Dr Luke Mosley

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Dr Luke Mosley

Name: Dr Luke Mosley
Position: Senior Research Fellow
Organisation: University of Adelaide
Department/Division: Ecology and Environmental Sciences Department
Organisation type: Academic
Website: www.adelaide.edu.au
Primary Areas: Agriculture & Farming (Environmental Impact & Sustainability)
Environment (Natural Systems & Wildlife)
Expertise: Water quality;
Acid sulfate soils;
River Murray;
Murray-Darling Basin;
Basin Plan;
Lower Lakes;
Acid sulfate soils;
Acid mine drainage;
Dissolved oxygen.
Notes: 2010 Winner SA Premier's Award 2011 for outstanding performance of an individual for "Assessing and managing risks to water quality during extreme drought in the Lower River Murray and Lakes, South Australia";

2011 Finalist Australian Water Association research merit awards for the "Lower Lakes acid sulfate soil research program";

2015 Winner Best Paper Award in the Australian Water Journal.