching on coral reefs, that focuses less on fines and more on social influence. Dr Brock Bergseth will be diving into human behaviour to examine how people’s innate desire to fit in can be used to reduce poaching on coral reefs in Australia, Papua New ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Are our soils healthy enough to grow our own food?

University of Adelaide researchers at the Waite campus have surveyed soil health across the Adelaide region to uncover the potential for food crops to be grown in an urban environment.  The global COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to mitigate against climate change have seen many people looking for ways to source local produce or grow ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Greater glider species triple

Australian scientists have discovered one of Australia’s best-loved animals is actually three different species.   A team of researchers from James Cook University (JCU), The Australian National University (ANU), the University of Canberra and CSIRO analysed the genetic make-up of the greater glider – a possum-sized ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Shining a light on the issue of wine fraud

University of Adelaide wine researchers are developing a fast and simple method of authenticating wine – a potential solution against the estimated billions of dollars’ worth of wine fraud globally, but also offering a possible means of building regional branding.  The team of scientists were able to identify the ... 10-Nov-2020 more

Earthquake testing aims to protect Adelaide’s heritage

Researchers are simulating the effects of an earthquake on historic buildings in a bid to protect Adelaide’s heritage.  University of Adelaide civil engineers are testing the effects of earthquakes on a specially constructed wall. Data from the tests will be used to decide how to best protect structures from potential ... 17-Nov-2020 more

JCU professor receives international honour

James Cook University academic Professor Peter Leggat was last night formally recognised as a Distinguished International Fellow of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH).  This special membership in ASTMH is conferred in recognition of outstanding accomplishment by an “individual not an American citizen who ... 17-Nov-2020 more

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

It’s hoped a new research breakthrough will lead to an early diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease, using the same technique often used to study the origins of the Moon. James Cook University researcher Dr Brandon Mahan worked with a team of French researchers at the Université de Paris, Institut de Physique du Globe de ... 17-Nov-2020 more

Shellfish reef project wins Eureka Prize

University of Adelaide marine ecologists are among a team of scientists awarded a Eureka Prize for their research towards rebuilding Australia’s lost shellfish reefs.  Dr Dominic McAfee, from the Environment Institute and the School of Biological Sciences, and Dr Heidi Alleway, from the Division of Research and Innovation, ... 27-Nov-2020 more

Tough rules don’t help poverty

James Cook University researchers are calling for child protection workers to give more attention to the effects of poverty on dangerous family situations and ensure staff are not making things worse for families. Ros Thorpe is an adjunct Professor at JCU and member of the Family Inclusion Network (FIN) in Townsville - a self-funded support ... 27-Nov-2020 more

Deep learning for better healthcare

James Cook University scientists have been part of an international team examining how to make advanced computing systems in health care run better as a bottleneck in processing power looms. JCU’s Dr Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi said that the healthcare industry is projected to be worth over 10 trillion dollars by 2022, and the associated ... 30-Nov-2020 more

After 66 Million years - amazing duelling dinosaurs can finally be studied

A James Cook University geologist is in the middle of one of the most important, and legally complex, palaeontological finds in history. JCU’s Associate Professor Eric Roberts is leading the geological aspect of the study of two dinosaurs that killed each other in battle and were found still entwined 66 million years later in a Montana ... 03-Dec-2020 more

Cooling down vaccine fear

As the world gears up for a massive global vaccination next year, James Cook University scientists have been investigating how best to take the sting out of it. Professor Clare Heal from JCU’s College of Medicine and Dentistry led a team of researchers, including principal author Dr Leanne Hall, who looked at 13 trials of skin cooling ... 03-Dec-2020 more

VR solutions for neurodegenerative disorders wins eChallenge accolade

Neuro Hero, a team that is developing solutions to tackle neurodegenerative disorders using virtual reality technology, has taken top spot in this year’s Australian eChallenge.  Social enterprise Neuro Hero is run by 19-year-old Harry Spurrier who is in the second year of studying for a Bachelor of Psychology at the ... 03-Dec-2020 more

Three STEM superstars at University of Adelaide

A cancer researcher, an ecologist and an optical engineer from the University of Adelaide have been named among Australia’s official Superstars of STEM for 2021-2022.  Dr Hannah Wardill, Dr Samantha Munroe and Dr Jiawen Li are among the latest cohort of brilliant women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics ... 03-Dec-2020 more

112th Rhodes Scholar to bring science to the bedside

From pushing herself to the limit while competing as a schoolchild in artistic gymnastics competitions and then later as an elite triathlete, Dr Sarah Short is no stranger to the relentless demands for commitment and dedication in the pursuit of her goals.  Now the University of Adelaide graduate in both Medicine and an Honours degree ... 03-Dec-2020 more

COVID-19 detector dog research and trials underway

14 dogs have begun their training at the University of Adelaide, and at the Australian Border Force’s (ABF) National Detector Dog Program Facility in Victoria, as part of a joint venture into determining the feasibility of training COVID-19 detector dogs. The results from the trials are expected to be published in early 2021 and will ... 07-Dec-2020 more

$4.55 million gift to encourage students into STEM

South Australian civil engineering company McMillan Constructions has given a $4.55 million gift to the University of Adelaide to help inspire and support students in financial need to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  The McMillan gift – named after the company’s founder and University of ... 10-Dec-2020 more

Defence industry leader appointed to University of Adelaide’s Council

The Managing Director of defence and security company Saab Australia, Andy Keough CSC, has been appointed to the University of Adelaide’s Council.  Mr Keough has 35 years’ experience in defence and defence industry. A former Chief Executive of Defence SA, he has held senior roles with Saab Australia, Australian ... 10-Dec-2020 more

Polar ice shelf maths brings national recognition

Using applied mathematics to investigate the impacts of climate change on polar ice shelves, and other geophysical problems, has brought national recognition for University of Adelaide’s Associate Professor Luke Bennetts with Australia’s top prize for mathematicians aged 40 and under.  Associate Professor Bennetts, ... 10-Dec-2020 more

Social and technical risk awareness helps for online security

Understanding the pathways and drivers that lead adolescents into delinquent online behaviour or even cybercrime, and making computer systems more trustworthy is the focus of the latest in the University of Adelaide’s podcast series, the Discovery Pod.  Dr Russell Brewer is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and lead Investigator with ... 10-Dec-2020 more

Fellowship recognises spirit of innovation

Professor Anton Middelberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) from the University of Adelaide, has been elected as a Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors (NAI).  “I congratulate Professor Middelberg on being elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors,” said Professor Mike Brooks, Interim Vice-Chancellor ... 10-Dec-2020 more

Health could hold key to North’s Roadmap to Economic Recovery

A new report has revealed gaps in the organisation and delivery of Northern Australia’s health services, which could be preventing the region from becoming an economic powerhouse. A team of James Cook University health researchers has released the findings of an eight-month project, which looked into health services and health outcomes ... 10-Dec-2020 more

New trade agreement opens door for Pacific bubble and rule of law

A ground-breaking trade agreement that came into force on 13 December 2020 could open the door wider for a regional travel corridor between Australia, New Zealand and most Pacific Island countries, while reinforcing the importance of a rules-based trade order in the Pacific.  According to the University of Adelaide’s Professor ... 14-Dec-2020 more