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Dr Michael Smout

Name: Dr Michael Smout
Position: Research Officer
Organisation: James Cook University
Department/Division: Queensland Tropical Health Alliance
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Medicine & Medical Research
Science & Technology
Expertise: parasite; infection; Opisthorchis; viverrini; Liver fluke; liver worms; liver cancer; bile duct cancer; cholangiocarcinoma; CCA; granulin; GRN; PGRN; progranulin; epithelin; carcinogenic infection; protein purification; growth factor; cell growth; ASP2; Ancylostoma secreted protein-2; Hookworm vaccine initiative; Malaria diagnostic; rapid diagnostic test; histidine rich protein II; HRPII
Notes: • Science in the Community Presenter - programme for high school teachers and students (2006-2010)
• American Association for the Advancement of Science (2007-today)
• The Australian Society for Medical Research (2005-today)
• Australian Society for Parasitology Member (2005-today)