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Mr Jared Merlino

Name: Mr Jared Merlino
Position: Managing Director
Organisation: Bartolo, Kittyhawk, Lobo Plantation, Big Poppas
Primary Areas: Business & Management (Knowledge Management)
Tourism (Hospitality )
Expertise: hospitality; restaurants; cocktails; small bars; lockout laws; drinks trade; late night trading, cocktails, bars, small business, sydney, drinks, beverages, food and drink, entrepreneurial, lock out laws, australian bars
Notes: Jared’s hospitality career began when his sister asked him to fill in for an absent kitchen hand at her venue, Minx Gentleman’s Club. To this day, Jared believes this was the best job he’s ever had. Though he didn’t realise it then, at just 18 he’d found his lifelong passion and career. After a short stint at Minx, Jared moved to Merivale. He spent nine years honing his skills in all aspects of th