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Ms. Suzanne Mercier

Name: Ms. Suzanne Mercier
Position: Managing Director
Organisation: Liberate Leadership
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Business & Management
Expertise: Imposter Syndrome, Leadership, Women in Leadership, Authenticity, Diversity, Management, Performance, Communication, Positioning, Personal Branding, Behavioural Change, Culture, Personal Leadership, Responsibility & Accountability, Whole brain and Intuitive Thinking, Power and Influence in workplace, Employee engagement, Toxic Leadership, Dysfunctional Leadership, Cost of poor leadership
Notes: I am Australia's expert on the Imposter Syndrome. I experienced its limitations in my high level career. This distorted self-view has a significant impact on business as well as on individuals. My work involves mapping the syndrome and a path forward for people experiencing it, freeing them up to recognise their strengths and successes and to make their unique contribution to business performance.