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Dr Susan Turner

Name: Dr Susan Turner
Position: Senior Research Fellow
Organisation: Queensland Museum
Department/Division: Ancient Environments
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Tourism
Expertise: Geology, history of geological sciences, women palaeontologists; vertebrate palaeontolgy, post-WWII geological community; IGCP history; Heber Longman, dinosaurs/dicynodonts in Australia; the evolution of vertebrates; world expert fossil sharks, mass mortality at sea, bonebeds; UNESCO Geoparks and geotourism in Australia, China, Iran and elsewhere; history of dinosaur studies.
Notes: Member, Australian IGCP Committee; Australian rep.(Geoscience), UNESCO-IUGS IGCP Scientific Board 2000-2004;UNESCO Advisory Group Experts for Global Geoparks 2002-2007; Directeur du Recherche Associe,CNRS, France 2001; DAAD Professor Hannover ARC Discovery grants 1981-2004; ARC ARF 1995-2000; Geoscience consultant and editor 2000-; Editorial Board Acta Geologica Sinica (English edtn); ABC, BBC etc