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Former brothel transformed in MANORISMS exhibition

Friday, 11 October 2013

Source: RMIT University

Image courtesy of Christian Pearson.

Image courtesy of Christian Pearson.

A former Collingwood brothel, Cromwell Manor, has been transformed through a collaborative exhibition and site occupation. 

Curated by RMIT University doctoral researcher Rosie Scott, MANORISMS (19 October-2 November) is the result of a collaboration between RMIT and social enterprise STREAT.

The exhibition marks the period of transition before the site is largely demolished and redeveloped for use by STREAT, which provides homeless youth with the life skills, work experience and training they need to start a career in hospitality.

MANORISMS includes creative works by Ms Scott and fellow PhD candidates in the School or Architecture and Design, Louisa King, James Carey and Phoebe Whitman, along with 19 undergraduate RMIT interior design students and STREAT’s own Rebecca Scott.

“The brothel was abandoned in a hurry and left entirely set-up and furnished. What’s left behind is a collection of surreal interior scenes and potent atmospheric qualities,” Ms Scott said. 

“Rather than frame a voyeuristic view into this recent history, MANORISMS aims to occupy the space between the site’s past and future.  

“Works engage with the site employing a practice of care, sensitivity and attentiveness, to produce a shift in its atmospheric, spatial and social conditions.

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What: MANORISMS exhibition

When: 19 October-2 November, Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-4pm

Where: 66 Cromwell St, Collingwood

Websites: www.streat.com.au and www.rosiedoes.com

For interviews: Rosie Scott (RMIT), 0405 094 514, rosamund.scott@rmit.edu.au, or Ian Johnson (STREAT), ian.johnson@streat.com.au

For media enquiries: Gosia Kaszubska, (03) 9925 3176 or 0417 510 735.