Distinguished Professor Jim Macnamara

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Distinguished Professor Jim Macnamara

Name: Distinguished Professor Jim Macnamara
Position: Distinguished Professor of Public Communication
Organisation: University of Technology Sydney
Department/Division: School of Communication
Organisation type: Academic
Website: www.uts.edu.au
Primary Areas: Advertising, Marketing & PR (Public Relations)
Media & Journalism (Social Media)
Expertise: Evaluation of public communication including advertising, public relations, and government communication

Stakeholder and community engagement, including organizational listening

Social media, social listening, e-democracy
Notes: Jim had a 30-year career in communication practice spanning journalism, PR, and media and communication research before joining UTS in 2007 as Professor of Public Communication. Over the past decade, he has cemented his position as leading specialist in evaluation of communication, and his pioneering research into organisational listening has opened up new approaches to stakeholder engagement.