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Dr Heiko Rudolph

Name: Dr Heiko Rudolph
Position: Senior Lecturer
Organisation: RMIT University
Department/Division: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Organisation type: Academic
Website: https://www.rmit.edu.au/news/newsroom/contact
Primary Areas: Education (Tertiary)
Expertise: patient controlled analgesia; embedded microprocessor systems; cross cultural teaching (currently living in Hong Kong, working for RMIT University)

Asia, SE Asia, culture, religion & Politics.

Myanmar, Burma, history, culture.

Alternative and Complementary medicine.

Computer interface devices, foot mouse.

Computer programming.
Notes: I live in Hong Kong, I work for RMIT Univeristy. I have been in HK for 2 years.

I have extensive experience in SE Asia, esp Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)