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Ms Jan Henry-Jones

Name: Ms Jan Henry-Jones
Position: Commercial Manager/ Industry Engagement
Organisation: RMIT University
Department/Division: School of Architecture and Design
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Design, Architecture & Planning
Expertise: Design and education; Careers in creative industries; Graphic; interior, visual merchandising, industrial design and product design; Business and customised training;Design thinking:Innovation: Work skills; Employment in creative industries;Consultancy; Training development; entrepreneur; business development; tertiary landscape;time management; life skills;global design trends; WIL
Notes: My expertise in education and design encompasses primary to tertiary sectors. I have 20 years experience in design related employment with significantly high employment every year. Design thinking in business and education are core to our future growth on the world market. I develop nd deliver training locally, nationally and for international cohorts.I'm also on peak design and education bodies