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Dr David Tawfik

Name: Dr David Tawfik
Position: Expert Materials & Forensic Engineer
Organisation: TAWFIK Group
Department/Division: Engineering
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Engineering (Mechanical)
Expertise: Dr Tawfik is a forensic and materials engineer specialising in construction material characterisation, material & mechanical failure analysis, forensic engineering, metallurgy, fracture mechanics, welded structures, welding, Non-destructive examination, stainless steels, corrosion analysis, protective coatings, corrosion resistant alloys, wear and all aspects of steel manufacturing and fabrication
Notes: Dr David Tawfik is a an expert materials and forensic engineer whom investigates the causation of material, mechanical failures and non-conformances in contentious circumstances. David has prepared and presented expert evidence for litigation hearings. David is an expert witness panel member for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Dispute Resolution Service)& member of Engineers Australia