Associate Professor Richard Xu

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Associate Professor Richard Xu

Name: Associate Professor Richard Xu
Position: Director of Industry Analytics and Visualisation
Organisation: University of Technology Sydney
Department/Division: School of Electrical and Data Engineering
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Information Technology (Computer Science)
Mathematics & Statistics (Statistics)
Expertise: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, AI, deep learning, statistics, Bayesian statistics, data mining, business analysis, data analysis, computer vision, image processing, mathematical modelling, software development, project management, consulting, entrepreneurship, programming, TensorFlow, interpersonal skills, leadership, management
Notes: One of the world's most prominent machine learning educator, started writing ML research open course since 2009, 1000+ slides and 100 hours of video; tens of thousands of fans/subscribers worldwide!

Head of Australian Delegation to attend ISO JTC 1/SC42 Artificial intelligence first plenary meeting

Founded Deep Learning Sydney meetup: 3500+ members