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Emeritus Professor John Wallace

Name: Emeritus Professor John Wallace
Position: Honorary Professorial Research Fellow
Organisation: University of Adelaide
Department/Division: Molecular & Biomedical Science
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Science & Technology (Biology)
Expertise: biochemistry; biotin-dependent enzymes; monoclonal antibodies; protein sequencing;
Notes: phone: 0404193090

Career highlights:
1965-66:1851 Exhibition Scholar, Oxford U.
1969-70:Queen Elizabeth II Fellow,Univ. Adelaide.
1986:LKB Medal,Aust. Biochemical Soc.
2000:Lemberg Medal, Aust. Soc. for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB).
2001:Brailsford Robertson Lecture, CSIRO
2003-04 President, ASBMB
2004:Leach Medal, Lorne Protein Confce.
2009:Hon. Life Membership, ASBMB