Prof Andrew Lowe

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Prof Andrew Lowe

Name: Prof Andrew Lowe
Position: Chair in Plant Conservation Biology
Organisation: University of Adelaide
Department/Division: School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Organisation type: Academic
Primary Areas: Environment
Science & Technology
Expertise: evolution of plants
invasive species
DNA tracking
illegal logging
climate change adaptation
landscape genetics
DNA barcoding
ecosystem survey
speciation and hybridisation
biodiversity corridor planning
habitat restoration
conservation planning
Notes: Awarded Executive Dean’s prize for mid-career researcher (within 15 years of PhD) of the year (2010) in the Faculty of Science

Finalist for South Australian Scientist of the Year (in Research Collaboration category), 2010

Since 2000, have been lead PI on 16 research grants worth more than $18M (equivalent), and have been a partner on a further 15 grants with a total income in excess of $78M