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E-liquid flavour names cloud toxicity levels

The flavour on the bottle of E-liquids is no indication of the potentially harmful effects of one compared with another.  Dr Miranda Ween from the University of Adelaide and South Australia’s Royal Adelaide Hospital led a study, in collaboration with Dr Laura E. Crotty Alexander at the University of California San Diego, to ... 14-Jan-2021 more

Testosterone can help prevent type 2 diabetes in men

The largest investigation of testosterone treatment ever undertaken has shown that, over and above the effect of a lifestyle program, treatment with testosterone prevents or reverses newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes in men.  The study, known as T4DM (Testosterone for the prevention of Diabetes Mellitus), was led by the University of ... 14-Jan-2021 more

Heart and kidney disease research wins national funding

University of Adelaide researchers taking a new look at the science and physiology underlying heart attacks and strokes, the leading cause of death worldwide, and devising a new tool to maximise the benefits of kidney transplantation, are among the recipients of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding announced ... 14-Jan-2021 more

Lockdown lowers incidence of heart arrhythmia

During the first 100 days of COVID-19 people in the US being monitored for heart problems experienced fewer episodes of arrhythmia than before the pandemic. The fall was greatest where the pandemic hit hardest.  “We analysed data from patients in the US during COVID-19 who had implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) which ... 14-Jan-2021 more

China tariffs will hinder SA economic recovery

University of Adelaide economists expect the South Australian economy will continue to bounce back in 2020/21. However, economic recovery will be weaker than previously thought as a consequence of China’s decision to escalate its trade war with Australia, the outbreak of a second COVID-19 wave in the northern hemisphere, and South ... 14-Jan-2021 more

High levels of dementia found in the Torres Strait

New research reveals dementia levels among Torres Strait Island residents are close to three times higher than those of the wider Australian population. James Cook University’s Professor Edward Strivens and Associate Professor Sarah Russell from JCU’s Healthy Ageing Research Team have found were part of a group that examined 276 ... 14-Jan-2021 more

Future too warm for baby sharks

New research has found as climate change causes the world’s oceans to warm, baby sharks are born smaller, exhausted, undernourished and into environments that are already difficult for them to survive in. Lead author of the study Carolyn Wheeler is a PhD candidate at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook ... 14-Jan-2021 more

Progress made on youth drowning, but more work required

Ten years of data from Australia, New Zealand and Canada reveals a drop in drowning deaths among people under 20 – but a large increase in drowning for adolescent females and First Nations peoples. Associate Professor Richard Franklin from James Cook University said an international collaboration of researchers looked at drowning in ... 14-Jan-2021 more

Uni of Adelaide makes record number of offers to local students

Amid very strong demand, the University of Adelaide will make a record number of offers to local students for university places in 2021.  By today, the University of Adelaide will have made a total of 6573 undergraduate and postgraduate offers to domestic students, an increase of 3% on the same time last year.  Key areas ... 15-Jan-2021 more

New discovery in breast cancer treatment

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found new evidence about the positive role of androgens in breast cancer treatment with immediate implications for women with estrogen receptor-driven metastatic disease.  Published today in Nature Medicine, the international study conducted in collaboration with the Garvan Institute ... 19-Jan-2021 more

Clamping down on abuse of Powers of Attorney

The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) based at the University of Adelaide is recommending changes to South Australian law and practice regarding Powers of Attorney.  SALRI’s report, handed to the Attorney General today, Tuesday 19 January, makes a suite of recommendations which aim to both promote the use ... 19-Jan-2021 more

Warning after aid worker vanishes

A James Cook University researcher is warning of the increasing and unpredictable dangers for development workers in authoritarian countries after completing his investigation into the 2012 disappearance of a community worker in Laos. Dr Kearrin Sims is a lecturer in Development Studies at JCU. He used his local knowledge and contacts in ... 20-Jan-2021 more

Fish sex organs boosted under high-CO2

Research from the University of Adelaide has found that some species of fish will have higher reproductive capacity because of larger sex organs, under the more acidic oceans of the future.  Published in PLOS Biology, the researchers say that far from the negative effects expected under the elevated CO2  levels in our ... 20-Jan-2021 more

JCU Professor honoured with Australia Day role

James Cook University’s Professor Peter Leggat AM, ADC, has been named as a 2021 Australia Day Ambassador for Queensland. He is one of 35 Queenslanders selected for the Ambassador Program.  The Australia Day Ambassador Program aims to capture the true spirit of Australia Day by sending high achieving Queenslanders to communities ... 25-Jan-2021 more

Reef fish futures foretold

An international group of scientists is predicting markedly different outcomes for different species of coral reef fishes under climate change – and have made substantial progress on picking the ‘winners and losers’. Associate Professor Jodie Rummer from James Cook University’s ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef ... 28-Jan-2021 more

Rising Extinction Risk for Sharks and Rays

New research shows oceanic shark and ray numbers are down by more than 70 per cent over the past 50 years, and James Cook University scientists fear some species are facing extinction. JCU’s Professor Colin Simpfendorfer and Dr Cassandra Rigby were part of an international team of authors that found dramatic declines after they ... 28-Jan-2021 more

When holidays go wrong

We’ve all heard the stories: search parties are out looking for a tourist missing on a local mountain / walking trail / river. Many of us respond judgementally. “Why can’t they read the signs, or tell someone where they’re going, and take the right equipment?” James Cook University doctoral researcher Steve ... 28-Jan-2021 more

Virtual careers precinct sparks student interest

Avatars and gaming will help guide students through education pathways into industry in a new virtual careers precinct. It will encourage students into STEM and help them discover more opportunities as part of the workforce of the future. The CareerSpark project is a joint initiative between the University of Adelaide, TAFE SA and 3D ... 28-Jan-2021 more

University of Adelaide appoints Professor Peter Hoj as Vice-Chancellor

The University of Adelaide today announced it has appointed Professor Peter Hoj AC as its new Vice-Chancellor and President for a five-year term, to commence on 8 February 2021.  Professor Hoj’s appointment follows an extensive global and domestic search by executive recruitment firm Heidrick & Struggles, which has worked ... 05-Feb-2021 more

Planning for COVID-driven regional growth

An urban design expert says planning for pandemic-fuelled population growth in regional cities and towns needs to take into account the needs of newcomers and the wishes of people who already live in those locations. Associate Professor Lisa Law is the founder of James Cook University’s Tropical Urbanism and Design ... 05-Feb-2021 more

Burnside bins to lead in understanding food waste

University of Adelaide researchers are about to dive deep into green, red and yellow household bins in the City of Burnside to understand food waste behaviour through micro-auditing the contents and tracking seasonal variations.  The researchers will also collect information from Adelaide householders both through face-to-face ... 05-Feb-2021 more

Determined to fix outback internet

Rural Australia’s internet problems will be put under the microscope by a James Cook University PhD student who started his own business to help solve connectivity problems in the bush.   William Harrington grew up on a remote family farm in Queensland, bedevilled by slow or non-existent internet.   “The ... 05-Feb-2021 more

Refugee stress and molecular mental health

Researchers have been examining psychiatric disorders in refugees – and believe more work in this field will lead to a better understanding of how people cope with stress at a molecular level. Professor Zoltan Sarnyai is a neuroscientist at James Cook University’s Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine. He was part ... 05-Feb-2021 more

Overcoming the email avalanche

Overwhelmed with emails? A JCU researcher wants to make it easier to automatically categorise emails based on their contents. Dr Sisi Liu’s PhD looked at ways to prioritise which emails are more important, using an algorithm to analyse the sentiment behind the email. “It can be used to prioritise, sort tasks, and communicate ... 08-Feb-2021 more

Ancient owl vomit helps Curtin researchers unpack prehistoric bone secrets

Curtin University researchers studying one of the oldest collections of ancient animal bones in the world have used DNA still present in the bones to identify 17 animal species, including two rodents previously not known to be in the collection. Lead researcher Dr Frederik Seersholm, PhD candidate from Curtin’s Trace and Environmental ... 08-Feb-2021 more

Natural insemination IVF is better for older women struggling with infertility

Natural insemination (IVF), the process where thousands of sperm are added to an egg in a culture dish to achieve fertilisation, is more likely to lead to a successful pregnancy for older women with infertility than Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) a new study from the University of Adelaide and Repromed has found.  One in every ... 08-Feb-2021 more

A brighter, greener future for industry

Join one of Australia’s leading authorities on clean energy technology who will explain how heavy industry can reduce its pollutants so that global emissions targets can be met.  Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology will explain how the global appetite for ... 09-Feb-2021 more

Green space or light at night – how do we improve health?

There is a growing body of evidence that exposure to green space is good for our health but a new study from the University of Adelaide has found that this may equally be due to how much light we are exposed to at night.  Spending time in green space can improve depressive symptoms, obesity, and sleep problems, and reduce the risk of ... 18-Mar-2021 more

Who vanishes?

A James Cook University student is analysing the characteristics of long-term missing persons in an effort to help find them or prevent them going missing in the first place. JCU Masters student Belle, who goes by one name, says more than 38,000 Australians go missing every year. She says while 98% are located, there are ... 18-Mar-2021 more

Weed invaders are getting faster

A new study from James Cook University shows invasive plants are adapting to new habitats and new climates at an increasing pace – and especially so in tropical environments. Dr Daniel Montesinos is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Tropical Herbarium in Cairns and is studying weeds to better understand (among other things) ... 18-Mar-2021 more

Water market price rise myth-busting

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have tested claims of water hoarding and speculative behaviour in Murray-Darling Basin water markets and found no evidence of hoarding, or a clear source of speculative behaviour, driving water price rises.   Water hoarding is a strategy to restrict supply, forcing prices up. Price ... 18-Mar-2021 more

Warning on winter flooding New housing estates, rural development on the rise

As winter approaches, international hydrologists have issued a timely reminder about building on intermittent or seasonal non-perennial rivers and streams. Dry for most of the year, these waterways are prone to occasional flooding but manmade structures can impede the flow of large volumes of runoff leading to property and environmental ... 18-Mar-2021 more

Emergency departments used for non-urgent cases

A new study has found that many people are still attending hospital emergency departments with problems that could be dealt with by a GP.     Dr Yaqoot Fatima from James Cook University and the University of Queensland led a study on people who attended a Mount Isa remote emergency department with conditions that could be ... 30-Jun-2021 more

National research centre signals cleaner future for heavy industry

Australia’s leading companies in the heavy industrial sector will embark on a program that will enable a step-change in the rate at which they transition toward zero net-carbon emissions through the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre (HILT CRC).   The HILT CRC has today, Wednesday 30 June 2021, been ... 30-Jun-2021 more

Experts refute River Murray estuary claims

A team of scientists, led by The University of Adelaide’s Associate Professor John Tibby, has confirmed that the lower River Murray was not an estuary in the mid-Holocene period (more than 7000 years ago) – reinforcing scientific evidence likely to influence important river management policy decisions.   Their new paper, ... 05-Jul-2021 more

Repairing wetlands using big business

Researchers believe an innovative new scheme could help save and restore threatened wetlands, such as those that are crucial to the health of the Great Barrier Reef.   The research, from a James Cook University-led international multi-disciplinary collaborative team, was recently published in Cell’s One ... 06-Jul-2021 more

Keep check on mental health

Many choices to manage pandemic stress – experts  In spite of many clinical options, people with mental health problems including eating disorders often do not access professional help within the crucial first 12 months – in part because of lack of information in the community about accessing targeted ... 08-Jul-2021 more

Visionary gift supports new Indigenous medical scholarships

A $1million gift from generous benefactors to Flinders University will establish an Indigenous student scholarship to increase the numbers of medically qualified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals working in their communities.   The Calthorpe Wong Indigenous Medical Scholarship has been established through the ... 09-Jul-2021 more

Could we have been French?

Celebration of voyages of discovery on Bastille Day Bastille Day will be marked tomorrow with a special Flinders University-led historical documentary about the early French explorers in Australia. “Could Australia ever have been French? Perhaps so, but in the late 1700s and early 1800s, the French seemed more interested in science ... 13-Jul-2021 more

$3.5bn cybercrime bill to rise

COVID-19 opportunities to expand economic losses A new study of almost 12,000 Australians has found one-third of the adult population has experienced pure cybercrime during their lifetime, with 14% reporting this disruption to network systems in the past 12 months.   With all forms of cybercrime already costing trillions every ... 20-Jul-2021 more

Headspace room to improve

Pressure to lower youth mental health rates, suicide  Headspace and Better Access have been challenged by Australian psychiatry researchers to integrate more seamlessly with public health systems and state and local databases to make wholescale inroads into cutting mental health problems in young people.     The ... 02-Aug-2021 more

New Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) to pursue partnerships and revenue

The University of Adelaide today announced it has appointed Dr Jessica Gallagher to the new role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement).    Dr Gallagher is currently Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship) at the University of Queensland. She will commence in her role at the University of Adelaide ... 07-Aug-2021 more

Australia must improve trade strategy in face of China coercion

  A new report from the University of Adelaide’s Institute for International Trade says China is guilty of economic coercion and discriminatory purchasing amidst souring relations with Australia.  The report, Economic Coercion by China: the impact on Australia’s merchandise exports, commissioned by the ... 13-Aug-2021 more

Rock art: What is “hidden” and what is public information?

The complexity of ancient Indigenous rock art can mean that physical location alone does not determine whether meaning for a rock art image is “hidden” or not.    Images located in plain view can contain secret information – and concealed images that seem shielded from plain view may communicate general public ... 17-Aug-2021 more

Sea snake attacks may be misdirected courtship

Attacks by venomous Olive sea snakes on scuba divers may be misdirected courtship behaviours, according to a new study.   James Cook University Professor Emeritus Ross Alford is one of the authors of a new paper published in the journal Scientific Reports. He said scuba divers frequently report unprovoked attacks by sea ... 20-Aug-2021 more

Earth observation technologies focus for partnership

Lot Fourteen based SITAEL Australia has today announced a new partnership with the University of Adelaide’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) to cooperate in innovative research into space-based infrared instruments.  SITAEL Australia and IPAS will cooperate on utilising multi-aperture infrared sensors with ... 25-Aug-2021 more

Dark tourism can lead to dark places

A James Cook University researcher has been studying ‘dark tourism’ – the phenomenon in which tourists visit sites of death and disaster – and is warning of its psychological dangers.   Travel medicine specialist Dr Irmgard Bauer is from JCU’s College of Healthcare Sciences. She said the term dark ... 26-Aug-2021 more

Chilled vibes ease work stress

A James Cook University researcher has found many people use music to help deal with work and social stress – but less often to cope with life’s other unpleasantries.   JCU psychology lecturer Dr Amanda Krause, along with colleagues from JCU, Curtin University and Edith Cowan University, surveyed more than 550 people in ... 27-Aug-2021 more

Turtles and dugongs boost Reef health

New research reveals green sea turtles and dugongs play a crucial role in protecting the health of the Great Barrier Reef, by helping vital seagrass meadows flourish.   The two animals, known as marine mega-herbivores, eat mostly seagrass, and regularly ingest seagrass fruits and seeds.    A recent paper ... 31-Aug-2021 more

AI weather forecasting for smart farms

Researchers working on smart irrigation systems have developed a way to choose the most accurate weather forecast out of those offered in the week leading up to a given day.  Dr Eric Wang, an Internet of Things researcher at James Cook University (JCU) in Cairns, works on technology that allows farmers to make data-driven ... 02-Sep-2021 more

Ecowarriors required to make award-winning videos

  High school students have the opportunity to be named the University of Adelaide Young Scientist of the Year and win themselves cash prizes by making a short video about an environmental problem or solution.  Entrants have to create a two- to five-minute video addressing one of Australia’s big environmental challenges. ... 03-Sep-2021 more