Professor Peter A Leggat

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Professor Peter A Leggat

Name: Professor Peter A Leggat
Position: Professor and Head of School
Organisation: James Cook University
Department/Division: School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine & Rehab
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Education
Medicine & Medical Research
Expertise: travel medicine, tropical medicine, public health, disaster health, occupational health, aerospace medicine
Notes: Recent awards: F Katz Memorial Medal 2001, Fulbright Scholar 2002, AMA-IIE Scholarship 2003, Surgeon General's Medal 2002, WSO James K Williams Award 2003; ACTM Medal 2004, Vitae Lampada Medal 2005, Australian Defence Medal 2007; Oxford Round Table 2008; Inaugural Blake Dawson Inside OHS Professional of the Year Award 2

Published more than 300 professional journal papers

Board member: Austra