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Dr Julie Peterson

Name: Dr Julie Peterson
Position: Clinical Psychologist, Clinic Director and Founder
Organisation: Embracing the Other Half Psychology
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Law, Crime & Justice
Psychology & Psychiatry
Expertise: Asperger's; Aspergers; Autism; Spectrum; relationship; workcover; sex; therapy; development; disorder; children; couples; adolescents; adults; ADHD; ADD; ASD; PTSD; stress; anxiety; depression; intelligence; family; complex; charity; sexology; psychologist; psychology;
Notes: Clinical Psychologist, qualified relationship therapist and Sexologist. Specialising in the assessment and treatment of individuals, couples and families who have relationship concerns. Expertise lies in Asperger's Syndrome and complex relationship concerns.

Registered with APS and ASSERT, and Australian Psychological Society Identified Practitioner for Autism & Pervasive Development Disorders