Dr Noah Riseman

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Dr Noah Riseman

Name: Dr Noah Riseman
Position: Associate Professor in History
Organisation: Australian Catholic University
Department/Division: School of Arts
Organisation type: Academic
Website: www.acu.edu.au/
Primary Areas: History (Social History)
Aboriginal & Indigenous Issues
Expertise: History of LGBTI Australians (especially military service), transgender Australians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, Native American military service, comparative history (especially Australia and US)
Notes: Co-author of 'Serving in Silence? Australian LGBT Servicemen and Women'

Co-author of 'Indigenous Peoples and the Second World War: The Politics, Experiences and Legacies of War in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand'

Co-author of 'Defending Country: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Military Service since 1945'

I also can comment on higher education policy in Australia.