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Mr Alistair Byrom

Name: Mr Alistair Byrom
Position: Principal Surveyor - Tenure
Organisation: Veris (formerly THG)
Department/Division: Surveying and Tenure
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Real Estate (Property)
Population & Demography
Expertise: Alistair’s affinity with land law, as it relates to Surveying, has lead him into one of his core skills, being forensic consulting. He has prepared numerous Expert Reports for the Supreme Court, Land Court and the Planning & Environment Court.
Notes: Alistair's speciality includes;

• Administrative boundaries;
• Boundary disputes;
• Building Heights;
• Constraint Mapping for highest & best use;
• Easement rights, responsibilities & restrictions:
• Flood levels;
• Land valuations;
• Mining tenure;
• Professional indemnity claims;
• Resumptions under the Acquisition of Land Act; &
• Volume Calculations.