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Dr Rajiv Padhye

Name: Dr Rajiv Padhye
Position: Director Centre for Research
Organisation: RMIT University
Department/Division: School of Fashion & Textiles
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Engineering
Science & Technology
Expertise: Textiles - Fibre and Dye chemistry;
Textiles - Technical textiles;
Textiles - Wet processing including coloration, Printing and Finishing
Advanced Textile Materials-Applications in Medical, protective, Sports and composites
Nano fibres/ Materials/coatings
Notes: Dr Rajiv Padhye is chartered Textile Technologist & Fellow of the Textile Institute,UK. His expertise are in the areas of Chemical Technology and Processing of Textiles, Dyeing and Finishing, Fibre Chemistry and Industrial Textiles. Rajiv is a Post Graduate Research Supervisor & a member of Textile Institute,SDCANZ,TTNA Australia & AATCC. Rajiv has published his researches in various periodicals.