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Mr Nigel Lo

Name: Mr Nigel Lo
Position: Founder & Chairman
Organisation: International Magis Society
Department/Division: Executive Management
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Human Rights & Civil Liberties (Human Rights)
Law, Crime & Justice (Criminal Law)
Expertise: Nigel Lo is the founder of the International Magis Society. Born in August 1992, he attended Lodge National School in Kuching, East Malaysia. He served as President and Head Section Leader of the Red Cross Society for 3 consecutive years and 1 year as District Chairman. He graduated in 2009 and completed the WAUFP program in Murdoch College the following year. There, he founded the International Magis Society as served as President from 2010 to 2013. Nigel was the first Malaysian to be awarded the "Long Tan Australian Defence Force Leadership Award" by the Australian Department of Defence in October 2010.
He is currently a youth advocate with Amnesty International and UNICEF.
Notes: Long Tan ADF Leadership & Teamwork Awards
Australian Department of Defence

Citizenship Award
Murdoch College Parent's & Friends Association

Discover's Award In Leadership
Murdoch College

Most Promising Advocate Award
Bond University, QLD, Australia