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Mr John Lenarcic

Name: Mr John Lenarcic
Position: Lecturer
Organisation: RMIT University
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Information Technology
Social Issues & Public Policy
Expertise: Computers and Information technology - Ethical and social aspects; Internet pornography; Internet addiction; Cyber-bullying; Social effects of robotic toys; Social media - MySpace, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0, Blogging, Social networking, Second Life; Internet dating; Text messaging; SMS; Mobile phone culture: iPhone; Computer games; Gadget culture: iPod, iPad, electronic books.
Notes: I hosted the "University in the Pub" discussion series at the Stork Hotel in Melbourne, Victoria. This was a monthly ideas festival that examined the trenchant social issues of the day, usually through the lens of information systems and with a sprinkling of philosophy. The series is soon to be re-launched at a new venue.