Dr Ashraf Ghanem

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Dr Ashraf Ghanem

Name: Dr Ashraf Ghanem
Position: Associate Professor
Organisation: University of Canberra
Department/Division: Biomedical Science
Organisation type: Academic
Website: www.canberra.edu.au
Primary Areas: Science & Technology (Physics & Chemistry)
Drugs (Drug Design & Development)
Expertise: Organic chemistry; separation science, Chirality, Thalidomide, pharmaceutical/drug analysis; industrial chemistry; asymmetric catalysis; metal catalysis; enzyme catalysis; miniaturization; fabrication of micro-reactors
Notes: 2012: Discovery translation award.

2010: Australian Endeavour Award.

2010: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Invitation Fellowship Award.

2000-2: Grant award from the German Research Council (DFG), Graduate College, University of Tuebingen, Germany.

2009: One of 100 promising scientists’ award and Biovison NXT 2009 grant

2007: International Scientist of the year, Cambrid