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Dr Carolyn Palmer

Name: Dr Carolyn Palmer
Position: Associate Professor in Education
Organisation: Flinders University
Department/Division: School of Education
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Business & Management
Expertise: Leadership; Human Resource management; Special education; education of children with disabilities; special education policy; vision impairment; educational management; disability
Notes: Australian College of Educators (MACE), Member 1992.
Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) 2007 continuing)
Australian Association of Special Education, (AASE) (SA Chapter).(Chairperson 1991-1994), National Treasurer 1996, Professional Development Committee (2000-2007)
South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment
CanDo4KidsTownsend Chair 1999-2008 D/chair 2009-2010
Deaf CanDo D/Cha