Dr Diana Wyndham

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Dr Diana Wyndham

Name: Dr Diana Wyndham
Position: Freelance
Organisation: Professional Historians Association (NSW) Inc
Organisation type: Professional
Website: www.phansw.org.au
Primary Areas: History (Social History)
Fertility & Reproduction
Expertise: Human sexuality; Medical history; Health; Reproductive health; Human rights, Feminism, Birth control; Contraception; Population control; Eugenics; Family planning; Sexology; Civil liberties; Women's rights, Censorship; Sexual reform; Abortion law reform; Gender issues; Homosexual rights; History; Fertility and reproduction
Notes: Winner of the J H Bell prize in Sociology, University of New England;

Joint-winner of a $30,000 bicentennial grant to study birth control in Australia;

Winner of a Norman Haire Fellowship, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney;

'Norman Haire and the Study of Sex'. Foreword by Michael Kirby. Sydney University Press, 2012;

In The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, 505-5