Professor Jonathan Foster

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Professor Jonathan Foster

Name: Professor Jonathan Foster
Position: Clinical Professor
Organisation: Curtin University
Department/Division: Psychology
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Medicine & Medical Research (Neurology)
Psychology & Psychiatry (Psychology)
Expertise: Clinical Neuropsychologist in Private/Public Practice; Health Practitioner-Scientist; Clinical Professor

Extensive experience as an evidence-based clinical neuropsychologist (in universities, hospitals & private practice), university academic, scientist, writer and broadcaster gained in Europe, North America and Australia.

Particular expertise in clinical neuroscience including brain disorders, cognitive/memory problems, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, capacity assessment.

Representation as an accredited expert in several international jurisdictions, with specialist opinion provided in a range of Courts and Tribunals.

Clinical academic working in the field of brain-behaviour relationships.
Notes: Commended academic and professional work and student supervision, including pro bono work. Government advisor on health policy. Work with media includes BBC (UK), ABC (Australia), Pearson, Reed Elsevier. Refereeing of scientific proposals for national and international agencies (including NHMRC, ARC - Australia; MRC, Wellcome, , BBSRC - UK; NIH - USA; HMRF - China; CNRS - France).