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Professor Desmond Cahill

Name: Professor Desmond Cahill
Position: Professor of Intercultural Studies
Organisation: RMIT University
Department/Division: School of Global Studies
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Religion & Theology
Social Issues & Public Policy
Expertise: Globalisation, religion and migration; Asylum seekers and refugees; Migration; Education - Immigrant and refugee education; Migration policy; Multiculturalism - Multicultural policy; Multiculturalism - Intercultural and interfaith policy; Religion, esp. Roman Catholicism; Immigration, inc. ethnic groups; Multiculturalism
Notes: Leader, City of Melbourne's bid, 2009 Melbourne Parliament of the World's Religions; Chair, Australian Chapter, World Conference of Religions for Peace; deputy moderator-general and executive committee member (representing Australia), Asian Conference of Religion and Peace; executive committee member, Australian Partnership of Ethnic and Religious Organisations; member, Victoria Police Multifaith