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Mr Adrian Pisarski

Name: Mr Adrian Pisarski
Position: Executive Officer
Organisation: Queensland Shelter
Department/Division: Policy and advocacy
Organisation type: Professional
Primary Areas: Politics & Government
Social Issues & Public Policy
Expertise: Housing, affordable housing, public housing, social housing, national rental affordability scheme, indigenous housing, homelessness, youth homelessness, sleeping rough, rental affordability, private home ownership, rental stress, housing market, property investment, government housing, housing and homelessness research, housing policy, queensland housing supply, advocacy, housing is a human right.
Notes: Adrian Pisarski joined Queensland Shelter as their Executive Officer in 2002. He is the current Chairperson of National Shelter and a deputy President of ACOSS. He is a key member of the National Affordable Housing Summit Group and was a founding director of the Live ‘n’ Learn Foundation, bringing “Foyer” housing from Europe to Australia.