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Dr Jeremy Woolley

Name: Dr Jeremy Woolley
Position: Deputy Director
Organisation: University of Adelaide
Department/Division: Centre for Automotive Safety Research
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Road Safety & Motoring (Road Safety)
Expertise: The Centre for Automotive Safety Research has been conducting road safety related research dating back to the 1970s. Core activities of the centre include research into human factors and behaviour, road engineering and infrastructure, vehicle design and safety technologies and speed management. CASR has a pedestrian crash test laboratory and and is involved with the Australian New Car Assessment Program. CASR specialises in at scene in-depth crash investigation and has a range of researchers who are experts in various aspects of road safety.
Notes: Dr Jeremy Woolley is the Deputy Director of CASR and has been working in road safety research for nearly 20 years. Jeremy has conducted research in many areas of road safety including road design, speed management, traffic modelling, enforcement and knowledge transfer. Jeremy has performed leadership roles in several professional organisations and has been on numerous task forces and committees.