Associate Professor Ian Whittington

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Associate Professor Ian Whittington

Name: Associate Professor Ian Whittington
Position: Snr. Research Fellow/Principal Research Scientist
Organisation: University of Adelaide
Department/Division: School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Science & Technology
Beach, Reef & Marine Issues
Expertise: Marine parasites; marine parasitology; parasitic worms; parasitism; fish parasites; flatworms; worms & aquaculture; fish farming; ectoparasites; parasites of sharks, rays & fishes; pathology of fish parasites; transmission & infection of fish by parasites; endoparasites; fish farms; epizootic outbreaks; infectious diseases of fish; public display aquaria; control of marine parasites; bioadhesives
Notes: QEII Fellow (1990-92)

Published >150 peer-reviewed papers over 25 years

Won >AUS$3.3 million in competitive research grants + contracts

Supervised & graduated 9 PhD + 16 Honours students

Currently supervisor of 2 PhD students

Member, Editorial Boards of Acta Parasitologica, Folia Parasitologica, Journal of Natural History, Systematic Parasitology

Peer-Reviewer >270 journal papers