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Mr Roger Blow

Name: Mr Roger Blow
Position: Principal
Organisation: Cove Legal
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Law, Crime & Justice (Contract Law)
Media & Journalism (Social Media)
Expertise: Media law; social media law; internet law and liability for online activity; defamation law; legal issues arising from facebook, twitter, youtube, google, instagram, pinterest and linkedIn; online trolling and other abuse; sexting; contract law generally; legal disputes and litigation including mediation, arbitration, misleading and deceptive conduct and judicial review.
Notes: Roger Blow has been a corporate litigator for over 15 years with expertise in media law, in particular legal issues arising from the internet including online defamation and liability for content posted on social media. Roger also advises clients on corporate image protection issues arising from a media crisis and protecting their brands in the new media landscape.