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Professor Margot Brereton

Name: Professor Margot Brereton
Position: Professor of Engineering and Interaction Design
Organisation: Queensland University of Technology
Department/Division: School of Design, School of Engineering Systems
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Design, Architecture & Planning
Information Technology
Expertise: participatory design, social technologies, interaction design,
ubiquitous computing, agile design methods, instrumented design methods,
designing participation, interface design,
community informatics, urban ubiquitous computing, Web2.0, e-democracy,
e-participation, engineering design, sustainable systems design.

Margot supervises PhD students in design, computer science and engineering.
Notes: Professor Brereton is an international leader in participatory interaction design of ubiquitous computing technologies and
their interfaces. Brereton has developed innovative designs, methods, and
theoretical understandings by designing to support real user communities in challenging contexts. Brereton’s
philosophy is that even cutting edge technologies must be evolved while in active use.